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The IC is up! Sign-Ups will still be accepted until about half-way into the RP.

Traversing Aether



Welcome to the Aether facility.

Ripped out of your world by unknown means, you wake up in a state of utter confusion, finding yourself locked inside a facility home to all kinds of horrors. In the midst of an outbreak, you and a group of strangers will find yourselves arriving at the worst possible time. Not only will you be subjected the facility's strange experiments and machinations, but you will also have to contend with those who would seek to silence you or add you to the ranks of the facility's monstrosities.

Whether you and your fellow survivors choose to band together or not, you're in for one hell of a ride.



In this roleplay, characters will have very little information provided to them to begin with. Driven by survival, the characters will have to fight their way through facility and uncover not only why they are there, but who is ultimately in control of their new prison.

This roleplay is a part of the Murder Series lore, but no knowledge of the series is required to join or play.


1. You must follow in accordance to Iwaku's rules.

2. There is no limit to what kinds of characters can be played, but most powers possessed by characters will be removed. If you need a particular reason for how this happens, just think of the process that took them also removed their special abilities. It is for this reason suggested you play a character without powers, but not necessarily required.

3. No OOC talk in the IC. This includes posts consisting only of tags or images. Please take all OOC discussion to the group's General Chat and all roleplay discussion to the group's RP Discussion. This thread will only be used for sign-ups and announcements.

4. No god-modding or meta-gaming. If you're not sure what those terms mean, this blog post might just be for you!

5. There will be no dice rolls for fights. Some certain actions and events might require them, but only if I or someone assisting me says so.

6. Duos are allowed, but only if you can provide strong reasoning for them to come in together. Only up to five people will be allowed duos.

7. OCs are allowed, but only up to a limit of five. I would rather fandom characters outnumbered OCs.

8. Please post once a chapter. Not doing so will result in your character possibly being removed from the game. At the very least, PM me if anything comes up and I'll do my best to keep you around.


Characters will be stripped of their powers under almost all circumstances. You may ask for an exception, but don't count on it, especially for offensive powers. Possible exceptions may include slightly above-average strength and agility.


Character Name:


[Your strengths/weakness, skills, and abilities are included here. Do not include powers or special equipment, as your character will not have them]


[What they're from, basically]

Other Info: [Optional]


@Atomyk as Nathan Prescott [Life is Strange]
@TheSpringwoodSlasher as Locus [Red vs Blue]
@Mighty Roman as Leo Elster [Humans] and The Doctor [Doctor Who]
@Gummi Bunnies as Nezu Jirou/Rat [Tantei Opera Milky Holmes]
@Cromartie Sarkissian as Ash Williams [Evil Dead] and Johnny [The Room]
@C.T. as Doctor Emily Grey [Red vs Blue]
@Gibbons as Sendo Takeshi [Hajime no Ippo]
@The Silver Paladin as Yuriko Omega [Command and Conquer: Red Alert]
@OrlandoBloomers as Max Rockatansky [Mad Max]
@Kaykay as Huang Rong [Legend of the Condor Heroes]
@Jerelin as Cersei Lannister [Game of Thrones]
@Klutzy Ninja Kitty as Carl Grimes [The Walking Dead]
@Jeremi as Rhonda Kerske [Dead Rising] and Roberta Mendez/Captain America [Marvel Comics]
@york as Jean Kirstein [Attack on Titan]
@Gummi Bunnies as William "Will" Owen Herondale [Infernal Devices]
@Lizzy as Shion and Nezumi "Rat" [No. 6]
@BarrenThin as Jean-Luc Picard [Star Trek]
@Gen. Gwazi Senpai as The Master [Doctor Who]
@Lissamel as Catherine [Gregory Horror Show]
@CookieMonster as Jenny [Doctor Who]
@Ryu Keiko as Daniel Angelle [Original Character]

@ResistingTheEnlightened as Alan Wake [Alan Wake] and Sherlock Holmes [Sherlock Holmes]
@Arcadium as Travis [Mother 4]
@Saint Guillotine as Emily Kaldwin [Dishonored]
@Thuro The Assassin Potato as Richard B. Riddick [Pitch Black]
@TheColourlessRainbow as Cleo Price [Life is Strange (AU)]
@siontalk as Ayano Tateyama [Kagerou Project]​
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Character Name
Nathan Prescott


Nathan doesn't exhibit any sort of noteworthy physical strengths. Despite his frequent violent outbursts, Nathan isn't much of a fighter, nor does he appear to have much physical strength. Despite being in possession of a firearm, it's likely Nathan isn't trained in using it or have much experience with it.

