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  5. Character Name: Milhin of the Black Butterfly
    Race: Ashtori (father Ashtori, mother drow)
    Height: 5’0”
    Weight: 90lbs
    Sex: Female
    Apparent Age/Actual Age: 25
    Skin Tone: Alabaster
    Body Type (muscular, thin, whatever): Petite, delicate
    Eyes: Violet
    Hair: Ebon with a single streak of flame red that frames her face.


    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Demeanor (how the person behaves. Some evil people are very cheerful. Like Idi Amin): Manipulative, ambitious, meticulous, calculating, deceptive, sadistic, child-like at times, egotistical, quiet, but an absolute terror when angry. Sing-song, musical voice, moves with slow, wraith-like fluidity.

    Political Affiliation: Devoted to Zhanos and Kharuthmir of the Dire Wolf, Archon of Ashtoris

    Cultural Resiliency (this means... is this person accepting of other cultures and racists? Or are they a total xenophobe?): Believes the Ashtori race is superior to all others and has little use for non-Ashtori other than for slaves and fodder.

    Mental Health/Resilience (Sane? Nutjob? Fragile? Strong-willed?): Beautifully mad

    Profession: Bride of Zhanos, Blood-Mage of the Third Circle, Information broker, Red Sister, Archonness

    Class (Mage? Warrior? Cleric?): Blood mage/necromancer/Priestess

    Education/Training; Formal academic learning; particularly religion studies, ancient Pellitharian history and current and Ancient languages. Adept with potions and poisons and antidotes.

    Military/Combat Background: She is not combat-trained, although is quick and agile in the use of a dagger and darts. She prefers not to engage in physical combat however, unless absolutely necessary and will remain to the side, flinging poisoned darts. Deceptively strong for her diminutive stature.

    Magical Background: Milhin is a blood mage who specializes in, but is not limited to Necromancy. She reanimates, manipulates, experiments with and speaks with the dead, torments souls, among other things. She is also particularly talented with manipulating life force in order to cause wounds, or transferring wounds from one person to another or into a phylactery for later use. Her spirit fetch is the black butterfly. She is able to split her entire body into a swarm of black butterflies and fly from one place to another. Has a tendency to look right through a person, seeing the condition of their health or even their very soul. She can use her butterflies to scry far away places and they are well camouflaged little spies.

    Religion (important for cleric characters or those that wield priestly magics): The Chosen of Zhanos, his Hand, one of his devoted Priestesses. This gives her the ability to heal, curse, summon fire, and use any other abilities as given by him.

    Notable Skills: Resistant to heat and flame as Ashtori tend to be. Tends to know a LOT of sensitive information which could be used to help or hinder those around her. Seduction, and various intimate...arts. Knowledge of various torture and information extraction techniques. Highly pain tolerant due to her training by the Red Sisters.

    • Gear Owned and Carried •

    Mount/Conveyance: None
    Martial Equipment (weapons, armor and the like): dagger, tiny poisoned darts hidden amongst her clothing
    Magical Equipment (magical weapons go here): Blooding blade, phylacteries, Zhanos' Edge: Demonbane, especially potent against demons.
    General Equipment Type (You don't have to go into every piece of rope or sack of travel rations you have, just give a general idea of what he or she has or can access.): Equipment, herbs and other various components for creating potions and poisons. Scrolls upon scrolls worth of notes taken during her studies for references on history, religion, languages, etc.
    Special Equipment (stuff like musical instruments or gear very specialized to a given trade that most people wouldn't have or have access to): Undead servants, phylacteries that hold souls of those she wishes to torment, torturing devices
    Usual Items Carried: Blooding blade, tiny poisoned darts hidden amongst her clothing

    • Residence (if any) •

    Type (House? Keep? Cave?): Lavish quarters within the Temple of Zhanos, also shares suites in the Black Spire with Archon Kharuthmir.
    Location: Ashtarias
    Fortifications (Walls? Weapon emplacements?): Protected by undead servants along with temple fortifications
    Accessibility (If you are all the way at the top of the mountain, the center of a pestilential swamp... this is where you describe that) : Ashtarias is difficult enough!

