Treat and Trick

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  1. It's that time of the year again. There were pumpkins everywhere and people were busy hanging up spider webs and paper bats on their walls and rooftop. Relieved that those weren't real bats, the black haired male stepped away from the dusty window. He knew that by the time the sun had set, the monsters would be roaming the streets again. From what he understood, the monsters would go house to house and the residents had to pay them something. He couldn't see what those were, but perhaps that was how the human repay them, he thought.

    It has been like this for years, or ever since he woke up one day to find himself surrounded by unfamiliar houses and people. During daytime, the male would curl up in the wooden coffin which was getting a little too small for him. Night time was when he felt safe enough to leave his house so he could explore the quiet street. The vampire had been sleeping for so long, he barely remembered his own name - Zen. Not exactly a cool name for a vampire but hey, at least it's easy to remember !

    As the skies turned dark, Zen creaked opened the front door and sat on the porch. He watched as the creatures of different sizes began coming out and knocked on the doors of the residents. Heaving a sigh, the vampire pulled his knees closer to his body. How he wished he could join them, but he hasn't spoken to a single soul for decades. The thoughts of communicating with another creature intimidated him, so he's content with just watching them from afar.
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  2. (( So everyone can see...
    Zen (right):

    Sid (costume):
    Sid (unmaked): ))

    Fourteen year old Sid Nesbit's friends last year had been lords of their school. They were not kids with toys and playgrounds anymore; they were young teenagers who could go places without an adult, ride bikes in traffic, maybe try cigarettes and some drugs from whichever older people could get them. Now this year, his group seemed to be behind everyone else. Dating? Kissing? Choosing careers? What happened to all the video games and skateboarding?

    So when Sid's friends changed their plans to prank together and go to a boy-girl party or reluctantly obey their parents to keep their younger brother or sister company, Sid rebelled. He would go out, by himself, in costume as if he had taken a step back this year instead of forward.

    Black shirt and jeans, hockey mask from his closet so he could make mischief without being caught, fake machete knife that might scare someone, and chain wrapped around his chest he could unwind as a weapon if he got mad enough to do some damage. Maybe to cars, mailboxes, houses with no one home. Sid's night and this year were pissing him off, so why shouldn't he do what he felt like?

    Sid had already hidden behind a parked van in a street popular with trick-or-treaters, and when the squad of kids came giggling by, he listened carefully then jumped out shouting and swinging the blade overhead. They screamed and ran, but only for a few feet and then stopped and cheered because it wasn't like a real maniac or monster would be out on the streets. Annoyed, Sid snatched a candy bag from one of them and fled out of sight before any of the group's escorts could do anything to him.

    On the next street over, Sid found no new victims except for one skinny kid his own age sitting on his porch in a mundane-looking vampire costume. The vampire kid was probably told by his parents to stay home and give out candy that year. Candy itself wasn't such a big deal, but Sid liked the bonus of getting something he shouldn't to make up for his rotten mood. So the hockey-masked teen marched right up the front walk like he owned the property, presented his stolen bag, and ordered, "Trick or treat. Fill it up with everything you've got."
  3. Zen was spacing out as he got bored of watching groups of monsters walking by. It does seem like they were having lots of fun, cheering and laughing. Though the sound of footsteps getting closer snapped him out of his thoughts. The vampire then noticed someone approaching his house. What should he do ? There's enough time for him to rush inside, though at the same time, he wanted to know what's the motive of the masked guy.

    Just as he was fidgeting and debating if he should hide or stay, the other was already in front of him. He stared up at the male, then at the bag. His mouth hung open as he thought of what to reply, revealing his nubby fangs. What was that 'Trick or treat' thing the guy was talking about ? "I... Don't have any money." The vampire muttered, thinking that the others would give money to the monsters normally. Of course, having no job or income, Zen couldn't give the masked man any money. Even if he had any money, he would use them to buy a bigger coffin rather than giving it to the other.

    The male then searched his pockets before pulling out a few corpses of spiders which had been living in his coffin, he glanced at the dried up insects before showing the other. "That's everything I've got." He replied, then figuring that no one would want such things, he shoved them back into his pocket.

    "Who are you, anyway ?" The male frowned as he asked softly, pushing himself off the ground and stood up to take a closer look at the male. Besides the bag, the other was holding a long knife too. The sight of that frightened Zen a little as he took a step back.

    Oh how he wish he could be fast enough to just turn back and run into his house right now. Though seeing how close the masked guy was, he would definitely be caught the moment he tried to run away. The last thing Zen wanted was to be stabbed with a knife by some guy he doesn't know. He looked down at his feet, combing his fringe with his hand so he didn't had to look at the other straight in the eyes. Who would had guessed that the other monsters were actually so scary and intimidating ? Definitely not the vampire who had been watching them having fun for years.
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