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Traveling Through Time

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by KatherinWinter, Dec 9, 2015.

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    • "Im not picky chicken alfredo sounds good." Zack answered honestly. He rarely got a chance to have someone cook for him. He usually microwaved or ate out when he remembered to eat at all. He was terrible absent minded. It was how he dealt with life. Focusing on science allowed him not to feel or think. He didn't want to feel the loneliness of his life or remember the past.especially hs mother and her death. He purposely like his mid drift and wander so that he didn't have to think or feel. If he focus on the world too long the loneliness and sadness always came back.

    (much better apparently white isn't our friend.)

    "Im not picky chicken alfredo sounds good."Zack answered honestly. He rarely got a chance to have someone cook for him. He usually microwaved or ate out when he remembered to eat at all. He was terrible absent minded. It was how he dealt with life. Focusing on science allowed him not to feel or think. He didn't want to feel the loneliness of his life or remember the past.especially hs mother and her death. He purposely like his mid drift and wander so that he didn't have to think or feel. If he focus on the world too long the loneliness and sadness always came back.
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  1. "Okay," Sean responded automatically as he began to pour water into the pan and put the spaghetti inside. He boiled the spaghetti while he prepared the vegetable oil and chicken. He pushed a plate of flour and the chicken to Zack. "Here, coat the chicken with pepper, salt and then dip it into the egg. After you done that, wrap the chicken in the flour please," he instructed as he moved to get everything else and began to make the Alfredo sauce.
  2. Giving Zack so many instructions at once was a recipe for disaster. He blinked stupidly at Sean. He looked at the chicken he had been handed and the stuff in front of him. He frowned trying to remember what the other man had said. He was sure there was something about egg. So he took the chicken and put them in the egg. He made sure they were covered before pausing to think about what was next. Sean had said salt right? He was pretty sure. He covered the chicken with salt. Not what was the last thing? Another seasoning. He saw the flour and decided that must be it. He covered the chicken in flour. "There you go."
  3. Sean turned his head to look at the result of Zack's works. The chicken became so messy that he began to question if the man standing in front of him is really a scientist. He shook his head in disbelief and sighed. "Here, let me show you how it works." He began to demonstrate from stage one. "First of you, you coat it in pepper and salt, then dip it into the egg and then wrap it in the flour. Understand?" He looked at Zack, wanting to know if this man really understood what he supposed to be doing.
  4. Zack might be a great scientist but that didn't mean that he was stilled at anything else. Cooking wasn't like inventing. Atleast not in his mind. He watched as Sean showed him how to prepare the chicken. He tried to focus on the man's words. He could follow steps provided he remembered them. He scratched his head. "I think so. First salt and pepper. Second is the egg. Third is the flour?"
  5. Sean smiled and nodded delightfully. "Yeah, you got it." He walked to the sink and clucked his tongue to activate the tap. The water run down nicely and he washed his hands from the flour. The water stopped running as Sean pressed a button on the tap.He walked back to the other side of the kitchen to continue his previous work and occasionally watching Zack.
  6. Zack frowned in concentration as he worked on the chicken.he wanted to make sure he got it right. He carefully repeated the steps Sean had shown him. The last thing he wanted to do was piss the man off again. He didntnknow what he would do if Sean kicked him out. Once he finished the chicken he turned to the other man. "Is this better?"
  7. Sean was working on the sauce when he heard Zack asking him about his work. He turned around and walked over before smiling at Zack's work. "Yeah. You got a talent for cooking maybe?" He joked lightly before returning to drain the spaghetti and then took the chicken from Zack to fry it. "You want to try to fry?"
  8. "I don't think my talentis in cooking. I think I will leave that to others with more focus." Zack told him honestly. He could imagine trying to make sure he remember every step of a recipe. He simply didnt have the concentration. "Yes thank you." he thought everything smelled wonderful. He could imagine howit woukd taste. He leaned forward and took a small taste of the spaghetti. "Thank you Sean. That is very good. I appreciate it you making it." The fod tasted good. Better then he usually eat. He was amazed that Seam could cook so well.
