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    Welcome to Er'ani.​
    Currently in the world of Er'ani, the usual relative peace is beginning to be disrupted. It started with the recent murder of the Queen, King, and New Queen of Alsea, then the attempted murder and the exile of Prince Mikae. The responsible party is Prince Galfae of Alsea, now Unright King, who longed for the throne. Galfae's rise to the throne unsettled the kingdom and many people refuse to acknowledge his leadership, but in the confusion his rein has strengthened. Galfae's rule was especially reinforced due to the fact that he has a close link to the kingdom's navy leader. The Unright King, as he is unlovingly called my many Alseans, has made a sort of pact with the humans of Haerin where they basically use eachother to conquer other lands. At the moment, plans are being made between the two kingdoms. How long will it be before they take action? Will they succeed in their world takeover? What will be the fate of Er'ani be?​
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  2. The sun was at it’s highest point in the sky, beating down its radiance mercilessly. None seemed to notice in the busyness and haze- most too busy shouting the prices of fruit or jewelry into the air at no particular person. The rush of the crowd- the need to get something done and over with was strange, but exciting. Honestly, the only downside to the clear summer’s day was the overwhelming heat and the unbelievable amount of feathers flying around.
    A much-too-tall figure made her way through the crowd, hissing at the shorter folks that they reminded her of pillars, ‘‘cause both of you won’t move the hell outta the way!” A calmer, more whispered tone would hush her anger quickly afterwards; although the cycle had a tendency of starting itself up again.
    After many stumble-tongued insults and a while of pushing through the crowd, the two figures managed to make their way to their destination. The shop looked shady at first glance, but from inside radiated the warmth of hearth and home. The taller one opened the door, with the smaller one lowering her hood with relief.
    “It’s packed out there.” she said with a tap-tap-tap on the wooden floor. After her followed a light pitter-patter; a calico cat with long, white and defined whiskers. The bell at the front door jingled as it was closed, louder steps now echoing. “Thanks for the warning, old man.”
    The old man which the rough voice referred to did not look at her towering figure, however, as soon as they walked in. He stood at the front counter like he had been awaiting their arrival with the energy of a statue. His eyes were glued on the shorter companion.
    “Caitir.” he said, bushy, silvery eyebrows furrowed. His fox-like ears twitched in recognition.
    “No, I do not go by that name anymore.” she was dwarfed in size compared to the loose-tongued friend. “Eris.” she said, her voice definite.
    The old man’s ears went back, almost looking like they were leaning on the skull of his head.
    “Strife… it’s only a letter away from love.” he chuckled, like he had told a clever joke. The two did not respond.
    He turned, grabbing two worn-looking bags. “Take this. I cannot give much, but my support lies with you and your friend.”
    “Aziah.” said Eris, seeing that Aziah herself was already preparing to spit some clever remark at the man. The panther-like girl hissed under her breath, but not at Eris. There was a sort of air that she let out when it came to the words Eris spoke- as if they were law.

    She took the bags herself, carrying the weight of both on her shoulders. Eris, in turn, thanked the man- who whispered what could have been words of caution or a wicked, demon-summoning enchantment. All Aziah could say for sure is that she didn’t want to be here longer than she had to. Once Eris gave the word, the two- and the cat, which had gone nearly unnoticed in the exchange- exited the store, hoods up to hide their faces in cast shadows once more.

