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  1. Alan frowned, looking out the window through the wispy white curtains. He had been living in this house for close to one hundred and seventy years, and not even half of it had been spent with real, living people. But, apparently, it seemed that someone was moving into the large, two-story colonial that had once been his home. He wasn't quite sure how he felt about that...

    Hearing someone entering through the front door, he sank through the second-story floor to the bottom one, and he leaned on the foyer's wall to spy on the people. Of course, they couldn't see him. Not many living people could, and only once in his existence as a ghost had he known someone that could see him. Dearest Anabel...

    Would this newcomer be nice? Angry? Would they spend long nights shouting at one another, until someone ran screaming from the room or someone got hurt? All these thoughts invaded Alan's mind as the copper-haired boy looked at the newest batch of people to arrive at his home.
  2. Elizabeth Marin wasn't exactly looking forward to moving. But still, here she was in this big, new house. Larger than her last one, that was for sure. A new house, a new town, a new state. And she had JUST managed to graduate from high school. Why couldn't she have just stayed with her friends? Now she was this girl stuck on her own with nothing to do, no friends. Oh, she'd put up a good fight about coming but in the end, her parents won and dragged her along with them.

    As the girl crosses the thresh hold she looks around a bit, her parents heading farther into the house with a few boxes, talking and laughing some. She stuffs her elegant hands into her hoody pockets, a frown crossing her red lips. Elizabeth was a natural beauty, and if you were to dress her up like some Victorian clothes, she'd look like some porcelain doll. She has soft but striking features, high cheekbones, and from under the hood peeks tightly curled locks of gold hair. Her eyes are a forest green, the type of forest green that can only be seen in dreams or in the imagination, a rich vibrant color mixed with a bit of lighter green, and there was always a sparkle in them.

    Despite her almost noble aura, she's dressed in a slightly short, red pleated skirt, a black tank top under a red hoody and some black strapped shoes. And, a discreet small gold locket hangs around her neck, an accessory she never takes off. Her footsteps are the lone sound as she walks into another room, other than the very faint sound of her parents talking somewhere else in the house, slightly curious of her new surroundings despite herself.
  3. One...two...three...Alan counted, checking out the people who entered his home. Seemed like the typical family, but different from the last family that had been there. The eldest son had always had his hair slicked back, and wore a leather jacket no matter what sort of weather it was. His mother had always worn her hair in this ridiculous fashion, all curled and cotton candy-like. The father wasn't around much, but whenever he was around, there was always yelling and screaming, proceeded by someone leaving angrily.

    The new family looked normal enough, compared to the other living people he could see from the windows of the house. Watching the girl with the red skirt and jacket on, he tilted his head, glancing over her once or twice before moving to the rest of the family. Moving to the loft that stood just next to the stairs, he leaned over the balcony, watching all the people in the house. He wasn't sure how he felt with having new people in his house, but he decided that he would give them a try first.

    Once, long ago, his home had furniture in it. It had been a happy place, and he had been content living there permanently. Then, men came to the home and took the old furniture away, never to be seen again. For a long time, the home had stood silent, save for Alan. Ghosts of the furniture seemed to remain here, but it wasn't the same as the real ones, and he didn't like staying there. Still, he had never been able to leave past the front and backyards, despite all he did. Even then, he didn't like going out. People walking their dogs bothered him the most. The dogs seemed to sense his presence, and always started barking at him.

    Sighing softly, Alan walked down the steps, watching the people as they moved about his home. New people....and just after he had gotten used to being alone again! It would definitely take some getting used to, he supposed.
  4. Elizabeth stops in one of the rooms, hands remaining in her pockets. This place felt odd. Like it wouldn't ever truly be hers or her family's. It didn't bug her though. She probably wouldn't have felt at home anyway. She missed all her friends back in England, her school, her old house. A sigh escapes once more and she turns slightly before freezing. There was a boy...walking down the steps. What was someone doing in here?

    He was fairly attractive, that was for sure. And he looked pretty real but...there was something off, something she couldn't put her finger on. She slowly walks toward him with a frown. "Hey," she begins, her accent saturating her words, a charming sound. "Who're you?" She comes to a stop a few feet away from the bottom of the stairs, training her green gaze on him. How had he gotten in?
  5. Alan's eyes flew wide. She...she could see him? Turning his head to see if she was maybe talking to someone else, he is surprised to see no one. Frowning, he turned back to the girl. "You are... talking to me?" he asked, his voice slow and quiet. It had been a long time since he had anyone to talk to. Sometimes, with the old family, he would answer whenever someone asked a question, but they never heard him. was queer to have someone who actually saw him and could talk to him.

