//Trapped on an Island//

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  1. She sighed, oh how she hated her family at the moment. Her dark green eyes glared out the window of the city bus, taking her to the airport where she was going to be meeting up with one of her body guards and him. She groaned, moving from the window to glare at the seat in front of her, crossing her arms in pure hate. She hadn't seen this guy in over 16 years, yet her parents thought it was a good idea for this to happen? Her eyes glared even more, wanting to burn a hole right through the seat. The bus came to a stop at her destination too soon for her taste, grabbing her suitcase she walked off the bus, trying not to be too mad at the driver, what was going to happen in the near future wasn't his fault, but she couldn't seem to help it.

    Hayley stomped off the bus, rolling her suitcase behind her and shifting her purse on her right shoulder. Her long brown hair was flowing freely, being toyed with by the slight breeze. She looked at the airport, the large building that held a plane that would take her to an unknown destination. She didn't know where she was going, and quite frankly she didn't care. She knew she wasn't going to like it and it made her even more angry that her parents and his parents thought it would be a good bonding experience. Right.

    She grumbled, walking towards the door as it opened for her, wanting to somehow live a different life. She looked up and saw her body guard, the one that was going to escort her and him to their assigned destination. She saw another person, which would have probably been him. The 20 year old girl frowned, walking over there in without saying anything to him.

    "When are we leaving?"
    she asked her body guard, looking up at him. Even though the was 20, the woman was quite short for her age, standing at only 5'3'', and hated it whenever someone mentioned it.

    "In half an hour." he replied, sensing the young woman's hate.

    "Fine. I'm getting a coffee."
    she replied as she walked off, leaving her suitcase with them. She didn't care if she came off rude, she was not at all impressed with the situation she had been forced into by her parents. An arranged marriage.
  2. Of all the women in the world, it had to be one he barely knew. One he hadn't even seen since they were children. Arranged marriage. Just the idea of being chained to a stranger annoyed him beyond words. He just stood there, leaning back against the wall, arms crossed and head turned away from the door. His pale blue eyes stared out as he thought to himself, not at anything in particular, past everything rather.

    In his thought, the young man tried to understand, tried to convince himself that it wasn't such a bad thing, but he just couldn't get over it. How would -they- have liked it if someone just threw them into a room with a complete stranger and said, "Get used to eachother, you're going to be stuck together for the rest of your life"? "How much longer?", he asked the body-guard he'd been left to wait with, moving a hand to brush back a stray lock of his long, curly dark red hair. Before he got an answer, the man had gone to open the door.

    'When are we leaving?' - 'In half an hour' - 'Fine. I'm getting a coffee'. He sighed quietly, then stood straight and turned to give the girl a quick look-over. She didn't look too unpleasant at least, just.. Small. So small. And she was a year older than him? Did they accidentally send her twelve year old sister or something? He'd look like a pedophile if someone saw him with this girl.

    'I'm getting a coffee'. Coffee actually sounded pretty good right about now. Might calm his nerves a little, it usually did. "I'll buy", he called out to the girl, following her without getting too close. Being pissed about a forced marriage was no excuse to be rude.
  3. Hayley stopped as she heard him speak, turning her head to look back at him with a slight scowl on her face. "You don't have to." she said to him, "But if you insist." she said, gesturing for him to lead the way as she began to walk once again.

    She almost wished he hadn't offered to buy coffee. What was she supposed to say to him? Hey so how's your life going, because you know, we haven't seen each other in almost 20 years. Yeah...that didn't sound to good of a topic starter. In fact, nothing really did. She sighed, walking in silence as she chewed her brain for at least something to say.

    "So..." she began as they walked into the waiting line to order their coffee, "Do you have any idea where we are going?" she asked, trying her best not to sound too rude, which really wasn't her at all, but she couldn't help hating this situation. It was awkward and almost cruel. She hated her family every second she thought about this arranged marriage, which lately had been a lot.

    "I don't at least." she added as she placed a hand on her hip, her wavy hair falling into place on her shoulders. Her eyes studied the menu, though she had already knew what she would order; a mint chocolate cappuccino, her favorite.

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  4. Seeing the look on the girl's face was good for him, reminded him that he wasn't the only who hated the idea of being stuck with someone he barely knew. It still didn't make him feel much better, but it was nice to know that he wasn't alone. He had the feeling that If he'd been sent off on this trip with someone who wasn't just as opposed to the idea, it would have been much more annoying.

    He was hesitant to take the lead, but did so without complaint. A brief thought entered his mind and made him smirk for the first time since he found out about this whole thing: Maybe she just wanted to check out his back-side. He almost shook it for her, but the urge was dashed as suddenly as it arose, his thoughts returning to the current situation.

    The young man frowned slightly when Hayley spoke, shrugging slightly as he replied, "All I know is that it's someplace secluded, where I can", and this next bit came with a sigh and a shake of the head, "Share beautiful moments, and grow to love and respect my future wife"

    "I'd like.. ", he pinched the bridge of his nose between his eyes for a brief moment and fought back a groan, "Just.. Something strong and fancy-sounding. Oh, with caramel in it" Usually when he drank coffee, someone back home would brew it for him the way he liked, and he didn't have to worry about the stupid frenchy names that coffee shops used. "And whatever she wants", he said, gesturing back toward Hayley with one hand and fishing out a fairly large sum of money (Considering the product) with the other. "Just keep whatever is left", he said, not bothering to wait for a total and pay the exact price. It would seem a bad idea to most, but when you're part of a wealthy family, you either become incredibly cheap, or generous. He was the latter.
  5. With his response, which she took full heartedly as a memorized version of what his parents had told him, she made a slightly disturbed face. She couldn't understand how people who were supposed to love their children, could do this horrid torture to them. She sighed, nodding to show she understood what he was feeling too. She was at least happy he wasn't overly excited to be marrying her, in fact he seemed to share the same blatant despise as she was feeling, but he seemed to be handling it better than her. She didn't like that.