  3. All was dark except for two points of blue glow. The faint light was reflected off of a massive creature's shiny silver-and-obsidian horn, amplifying it only slightly. Clinging to the blue-tinged horn was a sleeping figure, his shortish dark brown hair ruffled by the ocean currents. The creature- Siphon, a royal Alsea whalekoi- swam slowly but surely towards what he could tell was land in the distance. For somewhat like a week the pair had been traveling through the water, not once breaking the surface in case enemies were watching. Siphon had hardly had word from the prince on his back. His rider had been asleep almost the entire time, recovering from the terrible wounds on his chest and ankles. Thanks to the salt water he appeared much better than he had before and the deep cuts were mostly just pink, nasty new scars.
    Two days ago the calico whalekoi had swam past an island full of boats and music so loud he could hear it deep under the ocean, but the land in front of him that was growing larger by the minute seemed to be something much bigger than an island. He tried to imagine a map in his head and figured that the place they must be approaching was the continent of Payer. He personally had never been to such a place and knew little of it; for the most part he had only lived in and around Alsea and the Noflow Sea. Payer was on the other side of the world, far to the southeast.
    Good, Siphon thought. We are far away. Mikae is safe.
    The whalekoi gently picked up the pace. He edged a thought towards the boy on his back.
    Mikae. Mikae, wake up. We're somewhere new. It's time you opened your eyes.
    At the mental intrusion Mikae did indeed wake, but slowly. He rubbed his eyes and then opened them, one blue, one gold. At first he was confused. This place looked nothing like the Noflow Sea- there were so many plants! And there was a current! How odd. He was used to a water full of mostly animals and few plants(since aquatic plants generally need a current to bring them food), one with a mostly barren bottom and very clear, still water. This sea was quite different. As the pair sailed over a reef he looked down in amazement at the colorful coral, fish, and plants below.
    "Wow." He murmured.
    Soon the ocean became too shallow for them to continue. It was odd for Siphon to stop after swimming for so long, but he managed.
    What shall we do?He questioned the prince.
    Mikae, now fully awake, was inspecting the wound on his chest.
    "Hm...Galfae really wanted me gone." At Siphon's question, he glanced down at one of the creature's golden eyes. "I...don't really know. I suppose it's time we went topside, though. Even I cannot stay in the sea forever. I am not a dolphin." He ran a hand through his hair and turned his gaze towards surface. "We'll have to figure out where we're at and what's going on. I assume Galfae has taken over Alsea...ah..." Mikae slumped back against Siphon's dorsal fin. "Kailynn...ah..." He shook his head, pressing thoughts of his eldest sister from his mind. "We're just going to have to figure something out when we get on land. First off...we should probably find some food." After all, he hadn't eaten in days.
    With no money? Siphon questioned.
    "We'll figure something out..." Mikae said. He slid off of the whalekoi's back and stretched in the warm sea water while the magical animal changed into something simpler- a sort of ferrety snake thing. In this much smaller form, Siphon wound himself around Mikae's neck like a serpent. He still had on the bejeweled horn, though it was much tinier.
    Let's go.
    Mikae swam up to the surface and as he did so the two orbs dangling off of his ears ceased their blue glow. Slowly he raised his head from the ocean water, peering at the land before him warily. It was very odd indeed, looking like some sort of tropical paradise. Right in front of them seemed to be a huge city- probably as big as Palace City, maybe bigger. Mikae's eyes narrowed. He had never been to any other kingdom except for Alsea, but he'd readily guess that they had landed on Payer, in the Kingdom of Fruit.
    "You brought us to the birds. Wonderful." Mikae murmured to Siphon. This was the ultimate mixmash of the world. There were people from all over Er'ani selling goods from pencils to plants to potions to syrup. Anything and everything. And all around there were colorful, silly, weird bird-people. He knew this much from his texts. He was curious how much of his reading would prove to be true.
    Mikae moved forward until land came up to meet his feet. At first he was unsteady, as he had not walked for a week. But he quickly got the hang of it once more and tread on until he was to the dunes. Just past the sandy hills was the city. Mikae paused. He truly had no direction. What exactly was he supposed to do now? He'd been shunned from his kingdom and was now washed up on the shore of another far away. He looked down at the furry snake around his neck and found Siphon was looking up at him.
    "Perhapsssss we should go to the cccity? Even without money we can find food...perhapsss alssso asssssisstance?" This time, out of the water, Siphon spoke outloud. In the form he was in his voice was very hissy and a bit sinister.
    Mikae nodded, but he wore an uncertain frown. He started off towards the city, daunted by the fact he was completely alone- save for Siphon- and in a strange place. He twisted the golden bracers on his wrists nervously. What would they find in Fruit City?
  4. They hurried through the feathery crowd, suffocated by the colorful plumage that the natives beheld as their own. Azaiah swore time and time again that we would wring each and every one of those insolent, long-necked, rainbow midget chickens that got in her way. Eris found passive humor in this, and she would chuckle at her friend’s comments every now and then. Although she herself was shorter than most individuals, the colorful folk of Fruit were very slim and elfin in general. The cat-eared, taller and more stout Azaiah seemed like a giant in comparison.
    This however, did not make them any quieter. It seemed almost like they never tired of shouting out how wonderful the merchandise they sold was, or loudly haggling the price of a piece of bread. Azaiah, on the other hand, would never bother to do the same. If she wanted something, she’d take it- especially if it was from one of these obnoxious bird-people. As she passed one of the stands, her hand strayed from her side, sneaking a shiny red jewel. To be fair, the girl was not commonly such a thoughtless soul, but red was her favorite color and it had been many a year since she had seen such a beautiful object. It would make a fine-
    “THIEF!” The man- a staunch, beaked sort of man with ugly, dull plumage yelled, interrupting her thoughts. She stopped, the sharp end of a sword obvious at the nape of her neck. Eris stopped as well, although not threatened by the edge of a murder-weapon like her companion. She turned around, her hood still creating dancing shadows onto her face. Azaiah stayed still, hands up with her fingers clutching the jewel.
    Eris was about to say something when she noticed their queer feline companion rubbing up against her leg, purring loudly. The guard seemed not to notice, concentrating on the thief. On the other hand, the thief herself was looking at Eris, occasionally glancing at the cat. The message passed between them was clear.
    “I’m sorry officer,” Eris spoke first, “in part of my companion that is. But it seems that we have naught the time for this.” at the sharp comment, the whole market seemed to go silent. Soon, there were several other officials nearby, not quite at the scene, but ready to make a move, hands on the handles of their swords. They never got the opportunity to draw them.
    The cat jumped forward, its claws grabbing onto Eris’s clothes, it’s tail flicking strongly behind it at the same time she waved her hand, sending a force field towards the unsuspecting men and commoners, making most fall down like dominos.
    Azaiah had her sword in hand the moment the guard’s sword’s end was away from her. With most of the threats on the floor, the little group rushed out of the market and towards the edge of town.


    The whole area had been a bit disoriented from there, and the suspects had melted back into to shadows of the empty street-ends and seemingly shabby shops from whence they came. The guards looked for them high and low but women(and cats) are not creatures that will be found lest they want to be.
    The cat hissed angrily in the darkness of the vacant alley, it’s claws digging deep into the guts of street rats, ears pressed against its head. “Azaiah, will you ever learn to keep your wits about you?” it said, words running into each other. “Hopefully not.” she replied under her breath. “Where are they?” Eris said, light now making its way from the open-end of the street which ran close to the line of shops at the edges of city, overlooking the ocean. Boats were afloat next to each other at the port, one in particular looked rather menacing, but the group paid it no mind. The cat didn’t bother to eat it’s catch, instead finding its way curled on Eris’s shoulders. As they turned the corner, they ran face front with a boy and his… ferret? Azaiah hissed and Eris glanced questionably at the satisfied-looking cat.

  5. By the time Mikae and Siphon made it to the outskirts of the city they had both drip-dried in the sun and now the serpent-ferret's fur was somewhat poofy, though he didn't seem to notice. Mikae paused when he came to the path that led into the city. All had been quiet up until now. The pair hadn't passed any people. Now suddenly there were folks everywhere. The path was thick with groups of boisterous people in bright colors that astounded the prince. Where he was from, while some of the colors were bright, they tended to only range from blues to greens and the occasional pale yellow. Here there were colors he had never seen on clothing- brilliant reds, outstanding purples, shining yellows, powdery pinks. He was frozen on the spot, eyes wide.
    "Princcccce." Siphon hissed, flicking the boy with the end of his fluffy tail. "Focusss."
    Mikae scratched the back of his head, gazing at the exotic-looking people. "Yeah...focus. How do these people focus with this much color?" He shook his head and without another thought stepped onto the path in front of him.
    Right away someone ran into him. "Hey, don'tcha just step out in front of people!" A voice said.
    Mikae spun around and glared at the person who had run into him. The stranger had a beautiful crest of purple and blue hair along with two huge equally extravagant wings. Mikae's sharp reply died on his tongue; he was not a prince here. These people would not get out of his way. He had to remember that.
    The Alsean bowed his head slightly, something he would have only ever done to his family back home. "I apologize." He said just loudly enough to be heard over the noise. The feathered person seemed to think his actions were a bit odd, but also seemed to accept his apology. Without another word the stranger left.
    Mikae frowned after the bird person. "I suppose I'll have to get used to that."
    "Yes." Siphon whispered.
    Mikae sighed and walked down the path towards the inner city, finding it difficult to suddenly change a lifetime's habit of walking without paying attention to who was in front of you. How did normal people do it? There were so many people on the street, it was very difficult to pay attention to each one and make sure he didn't run into anyone.
    "You are too much a princcce." Siphon seemed to find it amusing, but then he took on a more serious note. "That iss bad. If Galfae isss looking for will not be hard to find."
    Mikae hated to admit that the whalekoi was right. He stepped out of the crowd and put his back to one of the stone buildings, closing his eyes. He needed to be stealthier, more like these natives. But simply how he looked would stood out. He may be able to adapt to their walk and their talk, but he had no feathers and his simple, slick, water-resistant clothes varied greatly to their silky, exuberant, brilliantly colored garbs.
    "All we need right now" Siphon looked up at Mikae. He seemed to sense something and perked his pointy little ears, glancing in the direction of a small outbreak of turbulence in the crowd. "Ssomething happened."
    Mikae opened his eyes, glanced in the direction Siphon mentioned, and nodded. "Indeed." He turned and walked in the opposite direction, eying the stands with a hungry eye. After a moment he found the area that seemed to be mostly designated for food. "Could you snatch something?" He asked quietly. He walked past stands slowly, casting curious glances at the foods they contained as if wondering what to buy. But he had no money...
    "Yess." Siphon slinked off the boy's shoulder and slid to the ground. While Mikae walked up to a fruit vendor's stall and carefully inquired about the types of fruit, the serpent-ferret slipped under the stand and crawled up the side, peering over it warily. Mikae had the colorful man's attention. Siphon reached a clawed paw out and snatched a small red fruit, then quickly retreated. He scampered back up Mikae's leg and clung to his back. When the prince turned to leave, Siphon climbed back up to his neck and held out the fruit.
    Mikae grinned. "One down, a stomach's worth to go."


