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  1. A group of teens get trapped in a local mall within a small town on the boarder of Texas. When an immediate shut down takes place, these students were elsewhere, not knowing that it was taking place and when everyone else is out, they are found to be the only ones, or are they? They have yet to know that the most wanted group of robbers has invaded with a goal to steal valuables in the stores, doing whatever it takes to accomplish their goal.

    Robbers will be played by -Xanuun-


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    My post/information

    NAME: Keith

    AGE: 16

    GRADE: Sophomore


    CRUSH: Open

    PERSONALITY: He is very quiet. He's awkward and when he does talk he doesn't
    think before saying things. He says whatever comes to mind

    BIO/OTHER INFORMATION: Keith's life wasn't all that amazing.
    he lived with his grandmother after his parents died and after his grandmother died, he got put
    into a foster home. His foster parents are rich and he isn't use to it. His foster
    dad is chief at the local, and only police station in town and his foster mom is one of a couple lawyers in town
    because there are only two in a very secluded town, she's always gone with clients.

    He loves music and art. He is a striaght A student.
    He sketches real life things and is really good, even though he could get a scholarship to a good art college,
    he is scared to go anywhere. He would much rather live low with a average paying job and be alone. That's his plan, to not take his art career anywhere. he is always listening to music and when he does he doesn't really pay attention to anything. He is bullied a lot by the 'popular kids' .

    WHAT WERE THEY DOING AT THE TIME OF THE MALL CLOSING: It's his foster mom's birthday and he went
    out to get her something at the mall and then he was suppose to meet up with them. After getting her gift, he went to the bathroom with his headphones blasting in his ears he wasn't aware of anything until he got out when the once crowded mall was now empty



    Keith sat in his truck within the parking lot, looking up at the place that he promised he would never go. This was a place well known for the place where the popular kids hung out just because it was so close to school, they would come here to ditch and you would think that the school would catch on but they have yet to, so the kids keep coming back. He groaned and grabbed his backpack and slipped his headphones on over his ears and turned the radio station on Pandora to '5 Finger Death punch'. He let the loud music blast into his ears, silencing out all sounds around him. He took the keys from the ignition and got out of his blue pick up truck, shutting and locking his door as he mouthed the lyrics to the song that happened to be playing. He looked to the nice BMW drop top next to him and rolled his eyes. It was now official. He knew they were here and all he had to do was avoid them.

    He walked through the front doors, holding open the door for a mother and daughter that had smiled and exited after giving thanks. he nodded to them and sighed before walking in, eyes scanning his surroundings and to his luck, no one he knew. He nodded and went to the directory and scanned for the jewelry store. 2nd floor... He thought, walking around it and heading to the escalator. The mall was packed today and he knew it was only because it was a Friday and school was out. It was also the beginning of the month, pay day. Lucky for him, he also got paid.

    After getting the expensive 24 carat gold necklace, he held the back in his hand, going to the first floor, he turned to the food court and looked up in the direction of tacobell stand that he had to pass before going into the bathrooms. He cursed to himself, keeping his headphones on, seeing the baseball players laugh. he looked down but it was no use, his colored hair could be noticed from far away, he shoved the bag in his pocket and when he looked up the guys were walking to him, talking to him but because of the music, he had no idea what they were saying he ran the other way, through the table, looking over his shoulder they were following him. Shit... He thought as eh dodged all the tables that got into his way , running around the food court till he got to the bathroom where he ran to the biggest stall at the end. He looked at the ground and it took a while before there were foots seen under. the doors. They walked from stall to stall and once they approached his they shook the door and keith closed his eyes and turned up his music more and sat in the corner till he thought it would be safe to come out​
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  2. (It's okay if I just post my Skeleton right?...))

