Trapped in Hell

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  1. 5 Days After "The Lockdown"

    The city was in chaos. Fear had struck, and where there was fear, there was a loss of control. A perimeter had been set up around the city. Military personal, armored vehicles, and aircrafts patrolled the boarder 24/7, with orders to kill on sight. It didn't help that the city was set against the the coast. If it were landlocked, it would have been much easyer to sneak out. Not that it mattered. HE woudnt be trying to escape, he was going to take over. As he looked over the city from the rooftops, he grinned, thinking about how it would begin.

    "Freak! Your just a freak!" The man then turned and ran. Drake rolled his eyes. I save the guys life and he freaks out. He wasn't the first. Anyone who saw him use his powers ran scared, no matter what he used them for. Ever since the "Lockdown" began, people with powers began poping up everywhere. Most hid from the public eye, some tried to do why they could to help, but some used their powers to do whatever they wanted, often harming, even killing, to get their way. That's how everyone saw people with powers, maniacs after control. "I'm here to help..." he muttered.
  2. A girl was hiding in an alleyway, watching all the chaos unfold. She'd had her powers for a long time, years but she lost count, and she used them to avoid being seen by unwanted eyes. She could change her shape into whatever she wanted, and she could also invade dreams, which was fun for her. Every night, since the "Lockdown" began, she screwed up the dreams of military personal, because she found it hilarious. What she never understood about her powers, is she didn't have to sleep, but she could, and she could only sustain herself on blood. Which lead her to believe she was a really weird type of vampire. It wouldn't be surprising, a few years ago, she'd woken up feeling strange, with bite marks on her neck, and then she transformed randomly. She had her powers before she was bitten, but they were erratic for months after that.

    She continued watching the panic, waiting for someone to get close enough to bring them into this alleyway. She knew she had to feed. And soon.
  3. Riley sighed and ducked into an ally, and ran into a girl. "Oh sorry." He was about to continue, but something about her stopped him. "...Are you...getting along ok?"
  4. The girl, Luna, stared at him, resisting the urge to bite him. "I'm...fine. Why are you in this's not safe." She very nearly lost control in that moment, and when that happens, she tended to shape-shift. She was lucky that she didn't this time.
  5. "Needed to get off the street for a moment." She was acting weird. He glanced around, expecting an ambush. Not seeing anything, he glanced back at Luna. "Is everything ok?"
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    She began panting. "No, it's really not." Suddenly she broke out of her crouch and sprang on him.
  7. "Hey!!!" He threw his hands up and caught her. "Whats your problem!"
  8. "I'" She began clawing at him, her eyes red with blood lust, her fangs out in full view. She usually wasn't so careless, but it had been a while since she last fed, which was a huge mistake. Now she would be running on instinct, and couldn't be reasoned with.
  9. Now he was really freak out. "What the hell are you!" His hand began glowing eletric blue, then he drove it into her chest.
  10. She screamed and jumped backwards. "I'm your worst nightmare...." She suddenly began morphing, turning into a wolf, still with red eyes and elongated canines. She snarled and leaped at him again, her jaw aiming for his throat.
  11. He threw up his hands up hands and sent out a shock wave. The smell of ozone was strong in the air.
  12. She yelped loudly as it her here, and in a blurred movement, she headbutted him in the back from behind, then sank her teeth into his calf, digging deeply, managing to draw blood out, which she sucked down.
  13. "Aarrrgghhh!!! GET OFF!!!" He electrified his body, causing blue sparks to arc across himself.
  14. She yelped loudly and retreated, as now they were attracting attention. She whirled around and bolted to the end of the alley, blood dripping from her fangs. She had to lose this weird electric guy. He was bringing more trouble down on her than was worth killing him for food. Once she reached the end of the alley, she transformed into a large hawk and flew up onto a building, out of site of the electric guy.
  15. "Get back here!" He yelled. He coudnt let someone like her running around attacking people. He quickly took off down the ally, but when he reached the end, she was gone. "...Damn."

    A hawk flew up from an ally several blocks away, and imediatly HE got a strong sense of power off it. "Ahh. Another one... Shapeshifter... Whoever it is, he or she would be very helpful."
  16. She landed up on the roof, and folded her wings, she transformed back into her normal self. The need to feed was gone. It never took too much and she didn't understand why but she didn't care. She sat perched on the edge, and watched people crowd together, murmering. She heard them talking about what had just gone down and she smiled. Chaos was fun, as long as people didn't know that it was her‚Äč specifically...
  17. Drake sighed. He place his hand on the bite mark and let electricity arc across it, slowly healing it. "Freaking she-wolf..." He muttered. "Is there a problem sir." Drake cut off the power and glance up at the voice. A military officer stood in front of him, with a small crowd standing behind him, watching. Drake sighed. "No... Everythings fine."
    "Is that so. Some people said they saw a wolf attack you, and that you were... Glowing. Do you have any explination."
    "I think that the drug gangs should lay off a bit. Aparently everyone is high."
    The officer pointed his gun at him. "Sir, will you come with me?"
    "And let myself be locked up with everyone else who is special? No." He let a spark out that caused the gun to misfire, jamming it. The officer stood stunned for a moment, then turned and ran. Drake rolled his eyes.

    "Hello..." A man stood behind Luna. "Your a girl with a very special talent."
  18. In a dark alleyway deep within the quarantined city, a young woman was being mugged. After a brief struggle the mugger managed to get the purse and run. Just as he went to round the corner the woman saw him stop and stand straight still. As he backed she saw a average sized man with hard leathery skin, pointed nails and teeth, and short sharp spikes for hair holding his shirt. "Give back the bag.." he said. The angry and confused mugger pulled a small handgun out of his pocket. "Freak!!" Before he had a chance to pull the trigger, a large thick spike shot out of the mans forearm and impaled the criminal straight through his heart. "You should've dropped the bag."
    The mugger went limp and fell. The strange man picked up the bag to hand it to the poor woman but she simply screamed and crawled away from him. He sighed deeply. "What I get for trying to help." Wth that, he kicked the ground and jumped several stories into the air before planting two hard spikes into the side of the building. Like a slingshot, he pulled against the spikes and shot himself all the way to the top of the building. He walked to the corner of the roof and looked around the city watching as military choppers cut the skyline like butter. "All this for what..." Just a few buildings over a hawk transformed into a girl.
  19. Luna jumped and whirled around, her heart racing. "Who're you?" She was tensed, ready to take her hawk form on again and fly to a very secret hiding place if she needed to
  20. Drake heard a scream and ran into a frightened looking woman. "There's a freak! He killed a man! He would have killed me too!" She didnt wait for him to reply and ran into the streets. Drake rolled his eyes. He had been doing that a lot. He made his way to where she came from and found the dead man. "Ugghh.. Never been a fan of stabbing, too messy." He heard something above, and glanced up in time to see someone swing onto the building. "Who is that?"
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