    Not long afterwards the pair had snatched enough fruit to be mostly satisfied after their week or so without hardly any food. Siphon had suggested they head towards the harbor and find a place to rest, so after asking a local directions they did just that. The ocean had just come into view when they turned a corner and came face to face with a pair of girls. Mikae's blinked and took a step back. He almost started to apologize and move on as he had many times, but then he noticed the two girls had different features than anyone else he'd seen in the city so far. The taller one looked to be some type of cat while the other...he frowned at her, unable to tell what she was supposed to be. He could see no distinguishing animal features but some species were not that obvious.
    It was then he noticed the cat. Siphon was staring intently at the odd feline, who let out a curious 'meow'. Siphon leaned forward and hissed, but the noise sounded more inquiring than angry.
    "Don't be rude." Mikae murmured to Siphon, aware that there was something odd passing between the two animals but not quite sure what it was. "Er...hello." He said to the girls, quite out of place. Of course as soon as he had started to get used to the colorful bird folks he was presented with this strange pair. He had been lucky to get by without trouble until now. Hopefully they wouldn't be offended by Siphon's hiss and he could leave without fault.
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  6. Azaiah looked down at the boy with passive annoyance, only interested in why the usually oh-so silent cat companion of theirs was suddenly so interested in a passerby and why on Er’ani was Eris glaring at the boy’s ferret… thing.

    “Name.” Eris demanded, her voice quivering like plucked strings. It was a firm demand, nonetheless, not a hint of polite request. Azaiah looked down in surprise as the girl lowered her hood, revealing her petite, round ears- barely visible past her thick mane of black hair. “Give me the name of you and your Koi.”

    At this, the panthergirl nearly jumped out of her skin, “Wait, you don’t mean..?” Eris didn’t reply. The cat purred, seeming to struggle, as if something were stuck in its throat- then words. “Kin,” it confirmed for Azaiah, who was still in shock at the proposition, not at the fact the cat had spoken. Although, that in itself was not odd to Azaiah, for though rare the instances, the cat had spoken before.

    “Kin- who should not be here. Tell me, Guardian of the Noflow Sea, why is it that you stand before me with a human partner? I can smell it, he has great potential. Uncommon in half-breeds. However, that is no reason for you to have resigned your post to accompany him instead? Explain yourself. Explain!” The words were icy cold, raspy due to the solemn use of the vocal chords. The sound did not come out of it’s mouth, for it did not open once, yet its throat vibrated with voice. The cat spoke it words through the wind, like magic.

    Eris seemed on edge, as if the ferret-like companion that the cat- Alein, it’s name was- spoke with were not there, she would have grabbed the boy by the collar and beat him till he answered instead of letting them take their sweet time with it. Well, if she did, there wouldn’t be a force strong enough on Er’ani to stop her, and the Seven Divines know that Azaiah wouldn’t dare.
  7. Mikae looked like a bird with ruffled feathers when the strange featureless girl asked- no, demanded- his and Siphon's name. He opened his mouth to spit a reply when suddenly the cat that Siphon seemed to interested in spoke. The word it coughed out gave the prince a pause. Kin? Did it seriously mean was kin to Siphon? He glanced sideways at the serpentine ferret for confirmation, but Siphon's gaze was on the cat.
    Siphon's already poofed-out fur bristled further and he stood tall on Mikae's shoulder.
    "I have my reasonssssssssss" He hissed, seemingly frustrated at being yelled at. Unlike the cat, he actually spoke through his mouth, his forked tongue flickering out at the end of the sentence. He crawled down Mikae's arm and the boy held it up so his companion wouldn't fall. "Mossst of which cannot be discusssssssed in the center of a busy city." He flickered his eyes around meaningfully. Sure, where they were at was somewhat less populated than in the busy market streets, but plenty of people still strolled passed. Siphon paused, seeming to consider the cat for a moment, then spoke again. "Maybe somewhere more...private?" He looked at the feline.
    Mikae tilted his head slightly.
    "Siphon, you do realize I'm still here, right? What exactly is going on? How does that cat know where we're from? No one should know that. Is it because she is a....?" He said.
    Siphon tipped his gaze back to his semi-aquatic friend, almost seeming amused.
    "I'm not one of a kind, sssilly fish." He flicked his tail royally. "But again, that'ss probably better talk for somewhere safe. You see, kin, we are attempting...hiding? Yes, hiding. But we're not good at hiding." He frowned, an odd expression on his ferrety face. "We've never had to hide before. for information? If you're really that interested in uss, anyway."
    "Surely you don't plan on telling these people and that..." Mikae glanced at the cat on the ground, then back at Siphon. "...koi...what happened? How can you know they're trustworthy? What if-"
    Siphon again flicked his tail, this time in Mikae's face. "Sss....what else do you expect to do? Run around the city until you're clothes, accent, or the way you walk as if the sea will part before you gives us away? I don't know about the...human...and her pet, but my kin...well, I think she will be trussst...worthy..." He trailed off, seeming to be a bit unsure. Finally, he shrugged. "Maybe we should go." He said thoughtfully.
    "I agree. Sorry but we're going to have to lea-" Mikae was interrupted by a muffled blast that sounded as if it came from the harbor. Everyone on the street paused and looked in the direction of the ocean. "Well that sounded odd." He peered around the girls down the street but was not in view of the harbor.
    "Sounded like some sort of explosion." Siphon agreed, nodding vigorously. "Right. Lets leave."
    Mikae nodded nervously, but made no move to leave. Had his brother already found him? Couldn't be. There's no way...
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  8. Alein

