Treasure hunting? Treasure hunting.

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  1. THE PREMISEHello! I am Samantha, or Sam if you prefer, and I'm looking for a one on one with a somewhat specific plot and setting. Basically, I want to write out a modern day quest. A straight, up, full on, ripped right from the classic medieval fantasy RPG, "adventure around til you find these mystical items then use them to save the world from this dark evil", quest. But set in the modern day. In regards to fantasy content, it can be like Tomb Raider and Uncharted, or it can be strong fantasy, or somewhere between the two extremes. I really just want guns and cars and mysticism and good ol' fashioned adventure.

    I have a character in mind for this, that character being a 25 year old pansexual male treasure hunter with a degree in forensic psychology and a concerning attraction to danger, but I'm willing to switch him out for another character.

    I'm pretty flexible in regards to specifics, and certainly flexible on how our characters get wrapped up in the quest, though I have a few ideas.

    WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR1.) Most importantly, above all else, don't be an asshole. Please. Or, the bad kind of asshole, anyways. I like the good kind of asshole. Several of those make up my inner circle.

    2.) The typical no-noes are still no-noes. No godmodding, no powerplaying, don't make things overpowered, no Gary Stus/Mary Sues, blah blah. Et cetera, et cetera. Also, I don't much care for writing sex scenes, so if those happen, I would prefer they be fade to black.

    3.) I want at least one solid paragraph per response, but I am flexible with this. Just please please please put effort into your responses and your descriptions. Good grammar and spelling are highly preferred, but I understand mistakes. Chatspeak is a straight up no.

    4.) Contribute. I want to build a world and a story with someone; if I wanted to do it all on my own, I'd write by myself. c:

    WHAT I CAN OFFERAlright, the "About Me". I've been roleplaying for eight or nine years, now, and I'd like to think I don't suck at it. c: I can do 2+ paragraphs per response with good spelling and grammar. I usually play male characters, but I play females, too. MxF and MxM are both fine with me; I have more experience with Mxm but hey. FxF isn't something I've done before, but I'd be willing to try it with the right plot. Scifi is my shit, I game a lot, and I curse quite often but am happy to curb it if requested.

    If you have questions or are interested in this idea, feel free to pm me or post here. ^^ I swear I don't bite.
    Also, I'm down to do multiples of this roleplay, so don't worry about post count.
  2. Hi!

    I'd absolutely love to join you if you'd let me. My only request would be avoiding romance between our characters. Will it be more, regular weapons and stuff but the artifacts we're searching for are alien items or something? Or will magic exist in this world? Will we plan things ahead of time? (Specifically, certain artifacts that we're hunting for.)

    Just so you know my forte is Dungeons and Dragons, so I may not be the best forum roleplayer at first. But I'll try my best to get better so we can have an enjoyable story!

    The character I have in mind is a 22 year old man who inherited a map from his father. (Initial plot point perhaps?) But he never really bothered with much growing up, and was a sheltered youth. Whatever yearning for adventure he had left is starting to grow once again, so he goes out and finds a person to help him look for it. He'll have a Marketing Degree, and just a few business contacts that he's worked for.

    If you're not feeling that character, I can make a new one. Just let me know!
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