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    Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, is a delightfully rugged area. 110.1 mi2 former home to the aforementioned president and now home to a host of creatures, some homeless people and a few wealthy families! Most notably; The Ellington family. A family consisting of Robert and Angelica Ellington, and a whole host of foster and adopted kids, as the parents are incapable of having biological children.

    The Ellington's have a tendency to adopt children from less than savory households or children who have been thrust into the cruel adoption system at an age where they are unlikely to be adopted or children forced into other negative situations. But they love these children all the same no matter their background, disabilities or what harrowing events they have suffered through.

    The Ellington's didn't always live in the park, but after bringing home their fourth child and after establishing their 'one pet per child' rule, they realized that they had to relocate to a larger more accommodating area, so they moved to Theodore Roosevelt National Park.


    The Ellington family inhabit this large home, however despite being rich the home is not as expansive as could be and so some of the kids have to room together.

    Right Side of Hall Bedroom 1 - Robert and Angelica
    Right Side of Hall Bedroom 2 - Ashley and Daisy
    Right Side of Hall Bedroom 3 - Scarlet
    Right Side of Hall Bedroom 4 - Dante
    Right Side of Hall Bedroom 5 - Zuri

    Left Side of Hall Bedroom 1 - Randolph
    Left Side of Hall Bedroom 2 - Jack and Phillip
    Left Side of Hall Bedroom 3 - Max
    Left Side of Hall Bedroom 4 - Jason

    As for schooling, there is a bus stop at the entrance to the national park and it takes about two hours to get their from the family's home. From there the bus takes the kids to Demores Elementary School in a total of 20 minutes, and then to Belfield High School in 45 minutes.

    And the prospect of school brings a host of pleasant and unpleasant feelings. Who's being bullied? Who's doing the bullying? Is there anyone struggling with tests and class?

    Coupled with the grand issue of having an array of very different and sometimes clashing children living together, the Ellington family has a LOT on their plate.

    Morning - 10:00 AM on Sunday in May
    Weather: 66 F/ 18.8 C

    Location - Kitchen
    Tagged: Anyone in the kitchen

    Angelica was in her study, hastily typing out the fourth chapter of the sequel to the METech series. Despite having so much fodder for the chapters, Angelica still had no clue what she would name the new book. She'd debated on just letting her kids vote, but their ideas were so diverse she'd probably end up with so many options, she'd explode. So she resolved to just finishing the book and figuring it out. Or maybe her editor could toss some ideas her way instead of just whining about how her fans were waiting for the sequel. Speaking of her editor...The guy had just called her the other day to invite her and her family to a cook out. She'd said she'd have to see, but really...She hated the guys family. His wife was always shooting passive aggressive compliments her way and their kids were little pig noses monsters and Angelica didn't want the reason she goes to jail be because she put her foot up some kids ass for insulting one of her own. Still...She should at least bring it up to her kids, and give them the option of going. Hopefully they wouldn't though...She really, really hoped they wouldn't.

    "Alright...That is enough for today." She murmured, saving the draft and closing her lap top. She padded down the hall and into the kitchen were some of her kids were eating breakfast or in the process of making it. "Good morning, my little chicken lickens!" She said, sticking her arms out for a hug. She desperately wanted to traverse the room, doling out hugs left and right, but she knew that some of her kids weren't as physically affectionate as her, so she let them come to her if they wanted.

    "My editor, Toby--You guys remember him right? Skinny guy, with the bowl cut and pencil mustache? Well he called and invited us to a cookout, anyone interested?" Please say no, please say no! Ooh...Or maybe she could make Robert take them and say she got a burst of inspiration and couldn't be interrupted?

    Location - Porch --> Kitchen
    Tagged: (No one)

    Ashley had slept in the backyard last night. Well not the actual backyard. But she'd slept on the porch in her tent with Roger. The night before, after dinner, she had been feeling particularly nostalgic about her time with her 'before' mom and brothers, so she'd asked her parents if she could recreate the memory. Her 'now' Mom had of course, freaked out and told her 'no' as she hadn't wanted a coyote to carry her away or something, but Dad had negotiated, and when the porch was suggested, Mom had calmed down and agreed. Dad and a few of Ashley's siblings had helped her set up her tent and some of her siblings had even stayed out with her until it was time to sleep. It had been great and it gave Ashley the idea to camp out again, but for real and by herself. Not that she didn't enjoy her family's company, but Ashley liked to wander off by herself occasionally and she was pretty good at holding her own in the forest, so she hoped, that when she brought it up later, Mom and Dad would agree. For now, it was breakfast time.

