Trapped in Love?

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  1. Hello I am UnicornBunny but just call me Bunny. I had a dream like the first roleplay idea I will suggest. So it will be the one I really want!! Even if you don't like this please pm me and we can maybe figure something this out.

    Expectations: Over one line posts! Also I would like someone that posted at least once a day. Acceptable grammar and spelling mistakes.


    I would be a young adult who went to the bar and meets a guy they end up going home and doing the well yeah.. Then she gets pregnant and telling him around two weeks after. They would then get together and start falling in love. But as stress rises the man would then start having bipolar moods where he very angry. The woman would still stay with him since they are becoming an actual couple

    #2) Two teenage delinquents end up having to work together at a ranch. One of them training dogs the other horses so they could work out their difficulties with society. Though at first they are rather hostile towards each other at the beginning. They then start to warm up to one another. In this one I will play either the male or female.

    Tell me if you have more ideas!! Bunny out! <3
  2. #2) Mxm

    Name: Chase Hardly
    Age: 18
    Height: 6ft
    Appearance: Has a scar underneath his right eye that extended all that way down to his cheek, dark features with jet black hair that draped across his eyes, half covering his scar. Although he was big in height, he had a slim build....but still had more strength than his appearance let on.
    Characteristics: Chase carries around a pocket knife with him, although it could come in handy when he runs into trouble its mostly used for scratching cool animated images onto the surface of things. It was given to him by his father before he disappeared. He grew up with his mum but she got sick of his delinquent behaviours, the last stunt he had pulled was the last straw before she had agreed to him serving his time in community services (I.e working at the ranch).
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.