    Furrowing his eyebrows, he fixed his hazel-colored eyes on her curiously. Who was she, this girl who was the only person who ever saw him? Crossing his arms over his chest, he frowned at her, tilting his head as he tried to comprehend all this. A sigh escaped his lips. Surely, she must be one of those purely mental people who saw things that weren't really there. She couldn't be talking to him? Could she?
  6. Elizabeth's frown deepens slightly, seeing the boys disbelief. What was that about? But she pauses as he fixes his gaze on her. It was bright and well, slightly unnerving. That type of gaze that made you feel like they could see everything about you but somehow remain kind.

    "Yeah, you," she raises an eyebrow. "Why wouldn't I be talking to you? You're the only other person around right." A sigh escapes and she shuts her eyes. "You aren't a ghost right?" She hadn't seen what she thought to be a spirit of a person since she was little. Even those memories sort of seemed sketchy by now. Was she just an over imaginative little girl that had a mind that played tricks on her? Making her claim to have seen a ghost?

    But now...This boy. Could he be another ghost? The only reason her parents ever left the first claim of seeing a dead person's spirit alone was because she was little. However, if she said something like that, they'd have her committed in an instant.
  7. Alan couldn't help but feel a little bit more unnerved as she asked him if he wasn't a ghost. "" he began, wondering how she would react if he went out and said, "Oh, yeah, I'm really dead." That would be weird..."It's just..." he said slowly, "no one has lived here for a long time...or even talked to me, for that matter." Over the years, as language evolved with fashion and culture, he had gained the vocal patterns of normal people, but whenever he got angry, he always reverted to his old accent. He hadn't had anyone to get angry at in a while, he realized as he gazed at the girl.

    Blinking in surprise for a moment, he said, "You're the new people who live here?" Gazing down at his old-fashioned clothes, he figured that he must look pretty weird to the girl, dressed in her short skirt and long-sleeved jacket. When he had been alive, women still wore long dresses, and the country had been divided in a terrible, bloody war. Of course, that had been when many of the houses around his own were nothing more than orange orchards, and during the summer the air was sweet with their smell.

    Frowning at the memories, Alan looked back at the girl. "Um....I'm Alan..." he said slowly, trying to act natural as he walked down the stairs towards her. As usual, his feet made no noise on the wooden steps, despite their age. Once he was close enough he held his hand out in an offer to shake hers, wondering if he could actually touch her, unlike the many other people who had lived here.
  8. Elizabeth gapes slightly at the boy in front of her. "Oh...nononononono," she turns away, putting her face in her hands. "Nonono, this can't be happening again..." she moans to herself. Had she taken her meds? Of course she had! She never forgot with her parents breathing down her neck about it all the time. Oh god, not another 'ghost'. The thoughts were making her frantic and utterly distraught. She couldn't let this leak to her parents. If they realized she was seeing another supposed apparition, the dosage would be doubled--even tripled or worse, she'd be sent to a loony bin. See, since she had a bit of a past with ghosts, the undead, and spirits, her parents had become paranoid. Rightly so, but they did go overboard a bit. Well, a lot, but that wasn't the point.

    (I'm sorryyyyyyyyyy ergh it's been horrible here and I've been down in the dumps and I really apologize. I'm in this rp slump. Sorry it's so short compared to yours too... Hope you aren't angry. I didn't mean to leave you hanging.)
  9. Alan's eyebrows raised when the girl started to have what looked like a panic attack. Pulling back his hand, he shoved his hands into his pockets, wondering if he had said something wrong. "Are...are you alright?" he asked, reaching out to place a hand on her shoulder. To his great surprise, his hand didn't go through her, like it had with the other former residents that had lived here. "What...?" he muttered, his dark eyebrows furrowing in confusion.

    "I'm sorry...whatever I did, I'm sorry," Alan said, backing up the stairs. "Maybe I should make myself scarce..." He frowned. It was obvious that she didn't understand how amazing it was that she could see and touch him. He sighed softly. This would just be another family who wouldn't be able to see him, save for the girl. That didn't matter though, it was obvious that she didn't want his presence around her.