    NAME:[Jayden Camello Hendricks Lévesque]
    AGE: [18]
    GRADE: [Senior]
    RELATIONSHIP STATUS: [Just broke up with his girlfriend so-single as a pringle]
    CRUSH: [Nah]
    PERSONALITY: Jayden is what you would call crazy, he’s loud, wild, fun loving, and a bit of a dweeb when it comes to music and Graffiti. He loves any form of outlet used to express one’s self and has tried them all, but Graffiti will always be his number one. Growing up in a household like his Jayden was raised to be himself, and not feel ashamed of it. Of course he obliged and became just so. Despite, his usual “Cup is half full” attitude, he can be a bit of a downer when reminded of his past or when he doesn’t get a good night’s sleep. Temperamental Jayden is known to flare up quickly, and whatever is started with him he often finishes as victor.
    Jayden grew up with seven other brothers and sisters, due to the fact that he was adopted into a family along with the rest of them. His original parents, died in a car crash and since his grandma passed a year before, there was no one else responsible enough to look after him. Though it wasn’t all bad, Jayden ending up being with the good parents that don’t mistreat the kids, Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel were free spirited people despite Mr. McDaniel being a lawyer and Mrs. a heart surgeon. They let their kids grow up in a “do-whatever makes you happy” type home, where the parents help the kids pant on the walls and often play instruments with them on the weekends and make s’mores to someone throws them back up. Jayden since young has never felt out of place or even discourage of his talents and what he could do, because his parents taught him that, doing what you love is the best way to live. So he did school and all that Jazz likes he was suppose too. Was real good with English and science, and will excel in any art or sport, but math and history? Forget it; he won’t do much good in those.
    Jayden has a knack for trying new things and ending up loving it for a while before moving onto something new. H likes long boarding and sushi, as well as adding a new design to his bed room wall he’d seen traveling down back roads and alleys.

    WHAT WERE THEY DOING AT THE TIME OF THE MALL CLOSING: He was hiding from the security guards for pulling some prank and riding away on one of the Vespa's

    Opening Post

    Did Jayden know he messed up by taking that Vespa? Yes. Didn't his parents always tell him not to take other people's stuff? Of course, but that didn't stop him from doing so.

    Though you can't blame him! The guard was asking for it when he harassed Jayden about his shopping ordeals within the mall. They thought he was stealing, and it made Jayden utterly furious, and as much as he wanted to deck the guy in the mouth he had to hold off on that. Another scene could cause him a night in the jail with a parol officer on his tail, he didn't that.

    So what was the next best thing? Stealing the Vespa! Oh how fun that was until the guy noticed it missing and went chasing him through the mall. Jayden managed to shake him and was now dipping and diving between stores just to stay alive. At any given time the guy could have just left, but this was exciting. Like a game of cat and mouse, but all the cats were slow and half brained. He figured entertaining himself for a little while would keep him from being bored at his own house, though Gracie needed her guitar strings now. She would have to wait for a few more minutes until her bog brother got tired of playing.

    Eventually, they left poor Jayden alone ad he was free to roam the complex once more. With a prideful grin and his hands tucked firmly into his pockets the dread haired teen strides over to the bathroom, now needing to take a leek after all the excitement and the bottle of water he just downed fifteen minutes before. As he entered the men room and went over to one of the urinal he noticed to guys standing in front of a stall. Odd, all the other's were unoccupied... unless they wanted the person that was inside.

    "Hey, there's a bunch of other free spaces to take a piss, what's the point of crowding around that one for?"
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  3. The baseball team looked back at the pierced guy from school. They knew him alright, he was the scary guy that had rumors going around of him killing someone. The captain of the team snapped his teeth, looked at the stall that Keith was in and kicked it before him and his guys walked out. and eventually ran once getting out of the bathroom with the rest of the crowd. When Keith watched the shaking of the stall door stop he blinked and took his headphones off, everything was quiet when he exited the bathroom but there was still one guy. His name was Jayden, a student that Keith had seen every now and then around school. With his headphones around his neck he rubbed the back of his head, knowing the rumors as well. "Uh...Thanks..." Keith smirked slightly. "I probably would have been stuck in there for a really long time if it wasn't for you"

    he knew why the baseball players liked to pick on him. Keith never stuck up for himself like Jayden here would have probably done. Keith knew his strength though, he was weak and honestly couldn't hurt a fly. He was so quiet and alone, he had no friend so he was an easy target. His brightly colored hair wasn't a big help either. He got teased for it indeed.