    Good Morning She signed to everyone and wrapped her mother in a hug, beaming wide. She grabbed a box of Lucky Charms from the cabinet and poured them into a small bow, along with a splash of milk. At her mother's proposal she shook her head vigorously. She hated the Gallaghers, they were rude and always treated her like she was an idiot just because she couldn't hear.
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  2. Zuri could feel her eyes starting to water from reading with both her bedside lamp and blinds allowing light to shine onto the same black-littered page of her bible. She had been up since around eight that morning, conducting her own bible study before the rest of the family woke and began milling about. There was nothing more easily broken than concentration in a house full of adolescents. Placing a finger between the pages as she reached for her bookmark, she slid the text closed with a satisfied smile and lifted herself from her bed into a toe-curling stretch, saluting her Sunday with a happy sigh and a slight wobble on her feet when her center of gravity decided to shift.

    There was movement downstairs, and she felt a little tingle on her eardrum that indicated the far off speaking of her mother. No matter what room, the Ellington matriarch's voice carried all over there home. Scratching lightly at the silk bonnet that protected her hair from the elements, she made her way out of her room and made sure to close her door behind her, so that no one would see her unmade bed, before heading toward the kitchen wearing only her pale green pajamas in search of food and family.
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  3. A doorknob turned and Jack stepped out of the bathroom. He was dressed in a brown long sleeved shirt, a black vest, and black dress pants. Wet hair clung to his cheeks, but when it dried it would hang around his face with a natural wave. The shower had left his skin a dark pink, and steam followed him out the open door. He had stayed outside with Ashley and some of the others last night, but after a half an hour of being bored he had went inside and fell asleep. What had been so exciting about sleeping outdoors? A tent was not as comfortable as a bed, and any bugs would be a pain. The bugs were the biggest reason he had taken a shower this morning. The short time he was outside mosquitoes attacked him as if he was the most succulent morsel they had the pleasure of tasting. They slowed their assault when he put on bug spray, but the spray had a terrible smell, and it was nice to have the water wash it away.

    Jack stepped into the kitchen in time to hear Angelica's question. He opened his mouth to voice his displeasure at the idea, but closed it after a second thought. Passing Angelica he avoided looking at her as he made his way farther into the kitchen and started digging through the cupboards. In the middle of searching for something to eat he turned his head and his eyes met Angelica's. "Are you interested in going?" He kept his eyes locked in his adopted mother as he waited for an answer.
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  4. [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante Chrismond[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Location: Room, and Kitchen[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante awoke with a long sigh, the night before she had been up all night reading a book from her bookshelf. As she stretched her legs in the bed she felt a nudge. Said nudge was her puppy (baby) that she just loved to death. "Baby!" she said in her half American-British accent. The puppy seemed to awake with excitement, as it wobbled it's way over on the squishy mattress. "Who's my baby" she said picking the dog up, and setting him on the carpet, getting out of bed herself. She quickly tied all of her hair but her bangs into a pony-tail. Stripping herself of her pajamas, she put on a fresh new pair of underwear and bra, including a black tank top. Walking into her closet she grabbed a shirt and a pair of pants. Sliding into the shirt and pants she buttoned the pants and the shirt to the 2nd button from the top. She grabbed a pair of socks from her dresser, and her watch, once on she slid her feet into her light blue shoes. Grabbing her beanie and placing it on her head she opened her door "C'mon Baby!"[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante walked down the stars Baby following close behind as she entered the kitchen. Looking around she analysed who was all in the kitchen at that particular time. Going to the pantry she grabbed a cup of dog food and by the time she reached Baby's bowl he was already sitting there. It was then she poured the cup in. Going back to the pantry she grabbed the box of Co-Co Puffs. Opening a cupboard she reached for a bowl, and opening the silverware drawer, she grabbed a spoon. Pouring a bowl, and using the milk already out she took a bite. It was then her adoptive mother made an offer "No, and neither do you" she stated pointing her spoon at the mom.[/BCOLOR]​
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  5. Jason Morris-Ellington
    Location: Porch > Jason's Bedroom > Kitchen
    Fashion: (I can't do the links where it just says outfits...)
    Tagged: Kitchen people​

    Jason had spent the night in the tent with Ashley. It was ideal; it was outside, well, as outside as they were allowed, he was provided entertainment (Jack getting attacked by mosquitos, which, no matter how hard he tried to help it, Jason found hilarious, which he promptly had to apologise about as Jack stormed out), and it was quite cool to relive the camping experience.

