Tree toppers

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What is on top of your Christmas tree?

  1. Star

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  2. Angel

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  3. Something else

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  1. What tops your tree?
  2. I don't have a tree, but if I did, this would be the topper:

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  3. Mine is a poinsetta in the shape of a star! :D It's beautiful red on gold with pearlies.

    I love both angels and stars though. I just haven't found an angel I really like, or a star more awesome than my current topper. >>
  4. No tree is up yet. I want to look for a Star Wars, G1 Transformers or Ironman tree topper.
  5. I haven't bought it yet 'cause of financial issues, but I'm putting a santa hat on mine. :3 Santa Clause is my 'thing' for Christmastime. My mom's is snowmen, but I think she just goes with a classic star or angel.