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  1. JUMP IN!

    The dumping ground of the planet is not so much a city as it is a small continent. A wasteland. Unregulated, ungoverned, a place where anything and everything is welcomed. While the people of other countries enjoy a degree of stability, the few that, through one way or another, inhabit the dumping ground must likewise survive it one way or another.

    However, today the dump truck has brought something unusual to the city. People.

    The truck discards them from some meters above ground and they tumble down into their new home.
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  2. Zora tumbled out of the trunk, disorientated. She groaned and slowly rolled onto her back and watched the flying vehicle leave the area. Ah so this was it. All those years getting arrested and being an ass to people and this was where she ended up. Well no matter. She could survive on her own in the city she could survive here. She carefully sat up and checked herself for any injuries from the fall. A few cuts and bruises here and there, but other than that she was fine. Some of the others had landed on their heads and were lying unconscious others had broken bones. Unlucky bastards. But good for her. She turned to the closest unconscious person next to her and began rummaging through his pockets.
  3. She landed on the hood of an old car. There was no car, only the hood, the rest was under the ruble. Her forehead was bleeding and her vision a tad blurry. She damn near whimpered when she caught sight of her bloodied hair, except soon realized most of the redness was normal since red was her natural hair color. She looked around and immediately knew she knew nothing. No memories. No idea why or how she was sitting on a pile of trash with nothing to view but a horizon of piles of trash. Around her she saw people in the same situation. If they were lucky maybe they'd kept their memories safe... though some of them clearly couldn't even keep their life.

    She got up and stumbled, slightly disoriented, "Shoot... now what?" she said to no one in particular.

    "Now we're in deep shit," said a bearded man with a rough voice and a deep scar round his neck.
  4. When Zora had finished pick pocketing one person, she moved onto the next. "Now we're in deep shit," she heard a bearded man say next to her. She laughed, maybe a little too loudly, "Not like none of us weren't in deep shit before." She replied.

    The man she was stealing from groaned and woke to find her hands in his pockets. "What the - What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she ducked her head to avoid his blow and picked up a nearby crowbar.

    "Sorry, I'm going to need you to sleep for a little longer." She said while hitting him on the head. The man fell back to the ground unconscious, and Zora went back to rummaging through his things, "Ah lucky." She said to herself as she pulled a switchblade from his pocket.
  5. "True that," said the gruff man as he stood up to grab a long piece of metal. His new weapon.

    "I need a name..." she said to herself while she watched the other girl knock out the guy she'd been stealing from. Which reminded her, she'd also need a weapon. As well as some distance from the pickpocket in case she thought of knocking her out too. She quickly looked around and located an old washing machine. Zanussi was the brand.

    "I'm Zanu," she told them or anyone paying attention. "Anyone want to team up? Who knows what's around here," she couldn't imagine a trash filled area being all that dangerous but better play it safe than sorry. All her gut told her was to not let anyone know she had no clue about herself.

    "I'm game," came a male voice behind her. She didn't like that.
  6. Zora flipped her newly acquired blade a few times and inspected the blade. Nice and sharp. Team up huh? probably best considering the circumstances. "Sure I'm down. You can call me Zora." She tucked the blade into her belt and held out her hand. She looked around. Other people were already grouping up on their own, leaving their own little party of 4 to themselves. 4 was a little too many in her opinion though. Groups of 3 were almost always ideal. Easy to get a majority vote and solves issues and escape from when you needed to.
  7. Zanu took her hand and wearily shook it. Meanwhile the man with the beard and scar took a step towards them and crudely introduced himself. His name was Rig. The other male just smiled and pointed at his breast-pocket. It read: Gio. He was a handsome fellow but there something about him that Zanu thought wasn't right.

    "The sky's looking dark. We need shelter," Zanu slid off the hood of the car and stood alarmingly short in comparison to the males. She'd need to plan for some defense against that... just in case.

    Rig started walking, assuming leadership. He was the oldest and Zanu didn't mind but also didn't like feeling useless... or weak, or in any one's debt really.
  8. The old man looked useful. Zanu looked like she could take care of herself well enough. So that meant the extra one was Gio. Something about him seemed off, and she could tell Zanu was clearly uncomfortable with his presence as well. She let the boys walk ahead of them and hung back walking next to Zanu behind them. "Hey is it just me or does Gio kind of give you the creeps?" She whispered loud enough to be heard by Zanu but not by the two in front of them who were chatting away.
  9. Zanu was slightly startled by the sudden camaraderie coming from the girl who probably would've robbed her if she hadn't woken up early enough. "I'm not creeped out by him," he replied defiantly, "but I do sense there's something he's hiding though clearly not doing a good enough job of it..."
    They took a few steps and at length Zanu spoke again, "just to be clear, I don't trust any of you." Perhaps she was being a bit too weary and too clear about it. Might bite her in the ass later but she was hoping the whole missing memories thing was only short term.

