Traveling through Time

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  1. Zack knew he was close. He had been trying to reach the future for the lost 5 years. Each experince brought him one set closer to accomplishing his goal. As his device warmed up got Zack rubbed his hands excitedly. This time it was going to work for sure and win it did he would win that prize. He set the age hoping that he would land someplace unseen. The last thing he needed was to be arrested in the future. With one last adjustment the device flashed. when Zack woke up her found himself in an alley. "Yes it worked." he shouted before he caught himself. He needed to blend in until he knew where he was. Zack made his was out of the alley. He went into the first building he saw. Hoping for information without looking suspecious.
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  2. Sean was spending his time in town library to borrow some history book. He was interested in how the world before him works. After all, he got a few days off so he could spent them reading. As he was exiting the library, he bumped into someone who looks ... foreign? The rule is you enter some building you go through left door and if you exit some building you go through right door. Why was this person got in through right door? Is he high?
    He picked up his fallen book and smiled politely at the person who was clearly at older than him. "I'm sorry, Sir. But you go through the wrong door."
  3. Zack blushed. He hadnt been paying attention to where he was going. He had simply wanted to know where and when he was. He bent down and helped the younger man. "I apologize." He said in a deep soft voice. "Can you tell me when and where I am?" He looked around. He was pretty sure that he wasnt in his own time but how far had he gone? Had he gone forward or back? He had been in such a rush to try his machine that he hadnt thought about to check. He had been alterating between the two trying to decide which he wanted to try first. Honestly he didnt care where he was. He had done it he had traveled through time. Unless of course he had simply relocated himself in his time. This wasnt this city he had started in but that didnt mean it wasnt the same time.
  4. Sean adjusted his books to their previous formation before looking back at the foreign man. Wait ... he can speak his language, then it's mean this man didn't come from another country? Then how come this man wore clothes that's so different from his clothes? And why is he asking something that so .. unusual to him, out of all people? He cleared his throat softly when the man didn't look at him. "This is year 2025, and you're in the Zenith Town Library. Who's asking?" He said with his polite tone, he didn't want any unnecessary fight in his day off. In his eyes, this man looked dangerous. "Where are you come from, Sir?" He said as he slowly lead the man away from the door so they won't block people's exit.
  5. "2025!" Zack jumped and pumped his fist into the air. He had done it! He had succeeded. He had jump forward in time almost ten years. He grabbed the man that he had bumped into and kissed him. He was an expressive man and wanted to share his joy with the other man. "I did it! This is wonderful. I finally succeeded!" He didnt noticed the odd looks he was getting. As an inventor he was use to getting strange looks. They didnt bother him. He was unique in the world and knew it. "My name is Zackary Crane and I am going to be famous!"
  6. Sean raised his eyebrow in confusion as the person suddenly jumped and act like a crazed man getting all excited. His confusion grew as well his shock as the crazed man suddenly grabbed him and kissed him like they have known each other for a long time, separated and suddenly reunited. His eyes was wide as saucer and face flushed, that was his first kiss with a man and damn, he didn't know what he should feel about it. He rubbed his lips with his jacket sleeve furiously and frowned, the tingling feeling didn't disappear. "What the hell?!" He was sure this man was either drunk or high. He picked his book again that was dropped because of shock earlier and headed out of the library quickly, he didn't want to be involved with this crazy man ever again.
  7. Zack chased after the younger man. "You are going to be famous too!" He shouted. He knew he was acting like a crazy man but he couldnt seem to help it. He was too excited to contain himself. He had never been good at containing himself so he rarely bothered. "Do you know what I have done? I have traveled through time! I am from New York 2015! Now I am here in 2025! I invented time travel! I need to get a patent! Do you know where I can do that?" He reached into the pocket of his jeans. "Damn I forgot my wallet! I dont have my ID." He frowned at that. Why hadnt he grabbed it. He need he would need his information as proof on not only his identity but of when and where he was from.
  8. Sean just stomped away, wanting to get away from the man as soon as possible. "Who care what have you done?" He shouted out. He covered his ear with one hand, doesn't want to hear another word that was sounds very impossible. Who would believe that he created a time machine? It sounds almost like someone said the sun just rise from West. He stopped in a near-deserted alley to put an end to this man's rant. "What proof do you have? You don't expect me to believe that you're from the past and all without any proof right?" He put his books in the bag as he waited the explanation from this crazed man.
  9. Zack frowned. Damn it. He had no proof. He patted his pockets. He had some money but that wasn't really proof. Old money wasn't hard to come by. But he pulled out one of the newer bills he had. It was crisp and looked brand new. He knew it wouldn't be enough. "They will demand proof." He said thoughtfully. "How can I prove that a succeeded? Is the library still open? I could look myself up!"
  10. Sean frowned at his question but nodded anyway. "Yeah, the library is still open until 8 p.m. But I don't wanna go in with you. Not after people see me being kissed by someone like you." He shuddered at the image of earlier kissing scene being posted on the newspaper. "We can go to my apartment. I'll lend you my computer and network. But. Don't. Kiss. Me. Again. Do you understand?" He looked sternly at the older man in front of him.
