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  1. Haku took a deep breath as he walked into the school halls of Sterlington High, there was no way that he wanted to come to school at all. Being a freshman was a waste of time and his patience, all of middle school he was picked on for having glasses...and now...he's with the big that he has glasses and braces he is just waiting to be a target to all of the seniors. Maybe he might make some new friends?
    Just then a senior walked by Haku and pushed him, he grabbed onto the wall and then for a few seconds the wall started freezing at his touch, he quickly took it away making sure nobody noticed.
  2. Aisling rubbed her eyes. She did see what she just saw didn't she? That rude senior! Pushing a fellow freshman like that just to tease him about his spectacles and braces? ( She had braces too so she knew what was happening. ) Impeccable! She walked hastily to the senior wanting to give him what he deserved. She felt the air chill for just a bit. She stopped, searching for the source of the cold. It was the freshman! It was coming from his hands! Her eyes widened a bit when she saw a little patch of light frost on the wall he clung to.

    "Curiouser and curiouser" she thought.
  3. The young man backed up, thinking that nobody noticed and went to class which happens to be the same class as Aisling. Everyone had to stand up briefly and intoduce themselves. Haku sat up, being afraid to speak out in class and intoduced himself in a shakey voice. When the teacher asked him to sit he let out a sigh of relief and sat down.
  4. Very curious indeed. His name was Haku. It meant 'white' in Japanese. Cool. He was kinda shy when it got to his turn. Maybe it was because of the freezing thing? She looked over to him. Maybe they could be friends.

    Now it was her turn.

    "Hi guys! I'm Aisling. I like drawing, food and books. I hope we'll all get to know each other better and be friends."

    That was the usual. Well, it was quite awkward as she was not a peoples person. More of a bury yourself in a book person. She always had a book. After the students were then broken into groups.

    Neither Aisling nor Haku were invited into any so they were grouped together. It would be how they would be seated. It felt really awkward. She didn't know to talk to him about the freezing thing so she took her book out and started reading. It was the Hobbit, one of her favorite bpoks.
  5. Haku sighed and watched as everyone was in their own special group. He secretly wished that he had a friend and took out a book called "Guns, Germs and Steel" without any sort of hesitation he opened the book and started reading it. Aisling saw another guy walk up to her, he was very handsome...blonde hair and blue eyes with a fit body but not too fit. "You must be new here, my name is Keiji whats your name?" he smiled at her as he put his hands in his pockets.
  6. "Hi I'm Aisling. Nice to meet you Keiji." Said the green eyed girl. She gritted her teeth. No one, no one disturbs her when she was reading, especially when she was reading about Radagast the Brown. She sighed, she'd just have get over it. Tucking a lock of raven hair behind her ear, she faced him.

    "So what are you hobbies? What middle did you come from?" She asked, her voice soft and low.

    She thought he looked like prince Arthur from the Merlin television series. It was pretty cool. She might draw him sometime as a base for a new character for one of her original comics.
  7. "I play football...Tuskawilla you?" He said with a sweet smile.
    Haku put down his book and went to go use the bathroom. As he walked he noticed one of the members of the Varsity Football team picking on a smaller kid.
    "Hey! Give me back my lunch!" The kid said jumping for his lunchbox as the bully held it over his head.
    "Ya?" Said the snarky guy, "whos going to make me?"
    Haku hid behind the door and with a flick of his wrist the bully was frozen solid. The kid took back the lunchbox and looked around to see who had done something like this. Maybe the person who froze him was going to come for him next! He screamed and ran out of the room not even noticing Haku at all. People were going to be afraid of him, want to experiment on how he got such abilities if anyone ever found out. The young man closed his eyes, accepting this curse he had and walked away as if nothing happened.
  8. (It was a grammar error. Ignore that please)

