TRAPPED - a GONE role play (Bramble and Beel)

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  1. Based off of the GONE novel series by Micheal Grant

    A one on one for myself and Bramble~


    "We all knew in that one moment, when our history teacher vanished before our eyes, that life at Perdido Beach would never be the same again."

    No teachers, no cops, noo bossy adults or parents to tell you what to do; it's a child's dream. But when life as you know it ends at 15, how can anything be the same again?

    Welcome to the FAYZ.

    (We can use and post up Charries our own forms here)
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  2. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Kittiana Harmony Baker
    Nicknames: Tia, Tiana, Kitty.
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: August 14th
    Nationality: American.
    Origin: Colorado.

    Appearance: Kitty is a petite, delicate looking girl with a bit of a tan from her time in California and a light dusting of tiny brown freckles across her nose. A slim, reasonably fit girl due to her dance, Kitty is beginning to get her curves, though they aren't yet too prominent and she seems especially young when compared to her sister, who is only a year older. Kitty's big brown eyes give her an innocent look, as does the way that she styles her hair; really, her appearance reflects her innocent, pure, and almost child-like nature.

    Personality: Kitty is a soft-spoken, well-mannered girl who is always polite no matter the circumstances. She works hard and you could say she's a bit of an over-achiever, but she doesn't really get an opportunity to boast about it because she's home-schooled; more on that later. Sweet and friendly, Kitty does her very best to get along with everyone she meets, brushing off insults and constantly turning the other cheek; she's a strong Christian, a vegetarian, and also considers herself a pacifist. Having been brought up in s rather old fashioned family, Kitty has some firm beliefs regarding many different things and is also a very modest girl in the way she behaves and dresses; easily embarrassed, she'll blush at almost anything.

    History: Kitty was born in a small town in Colorado roughly a year after her parents' first child, a girl named Katherine. All throughout her early childhood, Kitty was practically the perfect child, obedient, polite, and very kind. Her sister, in contrast, was a bit of a troublemaker and was usually cruel to Kitty, who forgave her no matter what out of sisterly affection. In fact, this one sided affection was so strong that when Kathy was eventually shipped off to a boarding school for 'troubled' children, Kitty couldn't bear to be so far apart from her sister and moved to a town near the school, Perdido Beach, to live with her grandmother; Kitty tried the public school but didn't quite fit in and ended up being homeschooled by her grandmother.
  3. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Katherine Diligence Baker
    Nicknames: Kat, Kathy, RiRi.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: July 8th
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Colorado.

    Appearance: Kathy is a rather tall, long-legged girl with prominent curves and the facial structure of a model. She hardly looks fourteen, and people tend to have a hard time believing her age; she used to get mistaken for her mother's friend whenever the two went shopping together. With thick brown hair and hazel eyes framed by long lashes, Kathy is an alluring sort of girl and she knows it, so tread carefully around her.

    Personality: Kathy is a wicked, cruel girl. From what has been seen, she is all about her and believes that the world is 'every man for himself'. You can't ever count on her because she'll only back the winning side and is a fickle girl, changing her mind in a heartbeat and leaving you in the dust. With a reputation for being a manipulative heartbreaker, it's obvious that Kathy is aware of her attractive appearance and she certainly uses it to her advantage; she just has a way of making people like putty in her hands. So far, not many people have seen even the slightest trace of remorse in her and many doubt that she cares at all for other people, leading her parents to call her a sociopath.

    History: Kathy was born to Mitchel and Melissa Baker, a businessman and an aspiring model. She grew up in Colorado and from a young age it was clear that something was wrong with her, something dark in her eyes, something unsettling about that grin she gave you when she wanted something. Her babysitters never wanted to come back unless it was just her sister they were taking care of. When Kathy turned twelve, she started hanging around the wrong people and began to get angrier more easily; she eventually pushed her mother down a flight of stairs in a blind rage, leaving her with several severe injuries, and was shipped off to Coates Academy. It's rumoured that something else triggered her parents to send her away, but she keeps her family life private.
  4. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Penelope Ariana Grace

    Nicknames: Penny, Pen, Ellie.

    Age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Birthday: September 16th

    Nationality: British

    Origin: Newquay, Cornwall, England.