    After that, he'd brushed his teeth and took himself to his room before breakfast. Jason now had a surprise for Randy. He didn't really like the boy, so he was normally the test subject for Jason's so-called experiments. He generally enjoyed making Randy little "gifts". For the last twenty minutes, Jason had been in his room, with sulphur, a wick, aluminium foil, and a coca-cola can for company. It was rather easy to make Randy's nose hurt. The idea had first come to him at school. If you set sulphur on fire, it smelt of rotten egg... put it in aluminium... it's worse. Jason couldn't help but smile at his newly finished chemistry masterpiece. He couldn't wait to use it. But for now... breakfast. Hopefully not rotten egg.

    Of course, Randy wasn't his only subject, he was just his personal favourite. He'd also used Scarlett, Max, Jack, Dante, and Zuri. Her positivity ruined it. It wasn't as fun if they didn't give a reaction. He apologised most of the time, but, let's be honest, he wasn't being his own test subject, and how else would he know which fizzy drink can made the worst smell? It was one of two reasons that he voluntarily wrote things down.

    On that thought, Jason made his way down to breakfast, just as his mum had just asked a pretty important question. "Morning," he began. To her question, Jason's initial reply was 'whatever you want', but then Dante said, 'no, and neither do you', so he ended up answering with, "No thanks." He didn't really like the idea in the first place. The way their family treated his was... disgusting. They were rude. Jason wanted to be rude back, but he knew that he had to be polite. He noticed his mum's arms were open, and, instead of rushing to the cupboards, where he could see Jack and food, he made his way towards his mum, where he gave her a hug, before settling on cornflakes with milk. Leaning down next to Jack as he rooted through the cupboards, he slipped the cereals back inside, before murmuring, "I hope the bugs didn't get you too bad," and he meant it too (since Jack can't do magic if some blood-sucking bugs had... well, sucked his blood). He placed the milk back into the fridge, before sitting down at the table with a smile.
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    Location: Her Bedroom-Kitchen
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    Time: 10:17 AM

    Daisy had wanted to sleep outside too last night. She loved the outdoors and thought it would be fun to spend the night out there, though most of her reason was Ashely was doing it so she really wanted to do it. Her parents hadn't let her though. She'd been having a rough week and seizure medication wasn't stopping all the seizures plus she'd been having awful nightmares recently so they told her she had to be where they could help her if anything happened. Daisy had thrown a minor fit about this, but her mother eventually got her to go to sleep in her own room.

    The young girl woke up with her legs on her mattress, but her head and upper body on the floor. She slowly sat up and rubbed her eyes groggily looking around. Normally Ashley would've woken her up by now so Daisy was a bit confused because her sister wasn't there and why her schedule was thrown off. She stood up, there was a little plastic schedule taped to the wall to remind her what to do in the morning. She stared at it tiredly for a few moments, trying to decipher it with her half asleep brain. Daisy shrugged and turning left the room. The schedule was a new thing they were trying to get her to do a morning only worked some of the time.

    She made her way down stairs and into the kitchen. Daisy was still wearing her pajamas, a set of pink plaid pants and a dark blue tank top covered in tiny pink flowers. Around her wrist was one of her *medical alert bracelets her mom got her just in case of an emergency. Her short curly hair was going in every direction making it obvious she had just rolled out or off as the case may of her bed and come downstairs. Daisy was a little late coming down and hadn't heard her mom's question so she didn't respond.

