Trenton Psychiatric Hospital: Pray4me x Aryk Jay Ichijou

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  1. Soren sat in the break room with the other nurses, letting out a long exhale as he relaxed. Inside the break room with the mini kitchen and the broken soda vending machine, were about four women all eating their salad lunches and discussing their plans for the upcoming weekend. Soren propped himself up and extended an ear to listen to the chatter.

    "I might go to that new movie Saturday. You guys want to come?" one women nurse asked.

    "I can't. I have to go see my in-laws this weekend. I've been putting it off, but can't anymore," the other answered.

    "You're the one that mentioned about the mother-in-law being addicted, right?"

    "A very specific porn. Something to do with balloons and pies and..."

    A loud crashing echoed throughout the main hall of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital. Everyone in the break room, including Soren, stood and poked their heads from behind the door to see the commotion. Two large male nurses, the bodyguard types, were dragging a young male patient by the shoulders who was fighting them the whole time. The patient kicked his legs, knocking over whatever was in reach.

    Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, formerly known as The New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum, had a long history of being one of the top psychiatric hospitals in New Jersey state history. It was founded some odd years ago during the early 1900's and was suppose to be renown for new age practices and therapies for the insane.

    Soren fell asleep from the quick history that he was forced to watch at the job orientation, but the hospital had a dark history of malpractice, deaths and haunting of the old wing. Somehow, the hospital beat the odds and continues to run to this day with a brand new wing for all to enjoy.

    He walked out the break room in time to see the two nurse bodyguards toss the male patient into one of the many common rooms the hospital has. The patient rolled on and off the couch to the dreary looking eyes of the other patients.

    "Stop making things harder here for us. We don't want to tranquilize you before going to your weekly doctor appointments," one guard warned to the patient.

    And, like that, the two nurse bodyguards left. Soren walked over to the common room and to the male patient who was laying on the floor.
  2. Walking up to the patient, one of the newer residents Nathaniel looked down upon the patient on the floor. His gaze was cold as he studied the new patient as he did with every patient when he got there, gently he lifted the other to a sitting position.

    Without warning the patient kicked Nathaniel hard in the knee, causing him to fall over in pain. Holding his knee Nathaniel looked the patient in the eyes, "that kind of additude will cost you your lunch I hope you know."

    The patient scold and scurried away, laughing loudly. The other patients murmered and gazed for to them Nathaniel was concidered nearly as normal as the nurses.

    Nathaniel stood up, slightly wincing before calmly looking at the other patients who all quickly looked away. Sighing he looked at the nurse who had been watching, a curious look on his almost sad gaze now.
  3. "You alright?" Soren asked the patient who got kicked. "Here, let me look at that."

    Soren approached the patient and knelt down. He pressed his hand firmly on the patient's knee, checking for any breaks or swellings. He sucked on his teeth as he stood.

    "Ha, there might some swelling. But, definitely a bruise. You want some ice or something?" Soren asked. "Turn this way so I can see your number."

    On every patient's hospital issued gown was an identification number located just about the right chest pocket. It was stitched in as most patients couldn't be trusted with an I.D card and clip. The hospital had that system a few years ago, but it resulted in I.D cards thrown everywhere and some even used as weapons.

    Soren peered closely, humming and nodding to himself.

    "Hey! Hey! Who's number 56432?!" Soren called out at the nurses' station at the other end of the room. "Hello?!"

    After a few moments of silence from the other nurses, Soren shrugged and looked back at the patient.

    "What's your name, bro?" he asked.
  4. Nathaniel looked at this nurse in confusion, he had never heard a nurse talk so carefree to a patient before, even if he hasn't been her long.

    "I'm Nathaniel... just... Nate is fine." He moved his leg a bit to stretch it out. Looking at the nurse he looked at the badge clipped onto his pocket, reading it carefully before looking at the nurse.

    He didn't recognize this nurse from the last few shifts of nurses he was 'introduced' to. Either way he stood still as to not look like a threat to him least he gets his meal ticket taken.
  5. "Nate? Alright, easy name to remember. I'm terrible with names," Soren said. "I'm Soren. Just call me Soren and not my last name. I've had enough cheap jokes in my life about it."

    A nurse hurried over to Soren and passed him a folder. After saying his thanks, the nurse shuffled back to the nurses' station. Opening the folder, Soren read over a brief history, criminal, medical, and mental history about Nate. He bit his lip and nodded as he read.

    "How about we go outside for a bit? It feels really dead in here," Soren suggested. "If you're struggling to walk because of your knee, you can balance against me. Just place your hand on my shoulder and I'll carry your weight."