    Appearance: Penny is a tanned girl of average height, average weight, and average curvy-ness. She has long, thick, caramel coloured hair with a few streaks of brown and light blonde and a boxy fringe that covers her eyebrows. Her eyes are a mixture of blue and green, coincidentally her favourite colour, and although her eyelashes are brown they appear black due to the mascara she wears.

    Personality: Penny is a creative, intelligent young girl who is rather inventive and uses to her initiative. However, despite this, she is still rather dependent on her older sister as she can be shy and a little bit drowsy. Despite her dependency on her sister, Penny is still the more responsible one and looks out for her sister whenever she can. Usually, Penny is welcoming and friendly to the people she meets, but she is difficult at sensing the evil in others; it runs in the family.

    History: Penny was born in Newquay, where her mother was visiting her family, as that was coincidentally her birthplace as well. A premature baby, Penny was in intensive care for a while, but doesn't have any medical problems to show for it today. For the majority of her life, Penny has lived in America with her sister, who looked after her when she turned eleven and began to feel something was wrong. Whenever Penny sleeps, she sees flashes of future events that leave her sweating and frightened; it took her a while, but she realised that she was actually sort of foretelling the future. Of course, nobody believed her and thought she was having a breakdown. When Lotta was sent away, everything got worse and eventually Penny's parents sent her away too because they deemed her crazy and too much effort. Needless to say, their family bond was never strong.
  5. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Carlotta Elizabeth Grace
    Nicknames: Carlie, Lotta, Blondie.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 14th
    Origin: Los Angeles.
    Nationality: American.

    Appearance: Lotta is an average sized girl with a lightly toned figure and decent curves, at least for her age. Despite living in sunny areas for most of her life, Lotta has skin like porcelain due to staying indoors; she doesn't like getting too hot, and nobody knows why. Her bright blue eyes and natural light blonde hair make her almost seem like a living doll; you either love her look or hate it.

    Personality: Lotta is a naive and hopelessly romantic girl who can't seem to tell the difference between love and manipulation. Though the eldest of her siblings, Lotta is a bit ditzy and not exactly the kind that you can guarantee to be there for you and act maturely. Emotional and somewhat theatrical, Lotta can be a little over the top and is very sensitive. This is all the outside, though; there's more depth to this girl than meets the eye.

    History: Lotta was born in Los Angeles, where she did a little modelling from the age of four years old. She was always rather close to her sister, Penny, though the younger girl seemed to look after Lotta more than vice-versa. When she was eleven, Lotta began to fall in with the wring crowd and eventually ended up with a slightly abusive and aggressive boyfriend. After a series of events, she was eventually shipped off to boarding school; her parents claimed that it was because she was getting out of control, but it was also partially to protect her.
  6. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Alexa ‘Jade’ Nightly
    Nickname: Lexi, Lex, or Al
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 21
    st November
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Perdido Beach, California
    Ability: pyrokenisis
    School: public

    Appearance: Alexa has long, blonde, hair which reaches just past the bottom of her shoulder blades and is normally worn down (and occasionally with a black cap). She has quite, bright, blue eyes which glisten with intrigue in the sun. Despite living in California most of her life, Alexa is rather pale as her mother was originally British and her farther, Californian, landing her inheriting her mother’s genes. She generally sees herself as a bit of a tomboy and, because of this, tends to wear a lot of checked shirts paired with ripped jeans of some kind or other. She likes to wear quite big black boots/shoes and finds anything else ‘simple a pain to wear’
    Personality: Alexa generally keeps to herself. This isn’t for reasons like some people my expect; if you were to get to know her you’d find her delightful, sarcastic and generally annoyed easy but delightful all the same. She tends to make light of the situation though takes everything seriously and is very quick when it comes to thinking on her feet.
    History: Alexa has lived in Perdido Beach her entire life although she had to move when she was 9 due to a ‘freak’ accident involving her step-farther. She doesn’t like to speak of what happened and is the reason she kept to herself all these years. The only person who she ever befriended was Blake Grey.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Darla-Marie Belle
    Nicknames: Darla, Belle.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 17th April
    Origin: Texas
    Nationality: American

    Appearance: Dara is a tall, long-legged, curvy girl with a caramel skin tone and bright green eyes. She usually wears her loosely curled brown hair in a half up, half down style with part of her hair in a messy bun. Darla is a little curvier than most simply because she doesn't like the idea of exercise and samples all of her cooking; the girl works in a bakery, what do you expect?