    A laugh, something whispy and otherworldly, echoed through my conscious and into reality at the naivety of my Kin's companion. Youths, they all were, besides I and Siphon. They each had their share of weight on their shoulders, but their eyes spoke of how little they had seen. How those same eyes would widen if I told them about my adventures, the wonders I had seen... and the horrors.
    "Trust me you should, Siphon." the name hung in the air, with a slither at the s, like a cat's tongue would. However, my tongue was not in use when I spoke these words, but magic.
    "However, if it is safety you seek, you will not find it here. We found help, but that is gone and past and I doubt they will welcome us again, not out of rudeness, but fear for their own safety. And right they should be, these are trying times. The tides of the sea are changing. You can feel it too, can't you?"
    The explosion went of in the distance, with I barely flinching.
    "Eris." the warning came quick and steady and we were gone like the wind.


    I frankly did not care in the least who this boy was, but his companion was interesting. Alein had spoken of his Kin before- whalekoi. The creatures of legend, cloaked in myth and magic. To meet another two of these beings in one lifetime... I could either be considered very lucky, or quite the opposite. I think from past experience, it would be the latter.
    When the sound echoed, with a hiss and a boom, my head had jerked
    towards the direction of the sound, heart beating in my chest with anticipation and adrenalin. I had barely heard Alein's voice before my feet were off and I was running towards the accident.


    The entire exchange between Alein and the ferret seemed to last eternities before the explosion's boom wavered through the air. I embraced the smell of freshly used gunpowder- obvious even from here- with relative joy. Eris, with that same firm expression on her face, was on her feet in a second, out of sight faster than me. There were few things on earth that I feared, and Eris was one of them. The speed of panther-folk had been renown throughout the land, and here she was, merely a human and I could barely keep up. I was left at her heels, and worst of all, to take care of the slow-poke fish-and-rat. I turned around in a flurry of emotion, red cheeks and furrowed brows and grabbed the fish-boy's hand. "Run."
  9. The large, once-elegant ship named Jac slid easily past docked boats. Clearly designed for maneuverability, it had no problem avoiding the various vessels docked in an unorganized mess that was the harbor. Jac was weather-worn, the name on its side undecipherable. The sails were patched with various colors of sailcloth, a few of the windows were cracked, and the once-beautiful detailing was faded. Yet the ship looked strong and able. Its image was strengthened by the new and gleaming cannons that peaked from the sides of the ship. From one of them rose drifting smoke. People clambered all over the deck, most of them waving various sharp objects. They, like the ship, appeared rough and weathered with their unkempt hair to their rugged sea clothes, yet each one of them had a determined smile on their face.
    One of those grinning faces belonged to me.
    I hung from the nets that watchers used to climb to the crow's nest, looking down upon the city of Fruit. Blonde hair whipped in my face and I pushed it back, wanting nothing to obscure my view. This was not the first raid since I'd been on the ship, but it was the first one the captain intended to let me take part in. I'd witnessed the excitement of the crew rise each time Jac pulled into a new harbor. They gathered their weapons and plunged into whatever city the ship had landed at, charging fearlessly towards the goal- the slavehouses. They had rescued me from banishment and possible slavery. Now it was time to help return the favor.
    With groan Jac came to a halt. There was a loud cry from the crew and they flooded from the boat, which was angled so that the sides faced the city. As the pirates leaped to shore, all four of the cannons on the right side of Jac spewed a ball. The noise of the blast and then the collision of the balls as they burst through the walls of buildings drowned out the crew's shouts, but they kept on shouting anyway.

    "Whooooo!" I joined in, dropping from the nets. I swung down onto a wooden dock and unsheathed my dagger. With weapon in hand I dashed into the fray. Guards were beginning to appear and combat the pirates, but we'd expected this. It would be stupid to attack the most prominent trading harbor and not expect guards. The pirates worked together in small groups, taking on only one or two guards at a time and overwhelming them with numbers.
    I knew there was a small party that was designed to sneak around the fight and get to the slavehouses. I caught a glimpse of one of the mates who was supposed to be in that group slip away, probably going to join with the others. I grinned and turned to face the fighting. I scanned the scene but didn't see anywhere I was immediately needed.
    Suddenly I sensed someone from behind and leaped forward just as a blade sliced down right where my head had been. Quick as a snake I turned and swept my blade out, catching the guard in the chest. He opened his beak and squawked in surprise. My attack left a long horizontal cut across his chest, but it wasn't deep. It only took a second for the bird to lurch forward and attack again. I sidestepped and lifted my dagger to deflect another swift attack, but my little blade didn't hold up well against the larger more powerful one. I lost my grip and dropped the knife but quickly countered by lowering my head and ramming the guy in the stomach. It knocked the breath from him and he collapsed on the ground, seemingly knocked out. I scooped up my dagger and used it to slice the tips of his flight feathers.
    "This ain't what deserves to be sliced." I muttered. I turned and ran back into the fight, eager to find another opponent.