    The common room was dying. Most of the other patients left or were falling asleep during the warm afternoon. The air conditioner struggled to work, coughing out puffs of cold air to break through the thick, musty air of this room. Soren let out a breath and began to fan himself with the folder.

    "Alright, let's go."

    Soren began the short walk to the outside world. He made sure to walk slowly for Nate and constantly checked behind him to see if Nate was having trouble walking.

    The grounds of the hospital was perfectly landscaped with lush greenery, beautiful, vivid flowers, and plenty of trees to provide shade. There were about four park sections of the hospital. One mainly for patients and visitors, three for patients only, and the last for the elderly. Soren led them to one of the patient only parks that showcased a very detailed fountain and foot pool.

    "What happened to your last nurse Nate? I see you don't have a personal nurse," Soren asked as he began to read the file again.
  6. Nate followed Soren silently, slightly using him to help himself walk properly. When the question was asked he just looked down with a sigh.
    "Well.... She quit.... She said that my temper was to much to handle. I accidently... I hurt her..." He didn't look at Soren at all.

    "Ha... I can't believe that they didn't put it on my record." He followed the other. Looking at all the flowers they pass, he couldn't believe that something so horrid on the inside could be so lovely on the out. "I don't belong here...." He said after a moment of silence.

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  7. "She quit?" Soren continued to flip through the pages. "They would have added that in here."

    It wasn't uncommon for nurses to quit in this environment. It was highly stressful, lowish pay, and extremely hostile depending on the patient. Soren was surprised that nothing about the nurse was in the file. Maybe the hospital was having low funding and couldn't afford to update the files regularly?

    "I don't know. Sounds like you belong here if you accidentally hit her. You shouldn't be punching no lil nurse," Soren said as he stopped in front of the fountain. "Why do you think you don't belong here?"

    The park was mostly empty besides a small group of patients laying on the grass just a few yards in front of them. Soren fanned himself with the folder to cut through the thick heat.

    "We also need to find you a nurse. Someone you can't hurt," he continued.
  8. Nate shrugged, he didn't Mich know how things worked here. "It was a mistake... I don't like needles and I definitely don't like when they say I'm insane... Look around this place... Nice on the outside, dark on the in."

    He sighed as he followed the nurse all the way to the end fence. Without a word he turned and started to walk back solemnly. The sun was just beginning to set and all the patients were starting to go inside for their night medicine and to go to bed.

    On Nate's record he had to take two shots of something to calm him and three pills for the night. In the morning he had to take one shot and one pill.

    Nate stopped and shook his head, he didn't like his medication at all, it made him feel weird and more crazy then he was. "I'm not a bad person...." He mumbled softly before continuing to walk inside with the nurse.
  9. Soren followed Nate calmly, leaving his arms beside him. He was curious about Nate, but the folder didn't have too much information about him. Soren wondered if he should ask some question, but right now Nate seemed a bit distracted and distant.

    They walked through the main section of the hospital, then up a couple flight of stairs to the living quarters. Most were already in their rooms while some stood outside in the halls to look out the windows. Soren found Nate's room based off the nameplate and opened it slowly.

    "Alright, you ready for bed? And I'll get the medications for you. Just don't hurt me," Soren laughed. "I'll be right back."

    For about ten minutes, Soren went to the floor's nurses' station to gather the appropriate medications for Nate. He carefully measured the needles, read the back of the pill bottles, and grabbed a pair of white latex gloves before returning to Nate's room.

    "Which do you want first? The pills or the injections?" Soren asked as he stood beside Nate. "It's up to you."

    He held his breath slightly, almost waiting for a spontaneous reaction from Nate. Soren was prepared for a violent outburst. He was a big guy and could take on most people at the hospital. He didn't want to, of course. Soren was a bit of a softy.

    "Sit on the bed and I'll be as careful as possible," he said.
  10. Nate had walked around his room for those ten minuets, mentally preparing himself for the shots. When Soren walked in he sighed heavily.

    Looking to the man he didn't want to take any of it, and that was obvious. "The shots... Let's get those over with...." He slowly sat on the bed.

    When he sat he grabbed the end of it and held out his left arm. He was visibly shaking and his eyes were closed. He bit his bottom lip harshly as he waited for the shots.

    With his shaking it was going to be hard to get the shots in the right place of the veins. He didn't want to take them and if the wrong place was hit there was a possibility that Nate could flip out on Soren.
  11. Soren sat on the bed next to Nate, laying the needles beside him to try to hide it. He rolled up any sleeves Nate could be wearing and tied a band just beneath his elbow. After dotting the area with the disinfectant, Soren tapped on the area a few times with his gloves to find a vein.

    "Come on...come on damnit..." Soren mumbled. "Wait...I see something..."

