Tri Blade: Shinobi of Power

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Name: Shizuo Ryuujin

Age: 21

Clan: Ryuujin clan

Rank: Master Ninja

Ninja Type: Dragon



Other Info: Sizuo's clan has been at war with the rivaling two for centuries. Being born into war, he has taken in a killers mind as well that of wiseman. The morals of right and wrong are always in mind when making a decision upon someone elses life. the way of the ninja to him is easy to remember. Be concealed, be efficient, and be lethal. And if all else fails, return to the shadows.
Name: Misuki Shizuo gives her a nickname it can be anything you want (Her family never gave her a last name saw no reason to)

Age: 13

Clan: Sairento-shi clan

Rank: Master Ninja but no one knows she doesn't want people to know

Ninja Type: unknown

Weapon: four daggers, a scythe but after is done being used gets turn into an earring and she wears it and a short sword.

Appearance: Black hair with natural red strikes in it that goes half way to her back. Snow white skin with wing shape birthmarks on her back. Height 5'3 about 120 appears to be older because of her personalty and her body. Eye color gold but if ever happy gold purple and if really really piss off blackish gold.

Other Info: She never really believed in fighting or magic even though she is beyond excellent in both she sees no reason for it(also something happened when see was small to cause this to) and she has strange magic that she rarely shows and only a few people know of it. Both of her parents (They were the last of her family) died in battle but she rarely saw them or even knew them but she still feels like it's her fault and usually takes the blame and blames herself for everything. She rarely speaks and even then she speaks softly. Also quite pretty she refuses to believe it and hides herself but if commented on it you will find yourself on the other side of town asking "How the hell did I get here?"