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  1. After posting my last thread, about moving places, I started thinking about all the places I've traveled to and have visited.

    I think the furthest away from home I've ever been is Toronto, Canada, and the furthest up north I've ever been is to Dalarna, Sweden. Sadly, I haven't been past, or very near the equator, to the southern hemisphere.

    What are some cool places you've been to? Are you traveling someplace soon? Tell me about it!
  2. I have been to England, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland all in one trip.

    I've also been all down the Eastern US and Canada, and I still need to get to the Pacific ocean, so I hope to make it to Vancouver Island this year. I'm also planning on going to the San Diego Comic-Con this year, which will be my first time in California and within spitting distance of Mexico. Furthest South I've been is around Tampa, Florida. I pretty much live as far North as I've ever been; Edmonton area is at a pretty high latitude.
  3. In the US: I've been to New York, Connecticut, Florida, Virgina, Washington and California.
    Outside the US: I've been to Puerto Rico, Grand Cayman, St Lucia, Barbados, St Maarten, Jamaica, Mexico, Antigua, St Thomas, and the Bahamas.
    Can you tell I love the Caribbean? lol.
  4. I've only been to the neighboring states. California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. :I
  5. I have physically been in 46 states (including passing through via driving or by flight layover). I'm missing Maine, Delaware, and North and South Dakota. As far as states I've actually visited and toured and seen the sights of, I think I've done about 20-25.

    Provinces/Countries I've been to internationally...
    Canada: Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, and Quebec
    Central/South America: Mexico, Argentina, Brazil
    Caribbean: Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Thomas
    Europe: England, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Spain, Germany, Russia... I think I'm forgetting something
    Asia: Taiwan, China, Hong Kong (because yes it's different), Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore
    Didn't fit in a category: Bora Bora

    Places I REALLY want to go to:
    New Zealand
    Costa Rica

    Places I REALLY want to go back to:
    Taiwan (family)
    Hong Kong

    My husband and I are planning to take a trip to Tokyo this year for our anniversary. ^^
  6. Well, growing up poor as shit, I'm not exactly the type who travels a lot.

    The coolest place I've been was Gotland, though. Visby was super pretty with all the old buildings and the wall and the roses and stuff. Lojsta was also pretty neat, with all the horses. I love old cities and ruins, so I felt right at home inside the wall, where most of the old buildings were still standing.

    Stockholm I've been to a number of times, and the furthest south I've ever been is Jönköping (while working) and the furthest north I've been, I can't even remember. I was a wee kid back then and my parents were picking up a dog they bought for their sledding team. It might have been Arjeplog, not sure. Or Gällivare.

    Either way, I'd love to go see London or San Diego, or possibly Paris. And Scotland and Ireland. And maybe take a quick trip to Cardiff (because Torchwood, obviously). I'm not too big on countries as much as cities I find interesting, and anxiety and phobias make it damn near impossible for me to go anywhere.
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  7. I lived in Canada for awhile and I went cross country twice to Oregon, visiting Chicago on the way. Otherwise, I've never traveled. Unfortunately I lack the funds to do any serious traveling until I go abroad in college.
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