    Daisy went to the freezer and pulled out a strawberry toaster strudel. She wandered over to the counter with the toaster on it and put the food there before going and getting her step-stool from the pantry. Daisy popped the toaster strudel into the toaster and waiting for it to cook. She got down and went to get the milk out of the fridge. It was a new gallon though so when she pulled it from the fridge with one hand it dropped. Fortunately it didn't break open, but now Daisy looked upset. She hadn't meant to drop it, she just wanted to pour herself a glass of milk for breakfast!

    Bracelet (open)
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  7. Phil
    His room/kitchen
    Tagged: everyone in kitchen, but mainly @OlympusBlood

    After Jack had went to the bathroom Phil kept peaking out his door waiting for Jason to walk by the room. When their "mom" called for them to go downstairs he saw the other boy leave his room and he followed the other not letting the other know he was there initially. When his "mom" asked if he wanted to go to a party he just shrugged, he had never gone to many parties in his life so he didn't really know what one was like.

    He had never met the other family but judging by the looks and responses his "siblings" had given their "mom" when she mentioned then he could tell they didn't like them. He saw his "mom" opening her arms for a hug and avoided her standing in the doorway until Jason sat down quickly sitting next to him before anyone else could he smiled up at him and said, "how'd you sleep?"

    Jason was his favorite "family member" with Jack being a close second. Jason and Jack were the only two that he really felt comfortable around and the only two that he considered part of HIS family. The others were nice...for the most part but the women were all annoying especially the ones close to his age always wanting to play with him even though he clearly didn't want to. For a while now he had wanted to get closer to Robert...he had never had a father figure and he wasn't sure how it really worked, the whole father/son relationship. So far he hadn't had any one on one time with Robert so he didn't know.

    He hadn't slept outside last night, he knew some of his "brothers" as well as his "dad" had slept outside but as soon as he heard his "sisters" we're going to be there he decided not to. He was sad he didn't get to do that with his male relatives but he didn't like his female ones. If only they could have a boys weekend where all the boys went and did something like camping then he would really enjoy it...
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  8. Jason
    Tagged: @andrew21234

    Jason was not aware Phil had been following him, until he sat down next to him. "It was good. Did you have nice dreams?" He was quite disappointed when he learnt that Phil and Daisy weren't sharing the night in the porch, mostly because he loved his younger siblings. He hadn't pressed the issue, but he did want to spend some time with Phil, especially since he was the newest member (and adorable). "Do you not want something to eat?" He offered the untouched bowl of cornflakes and the spoon that rested inside it. Maybe Phil didn't know where the food was yet. Maybe he had a thing against cornflakes. He smiled gently. Perhaps Phil would camp with them next time. If there was a next time. Jason thought about what he'd be doing today. Likely not to be homework. Maybe someone would play football with him. Most likely it was helping to take down the tent and giving Randy his present.
  9. Phil
    Tagged: @OlympusBlood

    "Yup! I had a lot of dreams last night, you were in some!" Phil said with a grin looking up at Jason. When the other offered him his bowl of cereal he took it and smiled, "thanks Jason!" As he started taking spoonfuls of the cereal he wondered what they would be doing today. He hoped he would get to spend it with Jason and or Jack. He liked that Jason always seemed to enjoy his affection, Jack too didn't seem to mind it for the most part. Jack was also a good roommate. If both of the other boys were busy then he would just go and play in his room alone. He had a few books to read and a few puzzles to do to keep him busy. He usually didn't have a lot of homework at night and even when he did he usually got it done pretty quickly compared to the rest of the kids.
  10. Jason
    Tagged: @andrew21234

    "You're welcome." He kept the smile on his face. Phil seemed to only think good of him. "What you up to today then?" He thought maybe they could hang out and spend some time together. Not like he had anything that was of much interest. "Ooh, do you want to know a secret?" His smile turned into a smirk rather quickly, his voice was more hushed. Not like it would be a secret for very much longer. "Or go outside later?" he offered, hoping he'd say yes.
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  11. Phil
    As he ate the cereal he said, "well I'm not sure..." When the other asked if he wanted to know a secret his eyes lit up and with a huge grin he said, "yes! I like secrets." When the other offered for him to go outside with him he nodded and said, "yup! Maybe we can go for a walk in the woods...or we can play football or whatever you want." He was glad the other seemed to want to spend the day with him and wondered what this mysterious secret of his was...
  12. Jason