    Without a second thought, Soren carefully positioned the needle just over the small vein that appeared. Holding a breath, he stuck the needle in and injected the serum in Nate. He pulled out the needle, placing his thumb over the puncture to stop the bleeding. One down, another to go.

    He quickly got the next needle and in one fast motion, injected Nate in nearly the same spot. He pulled the needled out, pressed over the area firmly with his thumb, and then placed a really fun, neon green band-aid on the spot. Soren smiled.

    "Aha! Not too bad and I didn't get a punch in the face. Today was a good day," Soren stood and handed Nate the pills he needed along with a small cup of water. "Alright, take these and we're done for the night. I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to be your new nurse. You think you can hurt me?"

    He laughed at his own joke. Soren wasn't registered to a patient yet and he figured the hospital wouldn't mind if he took over Nate's case. No other nurse seemed to want to deal with Nate.

    "Go to bed and I'll see you in the morning. Night," Soren waved goodbye and slowly closed the door.

    By now, all of the patients were in their rooms while the nurses took this time to relax after a stressful day. As Soren walked down the dimly lit hallway, he couldn't help but tightly wrap his arms around his chest. There was a very chilly breeze. Much too cold for these summer months.

    He shook his head. The hall was starting to look blurry to him, but returned to normal. Soren hurried to the nurse's quarters, ignoring the women nurses who were trying to get him to eat dinner with them, and to his room.
  12. While the needles were going into his veins he couldn't help but nearly freak out, a few times he did twitch though it seemed of no worry to Soren. As soon as Soren left he looked at his arm and cursed to himself. He removed the band below his elbow since Soren had forgotten.

    "He needs to pay more attention.... And leaving a patient to take pills unsupervised is dangerous... What if I were to save them? Then overdose when I couldn't handle it?" He grumbled to himself before reluctantly taking the pills with the water. He his the tie under his pillow so Soren wouldn't get in trouble and at tomorrows room inspection he planned to take it with him and give it to Soren.

    He sighed and got up to change into the given night gown the hospital had given each patient. After laying down it didn't take lon for him to fall into a deep sleep from his medication.


    The patient looked around, he had no clue where he was. There was a bright light over head and he seemed to be chained to a table. Just a few hours agao he thought he was in a normal hospital but this was different. Screams were heard down the halls. Not soon after a nurse walked in with a cart and various tools.
  13. The nurse positioned the light over the patient, her brown eyes glowing as she did. Her face was was still, stone-like, as she placed the tools on the table just beside her.

    The room was freezing and damp. White tiles lined the floor as the walls were painted a sickly gray. The only sort of decorations were posters of the human skeleton, muscular system, and organs.

    "Doctor, the patient is ready," the nurse said as a large man entered the room. "Is the other nurse on his way?"

    "He should be, yes," the doctor said as he placed the surgery mask over his mouth. "Have you cleaned the area?"

    The nurse slowly pulled down the patient's pants, exposing the genital area. With a large cotton ball dipped in alcohol, she wiped down the area cleanly. The doctor sorted through the tools in the bin, picking up a very small, extremely sharp knife.

    He looked down at the patient, holding the knife close to their face.

    "I'm sorry, but there won't be anesthesia for you. We're out," the doctor said.

    The doors opened, bringing in the last nurse for the surgery. Soren was forced through by two nurses, pushed to the doctor, with his eyes wide with terror. He mouthed a few words as he looked around until his eyes landed on the patient.

    "Glad you're here, nurse. Let's begin," the doctor said.
  14. Nate looked around and saw all the equipment. With widened eyes he started to freak out, trying to break his chain like restraints. He gave a weak scream as if he hadn't talked in weeks.

    "Stop!" He barely managed out as he kicked and thrashed, he had refused to hold still at all. For a brief moment he saw Soren and widened his eyes more. Wondering why he had been dragged down to where ever it is they were.

    "Dont!" He moved quickly as his hoarse voice as he yelled out. He didn't know what was going on and he didn't like the situation he was in. He tried to grab anything he could to no avail.
  15. Soren grabbed the doctor's wrist.

    "Whoa whoa...what are you doing? What's going on?" Soren asked. "Get him off the table this isn't right at all!"

    The doctor and nurse looked taken back. The doctor rested the knife on Nate's chest and looked at Soren with intense eyes. Soren gulped, letting go of the man's wrist.

    "Were you not briefed? This patient is up for exploratory surgery around his sensitive groin area," the doctor explained. He looked over at the woman nurse. "Why didn't you brief him?"

    "I thought I did Dr. Warren," she said.

    Dr. Warren groaned and shook his head.