The only real noteworthy skill of Nathan's is his skill with photography. Despite his poor performance in school due to his behaviour, Nathan is noted for having an interesting, if not macabre, style to his photos.

Nathan's family is rich and influential, owning the majority of the town of Arcadia Bay. This has attributed to Nathan's arrogant and flippant behavior toward other; a trait likely passed down from his overbearing father, Sean Prescott. Like his father, Nathan has often used his family's influence to escape any responsibility for his cruel actions, thinking himself and his family above the law. Despite the privilege Nathan has been granted as part of a rich family, he is pressured heavily by his father to live up to the Prescott name, leaving Nathan to feel self-conscious about himself and pushed to act out against others.

However, Nathan's violent and unstable behavior can not be attributed to his father alone. He is a deeply troubled youth who seems to lack empathy for others and shows no regard for the suffering of those he deems a threat to his authority. Nathan shows signs of suffering from both anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. He goes to therapy has a prescription for these issues, though he doesn't take either very seriously. Nathan's parents seems to be willingly disconnected from their son and their son's mental health, and instead pacify Nathan's outbursts with threats to the school and its financial support given by the Prescotts.

At Blackwell, Nathan retains the position as one of the main Vortex Club representatives, and, by most Blackwell students, a recreational drug dealer. Nathan is known to cut his drugs with powerful laxatives. Nathan is also a known partier and drinker, and usually supplies the drugs and alcohol present at the parties he attends.

Life is Strange

: |
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Character Name: Has long since abandoned his real name. Goes by the moniker of his armor: Locus.


Veteran of the UNSC and has also taken up a career as a mercenary. This has lead him to deal with a variety of weapons. If one were to try and find a weakness however, it'd lie within Locus's mental stability. Although he prides himself on only following orders as a solider would, he's clearly shown to be judgmental if one were to consider him insane.

Personality/History: [CLASSIFIED]


Other Info: Using his skills and the fear others have of him, Locus is shown to be an excellent leader. In Season 11, Locus commands a large group of Federal Army soldiers and leads a successful attack at Crash Site Bravo, resulting with the remaining Blood Gulch soldiers to retreat. Despite being the leader of the Federal Army, Doyle often seeks Locus' opinion on how to lead his army. Along with this, interactions with the Space Pirates show they follow his orders just as much, if not more, than Control. For example, in Self Assessment, Jackson's team change their plan after Locus contacts them, despite Control giving them different orders just moments before. In Fed vs. New, the Space Pirates immediately ask him what they should do when the Chorus armies learn the truth about their plans.​
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Making his return from Illusion Game I


Name: Carl Grimes

Age: 14

Attributes / Skills: Carl has no special skills in particular. He is, however, decent at many survival skills thanks to his experiences in the apocalypse including: hunting, scavenging, shooting a gun,

Personality / History: Carl Grimes is a main character and survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is son of Rick and Lori Grimes. During the initial outbreak, Carl believed his father to be dead, so he and his mother joined Shane Walsh to travel to Atlanta for the refugee camp. As time goes on, he slowly becomes hardened, due to the severe loss of life and the environment around him.

Carl is a very tough kid because of his rough childhood that took place during the apocalypse. He is also very mistrusting of others, worried he may meet someone who could hinder his survival. He is quite mentally and emotionally scarred, even appearing unstable at times. He is also pessimistic, believing that at any time something bad could happen to himself or someone he cares about. For more about Carl's canon history, see here.

Canon: The Walking Dead

Other Info: This version of Carl Grimes was the same version who found himself kidnapped from his universe and thrust into an illusion where he was a boy named Chandler. The illusion world was enjoyable for him, but once the illusion was broken and he experienced the death of his girlfriend, Emily, he ended up even more mentally scared and disturbed than he had been before. To view Carl's illusion game, see here.
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Character Name: Leo Elster

Age: 22

Leo is an expert Computer Hacker, and is trained in a variety of languages and practical skills. Furthermore, he's an expert in any form of mechanics, electronics or repairs, and is mostly self trained. Also, as a Synth, Leo is more durable than an average Human, and cannot bleed (but will still exert 'Synth fluid' when cut).
Leo also has an Eidetic memory, remembering everything he'd ever experienced to the letter.

Unlike most Synths, Leo doesn't need to charge, but still needs sleep, like a regular Human. However, as a Synth, parts of him are still made from Metal and Plastic, meaning that he has a shorter life span than the average Human.