    "Well, when Randy comes down, I'm going to leave something in his room. It's going to be so funny..." Jason giggled quietly. "It's my way of getting back at him when he's mean to people. Not that it's going to be a secret for very long." Perhaps Phil wouldn't find it as funny, but then, he didn't know what it smelt like... or how mad Randy got. "And a walk in the woods sounds good."
  13. Randy
    Location: His bedroom
    Tagged: No one

    A lonely hand sneaked its way into the open from beneath a bundled up cover and sloppily grabbed a phone from the nightstand that was conveniently placed beside the bed. Then a mop of black hair going every which way emerged, few bangs falling unceremoniously on a face that came into view next. Eyes squinted, Randy peered at the furiously bright screen of his phone to determine what the time was. Just a tad over 10 it seemed. With a sigh, the lad deposited the piece of technology back onto the nightstand and pushed himself upright on the bed. However, he wasn't quite pleased with the loss of warmth he was met with once he emerged from the cocoon he had made for himself for the night. Grumbling, Randy wrapped the cover around himself again as he merely sat on his bed and stared at an old worn-out stuffed bunny that was sitting on the desk across the room eerily still and silent.

    The toy in question had once been light blue but had long since faded to dirty grey. The miserable stuffed animal had once lost an arm and an ear at some point as well and the fact that someone who hadn't know what they were doing had sown them back was painfully obvious. Mr. LongEars was the poor thing's name.

    As if the tortured toy had talked to Randy and encouraged him not to get up, the teen simply fell on his side on the bed, his head hitting the pillow softly. Curling into as tiny ball as he could, he wrapped the cover around himself more effectively and disappeared from view again. It wasn't like he was particularly tired, he wasn't even planning on sleeping anymore, Randy simply wanted to revel in the silence of his own room and the warmth of his little 'nest' for a little bit longer before bothering to get up. It was Sunday, he could be lazy on a Sunday. Besides, the kitchen was probably rather crowded at that time so he'd rather wait a while before dragging himself there so he could have some breakfast in relative peace.

    Truthfully, Randy was slightly jealous that he didn't get to sleep outside as well. He has never gone camping or any of that stuff and he'd like to at least try it out once to determine whether he hates it or not. Not that he'd admit that to anyone of course. Also, sleeping in a tent on the porch could hardly be called camping and it would've probably felt wrong to intrude on whatever the thing meant for Ashley. Besides, he didn't exactly get along with Jason so once the amusement that was Jack and mosquitoes had disappeared inside, Randy had followed soon after.
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  14. Robert Ellington

    Location - Kitchen
    Tagged: Everyone in the kitchen
    Robert awoke to the sound of birds chirping near his bedroom window. Damn birds, why won't they let me sleep? The birds kept chirping their little heads off. Robert started to get angrier and angrier. All of a sudden the birds stopped chirping. Thank god.... The man said as he went back to sleep. A second later, his alarm went up. He quickly opened his eyes. I'M UP! He said as he threw the covers off of him, and got out of bed. The sunlight blinded Robert at first, but his eyes adjusted and his vision became clear. He walked into his bathroom and shut the door behind him. The floor was colder than a well-digger's ass crack. This made Robert jump a little at first, but like everything he got use to it. A few minutes pass by, Robert comes out of the bathroom with his body washed, his teeth brushed, and all dressed up. (Fashion) He then walked over to his bedroom door and locked it. Once the door was lock, Robert made his way towards the closet and went inside it. He walked to the very back of the closet. When he reached the far back, he removed a painting of him and his wife and reviled a safe. He entered the code and opened it. Inside the safe was his pet rock..... Robert took the rock out of his cage, and held it in his hands. Hello Jeff. He said as he began to pet it. I know I haven't seen you in awhile, but I couldn't get to you. I was to busy with my job, or with my family. All of a sudden, Robert heard his wife called the kids to come get breakfast. I gotta go Jeff, I'll see you later. With that said, Robert gave his pet work a kiss, and placed Jeff back in his cage. Once the rock was in his cage Robert closed the safe and walked out of the closet. He then walked to his bedroom door, unlocked it, and walked out of his bedroom to go down to the kitchen.