    Aisling's day was getting more and more interesting. She met Haku who had... ice powers? It felt like it was something out of a comic book. Now, a frozen boy stood in the corridor. Wow. Keiji left her a few minutes ago to talk to his friends. Aisling's walked over to the varsity footballer. She was really curious. He looked fierce, and was facing downwards but not to the floor... A person? His fists were balled, one arm pulled back as if he was going to punch someone. With that expression and stance, it was clear that he was a bully. She touched his arm. It was cold. Almost ice cold. So Haku really had ice powers. Cool.
  9. (Its fine, happens to the best of us)

    Suddenly a girl saw the frozen jock and screamed getting everyone's attention. Soon there was a crowd. Keiji grumbled for everyone to move out of the way as he pushed past them. His eyes widened when he saw one of his team members. "Kenny!?" he asked looking devastated, "Kenny...oh my gosh...oh my gosh no!" he said and ran up to him. Soon, the police were called, they started questioning students all over one at a time and ask them to write down a written report.
    A huge, scary looking police officer walked up to Aisling with a notebook in his hand. "Ma'am, i'm sorry to bother you but I need to ask you a few questions."
    Before she could say anything he said "good, i'm glad your willing to you have any idea who could have done this?"
  10. "Umm... No sir. I'm not sure who would have done it. I didn't see it happen." She said, "I-I could tell you some things I noticed when I was investigating...?"

    It was true that Aisling did not see what happened. She was too busy with her book. She discovered the frozen guy when she was on her way to the cafeteria. Aisling missed her lunch. Sadly.

    "Ma'am, any information on this would be very much appreciated" the officer growled.

    "You see, I deduced that the guy, Kenny was a bully. Look at his expression. To anyone he looks angry at something or someone but to me it looks more like a mask that he uses to intimidate people. Do you see the way he stands? It's as if he's making himself look bigger and that he's bending forward. Kenny is looking down but not at the floor at something else and with that height, it's most likely a student. See his hands? It's bunched up into a fist. One of them was about to punch the thing or the person."
  11. "Ma'am I assure you that we are going to launch you a full investigation..." the officer said and handed her a card with his number on it. "This is a number to Detective Myers...he's the head hancho of this investigation...please call if you see anything suspicious little lady" he said and walked away before she could say anything once again.
    The next day Keiji was sitting alone by himself looking depressed. Kenny was his team-mate and his friend.
    Haku walked into class before it started and sat down, he was about to take out a book when he noticed Mindy, the head of the cheerleading squad walked past Aisling and knocked over her notebook. Two other cheerleaders followed Mindy and laughed, they whispered and made fun of her as they walked to their desks. Haku sighed and walked over to Aisling. Looking her straight in the eyes, his deep blue eyes piercing through her he said in a sooth calm voice "i'm sorry they did that to me" he began and picked up her papers and notebooks, gently placing them on her desk. More people came in and he walked away...suddenly he stopped and glanced behind him. "My name is Haku by the way," he said before leaving to his desk. The teacher came in and started explaining his lesson plan for his students.
  12. The words of the teacher were muffled by Aisling's thoughts about the day before. She flipped open her notebook and started sketching Kenny's frozen body, recollecting every little detail and preserving it onto the soft paper. She wrote down notes on the deductions she made about Kenny.
    Aisling drew the scene from many angles to just preserve the memory.

    Haku did this didn't he? Was he the one bullied by Kenny? Why would he do this?

    Maybe it was for fun? No. She didn't think Haku was the type of person who would do that. This morning he helped her with those girls. He seemed sincere. However, she kept her guard up. She had learnt once that first impressions aren't always accurate. She didn't want to make the same mistake.

    Aisling wanted to talk to him. Badly. Her need for information was getting stronger and stronger by the minute. She looked over to Haku for half a moment then to the drawings.

    She noticed that the frost Kenny had a flow to it. The place with the most frost was closest to the door of the male student's bathroom. She drew the door open with Haku behind the door, looking out with a hand towards Kenny. Haku was pretty fun to draw. However, on a more serious note, maybe the scene was correct.

    The lesson was over and it was lunch time. Aisling walked over to Haku. He was still at his desk. She wanted to thank him for his help earlier.