    Siphon still appeared a bit unsure, despite that the cat had said they should trust it. It didn't help when the feline said that there was no safety. That was what him and Mikae needed- safety. If his kin couldn't offer that, then he and his companion needed to keep searching until they found it. He glanced uneasily at Mikae.
    Mikae didn't have a chance to wonder more about if his brother was behind the explosion because the instant another thought tried to form it was swept away by the speed of which the panther girl suddenly dragged him. He hadn't even noticed he was being dragged until they were halfway down the block.
    "Wa-wait! What are you doing!? Why are we going towards the explosion? What if it's-" He cut himself off and gritted his teeth, trying to plant his feet on the ground at an appropriate speed. Try as he might, he was having a very difficult time keeping pace. If it weren't for Azaiah's grip on his hand he would have been left behind. He was not designed to be frightfully quick on land. As he was dragged his ears bounced and the glow-in-the-dark orbs nearly became tangled. Several times he almost tripped on his tail or one of the many stray objects on the path. Land was a difficult place to stay in one piece and Mikae was beginning to think it had a bias against people with gills. He was certain the girls didn't have near as many empty cans or random fruits in their path as he did, each one trying to introduce his face to the well-trodden ground.
    When they reached the harbor Mikae's eyes widened. Before them was a mess. The harbor was a wide-open space compared to the cramped city-area with its many buildings and stalls. The harbor was in a little bay with a completely random system of docks with an even more cluttered arrangement of boats which were wedged pretty much anywhere they could fit. Somehow a large ship that looked on its last leg had managed to weave its way through the maze of smaller boats, making it nearly right up to the shoreline. What appeared to be a flood of pirates had erupted from the deck, some swinging to land, others jumping overboard or crawling down rope ladders. Suddenly cannons boomed- a deafening noise- and like thunder several buildings collapsed. Guards appeared and met the pirates. A battle had begun.
    'It isn't Galfae', Mikae thought. 'Pirates....' He almost laughed with relief. But the joy was short-lived.
    "We have seen them, now we're leaving, right?" He asked the panther girl hopefully.Whatever was going on here had nothing to do with him. Perhaps the distraction could be used to his advantage...he could escape into the sea again and with Siphon he find somewhere less insane to hide until he figured out what to do about Galfae.
    Siphon watched the scene in front of them with interest. His eyes seemed to linger on a particularly odd-looking fellow with a spiky tail and curling horns. Quickly the boy disappeared into the fray and the koi's gaze brightened.
    "They're freeing the sssslaves." He said. "I wonder..."​
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  10. Alein and Eris ran towards the site of the "accident", a salty breeze playing with their hair and fur as they ran through the harbor. People where in a craze all over the place; running from the site, taking their children and goods to safety, or in the case of the Guards, towards it. For the short and elusive Eris, slipping through the site was not much a trial, however, the numerous and obnoxiously colored feathers flying around was a daunting challenge all in itself.
    The human stopped in her tracks at the sight- the ship was three times larger and more magnificent than any she had ever seen. The wooden planks that made it up were so, so dark that even in the middle of the afternoon, they could have been mistaken for obsidian. It's sails matched it's deck, inky black as the depths of the oceans it travels. However, it was old- not broken, but it had seen many a year at sea. The faded letters on its side impossible to read now. Indeed, it was a something to behold- and it was loaded with pirates.
    They jumped from the deck to the port, and with a cocky grin, fought back the Guards with ease. Through the occasional fired shot and a cannon going off, the pirates held their own. A few slipped from the masses that were trying to escape- having obviously been their before their crew. The surprise attack from behind had the Guards struggling despite the difference in number.
    Eris was barely noticed through the fight, probably deemed just another commoner by both parties. She tryed to assess the situation calmly, despite a frantically beating heart. Her head throbbed, but not with pain or thoughts.. something else. She held herself in check. Alein hissed into her ear, "Calm. Look. Analyze. The pirates are going for the slave... why?"
    Eris shook her head, trying to follow Alein's advice. It was true. They seemed to be doing exactly what she had noticed before- holding their own. They were protecting their ship and keeping the Guards at a safe position... safe for them. But they were split. It wasn't just one group- the second group that had come in earlier must have been doing something else than helping them take over the harbor if her first assumption was right. Alein had mentioned the slaves.. Why would they want slaves? They didn't really need slaves- they were pirates! They had a crew, and very rarely did pirates care for such a large amount of slaves that were kept at popular ports like this... They were setting them free!
    The conclusion was accompanied by another, most urgent thought. Why? Why would you invade the most populated, richest port on the face of Er'ani just to simply set free some slaves? Alein read Eris's thoughts like a book. "Ask them yourself."
    Right after the words hung in the air, another canon went off and the pirates were falling back. Through the fight, she could what seemed like their Captain. Well, with the odd way he held himself, and a drunkard's smile, it was hard to tell. There was something about him, however, and the way the crew moved around him and how occasionally one of them would stop and look at him, that spoke of his authority.
    Eris look at Alein for a brief moment, before she waved her hand and they both disappeared from sight.


    Azaiah had got herself caught up in the fighting more than once, unlike Eris. "Hey... it's you!" a Guard would exclaim whenever making their way towards the pirates skirmish. It wasn't as much of a challenge as a pain to fight them off- for they were shorter, stouter, and at the end of the day, birds. They stood no chance against a swift predator, built for the hunt of their like. Often, she looked back to make sure that Mikae and Siphon had not escaped while she was in the middle of battle. Siphon's statement had startled her. "Why would they do that?" she hissed as she ran. As soon as she had gotten Eris and Alein back in sight, they go and disappear! "What!? Oh no. Nononono. C'monnn!" she cried in frustration. "What are those two planning this time?"
    She turned to the other two she had been dragging behind her. "No time to explain- well rather, I can't explain. I honestly don't have an idea what's going on. However, if you-" she said, referring to Siphon with a brief movement of the head and a wrinkle of the nose, "and that stupid fish-out-of-water you seem to be looking after are going to go running off to the city, you aren't going to make it long. Trust me. You'll have the best chance with us- even though we can seem like a suicidal bunch sometimes, we know what we're doing... half the time. The other half, we almost know what we're doing. Your choice." She finished with a wink to Mikae, and proceeded to sneak towards one of the tightly shut lower outer doors of the ship and opening it with a few jabs to the wood, for the wood just so happened to be half rotten at this particular door. She managed to open it (whether she was seen or not, she wasn't paying attention, nor cared) right before the ship started moving. She sneaked inside, leaving the door slightly open.

    An invitation and a choice.