    When Robert made it to the kitchen he saw most of his family members. Hello every one!. How did every one sleep? Robert said as he walked over to his wife and gave her a kiss. He then walked over to Ashley, and tapped her on her shoulder. Once she looked at him, Robert said hello in sign language. He took sign language in high school because he need two foreign language credits, it was a good thing he picked sign language. A loud thump caught Robert's attention, so he turned around. He immediately saw that Daisy had dropped the milk. He ran over to her, and looked down at her. It's alright Daisy. There's no reason to be upset. He bent down and picked up the milk. Look it didn't break. No harm no foul. He then stood up, opened the milk, and poured the milk into a nearby glass cup. "Everybody makes mistakes Daisy, It's just apart of life." He then got out another glass cup, and poured him a glass of milk. He walked over to the fridge, and got out some chocolate syrup. Robert then walked over to the glass of milk, and poured some chocolate syrup in it."I can't drink plan milk." He said out loud. The man then opened a near by drawer, and pulled out a spoon. Once the spoon was in his hands, he stirred the milk and the chocolate syrup together ."So, is there anything I should now about? " He said as he took a sip of his drink.
    Max Munoz

    Location - Bedroom
    Tagged: No one
    Max slowly opened his eye's and saw nothing but darkness. "Um....what?" He told himself. The thing that was on his face was very soft and furry. This cat better not be laying on my face again. He picked up his cat and stared at him. Really dude? Are you trying to suffocate me? The cat just stared him, and let out a soft meow. I'll take that as a yes. He placed his cat to his side, and go out of bed. He walked out of his room, and into the bathroom to get ready for the day. A few minutes later Max came out all nice and clean. The boy heard his mom call for breakfast, but he ignored her. Max didn't really eat breakfast, so he always stayed in his room for most of the morning. Once in his room, he shut the door behind him. I can't eat now...Especially when I'm almost done with this computer. Max spent most of his time in his bedroom for the past week or so, building his very own computer.
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    Location: Kitchen
    Tagged: @Cats
    Time: 10:18 PM

    Daisy smiled and carefully took the glass in both hands, the milk sloshed around because of her hands tremors, but it did splash out. She slowly walked it over to the table and put it down as carefully as she could, standing on her tip toes so she didn't spill. She then scampered back into the kitchen and climbed onto her step stool leaning over the toaster as she waited for her food to finish.

    "Th-thank-k you, D-daddy." she stuttered slowly. Daisy jumped slightly when her strudel popped out. She grabbed it with her bare hands and quickly dropped it onto the counter. She blew on her hand and shook it out before grabbing a paper towel and picking up her breakfast with that. She went back into the dinning room and clambered up on her chair putting her food down.

    Daisy knelt on her chair and drank some of her milk before taking a bite of her food. She tended to eat rather quickly. In Juvie she'd eaten quickly to avoid getting her food stolen and before that she hadn't gotten much food or was afraid it would be taken away so the habit of eating quickly was pretty well in grained into her mind. Daisy shoved more food into her mouth, even though it was still hot and drank some milk while she still was chewing before swallowing.
  16. Smiling a little as the male did he knew that if the other was smiling then he would be doing something funny. "So after breakfast can we go?" He said when the other agreed to go on a walk with him in the woods. He had only been in the woods around the house once before and really wanted to explore them some more. He liked nature and now he had a chance to explore it, unlike his old home. When his "father" came down and said hello he said, "hi Robert." He still didn't call him"dad"...he had never called anyone dad since his father had died shortly after he was born.
  17. Jason
    @andrew21234 , @Cats

    "Certainly," Jason agreed. Speaking of breakfast, his stomach protested giving Phil his cornflakes. He quickly walked back to where the food was, making a new bowl for himself, and eating it as rapidly and carefully as he could at the same time. He swallowed as Robert came down the stairs. "Morning, dad," he grinned, before realising he'd already ate half his bowl. How had he not choked?

    He was glad Phil had mentioned a walk in the woods. Fresh air, cool breezes, a labyrinth of trees... it was fun, and Phil was one of his favourite siblings. Exploring would be fun with him, and maybe he'd learn why Phil didn't like the girls very much. Without hurting feelings, of course.
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    Scarlet Ellington was in her bed, just waking up from a long night. She had tried to stay outside to be with Ashley and the others... but everyone knew that she would head right in once it got dark, she didn't need bugs attacking her flawless skin. Giving one good yawn, she stretched and sat up. Scarlet still had her eyes closed, so she didn't see Nico, her Husky, coming over to give her a giant slobbering kiss to her cheek. "Nico! I told you to stop doing that..." The Husky just stared up at her, Scarlet gave up and just rubbed his neck. "Fine... you win, as always." She shook her head, moving Nico off of her lap, going towards the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day.