    He looked at his Iphone, he had spent his time talking to Jayden for a bit and an overall long time hiding from the team. He waved bye to the pierced kid and as he walked out of the bathroom he went to put on his headphones but upon exiting, he only let them fall back around his neck. It was empty. The security guards that was standing by the exits was gone and everyone that crowded the food court had left their food and disappeared. Everything as if the people just vanished. When Jayden walked out, Keith was still standing by the exit of the bathroom, not even the team was anywhere in sight, no one was. "What the-" Keith mumbled
  4. Jayden narrowed his eyes as the Baseball team began to rethink their decision of beating up some kid in front of him. Hell, he was still taking his piss the whole time, not even bothering himself to get involved. he was known around the school, to be a bit a rampaging monster when mad. Everyone knew not to get on his bad side unless they wanted a few good teeth knocked out.

    As the baseball team left Jayden watched them the whole while, to be honest he never quiet liked any of those guys. they all seemed like ass holes. Sipping up his pants he then began to whistle as he washed them under the sink. There was a rattle that caught his attention which he soon realized was Keith. He knew all about this kid. Keith's parents made big bucks in their small little hick of a home town. Though, that wasn't the only reason why Jayden knew him. Like his father, Keith's mom was a lawyer. they worked together. So at times when Jayden showed up at his dad's work place he would see Keith's mom roaming around, another thing was that both boys were adopted into a family. SO it was easy to him in a crowd of people any day.

    The dreaded teen watched the red head with faint amusement as he thank him. "Nah, don't worry about it. Those guys are assholes, someone needed to put them in their place." He wiped off his hands and they chatted a bit more before Keith headed out first. Jayden was soon to follow but then his phone rang and on the other end was a small yet adorable voice of his little sister Gracie, one of the five other sisters he had. She demanded where he was and he had retained her strings. "In which he replied that he did and was coming home soon. With a huff she hung up on him and Jayden shook his head and laughed before waling out.

    Now the sight he saw after leaving the bathroom was strange. No one was there in the mall. Literally, it seemed the place had become a ghost town during the time he was in the bathroom. He heard Keith mutter and nods in agreement. "Shit, you know what must have happened? We were still in here during closing time."
  5. "In the middle of the day?" Keith mumbled, reaching to get his Ipod and clicking Pandora off so the loud music wasn't playing as he walked with Jayden through the food court and to the exit. "We just have to get-" He paused after attempting to push open the exit door. "The doors locked form the outside..." He looked around for signs of anyone that could possibly be the answer to this madness. it couldn't be closing time, everything wasn't clean, food and trays were still on the variety of tables that were neatly placed throughout the food court. Food and trays left as if people just got up and walked away from them. The janitors bucket laid in the corner and the mod was on the ground beside it. Something happened but Keith wasn't too sure how it got past them. He walked past the food court and to the hall way where the chain of stores stood, empty side by side. It was a big mall , no way everyone could be gone but it seemed as though they had.

    Keith walked through the halls, to another exit weather Jayden was following him or not. He peeked into the stores and looked at the multiple things that were knocked down, as if people rushed out, not caring what they hit on the way out. The cash registers were left open and the doors weren't closed. "No...There's no way it's closing time...everything would be locked down at least." he mumbled. Upon approaching the first of many fountains in the mall, he looked around, it was silent except for the water that was heard.

    keith looked to the right hall way that led to another exit and walked over a metal wall was in front of the glass door that should be there. Keith looked at it with his eyebrow raised. "Something's defiantly going on.." He mumbled.
  6. NAME: Marie "Jojo" Johnson

    AGE: Eighteen

    GRADE: Senior


    CRUSH: N/A

    PERSONALITY: Marie is quite the rebellious sort. She loves to cause trouble for others, and watch them try to fix the problems she had caused. One of her favorite things to do is light up a blunt and play video games or listen to some good music. When in doubt, Marie is probably planning against you. Though there are a few people she is loyal to, it takes time to gain that from her. She's known around school for being quite the troublemaker, and has been known to fight people for just giving her a bad look. She tends to flirt with men and women alike, but has never been seen in a relationship her whole life. She is quite blunt, and has a potty mouth, never keeping her thoughts to herself. She's not one to care if she hurts someones feelings, but she can be quite protective of those weaker than her. Though most people don't know it, she does have a soft side. She can also be quite temperamental and emotional.