    They soon found an island like mass. It was like an island of trash... built to be surrounded by an ocean of trash. "TAKE ONE MORE STEP AND YER DED!" someone screamed from the edge of the island. A bow an arrow type weapon in hand.

    Rig's knuckles went white on the metal, Gio whistled, and Zanu spit. Battle came soon.
  10. "I don't trust any of you." Zora smiled mischievously at her words. "Oh? Smart girl." She told her.

    When the approached the pile of trash, Zora pulled out her newly acquired blade. None of them moved, but all were ready for a fight.

    "Who are you and what are you doing here?" The man with the bow asked them.

    "Just passing by." Zora replied.
  11. "YEAH RIGHT!"

    zooooom! flew the arrow fractionally missing Gio's head as Rig deflected it. Gio cursed at the old man, laughing as he took cover behind a broken down refrigerator.

    Zanu dropped to the ground. Zora and her had been standing on a large dent in the ground, easy enough to give cover so long as they stayed low. "He's too eager to defend," she told her, "I bet the island's worth taking over... if only for whatever is stored inside. Stands out too much to make a good shelter."
    Wherever her memories had gone, Zanu was at least glad her brain worked. It also sounded like she was pretty smart... good, because that's all she had going for her at the moment. No weapon in hand though. She looked around but anything worth being a weapon had already been cleared or taken by the defender.

    "Ladies!," Gio called out from his refrigerator, "Rig's making his way forward. What do you say?" His tone was too playful. Like this was just some game for him. Zanu felt danger in that.

    "I don't have a weapo-" a gun landed near her.

    "S'only got three bullets. See if you can make them count. I'll go around and try to attack from the back!" and with that Gio was gone.
  12. Zora only had the one knife. She could throw and easily kill the bowman, but then she'd be left without a weapon, and killing someone might not sit well with these people. Especially Zanu. She had originally thought Rig would be reliable, but watching him charge in like that...he was too reckless. Still Gio wasn't trustworthy. Maybe she should just ditch both the men in the future and team up with Zanu. Girl power right? Anyway back to the problem at hand. No other option but to go in.

    "I'll go join Rig. Zanu take the gun. You can come with or circle around behind with Gio." With that she jumped up from the cover, dodging another arrow, and made her way forward. Someone else appeared next to the bowman. Zora immediately ducked down and then took cover behind an old car. She hadn't seen the gun, but instinct told her, that he was probably armed with something that need to avoided. The bullet shot had grazed her arm. No big deal though. Just a scratch. Rig though, hadn't been as fortunate.
  13. Zanu reached for the gun and nodded. Zora, at least, had a good head on her shoulders. Zanu wouldn't mind a team with her in it after all. She watched her rush out and Zanu decided an even split might be more successful so she ran to circle around the way Gio had gone. She heard the shot and took cover! One of them had a gun.

    Zanu ran for it, reaching a high end of the garbage Island edge. She was small enough to walk along it without being spotted but froze as soon as she saw Rig's body. Damn. They didn't even know how many they were up against... Rig would have been a useful companion... had he been a little less macho. Running in blind had been dumb.

    Zora needed a distraction so she could move from behind her spot. The only thing to do was shoot, and so Zanu did. Somehow she managed to shoot the bowman and that had been such a surprise that she missed her window to shoot at the gunman. He shot back and she took cover, but could hear him approaching her position. A shout further away revealed another defender. At best... Zanu and the gunman might shoot each other.

    Suddenly, on impulse, she pulled on a plastic bag full of trash, opened it and flung it at the gunman as he got a view of her. Her second bullet when through him, but as his body fell to the trash floor, another jumped over it and landed on her. As he fought the gun out of her hands the last bullet shot out. He pointed the gun at her and pulled the trigger. The failure didn't faze him, so he struck her with the gun though she managed to use her hands to block most of it.
  14. Zanu was more useful than she thought. As Zanu distracted them, Zora dashed out from her hiding spot and jumped over the trash pile into their base from the side. Most of the people with guns had left to deal with Zanu (woo lucky for her), leaving Zora to deal with two people, one with a bat and one with a knife. The person with the knife was a complete amateur. It wasn't hard to grab his arm and swing around so she could slit his throat. While she was doing that though, she got hit in the head with bat. Zora managed to soften the blow with her hand, but still fell after slipping on something on the ground.

    By that time Gio had also made it in from behind and helped her clear out the rest of the people. Zora popped her head over the top of the trash heap. Zanu was still wrestling with the last man, so Zora threw her knife to help her out, hitting him in the arm, which allowed Zanu incapacitate him. "We're all clear here, Zanu. We better tie em up or something. Ah, sorry I killed one by the way."
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