Personality/History: Leo is the son of Professor David Elster. David was a genius, and invented the first 'Synths'-a robotic serving class with near-human levels of capability and appearance. However, David couldn't stop his family from falling apart. He paid little attention to his son, Leo, instead building him a 'family' of Synths to look after him. Leo's family (Fred, Niska, Max, and Mia) held a level of Human sentience, unseen in previous Synths.

Aged 9, Leo drowned in a Lake near Elster's family home. However, desperate to save him, his father repaired his body with Synth parts, essentially resurrecting him. However, this came at a cost-Leo now has an Eidetic memory, remembering everything he's ever experienced.

As he reached maturity, Leo grew up in a world that didn't know that he was still alive. Finally leaving his home, he found himself in a world where Synths were a ubiquitous part of human life, being used to perform every task and service, even being torn apart for entertainment in 'Smash Clubs'. As such, Leo and his family of Synths are on the run from a world that seeks to enslave them or destroy them, terrified of a potential Synth uprising.

Leo is extremely intelligent and often 'the mature one' out of his family. He's often a loner, and can sometimes to be subject to bouts of anger if he fails someone, or a plan doesn't work. Leo also trusts virtually no-one, unless they prove that they wish to help him and his family.
Despite this, he still has a dry and sarcastic sense of humour.

Other Info: May sign up as a Duo, adding Niska from the same show.
Reserve? Let me just work on my character!


"You're dealing with one of the underlings taught by the Master Thief Arséne, so shut it Milky Holmes!"

-Character Name-
Real Name
Nezu Jirou


Due to the nature of this roleplay, Rat will not have his pyrokinetic Toy with him. Though, due to his small stature compared to the others from the Gentleman Thief Empire, he's considered the fastest out of the trio besides the mastermind Arséne, but also being the physically weakest as well. For being this young, Rat has the advantage of gaining trust easily as he was able to go undercover in a detective academy without getting caught. Since he's one of the underlings of the best thief around, he's pretty damn good at being a thief, like snatching things without people noticing

His personality slightly varies, but it's consistently the same when you compare his civilian persona and thief persona. He's probably one of the few characters out of the series besides Arséne herself that make the most common sense, and he wonders to himself as to why the Milky Holmes detective squad is even considered an elite team due to their own stupidity with the loss of their Toys' powers.

His history is unknown other than the fact that he is a part of the Gentleman Thief Empire, and continously works under his colleagues to fetch in new steals each night.

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

-Other Info-
Don't steal his hat. Just don't.​
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Reservin'! My time's sort of swamped lately, but I'll try get my sheet up asap. ^.^

The S-Mart Duo Part 1

Character Name: Ash Williams

Age: Unspecified, presumably mid to late 20's


Strengths & Abilites
Awesome catchphrases
Complete knowledge of all S-Mart products
Skilled Gunman
Skilled Chainsaw-man (that's a thing now)
Strong survival instinct
Only has one hand and one stump
Tackling his own possession in the form of Evil Ash/Bad Ash
Very quick to judge/kill

Personality/History: Born in Dearborn, Michigan, Ash was touched by the "Light of God", making him the supposed "Chosen One", which swiftly resulted in him being cursed by a Cult worshiping the Book of the Dead, known as the Necronomicon, in the hopes of preventing him from achieving his destinies by having chased by demonic spirits in the form of Deadites, Zombie like spirits that posess both the living and the dead. Simply not noticing the evil presence for most of his life, Ashley lived a normal existence, eventually graduating and working at S-mart, in the Homewares section, at which time he met his girlfriend, Lynda. The S-mart store being the only place Williams felt loved, he cringed to his job, constantly telling stories to all he served.

It was during one vacation that Ash, his sister, his girlfriend, his best friend and his best friend's girlfriend broke into an abandoned Forrest shack for the night. Finding what appeared to be an innocent tape recorder and Book, which they, of course, both read and listened to, ultimately waking the evil spirits with their actions. From S-mart employee to Deamon hunter, Ash was forced to murder his possessed friends, loosing both his hand and fractions of his sanity in the process. Eventually trapping the Deadites in the 1300s, Ash too was pulled into the past, where he continued to fight the creatures for many years to come

Evil Dead/Army of Darkness

Other Info: This versions of Ash amalgamation of several different forms of Ash, including those seen in The Evil Dead I & II, Army of Darkness, Hail to the Queen, Baby and the Evil Dead Musical.

