Treading Dangerous Grounds

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  1. Nyrie was sleeping quite peacefully under a tree when she stirred. The guards were approaching! She was quick to her feet, and even quicker back to her knees, light fingers brushing over her injured leg. Bright blue eyes flashed fearfully towards the castle where horses could be seen. She slowly stood, grabbing her bag and limping towards the woods. Nyrie constantly glanced behind her to see how close they were getting...
    This lack of attention to where she was going caused her to bump into someone, falling to the ground with a yelp. Her bag fell to the ground and she winced, closing her eyes and waiting for the guards to catch her. Her leg was starting to bleed again and there was no way she could escape quick enough on her own. She kept her eyes closed, slouched forwards. "S-sorry.." She apologized to the stranger she's bumped into. She had been so close to escaping, to avoiding imprisonment for something she hadn't even done! But alas... She should have knew it was impossible.
  2. Gavin had been traveling for a couple of days now, heading towards the Kingdom of Erelia for some business he needed to tend to. These past few days have been exhausting, especially with the few hours of sleep he had been getting. Unfortunately, he still needed a few more days of travel to reach the kingdom.

    He currently found himself traveling through the woods of some kingdom, he was too tired to even remember the name. Feeling his eyes drooping, he tried to keep his eyes open to keep moving. He had a limited amount of time to complete his job at the Kingdom, so he was trying to get there as quickly as possible. Though maybe he should stop to rest. Before he could even realize it, someone crashed into him causing him to fall to the ground. In one swift motion, he had pulled out on his hidden daggers and prepared himself for combat, though instead he was met with an apology. Blinking, Gavin's gaze moved to the person and he observed the girl in some sort of daze, before coming to his senses and rushing to the girl's side. "No worried, madam. Are you alright?" He questioned as he leaned down to help her stand. His blue irises caught sight of a scarlet colored liquid and his eyes narrowed slightly. What happened? Gavin moved her over to a tree and set her down. Normally Gavin wasn't curious, but he couldn't help but to wonder what happened to her leg. "I don't mean to pry, miss...but what happened?" He questioned as he gestured to her leg.
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  3. Nyrie heard the gaurd's approaching. She knew they'd be somewhat hidden in the trees, but she was already shaking a little from fear. "Th-th-the k-kingdom is... Th-they're going t-to arrest me... B-but I didn't do it! I-I don't use a b-bow..." She hesitated, holding her head in her hands. Her voice was broken and cracked where she was trying not to cry. "Th-they think I.. That I..." She rubbed her eyes, "I d-didn't kill him though!" She whimpered. The guards were getting closer and closer, shouting out.
  4. Gavin was rather confused when she started stuttering out a response, though as she continued he some what understood what she meant. Suddenly his attention was diverted to the sound of hooves and shouts coming from a distance. "Crap." he cursed under his breath. Moving over, he picked up the girl and moved them into a bush to hide. It was the best he could do at the moment since he couldn't carry her off somewhere or they'll most likely get caught. "Don't move and stay quiet." He murmured as he crouched down.

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  5. Nyrie grimaced as she was picked up again, she covered her mouth to stifle her breathing, biting her lip gently. She was shaking, her leg still bleeding.

    "Find her!" The captain of the guard shouted, riding up on his horse. Two more guards on horses rode up and several men came up behind them a minute or two later. They were all looking around for only a second before the three men on horses took off. "We must find her!" The captain yelled as they rode off. A guard passed by the bush and Nyrie tensed. She didn't relax again until they were all gone. She looked up at the stranger holding her, slowly letting her hands fall from her mouth. Nyrie didn't know what to say, or what to do. She felt a little dizzy and weak, but other than that, she was okay.