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Trapped Inside.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by gallowsCalibrator, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Lilith Rennins
    Age: 17


    Niomi Reign
    18 (or so she looks like it)

    I'm Lilith.

    Im Niomi

    Im a 17 year old senior.

    Im 18 years old, Or so it seems like it

    I have A Boyfriend, And He's Very Dear To me, I Love him with All My heart

    I Had A Boyfriend. I Loved Him with All my heart... Until I figured that He Cheated on me

    I Currently Have A Wonderful Life, I love it!

    I Had My happy Life, And Now Its All Gone.

    I Live In a Small Apartment With My Boo ^-^

    I Live Inside A Cellar, Bruised, Cold And Chained

    I work Part time at a Bar, And No Im Not A Stripper! Shame On you for even having that thought!! I have my Boo.... *Pouts*

    I'm An Angel... Stuck Inside a Body I shouldnt Have Been In if I hadnt Fell For him again

    My Boyfriend Proposed to me Last Week ^-^

    Once I died of depression, I tried to take my love with me, And For that I was Punished, My Wings were Plucked off, I was Supposed to go to the Underworld, But I had a worse Punishment

    But Shhhh I did something the Other Night, I couldnt forget it but I couldnt Tell Him Either.... I Cheated on Him, I had Sex With My Ex that I saw at the Bar. It was a great night... and It was a one time thing... But Its been going on for weeks now, And I have no way to stop it.

    Im Cold.... I can Barely talk... I've been Crying, asking God WHy have I deserved it, He Never Answered me... I wonder Why.

    But I Have another Secret... My Ex Got Me Pregnant, and Me and my boyfriend havent ever had sex Yet, Hes a Save-sex-for-marraige guy

    My Prison? Its torture... Everyday I get weaker and weaker

    So, I dont exactly know how to tell him, So My only choice was To abort the baby. and I did

    My Prison is in a Body, Of someone- Someone I cant stand. Her Name Is Lilith SHES A BITCH!!

    Ive Been Feeling Weird Lately Too, Not because of the abortion... Its because I think someone has been doing stuff... I dont know how to explain its like ive been crying everyday, but Im Happy with my Life

    I Shouldnt Have done It... I just want someone to save me.

    My best Friend's Coming over soon! i want him to meet my Fiance

    Soon... I would be free... Just Help Me...
    ((this didnt explain much, But you'll figure out stuff in the rp, And your the bestfriend of Lilith))
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Not open for further replies.