    BIO/OTHER INFORMATION: Marie was born an only child to a wonderful and loving family in Wales. Though her parents were always quite supportive and kind, she somehow ended up as an angry and solemn child. She always got along well with her parents, and aced her way through school, even being admitted into advanced classes. Her parents were quite proud of her, but after she got caught by the cops for multiple offenses, her parents made her go to anger management classes, and therapy. At the beginning of highschool, her parents moved to Texas to start a'new.



    ~~Opening Post~~

    Marie had been standing in Spencers with an ear-bud in each ear, emerald eyes roaming over the display of shirts in front of her. She heard footsteps behind her, and quickly turned her head, noticing that the once full store was now empty, the cash registrar and displays in disarray. Her bow shaped lips formed a small frown, and she cocked a hip to the side, leaning against the display shelf. That was quite odd, but maybe there was some sort of sale going on in another store. Deciding to investigate, she reached out and snatched a black v-neck tee from a hanger next to her head, stuffing it into her large Prada purse, and strode out of the store. As she walked down the hall, she looked right and left, noticing all the other stores were empty as well. A ball of dread started to form in her stomach, but she kept her expression calm and stoic.

    If something bad was happening, she would get to the bottom of it and get out. She pulled out her earphones, swinging them over her shoulder. At that moment, she realized how quiet the mall had become. Gone was the sound of children's laughter, and the constant murmur of voices. Every second it seemed the situation was becoming worse. Her eyes narrowed as she noticed two figures standing near the exit She pulled at the edges of her black tank top, exposing more of her ample bosom, and threw on a flirty smile. People were more likely to answer questions for a pretty woman, and if that failed she'd beat them until they talked. She began to walk towards them, her heels clicking on the tile floor. It echoed in the halls, contrasting with the eerie silence that she had previously took note of.

    As she neared the two figures, she looked them over, registering the alarmed expression that decorated both of their faces. That was not good. Her steps became more purposeful as she got closer, and she waited until she stood a few feet from them to begin speaking. " 'Ey, you two know wut's goin' on? Where did e'eryone go?" Her Western European accent came out thicker than usual.The two boys looked familiar, she figured she had seen them in the school before. She just never really paid much attention unless it was someone she was attempting to ruin, or one of her so-called friends. She thrust a hand out, waiting for one of them to grab it and give it a shake. " 'm Marie. I don't know if we 'ave e're met before, but I t'ink we go to the same school." Though she tried to hide it, her tone conveyed the worry she felt.
  7. Jayden soon placed a hand under his chin and began his thinking stance. Keith was right about that, if the mall did close then the stores would have all packed shop for today. That wasn't the case. Everything was open....but no one was in. Not even the security guards he would usually be prowling the mall for any stragglers and kick them out. Very strange indeed.

    As Keith went and looked around Jayden stayed near the food court deciding that he'd do some look arounds himself. Just as he was about to jump over the counter of popeyes a voice caught his attention. Turning around he noticed a girl. she was real pretty, with short hair and all. Like the true observer he was Jayden knew instantly it was Marie from her voice. No one else in the school had one like hers. The accent was thick, but still pleasant to the ears. As she held out a hand he took it and they shook in greetings. "Jayden, and we don't know. I would say the mall has closed but that doesn't seem the case since everything is still on."
  8. Keith turned to look at the girl that had spoken to himself and Jayden. He watched jayden speak and keith only ended up nodding and walking a small distance away from them, him not being the type to talk to a female. He wasnt good with them. He sighed and dug his hands in his pocket, feeling the gift he had wedged in there. He blinked and pulled out his phone, flipping it on. He unlocked the screen and raised a brow. The service bar was down.

    Keith turned to face them. Their town only had one serivce tower to power signal for all cell phones and any connection, in general, to anyone else. Cause It was In the middle of practically no where, thats the only thing they had to provide everyone electronics that communicated with the everyone else.