  11. Mikae willingly stayed in sight of the feline, mostly because she was more familiar than any of the fighting people around him. He noticed how easily she seemed to take out her opponents and couldn't help but admire- from a seasoned brawler's point of view- how she handled her battles. Even though she used weapons, there was a grace to her movements that many of the others were lacking. Perhaps it was a feline thing? That would make sense. However much he liked to watch the fight, he was unhappy with what he saw- mostly because everyone used a weapon. Did no one have the bravery to clash with their own two hands? It took skill to use a weapon, but it took more to defeat someone without one. It took more guts, too. And it usually wasn't fatal. Much more honorable and honest than weapons, yet just as efficient.
    He managed to avoid fighting, as his current state of confusion appeared to be enough to convince birds and pirates alike that he was not the enemy. True- he had nothing against either, despite that the birds had been rude on more than one occasion. He focused his energy on keeping an eye on Azaiah. If she disappeared, he wasn't quite sure what he'd do. Of course...he wasn't entirely sure where following would lead him, either. But so far she hadn't been a threat to him, and since he found himself in this mass of fighting, he might as well stick close to someone who was- or at least appeared to be- on his side. Or...well, Siphon's.
    He could barely hear the cat's occasional fussing over what seemed to be her elusive featureless friend.
    "I wonder where she went." He murmured to Siphon, ducking under a sword that had missed its mark and swung wide. "With her bizarre cat."
    "You know that cat isss a whalekoi?" Siphon asked, his eyes intently on the battle. He seemed to take interest in it.
    "Yes. Calling eachother 'kin' makes it a bit obvious."
    They didn't get to converse further. Azaiah turned to them and spoke a few quick sentences. She seemed to be speaking more to Siphon, which made Mikae frown and added to his confusion. Apparently she held Siphon in higher regard...which was understandable, he supposed, if she knew what he was. Though he was a bit ruffled, being put out like that. He glanced at Siphon. "You get that, Chief?" He asked almost sarcastically. But as soon as she'd finished speaking Azaiah gave him a wink and started off towards the ship, being stealthy.
    For a moment the prince just stood there, staring after her with wide eyes.
    "What should we do, Siphon?" He asked. "She raises a good point...we probably wont make it long here."
    Siphon curled his tail tighter around Mikae's throat and glanced around at the controlled chaos the pirates had created. They were retreating, and a group of them were purposely heading towards the old black ship. "I think we should follow her." He said. "At least it is a direction. If we ssstay here...we would be without any sort of compasss, not even the sssun. Perhaps they are our ssun." He paused. "And they will lead uss ssomewhere where we can discover what we must do. About not only your brother, but other thingsss as well."
    Mikae ran a finger over the lapis stones on his bracers. Basically Siphon was telling him they had no direction, and perhaps the girls could aid them in finding some. He agreed- it sounded a lot better than sitting in this city, trying to make sense of these people and their major cultural differences. What choice did he have, really? Even if the Eris girl was mysterious and the cat was a bit rough around the edges, not to mention their cat was a bit rude, they were a more hopeful sight than the city of Fruit. "Right." Mikae said. He started after Azaiah, though not as stealthily. Fish are not as sneaky as cats, after all. Halfway to the ship a guy probably two or three years older ran in front of him, stopped, backtracked, and stopped in Mikae's path. He wielded a dagger, held like someone who knew how to use it.


    The slaves had been freed from their prison, but they were not out of high waters just yet. I caught a glimpse of them, bedraggled and stumbling in their hurry, being ushered towards the ship. That meant it was about time to get outta Fruit. As it had been planned, the pirates began slowly falling back. I was not terribly eager to follow their lead, but there would always be more fighting another day. With a mischievous smile I sliced my dagger at the bird I was fight, causing him to leap back to avoid it. Taking advantage of that opening I turned and ran towards the ship. Arms at my sides, I dodged through the crowd until I shot into the open area between the fighting and the ship. Very few people were here and everyone's eyes were opposite, facing the battle or the slaves. Suddenly I ran past an odd-looking fellow(the pot calling the kettle black?) with clothes and features that shouted foreign. I skidded to a halt and darted back in front of the boy, holding my blade in front of me.
    "What'er you doing, headed toward the ship like that?" I asked, narrowing my golden eyes. The long-eared fellow had a superior air about him despite the almost amusingly confused expression on his face. I wasn't sure what he was doing going towards Jac, but I was gonna find out. When the stranger just stared at me I noticed some weird animal wrapped around his neck. I met its eyes and suddenly the world spun. Next thing I knew one of the mates was pushing me to my feet, and the boy with the two-colored eyes was gone.
    "Come on, Lyon. No time ta be layin' 'round!" The mate said.
    I scrambled to my feet and nodded.
    "Thanks." I looked around but could see no one dressed odder than the bird people with their colorful garb. Had I just imagined him? Shaking my head, I followed the flow of pirates back towards the ship. All the while I glanced around, keeping an eye out for anyone particularly strange.


    Mikae rushed past the mutt and ran as fast as he could- which isn't remarkably quick, as we found out formerly- towards where Azaiah was breaking open a door on the side of the ship. He wasted no time jumping in after her, shutting the door quickly behind him. After that he peered around warily, searching for the dimness. The little orbs on his ears lit up faintly, providing a bit more light, but he dared not speak in case a pirate was nearby. Of course...they would have heard the door being smashed open. He glanced at Azaiah.
    "What do we do now? I don't think the pirates will welcome us with supper." He said quietly.
    Siphon looked around the area they had arrived in with curiosity. His fur was a bit bristled from the use of magic, but otherwise he appeared oddly calm as his gaze traveled over crates and barrels. The inside of the ship was just as old and worn as the outside he note without much emotion towards the thought.
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  12. Azaiah shushed Mikae, although his remark was humorous and he seemed out of breath from the little scramble to get to the ship. She closed the opening as quickly as she could. They're gonna have fun fixing that up. she thought to herself with a breathy chuckle, only to mentally shush herself. "First, we have to find out where those idiots went." She said, looking back at them and about to say something else, stopping when the ship started moving and drunken laughter was heard from a nearby hallway. "Damn. Hey kid, don't you have any magics? I mean, that why you have ferret over here and all?" panic made her extra rude. However, it was a bit late for that. Azaiah shrunk back into the shadows, blending in as if she was one of them; grabbing the boy and his pet along with her and crouching.

    "Woo! We barely made it out!"
    "Ye must be drunk, they hadn't a chance!"
    "We are far from celebrating boys! All hands on deck, we need to get outta here!"

    The voices ranged from low growl, to a duck's quacks, and the last voice was... something Azaiah couldn't quite place her hands on. It almost sounded like-

    "And what do we have here?" The man looked like a grizzly bear, covered in scars, and cigarette in his mouth and the low rumble in his voice that spoke everything. Well, that and the fact he also had rather thick and course hair and sideburns, and that from somewhere in-between the lot of them, there were two rounded and perked ears.



    Alein and Eris were, on the other hand, having a grand time. The spell had been sensitive- worn off right as the boat started moving and she bumped into someone. This was mutually surprising to Eris, whose spells were always perfect, and to the Captain of the ship and his crew(the captain having being the one she bumped into). Then, the natural response to a stow-away...