  9. Sean laughed and just shook his head as he walked to get two plates for them. He walked behind Zack and chuckled again. "That's now how you do it." He took a hold of Zack's hand and began to move it. "Flip it right, left, up, down. You got the pattern?" he asked before letting Zack's hand go. He slapped Zack's arm when he took some of the spaghetti. "It's not done yet! You sneaky," he laughed and began to lay the spaghetti on the plates for both of them. "Almost brown?" he asked to Zack again.
  10. Zack frowned. He nodded. He careful flipped the chicken. "I think so. It's kind of a beige color." He explained showing him the chicken. He had no idea what chicken was suppose to look like. When he ordered chicken it was either fried or grilled. He wasn't used to doing it himself. He hoped the food was almost done. He was hungry. He honestly couldn't say when the last time he had stopped to eat. "This all smells good. It must be nice to be able to cook."
  11. Sean nodded and left the spaghetti before took the spatula from Zack's hand. "Yeah, it's almost done." He chuckled at the hoping expression Zack wore on his face. Seriously, that man was so readable at times. He put the chicken next to the spaghetti and then poured the sauce over both the chicken and spaghetti. "Go and sit on the table," he commanded before taking two sets of cutlery and laid it on the dining table. He walked back into the kitchen to take the spaghetti and served it on the table.
  12. Zack nodded. He hurried to the table. He was to eat. He was glad Sean was willing to help him. He knew he could be difficult. His absent mindedness and lack of focus often caused him and those around him problems. He was doing his best to focus. He knew that it was important that he do so right nw. He didn't know how much things had changed over the years. He didnt know how to fit in here. Not that he fit in much in his time. But Atleast there he knew what to expect. "Thank you Sean."
  13. Sean nodded and smiled. "Your welcome." He took a seat across from Zack and cleaned his cutlery a little bit before putting them down. He gracefully sliced his own chicken and took a bit of his chicken alfredo. He looked over to Zack and tilted his head to side a little. "Is it good?" he asked. He never had other person to eat his food before. If other people have been in his house, they always had a take-out or didn't eat at all. For all he know, his food is delicious enough for him.
  14. Zack picked up his silverware. Like everything else his Eatting wasn't neat or organized. He dug into his food with gusto not caring if there was a mess or not. He nodded at Sean's question. "Yes. It is very good." He said honestly. He wasn't a picky eater. Mostly because he rarely paid attention to what he ate. it was nice to actually enjoy a meal. It was even nicer to have someone to share it with. He was used to being alone. He eat everything on his plate. He was almost disappointed when it was gone.
  15. Sean smiled happily as Zack praised his cooking. He never had anyone to tested his meal. He was sure his food wasn't poisonous though. He chuckled at the disappointed face Zack made when he realized his food is gone. He didn't get worried that Zack might being disappointed because his food was bad at the end. He trusted Zack because he seemed like a honest person. "Want a second?" He asked with a smile. He always left some leftovers behind so he can eat it whenever he wanted to, so it become kind of habit.
  16. Zack beamed when Sean offered him seconds. He was thrilled that there was more. "Yes please. It's been awhile since I ate and this is really good." He hadn't realized how hungry he was until there was food in front of him. He knew he should pay more attention to the world but it was hard. There wasn't much that held his interest. Plus alot of things reminded him alone he was. He hated being alone so he found ways to ignore how empty his life was.
  17. Sean just laughed and left his food for a while to walk into the kitchen and served another plate of Chicken Alfredo in front of Zack. The hunger he was able to read in Zack's body language made him wonder when was the last this man ate. Zack said he often lost focus and concentration, he might be genius in science but he was a bit slow in taking care of himself. "Here you are," he said, "if you want more you can take what you want on the kitchen. There's still some." He smiled before walking back to continue his meal.
  18. Zack beamed. "Thank you Sean. I am sure this will be enough." he dug into his second helping with relish. The food was really good.he didn't know if it was because he hadn't eatten in awhile or because Sean was a good cook. He suspected that it was alittle of both. "I'll clean up. It's the least I can do." since he eat more often then not he rarely had to do dishes. But he was sure that he could still accomplish the chare. As long as technology hadn't changed too much.
  19. Sean finished his food not long after that. He chuckled at how eager Zack seemed to eat his food. It make him feel .. warm all inside and .. appreciated. He got up and washed his own plate before said, "Of course. You clean after your own mess is enough for me." He wrapped the rest of the food before putting it into the fridge so it can be eaten tomorrow. "I'm gonna go to my room and do my homework. If there's anything you need, you can go to my room over there and ask me, alright?"
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