    "Service is down..." he said. He looked around "could they be fixing the signal tower. ..." he mumbled. He shook his head, ruling out that scenario. " no... we would still have least a little bit. "
  9. Marie felt her insides curl when she heard Jayden speak, his voice was quite deep, and pleasant. As she looked him up and down, she took note of how handsome he was with caramel colored dreads, and gorgeous dark green eyes. She quickly pushed those thoughts away, paying attention to the situation at hand. She released his hand from their shake, flashing him a cheeky grin. She looked over the boy next to him as well, and he was quite the adorable individual. His bright red hair and child-like face gave him an innocent air, and for some reason she felt the need to playfully tease him like one would a good friend. At his comment, she felt her worry spike even more. "So, e'reyone is gone, but e'erything is open, and the ser'ice is down." She mused, pondering over the situation for a few seconds.

    She went over a number of possible situations, but none of them seemed to make any sense. Why would everyone leave the mall, yet everything still be operating? With that thought came the realization that the whole mall was open game. She could be as wild as she wanted, do whatever she wanted. The mall was like an open canvas, just waiting to be painted on. She peaked at the boys through her thick black lashes, wondering if they would be up for causing some chaos in the mall. Most likely not, and they didn't know her so there was no reason to trust doing something like that with her. For all they knew, she could be some undercover cop on a reality TV show or some shit. Though, if they thought that then they overestimated her age by a lot. "Wut are ya' two plannin' on doin'?" She asked, her tone curious. " 'M contemplatin' just fuckin' shit up real good I am." She commented, letting out a soft melodious laugh. "But don' tell on me, 'ight?" She teased, giving a playful wink.
  10. Jayden blinked at her words. he wasn't thinking to much of going crazy in this place, he was more concerned of getting out then jacking everything up, but now.. it had a certain interest in it he couldn't refuse. He placed his fingers against his chin and went into his thinking pose once more. Which all too soon disturbed by his stomach, which emitted a loud growling noise. "Well since we're on the subject, why not? There's no one here to stop us." With that Jayden took off to the counter of popeye's chicken and hopped over it with the simplest of ease, his only motive for right now was getting some tasty grub in his mouth.

    He had never been behind the counter of a fast food restaurant but he was now glad he got the chance to. Everything looked odd and a bit foreign so finding the food was a bit more challenging then expected. That didn't stop him, Jayden was a keen observer so it only took him at least fifteen minutes to find it and the cajuns fries. With a lick at his lips he collected as much as he could into a take out box and went back to the counter looking at the other two. "Who want's some? There's a shit load in fryer. They won't know we ate most of it."
  11. Marie placed her palm over her mouth, attempting to cover the laughter that was escaping. He was quite the interesting individual, that was for sure. Both of the boys were, though the other seemed slightly more withdrawn. She leaned forward on the counter, quirking a single brow. "I'll take some fries please, sir." She said, in a falsely sweet tone. " 'Ow much would 'at be?" She asked playfully. "Sike, gi' me all the fries 'n nobody get 'urt." She made finger gun, pointing it at the boy, and making shooting motions. " 'N gimmie some shrimp too, 'ight?" She let out a small chuckle, lowering her hands next to her sides. "Maybe this i'nt as bad as I thought." She mused. The freedom was quite nice, as was the lack of strangers voices echoing over the halls. Though, she had to admit, the silence was a bit unsettling. She tried not to focus on it much, but her mind kept going back to it.

    She glanced around the mall, feeling her brows furrow. It was such such an odd situation, and though the freedom was nice, she sort of wished she wasn't in the mall right now. There were good sides and bad sides to every situation, that she well knew. At the moment, this situation seemed to have more pros than cons, but that could change in an instant. The idea that even the phone didn't have service was a large con, but that meant that there probably wasn't people watching them right now, giving the chance to cut loose. "Wut do ya' two t'ink about the situation?" She asked. "I feel like I wunt to throw a revolution." She raised fist into the air, grinning. "Yes!"
  12. As the two took off, keith couldnt help but to stop and think about what was goin on. He looked up to see the two had disappeared. He ran to the fountain and looked from left to right and seen them running off to the food court. " oh no..." he sighed and followed them, upon reaching the dast food joint the girl stood at, he groaned as they laughed. Looking around, he now knew he was the only one worried. "Guys I dont thibk we should be doing this. Its stealing " he said, stepping up to the counter to make sure jayden heard him. He had a bad feeling, a feeling that grew at the pit of his stomach. His foster dad would not like this if he were here and thats how keith saw every situation.

