Trapped Like a Beast

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  1. There was many rumors that circulated the castle above the small village, mostly all bad. They spoke of a young prince being cursed by an enchantress. It’s rumored that the enchantress was searching for shelter one night and requested for the prince to aid her. When he had turned her away, she had cursed him and turned him into a terrible beast. He was to find love and be loved in return or he would have to stay that way forever. He would be a terrible beast for the rest of his life because he couldn’t feel for others.

    Most of the rumors were true, or most parts of the rumors that is. The prince had been cursed by an enchantress, but it was not into some hideous beast. Instead, he was cursed to forever be trapped inside of his own castle. He would have to walk the halls by himself, each and every day until he found true love. He had had many attempts at trying to find someone to love, someone to actually have a feeling towards but each woman that came through his doors was just like the last. They were terrified of him, of if the rumors were true. Though once they saw that he was still exactly the same, they did the same thing they always do. They basically threw themselves at him, and he detested them for it. He wished they would leave and never return.

    Being trapped in a castle by yourself, year after year, it did something to you. The prince became cynical, sarcastic, and above all else, loathing to any and every one that came around him. He no longer searched for true love, knowing that he would never find it. He knew that each year he would be wasting his time, each year he would be searching for something that didn’t exist. So he eventually stopped searching, he invited the women that came to his doors in simply because he got lonely. He needed human contact, even if he would send them away just like the ones before them. It was like clockwork for him. Each time he would allow a woman into his home, she would be terrified of him then fawn over him, and then he would send her away for he always felt nothing.

    Shoving a hand fiercely through chestnut hair, the male paced around the main living space of the castle. The curse did have some good aspects about it, like keeping his castle clean and well kept, as well as allowing him to never run out of food. Seeing as he was trapped in here for God knows how long, he thanked the witch for at least giving him an endless supply of food. Though, at the moment, food was the last thing on his mind. He had set down the book he had been reading, and now was pacing back and forth. He needed out of the castle, it was starting to drive him crazy. He had even lost count of how many years had gone by. Cursing under his breath, Bennett kicked a chair that was near him and stalked towards the front doors of his castle. Upon reaching them, the man threw them open to gaze out into the world he could not step into.
  2. Belle had been wandering through the forest most of the day,
    looking for some plants.
    She needed the plants to make medicine, and to make some dinner.

    Her father was off on a trip, so she'd come alone, but she would be fine.
    She had a knife, and she knew how to fight well enough.
    The sky was dark with clouds, it was going to storm soon.

    Thunder sounded over her head, and she jumped a bit.
    It was quiet out here, and lonely. A bit creepy too.
    Fog swirled around the trees, and wind whistled through them.

    Belle felt a drop of rain on her face.
    She was too late to get the plants today, it was going to pour.
    She began to make her way through the forest, and just as she thought-
    it really did begin to pour.
    It was dark, except for the lightning, and soon, she lost her way.

    In her panic and confusion, she grew terrified, and began to run.
    She couldn't tell where she was going, and before she knew it, she was at a half open gate.
    Belle ran in and slammed the gate shut, glad to be somewhere with other humans-

    But it was town, as she thought.
    It was a giant castle.
    She did not know who lived here, but she needed shelter.

    Belle made her way into the castle, calling out softly.
    "Hello?.. Is- is anyone here?"
    She asked, looking around. It was dark, except for a few candles.
    She picked one up and walked inside a bit more.
    "I-I'm sorry to intrude. But it's storming, and I need shelter for a little while.
    I won't bother you."

    She sat right in front of the door, so she wouldn't be too far in, in case
    the owner was angry, crazy, or a rapist of some sort.
  3. Looking out into the world only made him growl and shake his head in disgust, knowing that he was going to be trapped in that castle for the rest of his life. He was going to rot in the loneliness of his own castle. Pacing back towards the living quarters, Bennett reached for a book on a table. Reading was the only thing that kept him entertained, and he was glad for the massive collection his mother had started long ago. If it hadn’t been for her love for collecting books, the prince would have gone crazy long ago and probably would have just done himself in.

    Sitting down on the couch, Bennett started to read as yet another day was lost to the enchantress and her horrid curse. He was soon lost in the story, passing each minute by with another page of words. Though his thoughts and reading was interrupted when he heard the faint sound of what seemed like a voice. Raising a brow curiously, Bennett got to his feet and moved to investigate the source of the voice. Nobody ever came to his castle, at least not if they were sane. The rumors had one good thing, it kept people far away from it and he enjoyed that simple fact. He didn’t want stupid kids poking around and creating a mess for him.

    Coming up to the door of his castle, Bennett let both brows raise as he spotted a young woman sitting by the door. Though his surprise at seeing someone in his castle was soon replaced by narrowed eyes and a look of annoyance, “Does everyone where you come from just barge into someone else’s home? Or is it something new I’ve missed out on?” It was clear the prince was annoyed and he was definitely going to show every bit of it.
  4. Belle shivered against the cold, and the mans voice.
    She couldn't see him very well.

    "I'm sorry, sir, but it's storming outside. I'll sit right here, and leave as soon as the storm is over."
    She called out, drawing her cloak around her tighter.
    She was cold, but it was better inside here than outside.