Travelers Tale

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    It was just starting to turn to dusk when Roseleen finally pulled her nose out of the book she was so engrossed in. With a deep sigh she closed the curtains of her little books shop. Finding no harm in it she figured she would stay open until she finally went to bed. Well technically this wasn't her book shop, it belonged to the old man that took her in when she was brought here from her own burnt down village. Everyone had perished in the fire, but thanks to her mother's quick thinking Roseleen made it. Something hit the window and when Roseleen went over to see what it was the sound continued. It was raining pretty hard making her hope no one was out there. She went around to the oil lamps to brighten them up for better reading light. Then she went ahead to get something to eat. All there was was cold soup the old man had called her to hours ago but she never came due to her books. Now she was ready to eat and scooped herself a bowl. Eating slowly enjoying every bite she could have swore she heard something outside.

    She finished eating her splendid soup then went ahead back into the main room. For a moment she opened the door to face the rain only to find that no one was out there. Hurriedly she closed the door then pondered what the noise she heard could have been. Once she decided it was probably Grandfather she sat back down in her comfy chair and again cracked open her book.
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    Walking through the rain Alistar was Hungry and exhausted his eyes began to blur his ears began to ring as if he were almost struck on a battle field. He began to fear that he traveled too far without food or water and this would be the end. The rain beating on his head rythmicly the storm seemed to fierce to be natural. He wished he was somewhere warm and dry somewhere where he could eat, but he had decided to wander a curse of his. Loosing his footing he hurt his foot on a nearby rock completely shrouded in mud the pain trickled up his leg he was now bleeding from a craggy rock, how careless. Passing out for only a few seconds but what felt like forever for hours to Alistar he now can make a faint light in the distance. "Am I dead?" he thinks to himself."No i must be dying" He runs towards the light until it gets brighter and brighter and then wham right into a old wooden door which this time knocked him clean out.
  3. There it was again except this time it was definitely a person. "I swear if it's those kids they better get out of this rain." She protested as she yet again put down her book to go see who was at the door. As she opened it she continued to protest "hey you should-" Stopping mid-sentence she looked down to see a muscular man that looked beyond weary. Her kindness over whelmed her and she found herself rushing into the rain to help him. "Come on. What did you do, run into the door." He was out cold and Roseleen wasn't the strongest woman out there. Still she managed to drag him in getting herself soaking wet from head to toe. Her dress clung to her in every which way just as her long orange locks did. Now there was a strange man on her floor. Running upstairs she asked grandpa for clothes and hopefully they would fit. Going back downstairs she saw some movement so he was alive which was good. Now came the awkward part, undressing him. Respectfully she changed his shirt but asked grandpa to do the rest while she went ahead and changed into a different dress. Once the man was in dry clothes Roseleen went ahead and fetched blankets and pillows to make him comfortable on the floor. "Sorry if we had a younger man in the house we could move you into a bed" She was talking to an unconscious man making her think to herself how crazy she seemed. She heated up the soup for when he woke up. Once the fire got going she returned to his side to make sure he was okay. One thing she could say was she never saw strands of red in someones hair like that. It was neat.
  4. Waking sometime later with a crackle of thunder in the distance. Alistar was weary. Opening his eyes in rush*inducing the fire to flare up* realizing his was not outside, his head hurt he could not run if he was in danger he was too weak, too fatigued. He wiggled his mud cracked toes and fingers as he struggled to get up. He proped himself up on a stack of books that seemed sturdy enough, he looked up and saw through his crimson eyes that seemed to have been carved perfectly for his muscular face through his eyes and drenched hair a beautiful godess surrounded in the flames of the horizen. She read in a manner most delicate bust beautiful at the same time. he knocked over a book making his presence aware but kept his awe inspired gaze on the woman.
  5. Roseleen heard him moving and set down her books, giving him a kind smile that would make most people's hearts melt. "honey please don't lean on my book, and you should sit back down. You really hurt your head I think" With her usual grace she stood up and walked closer to him. She blinked in surprise at his red eyes. Mindlessly she reach up and lightly touched his cheek. "Your eyes are...inspiring" Snapping out of it she smiled and bent over to pick up her fallen book. "now. sit back down. I have some hot stew for you" She made her way into the kitchen just to come out with a hot bowl of meat rich stew. "What happened to you anyways? Was it just the storm that beat you or did you get into a scrap? I'm awfully curious" She asked handing him the bowl. By now it was clear that she had a weak spot for adventure though she figured she wasn't to ever experience one. She sat on the floor with him with her legs tucked in beside her as she leaned on her outstretched arm.
  6. He hungrily accepted the stew. I've just been traveling making due with my abilities it seems that I ran out of food and and got stuck out in the middle of that ungodly storm. He brushed his hair back over the back of his head exposing his forehead and the upper half of his face. I've been strolling from town to town just doing any jobs I can. A crackle of thunder can be heard in the distance with a very loud boom. Alistars eyes faintly glow in the brightness of the house as he devours his stew and spins his tale to his savior. I came through some woods and then it started raining so i followed the trail until I lost the trail in the mud. Which eventually led me here. A crackle of lighting is heard closing only louder in volume this time. Alistars eyes glow brighter without notice from Alistar. I thank you for all your help. Ill do whatever i can do to pay this off.
  7. Roseleen just smiled at him like she does "You don't owe me anything. I'm just glad you aren't too badly hurt." She pulls up her knees to her chest and wraps her arms around her knees. "You travel for work? Why not just find a steady job somewhere? I mean, it wouldn't be nearly as exciting as traveling like you do, but it is dangerous." There was a sparkle in her eyes that showed just how much she fancied the idea of going on adventures much like the characters in her books. Oddly it seemed like his eyes lit up along with the lightning every time it would flash. "Oh, you must think I'm so rude." She got onto her knees and put out hand to shake his even her sudden movement filled with grace. "My name is Roseleen Ferox, what's your's?"