    Keith was the paranoid goody-two-shoes. He followed everything by the book and nothing ever got past him if he were to think that it was unusual. He examined everything closely and knew everything happened for a reason, bad or good and this was definatly not good. " guys shouldn't we look for a way out this has to be serious if the cops didnt even have the time to look everywhere to make sure EVERYONE. Was out." He watched jayden come back with food and keith groaned and frustrated like groan and smacked his face "guys!" He shook jaydens arm "shouldn't we at least go see if anyone else got trapped?"

    Who was he kidding, these two were obviously delinquets and there wad no way they would pass up an opportunity to take shit without cops or security so there was a strong possibility they were going to take advantage of this. He hsd to figure it out by himself. Annd for being a straight A student whos major is to be a P.I , this was going to be easy. He took off from the food court, weather they would follow or not
  13. Marie switched her attention to Keith, watching the distressed expression covering his face. He was obviously as innocent as he looked, and didn't like the fact that her and Jayden were causing some disorder. She held up a single slim finger, attempting to gain the boys attention. "Okay, I get ya' point. Maybe we should do somet'in', like check if 'ere is any'un else." She poked out her plump bottom lip, forming a pout with her lips. "I wus' just tryin' to 'ave a little fun, ya'know?" She crossed her arms over her chest, realizing pleading her case to him was a futile effort. "Fine, let's go lookin' an' see if we fin' any o'er people." Her eyes followed him as he stormed off, and she let out a small huff of breath. She didn't know what was his problem, but she wasn't going to let his attitude get her mood down.

    There was a chance this wasn't a good situation, but she wasn't the type to wallow in despair. She stayed positive until things had no other way of looking up. If she didn't, well, she'd probably be more of a mess than she already was. Most people didn't understand her way of thinking, but she learned at a young age that the way to control her anger was to stay as positive as possible, no matter what was going on. She learned to distract herself from all difficult situations, because anger was a very close step to depression, and she wasn't going down that road. It hadn't made any sense to other kids, or her therapist. She had been blessed with such a happy childhood, yet she had come out so angry and hateful, filled with a sort of mind numbing despair. When she had discovered the power of distancing herself, of having fun in the cheap wild things instead of wallowing in what could go wrong, she had found a sort of addicting pain numbing. She exhaled once more, glancing over at Jayden. "Wunt 'ta follow 'im?" She asked, flashing him a playful grin. "If 'ere is more people, then that could mean more fun. We could all throw a party or some'in"
  14. Sorry for not posting, school got me caught up for a second then i was feeling really sick yesterday))

    Jayden nods, which almost seemed like a bow. "Yes m'lady." he then smiled with her, this girl was nice. As the bad guy around school Jayden didn't have much friends, not that it ever bothered him being sort of an outcast, people would still come to talk to him whenever, and with fourteen other brothers and sisters he never really felt alone or deserted. Though it was nice having people his age to converse with. As he and Marie were playing take out he noticed Keith rushing over, a panicked expression on his face. He nagged them bout not stealing then stormed away. Jayden only raised a brow in response. That kid had some serious issue when having fun.