    "Hey Haku. I'm Aisling. Thanks for the help... You know... With the girls..."

    Well, well, well. What an awesome comeback Miss Awkward.
  13. Haku sat there fixing his papers in his neat little folder "it's nothing really...some people can be ignorant..." he said. Everyone slowly walked out leaving just the curious young Aisling, Haku and their teacher Mr. Wormwood in the room. The akward silence continued, with just the sound of the teacher scribbling away, grading papers.

    Finally, the teacher broke the silence " The class has ended, i will not have eating in my classroom!"
    For a split second Aisling and haku both thought the teacher was talking to them, but then they heard the squeaking of the classroom door opening up even slighter. They both turned to see Keiji leaning against the door.
    "Sorry about that sir," he said looking sexy as he was leaning against the door. "I was hoping to catch my friend Aisling before she left."
    Haku smiled a little, looking at Keiji for a split second then back at Aisling. "I better get going..." he said and left before anyone could say anything. Keiji walked closer to Aisling "im sorry...I didn't mean to interrupt anything...I just...I know I barley know you...but you seem like someone whos a good listener..."
    Haku hid next to Mr. Wormwoods class door against the wall and stuck his neck out, peeking back at Aisling for a second before placing his head leaning back against the wall so she wouldn't notice him. He looked streesed as he stared up at the ceiling. With a deep breath he took one black glove off his hand and stared at his palm. Small layers of ice started forming from the tip of his fingers slowly and started reaching down the rest of his hand. He put the glove back on and walked away.
  14. A sophomore at the opposite end of the corridor looked on with a dead stare at the freshman's hand. Looking at his own gloves he walked towards him. The sophomore walked passed the freshman saying one thing.

    "Be careful kid" waving a hand walking away.
  15. Haku quickly turned to the sophomore that said that.
    Did he just see my powers? He thought. Don't be paranoid, it was just a wierd kid...
    He couldn't really blame himself for being paranoid though. If anyone saw, he can't think about it...that will only increase his powers and grow out of control. With a breath he walked down the halls of the school fast. The bright sun shone at his face as a greeting to the outside. He slowly looked around and spotted a rose bush that his father used to sneak to with his mother when he wanted to be with her before they died...he crawled through the entrance and sat there eating his lunch surrounded by beautiful roses.

    "It's about my team mate who was frozen...." Keiji said "do you think he's gonna be...alright?" Keiji said, looking sad at Aisling.
  16. When the sophomore reached the end of the hall he was intercepted by a perky little girl. It was his little sister Yuina.

    "Say Renji why haven't you just freed the kid?"

    "There are too many cops swarming the area i would risk getting caught." replied Renji

    "Oh!" she responded as she ran around her brother.

    "Let's go eat." Renji said

    "Ok!" replied his sister
  17. Aisling and keiji walked outside,"I could buy you lunch...if you want...we could have it together" he smiled
  18. The two siblings goto the rooftop. Renji pulls out two syringes and Yuino gets her cat from atop the entrance building of the rooftop.

    "Why do you insist on bringing her here?" Renji asks annoyed

    "Why do you insist on bringing those?" Yuino snapped back

    Just then Renji jabbed a syringe in her arm. Then his own.

    "To keep that from happening again..." Renji said sadly

    Yuino kept silent it had been three years since the Elektra and Apollo event. The two were attacked in there own home. But, the attackers wore no masks and carried knives and bats making them look like the defenders. Yuino shortcircuited everything in the house including the attackers' phones and her own. Afterwards Renji noticed the power outage and ran downstairs to notice the distress. Just then he set the house ablaze. Before an attacker was burned alive he called the two "The demon Elektra and god Apollo...". The incident became forever known the Elektra and Apollo event.
  19. Haku finished his lunch and started reading his book.
    "Well, what do you say? Wanna have lunch with me?" Keiji asked Aisling.
  20. The two siblings ate and when the bell rang they went their seperste ways. Yuino talking to her friends before class started and Renji sleeping on his desk in the corner of the room.
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