    • Character History •
    Milhin of the Black Butterfly is the daughter of a Voltharri warrior named Zorath and a drow slave named Thayal. Her mother, a former priestess of Lloth, was taken by her Voltharri captor during a raid and was forced to bear his child. She was so disgusted at the prospect of bearing an Ashtori child that she attempted to self abort twice. The first time, she took herbs that were supposed to encourage miscarriage and make the loss of the child seem like an accident. She was not discovered, however this method was unsuccessful beyond several mild contractions. The second time was the result of desperation and a fair bit of madness. In a fit of rage, Thayal plunged a kitchen knife into her belly. Due to quick thinking on the part of the servants, the drow did not die and the fetus continued to thrive despite suffering two assassination attempts made while still in the womb. After that, Thayal was bound safely until the child was born.

    When Milhin was born, it was clear that she would be smaller than most Ashtori. Smaller than most drow, even. Her delicate structure drew a malicious laugh from her drow mother, who then spat that the girl-child was not likely to last long and should be thrown into the volcano to perish. As her Voltharri master was dragging her to one of the many lava flows, she screeched out “Milhin! Her name is Milhin!”

    The infant was named Milhin, meaning Dark Child. Even as she was placed feet first into the lava flow, Thayal cursed the Ashtori and gave her a name to honour her drow heritage. Thayal died, and Milhin was brought into Zorath’s household not as a slave, but as a valued daughter.

    When he presented her to the temple, as all Ashtori do, Milhin was seen favourably by Zhanos and she was taken by the nuns to be raised in the temple. When she was a bit older, they saw that the child had a keen mind and tested her to see if she had a talent for magic. She was sent to the mage school to be trained in blood magic. Eventually she was initiated as a Bride of Zhanos. She gave birth to her first child at the age of 22. The male child, Joleth, was given to his father’s house the moment he was weened, and Milhin has little contact with him. Nor does she particularly care to.

    After foiling a plot by the temple's very own Abbess to start a full on war between Tamiras and Ashtarias, Milhin caught the eye of Archon Kharuthmir. It was then that Zhanos Himself bade Milhin marry the Archon. It was an unprecedented move. No Bride of Zhanos had ever been permitted to marry before. Despite her love for Kharuthmir, Zhanos is always first in her heart.

    Later, the Archon and Archonness took Ser Baltis of Bitter Ridge as their husband. Milhin enjoys many lovers with the approval of her husbands. You can take the sacred whore from the temple...

    During a particularly harrowing battle, Ser Baltis was killed. Milhin would not stand for it and set about a secretive and very rarely successful ritual to bring her husband back to life. After resurrecting Baltis, which required her to take a piece of Zhanos's life-force into herself, Milhin became enveloped in a chrysalis. When she emerged several days later, she was changed. Zhanos had blessed her with lovely black gossamer wings like that of her fetch, and they possess a razor's edge. Even the wings of her smaller butterflies possess this razor's edge and they are able to cut through any substance Milhin desires, causing magical AND physical damage at the same time. The wounds inflicted will not heal unless Milhin wills it so, thus a small nick could ultimately cause a victim to bleed out. Her butterflies can drain life force, and if coated in poison, can transfer the effects of that poison to their victims.

    From the shards of the Chrysalis, a large Queenstone was formed. Her name is Sinavri'ashti. It's an enormous soléa, a sphere about a foot in diameter, black as night but whirling with fire of violet, deep blue, teal, vivid purple. The fire within this great Queenstone is so bright that it illuminates a room. It can shrink to accommodate being worn more conveniently. As powerful as the Archon stone, it is a true artifact, among the most holy. It's abilities are thus: she can use it to transit to any volcanic vent, active, dormant or extinct. She can move through the asthenosphere and punch through wherever it pleases her, though that will cause a cinder cone. The stone may be used as a vessel to trap souls, like a phylactery. It can draw power from all other Queenstones. Above all, the stone is a direct conduit to Zhanos, solidifying the fact that she is His Hand in this world.

    A quote from Lord Cinder, Zhanos's avatar: "You silly ass. Of course she's not dead! Her casting, however, did require a shard of My own life-force, though. She will be a little different. But she is my Butterfly... my Hand upon this world. Through Milhin I speak, and, among mortals, she has My highest favor."

    Milhin has borne the Archon two children thus far. Twin daughters Kierani and Yvrina.

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