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Character Name:

Doctor Emily Grey


A supergenius with an IQ of 240. Highly knowledgeable of human biology/anatomy/physiology, skilled in psychoanalysis and experienced with archaeology and technology of various kinds like robotics and nanotechnology. A prodigy with her fingers dipped into many different fields.

Friendly, cheerful and more than a little eccentric. Very enthusiastic and opportunistic when it comes to experimentation on corpses and living individuals. Nevertheless she is, very much so, a good person at heart. Polite and well mannered, given how she's told off Locus for bad manners. Now and again, she does have psychopathic tendencies, especially to those with no morals themselves. Like the Space Pirate Zachary Miller who is quoted as saying: "You call it genocide... I call it one hell of a paycheck."

Red vs Blue

Other Info:
- Her in-depth knowledge of the human body suits her well as a torture technician when the need arises.

- Also a very good opera singer.


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Character Name:

Sendo Takeshi


About 26


Sendo Takeshi is a highly skilled boxer, being the featherweight champion of Japan for a short time. He is known for his incredible striking power, stamina, and durability. In addition, he has a fair amount of experience brawling in the streets and leading a gang of sorts.

Sendo appears to be rather rash and rude, but he has good intentions usually. He hates letting his fans down and doesn't know how to give up until his body does. A pretty straight-forward guy.

Sendou's father was a fireman who died while saving the life of a child. Like Ippo, Sendou looked up to his father greatly, and this loss inspired him to try to be as strong as his father.
Since young, Sendou was known to be rude and problematic, having lead his own delinquent gang in the streets. However, it is mentioned by his grandma that Sendou did so to protect innocent civilians from other delinquent gangs. He and his grandmother run a market place. His backstory is detailed in Hajime no Ippo Gaiden.
He is first introduced watching a tape of Makunouchi Ippo's spectacular KO victory against Mashiba Ryou and, fired up by the tape, decides to go visit Tokyo for a match against Ippo. He leaves half-disappointed however when he learns of Ippo's broken fist, but declares hopefully to Ippo that he would be "waiting for [him] in Osaka'" when the time comes for their match, accidentally leaving a bag of souvenirs at the station upon his leave.
Disheartened, Sendou does not put much effort into his training until a package arrives in the mail, along with a letter from Ippo stating that they may be able to have their match after all. Renewed by the prospective match Sendou quickly jumps back into intense training, waiting for the day of his match against Ippo.
Despite all his training for the match, Sendou ultimately loses consciousness in his own corner before the start of the fourth round. However, both fighters agree that unless one collapses in the ring, the fight remains unfinished. The two fighters then anxiously wait for the day of their rematch.
Sendou is seen again after Date Eiji's relinquishing of the JBC Featherweight belt. He wins a very close, and controversial, victory by decision against Volg Zangiefto acquire the vacant title. His first title defense is against Saeki Takuma, whom he KO's with little difficulty. Afterwards, he is pitted against Shigeta Akira, whose provocations of his and Ippo's style of boxing led Sendou to beat Akira so ferociously that he contracted a fear of being punched (and presumably retired) thereafter. Sendou and Ippo then have their promised rematch for the belt. He once again loses, this time by way of knockout from his 'rival'.
Sendou is also present in Takamura's world title match against Bryan Hawk, along with many other friends and boxing acquaintances where he is seen conversing happily with Miyata, who attempts to ignore him. After the fight with Ippo against Sawamura, he had his comeback match, a 1R KO.
Sendou's opponents after his second bout with Makunouchi have largely been Mexican due to his want to defeat Ricardo Martinez and claim the WBAfeatherweight title. He defeated 4 Mexicans in a row and came to be ranked 4th in the WBA. He, along with Ippo and Randy Boy Jr. are the only individual featherweights to specifically aim for Ricardo. Sendou joined Ippo in watchingVolg's challenge for the IBF world championship. Despite all his preparation, he is astounded at the level of skill displayed in the world-level match. Afterward, he and Ippo sparred in the Kamogawa Gym basement, which lead to Sendou knocking Ippo out. Takamura says that if Ippo have gotten weaker, and he just says that he will see it in his next match which is against the world ranker before a title match. He can't sleep and immediately the next day to watch the match which led to Ippo losing.
Sendou has a semi-final match before Takamura's world title unification bout against Richard Bison. Because he brawled with Mashiba in the waiting room before the fight, he enters the ring with bruises on his face. He is up against a Mexican World ranker once again, Jose Nargo who is fairly strong as he is ranked 5th in the WBA, who is already called a champ. Also this time to defend his position of being ranked 4th in the WBA. Jose Nargo dominated Sendou for most of the match because of his experience with sparring Ricardo Martinez. After the 8th round, when Sendou saw Ricardo's Manager, Bill Stewart as his second, he then pushes Jose to the corner and using his knuckles started to press into Jose's stomach aggressively, causing extreme pain and giving Sendou the opportunity to knock Jose out. Sendou defends his ranking of being 4th in the WBA, and might proceed to a title match. After defeating Jose Nargo, he then speaks to Bill Stewart, telling him to give a warning to Alfredo Gonzales, which shocks Bill as he expected the warning to be given to Ricardo. He then goes back to the room, to watch the match of Takamura with Mashiba. To this point they seem to be okay with each other and not fighting as they discuss how tough Richard Bison is, but they will continue after this match as they say with each other silently...