    "I can't do the surgery if both nurses are not briefed in case something goes wrong," Dr. Warren explained. "Fine, reschedule this surgery for another time this week. And, be sure to brief this nurse!"

    Dr. Warren hurried out the room, ripping off his gloves and throwing them aside angrily. Soren looked up at the other women who was glaring at him. She huffed, instructing Soren to loosen Nate from the table and take Nate back to his room.

    "I'll have someone send you the file for the next surgery for today. Read over it before coming into the surgery room," she snapped at Soren before leaving.

    Once Soren felt the two people were gone, he began to frantically loosen Nate's restraints. It took a bit of effort and strength, but Soren was able to toss the chains off Nate and help him up.

    "What is going on?!" Soren shouted in frustration. "I wake up and I'! This isn't even the right hospital! Everything is backwards and...and old! This has to be some sort of sick dream!"

    Covering his eyes, Soren let out a frustrated scream wanting to see if that could wake him up.
  16. Nate had stopped moving but he was shaking horribly, "wh-where the hell... Are we?" He was truly scared despite his tough act earlier. "I-i woke up and was here..." He shakes his head and looked at Soren.

    He slowly got of the table, nearly falling from trembling so much, he gripped the table angrily, "backwards and old? That.... Can't be right... They would have told us if we were scheduled to move to another hospital...." He looked at Soren again. His voice was still hoarse and he rubbed his neck.

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  17. "No no! This isn't another hospital!" Soren slipped off his nurse's coat and tied it quickly around Nate's waist. "Look!"

    He grabbed Nate's wrist and dragged him out the surgery room to the open hall. Along the walls were teens, both boys and girls, from 13-18 lined against the white painted bricks. Some were clothed, others were naked, but all looked extremely bored and sick. Some walked back and forth, talking to themselves, while other stayed in the middle of the hall and stared out the window.

    Soren and Nate weren't at the newly constructed wing of the hospital. This building was made entirely out of bricks, the lighting were very outdated and impracticable. There was no air conditioning, instead random windows were cracked open enough to let in a breeze, but not enough for the patients to slip out from.

    "It's Trenton...just the old wing that no one uses anymore. And that's not it...didn't you notice the equipment? These uniforms? These aren't modern day's stuff they used almost 100 years go," Soren explained. "Alright, I'm done! Time to wake up from this dream!"

    When he was about to let go of Nate's hand, another nurse approached them. A woman about 30 with reddish hair and a cock-eye who was holding hands with a female patient.

    "This way. Bring him this way. It's lunch," she said robotic-like.

    She grabbed Nate's free hand and lead him to the cafeteria. Soren followed after, but was interrupted by another nurse who dragged him away for briefing about another upcoming surgery.
  18. Nate looked around and gulped. He didn't want to believe it but the signs were all there. He slightly started to shake as he looked around.

    He didn't believe it, when the women grabbed his hand he stared at Soren worriedly. He quickly looked at the nurse, "I can walk on my own..." He was nearly afraid to say. He slightly tugged his hand away, not wanting this person to touch him.

    His wasn't happening, it couldn't have been real. Time travel was impossible and even if t wasn't why would they be this far back? Nate still tried to pull away, even if the lady held tightly.
  19. "Then hurry up and follow me," the nurse instructed as she let go of Nate's hand. "There won't be any food left."

    "We can eat him," the girl said highly. "Eat him..."

    The nurse and the girl hurried off down the hall. The girl, a black haired, green-eyed 15 year old, looked back at Nate with a blank expression before being forced through the double doors that led to the cafeteria.

    More patients walked around Nate as they headed to the cafeteria, the smell of cooked meat and steamed vegetables filling the air. Some brushed against Nate, others walked into him, pausing for a few seconds before continuing their way. Others decided crawling was the best mode of transportation.

    Soon, the hall was completely empty. The lights flickered before turning off, forcing anyone that was still out to head to the brightly lit cafeteria. Every few seconds, a muffled scream was heard. Then, crying. After that, silence until it repeated. Between that cycle was an echo of a belt being smacked, chairs being thrown, and the rustling of blankets and pillows.
  20. Mate followed the nurse quickly. When he heard what the girl said his eye simply twitched. He looked around at all the people pushing past him and all sorts of things.

    'I don't belong here... I need to find Soren.' He thought to himself as he got into the cafeteria. He didn't eat anything but instead walked around like some of the other patients did.

    He glanced at the doors every once in a while, watching the tougher nurses guard and keep the patients inside. He couldn't stand being in here.

    The cafeteria was too crowded and there were so many tantrums and other happenings going on in the room. He tried to take deep breaths as he tries to calm himself down. He wanted to find Soren and get out of here as quickly as possible.