  11. Zack beamed. He didn't mind the younger man yelling at him. He tucked his hands behind his back and tried to look innocent. He probably looked more like the Cheshire cat though. He couldn't help it. He was too excited. "I promise no more kissing. I will keep my hands and lips to myself." he promised solemnly his eyes sparkled with barely contained laughter . He would do his best to keep the promise though he was certain he would break it once he proved his identity.
  12. Sean looked to Zack with eyebrow raised. Who would believe someone who tried to look innocent but looked like a Chesire cat instead? It's like you said you promise but with crossed fingers behind your back. He just ignored his promise, which he took as unbelievable and walked forward, keeping a safe distance from the Chesire man though. They walked for a few minutes before stopping at somewhere which looked like station. Sean looked back to Zack. "Hey, you have money?"
  13. Zack nodded. "I dont know if it is still accepted or not." He explained as he dug into his pocket. He had gotten into the habit of keeping fifteen to twenty dollars in his pocket. This wasnt the first time he had forgotten his wallet. It wasnt likely to be the last either. He was somewhat absent minded. He tended to live in his own world. Sometimes it was a good thing. It allowed him to get his inventions done quickly. Sometimes it was bad because he tended to forget things like bills and food. He handed Sean a ten. "Is this enough?"
  14. Sean looked to the money and his eyes widened. Oh damn, this kind of money didn't works here, it's have been expired a long time ago! he thought before sighed heavily. "Sorry, Sir. But you can't use this kind of money here anymore," he paused. "Actually, you can sell this to some collectors who might wanna buy this with high price. I'll lend you my money for time being." He returned the old money to the owner before stopping at a booth that looked like ATM machine. Sean pulled out a square looking glass-like card and slid it into the card entry before pressing some buttons and two tickets slid out. He pulled the tickets and his card before walking out while giving one ticket to Zack.
  15. Zack beamed. Proof number one! he thought to himself. Paper money no longer existed! There had been talk in his time of it going out of style. It cost more to make then it was worth. No he wished he had thought to bring more then the small amount he had in his pocket. Still he would find a place tomorrow and see about selling the bills he had. He looked around curiously as he walked. He wanted to see all the things that had changed since his time. He wanted to remember as much as he could. "I will repay you once I sell the paper money."
  16. Sean quickly flinched away when he noticed Zack's expression changed, he didn't want to risk being kissed again. He was confused though, as to why this man suddenly beamed. He walked to the direction of crowd of people and looked around. His train number is 14, and that's Zack's number as well because he ordered for them a same number. "Open your eyes for train number 14," he said to Zack. The train didn't look like train in 2015. It was much smaller that maybe only fit for 10-15 people. It was shaped like a box that have a measurement around 2 m x 5 m x 6 m. The creator thought that this kind of train is more efficient.
  17. Zack was amazed by how much things had changed in ten years. He couldn't wait to see more. He didn't pay any attention to Sean's words. He was too busy. He was trying to memorize everything he could. He didn't know if or when he would get home. Right now all that mattered was that he had this wonder filled world to explore. He followed the younger more like an after thought. Honestly he had sort of forgotten that the other man was there. He thought were on things other then proving that he had traveled through time. He was sure when they got to Sean's house they would find articles on him. There had been a few published in his time. Surely there would be more now.
  18. When the train 14 arrived, Sean quickly moved to get in but the man that followed him seemed dazed so he decided to grab his hand and pulling him into the train. They pushed the tickets into the tickets entry first at the train entrance before the door opened for them to walk in. The train have 10 seats and some free space if someone want to stand. Sean swiftly claimed two seats before someone sat down and pulling Zack to sat beside him. "So, say it again. If you really came from the past, when are you come from?"
  19. Zack wasn't really paying attention. He was observing and planning. Two of his favorite activities. He barely noticed them getting on the train until Sean pulled him into a seat. Unfortantly the seats weren't anymore comfortable then the ones in his time. It was ashame really a person should be able to travel in comfort. Of course that thought had him thinking about solutions to this problem. He barely heard the younger mans question. "2015. I am an inventor. I have a couple patrons under my name." he said proudly. He has been a nobody for years. An absentmind kid that bounced from foster home to foster home simply because no one knew how to connect to him.
  20. Sean looked to him with a raised eyebrow. "Oh really?" he mumbled before looking out to the window next to him. He always liked window seat because it will easily distract him from things he didn't want to think by watching the scenery that unfolded in front of his eyes. He then sighed heavily before turning his eyes to glance at the man who sat beside him. "Hmm .. then I would still 10 years old in your time." He paused for a minute as if he was rethinking his question. "Then ... if you're really from the past .. and you used time machine in your place... then how can you go back to your time to get the patent you're talking about earlier?" It's not like the government will believe him if he told them he just created a time machine and he come from 10 years ago, instead of getting patent, he would be sent to asylum.
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