    "I'm sorry," he said again, turning to walk up the stairs and leave her alone.
  10. Elizabeth froze when she felt his hand on her shoulder. What? How was that possible? The others she'd encountered only had SOME substance. They weren't completely solid like him. She turns quickly as he starts to walk away, "Wait!"

    'Ugh, what am I do...' she moaned inwardly. This was ridiculous, she couldn't just...It'd be best to...just avoid any sort of contact, whether it be speaking or physical. "Uh..." she fiddles with a dime in her hoody pocket nervously, looking up at him on the stairs. "My name's Elizabeth," she mutters. "So, you're Alan you said?" She wanted to hit herself. This was so stupid of her... She glances to the door way to the rest of the house, not wanting to parents to walk in while she's in the middle of talking with some ghost.
  11. Turning when the girl implored him to wait, he arched an eyebrow, his dark eyes piercing her. "Yes..." he answered her question slowly, wondering what she was getting at. Still, his manners took precedence over his misgivings about her. "It is...nice to meet you, Elizabeth," he said softly, bowing his head slightly. For a second, his eyes darted to the top of the stairs, wondering if he shouldn't hole himself up in the attic for the remainder of the new residents' stay in his house. What was a few years more, anyways? He had been there for more than a hundred, and none of the other families had ever stayed for more than twenty-five years...

    Tilting his head slightly, he returned his gaze to the girl, Elizabeth. "Why...why did you act like that?" he asked, curious. Of course, he supposed that meeting a ghost in your new house was rather scary, but he wasn't trying to be scary. He was just...there. Sighing again, he took his hands out of his pockets, waiting for her answer.
  12. The blonde froze slightly at his piercing gaze, feeling a little trapped for a moment before snapping out of it and tries to regain her composure. She hesitantly walks up the steps a little toward him, studying him as she tilts her head a little, looking him up and down before meeting his gaze. "It's...sort of hard to explain?" she smiles a bit. "I'm not afraid of you if that's the impression I gave you, it's just I have a sort of past with this stuff. Ghosts I mean."

    Her fingers remain in her pockets, one hand still playing with the dime. She pauses before shrugging a little, "I've been able to see them since I was little and let's just say my parents sort of think I'm crazy. They put me on meds and all that...I've steered clear of anything supernatural for a long time so I wasn't exactly open minded when you first appeared. It's nothing personal though," she adds quickly, not wanting to offend him.
  13. Alan frowned slightly, listening to her. No one he had ever lived with had been able to see him, and it was weird that she could. What made her different? Maybe...could she be a ghost and not know it? No, that thought was insane. "It's fine," he said softly, glancing up at her. "I'm just glad that someone can see me...after all these years." He smiled slightly, and then asked, "You can see other ghosts? Who were they?" He couldn't help but be curious. In this old house, he was alone to the company of himself, and though he could see outside through the windows, never had he met another person who was in the same situation as he was, forever stuck in the same place.

    "I don't mean to pry, if it's a hard subject...I'm just...curious," he ended simply, looking down at his shoes. Shuffling around uncomfortably, he straightened his clothes again, meeting her gaze once more.
  14. Elizabeth's bright green eyes glanced him over again a bit before she meets his eyes a little hesitantly. She was still trying to get over the fact she now lived with such a potent ghost. Hesitant once more, she pauses before fiddling with the dime in her pocket again, a nervous habit.

    "Ah...Well...They were..." she pauses again before letting out a sigh. "When I was little, I knew a young man named Liam, and a few years later I met a little girl named Lilly, and then later I met an older fellow called Johnson. There were quite a few others but those three were the ones I was around for a long amount of time. I became quite good friends with them," she says softly, her gaze dropping a little as she speaks before looking up again and gives a small smile. "I guess you're the fourth I'll be around a lot. Just, promise not to do anything that'd force a reaction while my parents are around? And we'll get along fine."
  15. "Of course," Alan said. "Anything you want." In truth, he was just glad that he had someone else to talk to rather than the floorboards, which was what he had been talking to for the last one hundred and forty-odd years. Besides, he was interested in what she had to say on the other people in his exact same situation, bound to a single plot of land for eternity. Maybe she could even be a friend...
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