    He turned his attention to Marie who look equally confused then shrugged as she asked him if they should follow him. “I guess, but I’m still taking this food, believe it or not I haven’t eating since breakfast and I need some serious grub in my stomach if you guys expect me to keep my attitude in check." Stepping over the counter Jayden followed behind Keith ripping apart a piece of chicken leg before slowing and holding his box of food out to Marie. “Want some? I mean, I know stealing is wrong and all, but if we can't get out of this place it's eventually going to happen.”
  15. Marie covered her mouth, hiding the small smile twitching at her lips. Did he just call her ma’am? He was actually pretty adorable, with his mischievous attitude and playful manner. She wondered why they had never spoken before, but it was most likely because they ran in different crowds. She crossed her arms over her chest, and arched back on her heels, raising a questioning brow at his comment. “Ya’ haven’t eaten all day?” She asked, teeth sinking into her plump bottom lip in a nervous gesture. She shook her head, answering her own question. “I don’ think we’ll be ‘ere that long. It’s most likely jus’ an issue wit’ the electricity or somethin’. So ya’ can probably get some actual food soon.” Even to her own ears, she sounded like she was grasping at straws with that idea. When one really thought about it, the fact they were stuck in a mall with no cell service by themselves was something out of one of those horror films she favored so much.

    Realizing she had been lost in thought, and Jayden already began following Keith, she jogged after them. Once she caught up with them, she slowed down, exhaling an exhausted breath. She had no idea where they were heading, but hopefully Keith had a plan of some sort since they were both following him. She glanced at Jayden from the corner of her eye, wondering what he thought of this whole ordeal. He seemed like a pretty laid-back person, like her. Maybe he was not worried at all, or maybe he was just very good at hiding it. Either way, she doubted he would tell them what was on his mind. When he spoke again, offering her some of his food, she could not help but chuckle. “Believe me, stealing somethin’ is the last thing ‘m gonna feel bad about.” She held up a hand, rejecting his offer of food. “If ya’ hadn’t eaten then ya’ need the food more than I do.”
  16. Jayden smiled at her sudden lack of breath, she must have not realized he had ran off after Keith and was lagging behind. Though he wouldn't say anything unless she self conscious about that type of thing. The offering of food was turned down, but he gotten a response to his earlier comment which made him grunt slightly as he took a fry into his mouth. "Same here, besides it's not like they won't get another shipment of whatever we take next week or so. Most of the crap they sell here come from sweat shops in foreign countries anyway, as bad as that sounds. They try to deny it but that shit doesn't fool me." As he took another fry he then looked at her. "Reminds me, what where you doing when everyone disappeared? Did you see anyone leave or what? I was taking a leak and Keith almost got bagged on by the baseball team in the bathroom, so we didn't catch a glimps of anything..." Jayden was going to say more but was cut off by a ringing in his pants. with a pause in his steps Jayden pulled out his phone and watched as thing went off to sleep. It was dead, but luckily he still had his Ipod which was fully charged. he couldn't text anyone, but at least his music wasn't taken away from him. With a little shrug he tucked it back into his pocket and kept moving.
  17. (It's cool. It was my birthday this weekend so I wasn't posting anything either)

    Keith groaned irritably. He wasn't getting anywhere and even though they had just started the search, he felt as if he was getting no where. He went store by store, calling out to see if anyone happened to be hiding inside while the other two waited for him to return, just to watch him go into the next. He came out of Hallmark and looked around, from left to right he looked all down the long hallway of stores and places he had to search. He thought about this decision to look for other people, for a small town, this mall was seeming to be huge now that he had to look everywhere possible. As he walked to the next store his mind kept trailing back to what was going on. It was odd that the service tower was down and all of a sudden, everything was abandoned. He stopped and looked around , attempting to find an idea of what in the hell was going on. He cursed to himself, everything he had thought, he was at a dead end.

    "The hell are we suppose to do it now?!"

    Keith had a bad feeling all of a sudden. The deep voice in the distance sent a tingle up his spine and even though they were looking for people that got trapped here as well, his best bet was to wait it out. He looked to the others, surely they heard the voice, coming from around the corner, down another hall way. He grabbed Jaydens wrist with one hand and surely the girl would have caught on when Jayden and him had went into HotTopic. "Shut up and don't say anything" He whispered as he dragged them behind the counter that faced the exit. One thing he learned from his foster dad was to never be too sure. He didn't want to approach the voices off tops cause, god knows who the hell they are. The idea that he never thought of, the possibility that never came to mind was a robbery.

    He lifted his head out from behind the counter and he looked at the three men who stood in black, from this view he could see only one guy hold a gun and the other two's hands were out of view. He dropped back down behind the counter and his eyes scanned the floor in front of him, lost in thought.