  8. A last Flash of lightning hit the ground very very close this time, It shook the house and few books fell over. Alistar's eye's now glowed brightly and beyond his shirt was a faint slanted glow as well. He now noticed something was TERRIBLY wrong. "I should have guessed THEY used the storm to cover themselves up". "I am so terribly sorry that this is about to happen they only want me, I thank you for your help" Alistar stumbled as tried to get up He made his way toward the door but had to rest at the side of the door before facing what was outside.
  9. Roseleen jumped at the sound of the thunder that fallowed the bolt that hit the ground. At first she was dumbfounded at what he could possibly mean. For a moment she wondered who they might have been but that thought went out the door as the man who she still didn't know the name of was going for the literal door. Seeing him stumble she jumped to her feet and rushed over to get him away from the door. "hey, you are not in any shape to go out there. I don't know who 'they' are but they can wait. Now please tell me your name and who you are?"
  10. "That can wait but for now you need to stay inside, those are demons and they want me, its one of earlier adventures mishaps." Alistar seemed very distraught but his pertinence was ever so growing. He swung open the door and whipped his hand in the direction of the darkness and the flames from the fire came around everything in the house and lit up the outside, lighting up the misshapen figures that were once hidden by the veil of night. He stepped outside and faced his demons quiet literlly they counted ten and were speaking in an ancient language. They charged him he conjured flames and started taking them out one by one. They all crumbled into piles of stone as soon as they were dispatched. Five now were left and Alistar was weak and the flames around him were growing more feint. " Do you know who your even after? The one who brought an archedemon to his knees, and still lived I am Alistar Veilstar fear the name and fear your lives now" Alistar now brought the rest of his fire together and started weaving balls of fire all around and in an instant they exploded in a fiery flash Alistar was blown back to the steps now powerless. But it seemed he had gotten all but one demon who now very pissed and coming straight towards Alistar.
  11. Roseleen couldn't believe what she was seeing. This man was conjuring fire. She knew there was magic in the world but she had no idea that it could be anything like this. Listening to him she could at least say she knew his name, but looking at him she could tell he was fatigued. Quickly she ran off to get an ax they had in the tool closet. When she got back to the door she saw Alistar on the ground with a demon running at him. With her long legs she jumped over Alistar then started yelling as she gunned for the demon who was running at her now. Bringing back the shovel she swung it with all of her might. It had been held sideways so she got it in the neck causing the vile creature to fall onto the ground choking on it's own blood yet it wasn't dying. The shovel was still stuck in the neck of the beast, and Roseleen stood out of breath and shaking like a leaf. Her eyes couldn't look away. It was then she swore she smelled burning bodies. The gore must have reminded her of the fire. She held her mouth and stomach trying to get over herself. Tears accumulated in her eyes and she remembered she needed to help Alistar. She choked back all of her feelings and went over to him "a-are you alright?" She asked still shaking and obviously terrified.
  12. "I'm ok just tired now" The glowing in Alistar's eye's faded. "I'm sorry I scared you this badly I mean no harm" are the words he made out of his mouth between gasping breaths. "But I guess you just had a little adventure yourself huh?" "I would have been less stressed if I had my a sword but that's fine all that matters is that your ok" He was now calm but tired his face was without emotion he bit his lip looking at the demon gurgling on its own blood writhing in pain in the mud, with a flick of his wrist he popped its head with a fiery explosion. And now he was done fighting he could rest. He sat there just looking into the storm and breathing heavily. "Fuckin demons I swear to the elders, everytime they make it worse."
  13. The important part was that they were both okay. She couldn't help but to smile at his comment on her having her own adventure. Now she understood the adrenaline that came with adventure, the only down side was the all too real danger in it. She heard the head of the demon explode making her jump. Her heart was still racing which meant she still wasn't calmed down. "C-come on let's get you inside. Now that you're conscious we can get you onto a cot in the spare room." She smiled and helped him up to the room, but the cot wasn't ready yet. "I'll get the blankets from down stairs." She suggested as she went off to grab the pillows and blankets. When she came back up she was still shaken up, but at this point she figured she'd just have to sleep it off. "oh yeah you need dry clothes, hold on." With that she went off to get him new clothes after fixing up his sleeping spot.
  14. "I don't think I should stay I've caused too much trouble for someone as beautiful and intelligent and you" Alistar said very passionately. "The storm should be cleared up by sunrise and I could make it into the next town by then I don't want anyone to be burdened by my presence." Alistar said very sadly, he seemed troubled like this had ended badly before. He frowned he was afraid he would damage these humble peoples lives like those of the ones before, he was now crying, he fell to his knee's and begged for forgiveness hystaricly. Bowing his head before Roseleen. He was sobbing now. He was scared anyone could tell. Even a man like him in the presence of a godess crumbled like stone under the pick.
  15. When she came back up with dry clothes for him he had been begging for forgiveness. She had never seen a man sob this way. Then again she didn't talk to many if any men. He was talking about leaving but Roseleen would have none of that. She put the folded clothes onto the bed. "Now I don't want to hear another word about it." Her hand reached down and lifted his chin so he was looking at her. She was smiling her usual kind smile. With grace she knelt down to give him a hug. "Dry off and get into these dry clothes. You're staying here for the night." She pulled away and stood up still in wet clothes herself. "I'm going to do the same and get some rest. Good night Alistar."
  16. Alistar reluctantly took Roseleen up on her request and dropped his cloths onto the floor and crept into the bed with just his undergarbs on and put his head on the pillow with a sigh. This would be a long night for Alistar, once again he felt like he didn't belong and brought only trouble in his wake.