Hajime no Ippo

Other Info:
Dunno lmao


Name: Yuriko Omega

Age: Unknown, most likely in her twenties.

Attributes/Skills: Due to this Side Event, she doesn't have her powerful psychic abilities. Despite this, she still has a strong will, and is both smarter and stronger than the average person. Due to being in the Military, Yuriko is also a brilliant strategist.

Personality/history: Yuriko was born into a pretty standard family. She showed Psychic Abilities at a young age, when she lifted a cat into the air. She and the sister she never knew were sent to a Sanitarium which was secretly training for a project by a Japanese Scientist known as Project Omega. She was then sent Asa High ranking soldier in the Empire of the Rising Sun's military against the Allies and Soviet Union during World War III. She was captured, and sent to an Allied Prison. This is between the events of Red Alert 3, and Uprising.

She is honor bound, and has sympathy for those imprisoned, or being tested on. Yuriko is brave, and will go into a battle head on. She protects her allies, and will defend them with her life as well. She can get very angered.

Canon: Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3

Other: I still haven't officially decided who I'm using, so I may change at the last minute. It's Yuriko for now, though.
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"As the world fell, it was hard to know who was more crazy. Me..."


"...or everyone else..."

~Character Name~

Max Rockatansky




Max is a skilled driver, marksman, and brawler, and is a knowledgeable mechanic. His reflexes, durability and resilience are considerably out of the ordinary. He is also extremely adaptive, and rarely loses his bearings-- having survived for years in a ravaged wasteland populated by the mad, he's just about seen it all.

Except zombies. Those are new.


Max was once a road warrior, a cop fighting for peace as society crumbled in the wake of an energy crisis, but none of that mattered after civilization collapsed. He had a wife and a son, and they died with the rest of the world. Now there's no food, no water.

No hope.

The only currencies are gas and bullets. The only gods are warlords, the only devil the sun. The chaos that ruined the world also ruined his mind. Mad, they called him.

They were probably right.


Mad Max, primarily Fury Road and the 2015 game.
I should have known.
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Character Name:
Huang Rong

Unknown, but probably around 19.

She is an excellent cook, has an eidetic memory, and is well-versed in acupuncture, geography, medicine, strategy, mathematics, music, literature, etc. She has memorized the Book of Wumu, a genius book of war strategies. She is also versed in the art of laying formations, such as the Eight Trigrams Formation to counter enemies' advances. She uses her knowledge to make huge rocks and boulders form an array and maze to confuse enemies and force them to retreat. She is also an expert in martial arts, being a master of the staff, throwing weapons, and hand-to-hand. She is an expert in qinggong, allowing her to lighten her body to do stuff like jump higher, be more floaty, etc.

She tends to be stubborn, clever, and impish. In her world, her intelligence is practically unmatched. Though she'll do anything to help people she cares about, she doesn't usually bother to help random strangers if she has to go out of her way to do so.

Huang Rong ran away from her home in Peach Blossom Island after an argument with her father, the powerful and knowledgeable Island Master Huang Yaoshi. She dressed herself in filthy rags and roamed Jiangnan as a young beggar boy. She met a boy named Guo Jing, and a bunch of drama involving relationships and super-powerful martial artists ensued. Eventually, she helped Guo Jing lead the Mongols to defeat the Jin.

Legend of the Condor Heroes

Other Info:
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While stuff like flicking her finger to shoot a sort of laser and flinging around trees is obviously not allowed, I don't know if qinggong is allowed. It basically lets her lighten her body to jump higher, be more floaty, etc. I'll edit it into her skills if it's allowed.
If that's basically all it does, then I would be willing to allow it.
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Oh, Atom, can I give Yuriko a small psychic ability, then? I have the perfect one to use.
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