    "That's why the service tower is down" He whispered to himself. He looked to Jayden "The service tower is down so the robbers couldn't communicate with anything on the outside. The malls being Robbed and I think I have an Idea of what they're going for"
  18. As much as Jayden wanted to admit it, the idea of staying in the mall seemed to bore him, the guy was known to burn a lot of energy and see that he got bored easily and the mall was pretty small. he'd want out before sun rise. As they walked for seemed a bit over five minutes Jayden was already done with his box of food, seeing as most of it were fries. A wiped off his hands and dumped the trash in the rightful place before continuing treking behind Keith, wondering exactly where the guy was headed. The mall wasn't to big as they ventured from one store to another, soon they ended up waking almost to the end of the first floor. "What the hell are we doing exactly Keith?" Jayden looked at the red head for some answers but was met then a sudden pulling at his arm, which Jayden also did to Marie, as they were lead into HotTopic. Another question was hot a ready to fly out of the dread heads mouth but he stayed silent when Keith told him to and stayed crouched with him and Marie to the floor behind the counter in the store light store.

    It didn't take long for Jayden to start hearing the voices from outside. Some one was here but who? Robbers? That's what Keith said. "Well, that explains a lot....." he grumbled her looking quickly himself then looking at Keith. "Well what now? We can't exactly do a thing with those guns they're packing and unless we can come with a way to distract them all at one time and rush 'em."

    As much as Jay liked to fight, he wasn't one for being shot any where on his person no time soon.
  19. Marie had gotten lost in thought, forgetting to reply to Jayden's question of where she had been when everything had gone down. Instead, she was caught thinking of what she was going to do, stuck with two people she did not even know. Either of them could be a snitch, or some type of weirdo. She knew which one would fit each of those categories. It was odd because as straight laced as Keith was, she did not feel as annoyed as she usually would with someone like him. It was most likely because of his appearance. He did not look like a snitch. With his red hair and young looking face he looked more like a adorable kid than a stuck up little fuck. She had the feeling he was displeased with both her and Jayden, but he had not said anything admitting the fact yet.

    Maybe he didn't dislike them, he just disapproved of their choices. She should try and take him with her on one of her walks one day, they could wreak havoc. He would see how much fun it was to cut loose. Even Jayden could come along and help. She sure would not mind hanging out with him more. She was pulled out of her musings by someone wrapping their fingers around her arm. Her eyes widened as they knelt behind the counter at Hot Topic. She opened her mouth to ask what was going on when Keith commented on how he had heard the voice of what he assumed was a robber. It seemed Jayden thought so too. She held back an argument, deciding to wait and see what would happen. "So Robbers, 'ey?" She mused. "This fuckin' sucks." She refused to admit she was slightly afraid. Her hands shook slightly, and she tucked them in her lap.
  20. The hell was he suppose to do now? He looked at the other two as they both stared out at the robbers who were standing in front of the store. The girl was obviously nervous and Jayden was lost, so was he. They were lost on what to do. They couldn't call for help and they couldn't get out of hot topic unless the robbers had moved somewhere else or someone caused a distraction. It was annoying. He looked around and all he had seen was just merchandise. Nothing useful. He had to think of a way to get out of this and somehow get a hold of the police He looked to the wall of T-shirts and smirked at the 3 Doors Down all black one. Fuckin hate that band he thought. He looked back to the robbers outside who were cursing at the sound of the busy dial tone that was on speaker.. His eyes widened, he had no idea where the connection came from but it hit him like a brick. "...doors...roof.." he looked to Jayden and Marie "We have to find the door to the roof. There are bound to have the police outside if they shut down the mall. if we can get to the roof, we can get their attention."

    Now that they had a plan, they had to figure out three things; Where was the door to the roof, what they were gonna do to grab their attention, and how are they going to get there without letting the robbers see them. Three things that they had to find out in order to get the hell otu of here. Then there was still the issue of the other people that might have been trapped in here. They had no choice. He had to worry about himself. He shook his head. "Any ideas on distraction wise?" he asked the two
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