    While she walked towards the Girls' Bathroom, she could hear her mother yell about her Editor inviting the whole family to a cook out, the last time she was around those people and their kids... Scarlet nearly smacked his oldest daughter, she was more of an entitled brat than Scarlet, and that is saying something. Her mother already knew how she felt about the whole thing... so no way she was going. She opened the door, glad to see that no one was in there, closing and locking the door behind her, she took a nice warm shower.

    After her shower, Scarlet went to her room to change into something bright and cute. She was wearing her favorite color, Sunburst Orange, it was just such a pretty color. Spraying some pretty smelling perfume, she went to her vanity mirror, fixing her curly ombre hair, ready to greet the fam. Before she went downstairs, her phone buzzed on her bedside, she couldn't believe that she had almost forgot her phone, that was like her lifeline. Her friend, Victoria James, had texted her about some party, and all the other cheerleaders would be there. "I totally spaced out about that." She rubbed her temples, annoyed that she didn't go shopping for a new outfit yet. She texted Victoria back, so ready for the party, but she had to go shopping first of course. Placing her phone in her skirt pocket, she left her room, locking the door behind her, soon after, going down the stairs towards the kitchen.

    First, Scarlet gave her mother a big hug. "Hi Mommy, you look beautiful as always." She grinned, going over to give her father a hug next. "Hi Daddy, looking as handsome as ever." After greeting her parents, Scarlet went to the fridge to take out eggs and sausages, she wasn't a big cereal eater, so she gladly cooked hot breakfast every morning, making enough just in case anyone wanted that instead of cereal or snacks. "Oh I am going shopping with Victoria, the Co-Captain of the Cheer Team, later today, just so you know." She said to no one in particular, just letting everyone know what she was going to be up to. "Making eggs and sausages if anyone wants any... the hungry people you all can be." She giggled, going back to turning on the stove and cooking the sausages first. She felt paws hitting her legs, Nico had found his way downstairs... Scarlet must of not noticed him following her out of her room. "You Sir... no sausages for you... I will get your food in a bit." She winked at the dog, who walked off towards the others.

    ★Location: The Ellington Home (Her Room-The Kitchen)
    ★Mood: Well-Rested/Happy/Excited

    ★Outfit: Scarlet's Outfit
    ★Interaction(s): Angelica, Robert
    ★Mentioned: Ashley, Angelica, Robert

    ★Tagged: @Thingtastic @Cats

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  19. [BCOLOR=#000000]Dante Chrismond[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Outfit [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Location: Kitchen, Outside[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Interaction: @Cats Mention: @Prince Shattered Charming [/BCOLOR]


    Dante rolled her eyes when scarlet came in dressed in all red 'once again she's been able to surprise me, when really I should be used to it.' she thought to herself. "Hey Dad!" she said, after she finished her bowl. Bringing the bowl to the sink she quickly washed and dried it, and set it back in the cupboard. Fixing the placement of her hat, she took out her phone. She liked a few things on Facebook, and texted one friend before putting it away again.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Seeing her pup finish his breakfast with a burp, she picked him up "C'mon lets go outside so you can do your business." Walking to the front door she walked out with Baby. Setting him on the ground, he wandered just to the edge of the yard and found the right place to do number 1. After he was finished he came back up to the door and stood on his hind legs against Dante. He barely reached her knees. Picking him up she went back inside, and back to her room. 'I just hope scarlet doesn't make me go with her' she thought with a long sigh setting Baby down in her room as she closed her door behind her.[/BCOLOR]
  20. Phil
    Excited that he was going to go on an adventure in the forest with Jason he couldn't stop grinning as he finished his cereal. He knew that the other still had to put Randy's surprise in his room so they couldn't go just yet. He wasn't sure exactly what the other was going to put in his room but he assumed that it would be at the very least funny.
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