    The crew didn't move from where they were, although most of them drew daggers. So did Eris. She knew she was in danger, and magic wouldn't be able to protect her this time. There was something blocking her magical essence, and she could sense Alein was experiencing the same problem. She tensed up- most of these men were thrice her size and looked like they had seen hell and came back for the kicks. She turned to look at the Captain, the one that would ultimately decide her fate. It was only then she noticed a crucial detail. He was human.

    Human. Human. Human. Human like her. Her first reaction was astonishment, the second, which quickly followed, was rage. Alein knew what she was going to do and jumped off her shoulder and soon as she moved forwards blindly. Her dagger aimed at the Captain's chest. It wasn't hard for him to flick it away, twisting her wrist and pulling her closer. She glared at the man, looking him straight in the eyes with an anger that could fuel suns.

    "Now then. That's not very nice."

  13. The boat had started moving. There was no leaving now, no returning to the trading paradise of Fruit.
    "Magic- what? Me?" Mikae shook his head vigorously. Why would Azaiah think he could do magic? Siphon was the magical one. He had the whalekoi because...well, he wasn't quite sure. There had always been one in the Noflow Sea, and one day when Siphon was young he'd simply found his way to the castle and stayed. Whenever Mikae left, the creature would follow in one shape or another. Eventually Siphon had even started following him on land. Finally the Queen and King had deemed him the Royal Whalekoi and given him a golden horn decorated in regal lais lazuli, a symbol that he was of the Alsea kingdom. Did whalekoi usually only associate with people of magic, Mikae wondered. If so, why ever would Siphon have chosen to be near him?
    The panther pulling him into the shadows and the crew's drunken voices ringing through the ship distracted the prince from his thoughts. For a moment he thought maybe they were hidden, being in the dark and all, but then he remembered the orbs on his ears. They glowed. Anyone who walked by would see them and know something was fishy. Almost as soon as he thought the words a voice came very near.

    "And what do we have here?"
    It was followed by Azaiah's smooth comment of 'crap'. He glanced sidewards at her, wondering if she was going to break out into panther-fu as she had earlier with the birds of Fruit. The bear in front of them looked formidable. Could she take the pirate even if she tried? It would certainly be a bad idea, even if she won. How would the rest of the ship's passengers receive them if they had beaten up one of their own? Surely they would be angry. What if they
    threw them overboard? Well, okay. He could swim. But could the panther? Cats generally disliked water, right?
    Mikae spoke up.
    "We're..." He paused, thinking fast. "We saw you all save a bunch of slaves." He said in a rush. "Um...and then birds were trying to attack us so...we ran?" He imagined the pirate would probably still slit their throats, no matter what he said. So he kept babbling. "Imagining that if you would save slaves, you would help us too. We are very-" His words cut off, not sure if he could actually say sorry to a pirate.
    "Ssssssorry." Siphon finished for him.
    "Right." Mikae said, nodding. His expression was everything like, 'well, I expect he'll kill us now. At least we tried'.


    I scrambled across the deck, hoof-like feet clacking on the worn wood as Jac set off east, into the Wild Straight. Few ships would attempt to follow in this direction. It was pretty dangerous unless one knew precisely where rocks were and when the currents changed. Most of the slaves had been led to the bunks below deck to be fed and rest, so only crew members occupied the deck. They were lively and drunk, a sure sign of success. I grinned and accepted a mug when it was offered by a wolfish woman who's face was decorated with tattoos on one side, scars on the other. She winked as she slipped by and I glanced after her, but a sudden commotion a few yards off distracted me and I looked to see the captain. He had a stranger locked in his arms. My eyes widened with curiosity and I made my way closer with the rest of the crew, several of whom had drawn daggers. Whispers were thrown around about how the girl had tried to stab the captain. I was puzzled. Why would anyone do that? Unless maybe she was undercover. But she stood out where anyone undercover would blend in. She didn't look like a slave or a member of the crew. Who was she? I stepped a bit closer and watched with open interest. What would the captain do to this girl, and would she tell why she tried to attack him?
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  14. Azaiah hissed at the giant man- fangs exposed and daggers at the ready. She poised herself protectively- a wall between the bearman and the boy. She didn't care much for her safety; as much as the last of her kind as she might be, she owed herself to Eris, and Eris wanted the boy alive. The hybrid frowned behind the thick layer of beard. "Why er ye hea'?" he asked, beady black eyes narrowed at the odd group.

    "Why not?" Azaiah replied, and for all her sass, a bead of sweat trailed down her temple. "Fer one, because we're pirates, and ye wuld do wisely to remember that if ye want to live." he growled, round bearish ears as flat against his head as her own. "We're lookin' for a friend." she said, daggers still out. At least he hadn't outright murdered them. She feared if he had attempted to, in such an enclosed space, she would be easily best. No, she didn't care for safety, but Azaiah wasn't a fool either. After the sentence left her mouth, loud noises echoed from the upper deck. The bearman looked up and them back at them. Shit, it's probably Eris. What the hell? Why is she gettin' herself in a fight? Wasn't she invisible?

    Something bad must have happened. Azaiah tensed up, and the bearman noticed. He uncrossed it arms, throwing the frowning to the side for now. "Follow me. And dun't try to backstab me- it wun't wurk." he chuckled, the laugh rough and more of a rumble, like it was caught in his throat. Azaiah looked back at the Mikae briefly, and then motioned for them to follow. Trust me. She mouthed. She didn't know if what she was asking was reasonable in this situation, however. Right now, she didn't even trust herself.


    "Human." she hissed the word like it burned her tongue. Eris's eyes looked straight into the Captain's. If looks could kill, he'd be a dead man. "Now that you mention it, yes, I am. Although I happen to notice you're just as fur-less as I am." The crew chuckled lowly in union- they all seemed to be paying attention now. "Yes, but I'm no Pirate- or murderer." Eris replied, tugging at the tight grip of the man's hand. The Captain sobered at her comment. The crew also silenced.