    All Alistar could think of in this state is dead memories, those which he could not save or wrong doing's long gone, they kept him up long at night at times but tonight he could not dwell on these problems of his, he was absolutely fatigued from everything that happened. He just didn't want to hurt anybody else.

    Alistar had to put his face on from now on, he had shown weakness and weakness led to the death of others around him. He had to not let his emotions lead him as they did this night while he was weak.
  17. Roseleen closed the door before Alistar undressed then she was going to make her way to her room but instead stripped in the bathroom as she filled the tub with steaming hot water. Realizing she had forgotten clothes she peaked out of the bathroom seeing the coast was clear so she darted to her room holding her breasts to keep them from bouncing every which way. She grabbed clean dry clothes and put them aside once she got back to the bathroom. When her body was immersed in the water ever muscle fiber seem to relax. Tomorrow before Alistar left she would recommend that he have a soak to relax his bones and clean himself since he was a bit filthy from travel. when she was finished she got dressed and calmly made her way back to her bedroom where she slept more peacefully than she could have imagined she would. With the exception of a nightmare or two.

    She woke at the first crack of dawn and went down to start on breakfast. The food was cooking over the fire so she figured she could go ahead and wake up Alistar to tell him about taking a bath. Her dress today a little more low cut than yesterday. She bent over putting one hand on her knee and nudging him with the other. "Alistar...Alistar wake up. I'd like for you to take a bath before breakfast. I'll wash your clothes for you along with ours. Then I can let you know when breakfast is ready"
  18. Alistar slowly woke and layed up not noticing he had took off his cloths in his sleep, exposing his chest and all the scars that came along with it's toned shape, He popped which seemed like every other bone in his body when he stretched, and his tatoo's gleamed in the light of the morning, they were scattered all across his body. A few scratches and bruises were scattered along his body from the encounter last night.

    Alistar bit his lip as if thinking where he was and then remembering and his face calming once again. Then realizing Roseleen was hovering over him " Oh yes good morning and then answering her Ok ill be out there in a second " he said sleepily, he then stood up stark naked and made his way toward the bathroom as if nothing was unusual and closed the door behind him as if nothing were unusual as well.
  19. This was her first time seeing a half naked man, and she had to admit she was impressed. His body was sculpted with muscles that were covered in scars and tattoos nearly like some adventurous characters in her books. Her face was dusted with blush as she looked at him with her usual smile trying to keep it casual. Roseleen stepped aside to let him up only for him to get up completely naked. Unintentionally her eyes went right down to where his groin was only catching a glimpse. Her face turned the darkest shade of red it could, she covered her mouth to keep from gasping and closed her eyes also turning her head away. Once he was out of the room she fanned herself with her hand as she collected laundry. Grandpa was awake and insisted on doing the laundry for her if she would set the clothes out to dry. There was no telling him she would do it since he already had his mind made up. She checked on breakfast then grabbed Alistar some clothes to put on when he was done. She knocked on the door and called in to let him know there were clothes out here for him. As she walked away to ready breakfast she wondered if he realized he had no clothes on when he stood up in her presence.
  20. Alistar started the bath let the hot water run he decided the room was too hot with steam so he crack the door just a tad and got in to the tub and stretched his muscles over the edges of the tub. Relaxing for once, his mind wandered as it usually did for people in baths. He sat there for a while and then washed himself clean. The water felt very rejuvenating for him he then let his thoughts take him over yet again an layed in the tub with his arms out stretched. He dozed off again.