    She blinked, looking over to the cashier as her husband-to-be spoke. She blinked, "I'd like a mint chocolate cappuccino please, with no whip cream." she said, trying her best to relax. She didn't know how long the flight would take, but a part of her wanted it to last forever.

    She watched him leave his change and decided that what she had just experienced was at least a good trait in him. He didn't seem like a total ass, which was good.'He doesn't look that bad either.' she admitted as she glanced at him. She still didn't know what to say to him though. She supposed present times would be a good starter...

    "Do you go to University or College?" she asked as they waited for their orders, looking at the people walking around and waiting for their own flights. "Or did you?" she added, taking in the possibility that he could have graduated already. She brushed a strand of her long brown hair out of her face, the tickling feeling beginning to annoy her. She didn't think this was a bad place to start, seeing as it didn't really touch on the awkwardness of not knowing each other for all these years. She wanted to avoid that as much as possible, she couldn't think of anything more awkward to talk about to the guy than admitting the fact that they basically have no idea of who the other is, even though they are betrothed. She inwardly shrugged, deciding that discussing University/College was a tad bit of admitting they didn't know each other, but at least it wasn't as blunt as saying 'So, what have you been doing with your life since you were 6?' or somewhere along those lines.

    She blinked, focusing her eyes on him now, thinking she'd better gain some ground and at least look at the man.
  6. The expression she made when he said that was easy to read, especially since it was pretty much the same one that he made when he was told. He could understand why his parents would want him to marry someone from an equally wealthy family, but to force them together so suddenly seemed cruel. Not the worst fate that could have been brought on him at least, he assured himself, thinking of the many worse situations he could have been in.

    He couldn't help but be a little surprised when she spoke to him again. He was certain she was just as sore as he was about all this, yet here she was trying to make conversation and be at least a little friendly. It's true that he would have done the same, if she hadn't taken the initiative, but there were many kindnesses he might show that he'd never expect from one of equal or greater standing than his own.

    "Well, I was attending for a while", he started, turning to face the girl directly and leaning back against the counter a little by habit, "But I got sick about half-way in, and I've only just recovered fully about a month ago. " His hands slipped into the pockets of his jeans, the sleeves of his black long-sleeve bunching up slightly in refusal to follow. Her eyes caught his, giving him pause before he spoke again. They were nice eyes. Pretty. "I was planning to apply again soon, but.. Well, I guess it'll have to wait, wont it?", he asked, trying not to let on that he'd been distracted by any of her features, "What about you?"
  7. Hayley watched and listened to him as he spoke, wondering slightly what kind of sickness he would of had. Blinking she nodded, showing acknowledgment to his words. "Yeah, I'm attending University at the moment, but it's summer vacation right now. I was going to get a job in the city...but as you know, things have changed." She said, sighing as she looked back at the people.

    She glanced back over, he really wasn't that bad looking, but she still didn't like this whole idea. "Here are your orders." the cashier said, handing them over. Hayley took hers and looked over to the clock.

    "We should probably head back." she said as she sighed, "It's almost time." her voice dripped with dread as she took her coffee and turned to lead the way back to her body guard. She walked through the people, sipping her drink as she felt the looming dread rise in her. She hated this. She spotted her bodyguard up ahead and briefly contemplated running, but she wouldn't be able to hide from their parents, let alone just hers. Groaning she waved at the bodyguard, her face no longer holding the same hatred, now it was etched with annoyance.

    "The 11:30 flight is now boarding!" the announcer said over the intercoms in the airport. Hayley looked up to them, then back down to the bodyguard, who gave a nod and handed them their tickets.

    "Have a nice flight." he said.

    "Hm." she replied grabbing the tickets and handing one to him.
  8. The young man quickly thanked the cashier and took his coffee, following the girl only a little more closely than before, still trying not to get -too- close though. If you'd look closely, you'd see a look in his eyes that matched her tone, though the rest of his face bore a false look of calmness. He'd have to play as though it weren't quite so bad if he wanted any sort of privacy, no doubt his parents would send along someone to watch over them if they even thought he'd been having thoughts of backing out.

    He looked down and sighed as they intercom sounded, staring at his feet for a moment as they he followed. After a few steps, he shook his head and straightened his neck, bringing up his coffee as well and taking a nice, long drink. "Mm.. Oh" He took his ticket from her, giving the bodyguard a slight nod as he continued to follow.

    He took another drink of his coffee, then spoke again in a more audibly calm tone, "Maybe it wont be so bad.. I could think of worse places to be stuck with worse people. " His last line implied that he knew she wasn't as bad as some people, and though it was true that he really didn't know much about her at all, she could have been screaming or berating him this entire time so far. He was glad she hadn't. This was already unpleasant enough without having to deal with a childish brat, as he assumed he might before he'd left for the airport.