Tree Of Savior / Discord?

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  1. Anyone play? Anyone willing to start?
  2. I had to google what this was and still didn't find much on the discord part. Lithuania is not a culture that I often see exhibited, though, so that's pretty cool.

    What sort of thing is it? I've never heard of this until I went to google it just now.
  3. *Goolges Tree of Savior*
    *Find's it Free Play*

    Sure, I'll try it. Just send me the Discord Room link. :P
    Discord is like a combination of Teamspeak and Skype. A lot of Iwaku groups (including our official TS server) have moved over to it.

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

    You could download the Ap or use the browser version. I HIGHLY advise the Ap.
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  4. That game looks simply amazing. I might consider getting it.

    As for whoever's reading this, it's a reccommend. If you're ready to spend time, it seems.
  5. :D I just started playing and it's fabulous! I like messing with the skill simulator ( Skill Simulator - Tree of Savior Fan Base ) a little too much.

    If you guys / any one would like to play together, and we happen to be on at the same times, I'd be totally down~

    But to answer OP: heck yes. To both ToS and Discord.
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  6. Friend plays it and likes it. Guess this thread is fate telling me to connect with people over a shared interest and reconnect with my friend who plays it..
  7. Well then. I'm currently on the Orsha server. The discord invitation is this Discord link.
    The Invitation will run out, so if new members show, let me know.
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