    "I'm no murderer, Eris."
    She froze. "How do you know my name?"
    "Very surprised you don't know mine. Oh well, that's fine. I'll introduce myself and then we can all have a pleasant chat, how about that?" he sing-songed the words. Out of the few humans she had met, this pirate was by far the most light-hearted.
    "Well, then, spit it out. What's your name?" she growled, still upset despite the fact that the only harm he'd done to her is an uncomfortable wrist.
    "Oh, right. I'm Elias Hearth- Captain Elias Hearth. At your service, madam." he loosened his grip on her wrist and kissed the back of her hand, making her flinch and cringe. Disgusting. She would've had his throat slit for that, had her dagger not been a few meters away now, in the hands of a clumsy fool who had already managed to nick himself with the sharp edges.
    "At my services huh? Well, tell me why you know my name? How do you know my name!" She demanded, furious. He frowned.
    "Well, all humans now about you, Eris. You honestly don't know?" Her brows furrowed further, trying to decipher what the pirate meant.

    "You've been branded their number one threat. After all, you are the lost Queen, aren't you?"

  15. Mikae's eyes were sharp as he watched the huge man, prepared to move at the slightest sign of a threat. The pirate didn't seem terribly interested in killing them, though, which was nice. It was a little strange to see Azaiah in a protective stance, however. He was nearly distracted by that, briefly wondering why she was interested in defending him. Surely not out of the goodness of her furry heart? Mikae's attention was reverted to the pirate when he began to speak again, using a thick accent that the boy could barely understand. He didn't show any outward confusion (about time), but it took him several seconds after the bear had spoken to put together his sentences. Thus, he was slow at replying and the panther beat him to it with a fierce tone to her voice.
    Then there was a loud noise above, the sound of much commotion. He considered where they were at and determined it was probably nothing too unusual- maybe a few sailors getting drunk and tumbling around like idiots? But the look on the bear's face said otherwise. Curiosity sparked. The pirate suddenly spoke again, and this time they were a bit more understandable. He glanced at Azaiah in time to catch her mouthing 'trust me'. Right. Trust
    her. Well, perhaps they could still salvage this situation. Mikae stood a little straighter and walked after the bear and feline.
    Siphon, ears perked upward, flicked his tail.
    "Maaaagic gone awry." He murmured. "Ssomething strange is happening."
    "Hm." Was Mikae's only response.
    As the bear led them upwards, the noises seemed to quiet. It only took a few minutes for them to emerge out of the ship's belly and onto the deck. There they were greeted with a strange sight. Pirates crowded in a semi-circle, knives bared, around a taller figure who held someone in an uncomfortable-looking position. It quickly became obvious that the guy in the middle was the captain and he was holding someone hostage. Then, the words spoken clued him into who he held.
    'Well, all humans now about
    you, Eris. You honestly don't know?'
    It was
    Eris? What was this about humans? His confusion had completely and utterly returned. But, while his face only showed the most minute amount of expression, he was further shocked by the man's next words.
    'You've been branded their number one threat. After all, you
    are the lost Queen, aren't you?'
    Great Sea in the Stars, did that mean she was
    royalty? And it seemed as if he were saying she was a human! Though now he saw that was probably pretty obvious. He'd thought earlier how odd it was she was so featureless, so plain. No fur, tail, wings...strange little round ears...All those things pointed to human. He felt suddenly stupid at having not guessed it before. He'd only seen humans in books, never in real life despite that Alsea and Haerin, home of the humans, were so close. Utterly absorbed in this fact, he jumped in surprise when Siphon suddenly slapped him in the face with his fuzzy tail. "Trouble." He muttered, glancing to the left.
    Mikae followed his gaze and saw the strange golden-eyed boy from earlier walking in his direction, an irritated expression on his face.


    I watched with fascination as the captain and trespasser spoke. I'd seen some interesting things on this ship, but this was by far the most bizarre. Yes, the captian was human. But finding another one was odd. They weren't exactly common people. And this one seemed particularly odd- she was a queen! Of course, that didn't mean too much on a ship full of pirates. Pirates, after all, didn't obey any leader except for the captain. So, I wondered, what would be the girl's fate? I watched curiously for a few seconds, but then movement caught my eye. Tephin, the great big bear man, was coming up onto the deck. At first I thought maybe he'd heard the commotion and was curious to see what was going on, but then I saw who followed. Some black-haired girl who looked as if she could go into fighting mode at any second was right after Tephin, but after her was a boy with dark hair and bright, odd clothes.
    The boy from the harbor! The one who had made me mysteriously pass out. Narrowing my eyes, I stalked forward towards the boy. He seemed to notice me after a moment but I didn't care. I walked right up to him and jabbed a clawed finger at his green shirt-thing. "You! What are you doing here? What did you do to me?"
    The boy considered me with a look that said 'I'm looking at an ant'. It bugged me, as I'd seen it most of my life. When he spoke, his tone was indifferent. "Ah- well, I believe we're being held prisoner for boarding the ship without permission." He said, glancing at Tephin. Then his eyes wandered past the bear man and to the captain and the girl. At that point he looked...conflicted. But as soon as those two-colored eyes were back on me, his emotion had disappeared. He didn't say anything else, but continued to gaze at me as if I were a particularly puzzling monkey.
    Frustrated, I turned to Tephin.
    "Why are they here?" I asked, my tone less harsh than it had been when I'd spoken to the boy. "He uses some sort of strange magic...I don't think it's safe for him to be on the ship."​
  16. Eris clenched her jaw, yanking her hand away from the Captain's grasp, tightening them into fists. "Lost Queen? How many drinks have you had? You look more like the lost Queen than I do." There were a few chuckles that escaped from the crew, but they were quickly silenced by the Captain's glare. "I understand. I'm a stowaway. So? Kill me then. Let me die with honor, but don't pull this bullcrap on me, saying I'm some queen. Spare me the drama. Find some other way to entertain yourself and your men."

    Elias had to give it to her, she was a good liar. Her words were filled with fury, but they were so filled with false truths, most people would miss it. But then again, Elias was the better liar anyday. "You're the one that needs to drop the crap. You're on my ship, and your words are empty. You want revenge, don't you? I'm not an idiot- I might be an exile, but I'm not completely out of the loop these days. You've been trying to gather followers- sympathizers that will help you win back the crown." he read her shocked look like a book. "You're not exactly as quiet about it as you think." he inched closer to her, whispering in her ear now. "We have you and your friends. I could kill you right now." Her body tensed, and her she hissed out words like poison, "But you haven't."

    He backed away at that, a grin on his sun-worn face. "Now you're getting it."

    "See, I want to help you Eris. So, I have a proposition for you."
    "I don't like where this is going."
    "You will. My vessel is your vessel, for as long as you want and need it."
    "In exchange for what?"
    "We blow that sorry excuse of a country off the map and I'm the one that gets to press the red button."


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