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  1. After the healing of Insanistatia, Dometris thought he was finally safe. His world was no longer in danger, it was no longer disappearing through voids in reality, no more tears in the fabric of reality were dragging various realms into each other. He was finally at rest, with his Rune by his side. But this didn't last long. His brothers decided he was a threat, and that his world should cease to exist.

    There was a great war, a war that caused many innocent people to be slaughtered. Dometris did not ask for this war. He did not ask his people to fight. But they did. The people Dometris strived so hard to protect, to give them every desire, who had turned on him in the beginning only to realise the truth, that he was doing everything he could to make them happy, those very same people, anthros, vampires, wolves, monsters alike, they all banded together and fought the creatures that the other gods sent down to fight them. Dometris was touched, truly, by their loyalty, and he vowed to protect them.

    But he was no match for the powers of multiple gods far stronger than he, and his world was dominated by them. Lands became barren, blood of all kinds mingled on the streets, and Dometris was captured and held prisoner to face sentence before the tribunal.

    He was found guilty. Of what crimes you ask? Well the thing about gods is, they don't really give reasons. They want someone punished, they get punished. the lines of fate do not apply to them. And so, Dometris, the youngest sibling, the god of Insanity and Chaos, was stripped of his godly powers and sent to a realm where happily ever afters were a fairytale and magic was a myth.

    And that is where he is now, trapped in a world we call Earth, in a city not unlike Any capital city. Be it Sydney, New York, London, they all look the same. The only thing that matters is that he is powerless. And he must find a way home. In order to do this, he needs the help of mortals. He must utilise what little power he has left at exactly the right moment in time to break through the baricade his brothers have put in place and return to his rightful place, to revive his beautiful world of Insanistatia. But to do that, he needs to locate the mortals, decendants of those that once brought him down long ago, and utilise them.

    There's only one problem. It has been hundreds of years since the day all this began. Finding the decendants will not be easy. And in a realm he doesn't understand, Dometris needs to enlist help.

    So, basic gist of it is, track down the descendants, blast a hole into the sky at the right time. Seems simple enough right? Especially when YOU guys will be playing the descendants. But It's not going to be easy. Not everyone will be a descendant. There's going to be normal everyday strangers, people who know each other, popstars, car thieves, whatever the hell you want within reason and non-magical means. I'll work out the rest when we get to it. For now, work on your CHARACTERS!


    Yeah I think that just about covers it.

    1) Any questions, ask me.
    2) No godmodding, bunnying, meta-gaming, none of that stuff. It's not fun for anyone else
    3) if you've got a problem, take it up with someone
    4) All characters are to be human. They can be decendants of vmpires for all I care, but a hundred years on, the vampire has been all but bred out, got it?
    5) Have fun!
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    Name: Dometris, God of Insanity and Chaos

    Age: UNKNOWN

    Gender: Male
    Personality: More than a little psychotic, he loves his creation and is determined to make it successful. He gets angry and often has the temperament of a young child, but his temper tantrums are MUCH more violent. Not a man to mess with. His love for Rune, his loyal subject was unmatched. Rune was a creature created from the rift where insanity clashed with reality. He was a true creature of madness and for that Dometris loved him unlike any other. He was possessive protective and when rune was taken from him the first time it nearly tore him apart. Then rune returned, and So did Dometris' strength and his livelihood. Losing him the second time around has played with Dometris's mentality far too much for him to be stable. His reactions are even more unpredictable, his mood swings tend to be worse than a hormonal teenager's, and he has a strong hatred for his brothers for killing his dear Rune.
    History: Dometris was one of the lesser gods of the realms, having no realm of his own to look after. One day he got into an argument with his brother who said he couldn't possibly control a world of his own anyway due to his immature manner. Determined to prove his brother wrong he created Insanistatia, and he filled it with all kinds of wonderful things, even if they made no sense. He needed people so he either stole them from their own realm or created them himself and then he sat back and watched his world thrive.
    In the first section of this trilogy, Dometris was met with people rebelling to defeat him and escape his realm. He found Rune, a creature created from the very insanity of the realm, whose magic was as unpredictable as the rift he was born from, a symbol of Insanistatia. Taking the boy under his wing, Dometris learned much from him, and finally found the one person who truly respected his godliness and showered him with the awe he'd longed for from his people but never received. Somewhere along the line he grew to love him as he loved the rest of his creation for Rune was a part of that. But disaster struck when the rebellion hit his sky fort and their leader, a boy named Icarus, cut Dometris down with his own scythe. They escaped through the void that followed his murder, and Rune, poor, beautiful Rune, was sucked through with them. Dometris was alone, dying slowly, and watching his world disintegrate around him.
    Part two was the destruction of Insanistatia. Due to its creator slowly dying, the land too began to crumble. The balance that had been keeping it in place in a space between one world and another was ruptured and Parts of the human realm and Insanistatia began to leak through each other. Creatures that had been born of the darkness ran rampant while the god slowly died, unable to save himself. As the life drained from his body like the sand in an hour glass, he stretched his mind through all realms, calling for help. The chosen ones were descendants of those he had been illed by, the connection tracked through his time and thirty five years into the human world, despite the small time passage in Insanistatia. He utilised them to find the pieces of an ancient relic, a fail-safe if something like this should ever occur. With the uniting of the pieces Dometris was healed and his realm obtained stability once more. Further more, in the search of the relic, Rune had returned to him, and he was at peace.

    Alas this did not last long. His brothers, upon seeing the power their brother had obtained, decided it was time for him to die, and they sent creatures to capture and kill him. But the citizens of his world rose up and fought. Rune was among the last to die. After his death, after seeing the blood that soaked the ground, Dometris admitted defeat and was sentenced to a mortal life in a realm known as Earth.
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