    Personality: Darla is happy-go-lucky and extremely optimistic, almost annoyingly so. She is almost constantly bright and cheerful, but also a little patronising and sarcastic. Very good with children, lots of the town know her because she babysits their children and siblings sometimes.

    History: Darla lived in Texas until she was seven and has retained an accent because of her family. She dropped out of school at the age of eleven and keeps up with her education at home, just scraping through her exams and such as she hates school with a passion. She works in her family's bakery/cafe most of the time, babysitting in her spare time; she does what she loves.
  8. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Leonardo Alexander McCormack
    Nicknames: Leo, Dori
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 9th November
    Origin: Perdido Beach, California
    Nationality: American

    Appearance: Leo is a slightly scrawny boy of thirteen with the lanky look of a boy who grew very tall very quickly and didn't put on the weight to even things out. His skin is rather pale and he has a light dusting of freckles across his arms and cheeks. With hazel eyes and brown hair, he isn't exactly striking, but he isn't that bad looking either.

    Personality: A quiet boy, Leo keeps to himself a lot and rarely interacts with others. He doesn't talk much and expresses himself mostly through painting, sketching, and poetry; he has an obvious talent for art. Quick thinking and intelligent, Leo gets through class with ease but remains under the radar by being quiet and sitting at the back.

    History: Leo grew up in the town of Perdido Beach with his grandmother, as his father left his mother before he was born and his mother died in childbirth. Aside from being orphaned, Leo had an ordinary childhood with nothing extraordinary to mention.
  9. [​IMG]
    Full Name: Lupus Orion Fallentin
    Nicknames: He hates them.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 19th December
    Origin: Miami, Florida
    Nationality: American

    Appearance: Lupus is a tall, well built boy with tanned skin and a strong jawline. He has dull blue eyes that he doesn't let betray his emotions and messy blonde hair.

    Personality: Lupus is quiet and anti-social with a lot of aggression that he takes out through his boxing. Some might say that he's a bit of a bully, but he argues that he just intimidates people to get them to leave him alone.
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Blake Emma Grey
    Nickname: Lakey or B
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 16, May
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Perdido Beach, California
    Ability: none
    School: public

    Appearance: Long, curly, black, hair with a full fringe which stops just above her eyes. She has quite light, vibrant blue eyes and a slight tan to her skin. She is often seen to be wearing miniskirts and tight tops which will generally read something like 'nothing to wear'. Often wears converse shoes.

    Personality: Blake is often seen as being a little dizzy and can be distracted easily but always there beside you when you need a friend and is great to talk to

    History: Blake has lead a rather, what we’d perhaps consider to be, normal life. She lives with her mother, farther and baby brother, Henry who is autistic. As a child she used to play with Leonardo McCormack as her mother used to help his grandparents by taking care of him every so often but this had to stop more or less when they had Henry due to the amount of support he needs. Blake has never really hated her younger brother but ever since he came she sort of found herself getting pushed out of the way a little making her sometimes feel a little bitter towards him despite how much she actually cares for him. Her brother has caused some trouble for their family n the past; disappearing unexpectedly and somehow always ending up in the living room with the cookie jar despite the cupboard doors always remaining locked and high out of his reach. Let’s just say he’s a rather peculiar child.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Name Henry: 'John' Grey
    Nickname: Little Heni
    Age: 5
    Birthday: 18 June
    Nationality: American
    Origin Perdido beach, California.
    Ability: not really known
    School: doesn't attend
    Appearance: Henry has short, curly, brown, hair, large blue eyes and a slight hint of a tan. He is often seen in a plain, grubby red top and some denim jeans.
    Personality: as he is autistic Henry doesn't say much or fully understand a lot of what goes on around him. If he'll listen to anyone it's generally his older sister, Blake. So the only real way to describe his personality is quite.
    History: (refer to Blake’s)
  12. [​IMG]

    Name: Amanda 'Kerri' McFarlane.
    Nickname: doesn't have one but if she did it'd be Mandy. People generally use her nickname to annoy her.
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 29, February
    Nationality: American
    Origin: England
    Ability: to create illusions
    School: Coates
    Appearance: Amanda had long, orangey, hair which presses down her back and is generally straight. She has quite piercing green eyes which can be quite stunning to look at and quite pale skin which makes both her hair and eyes seem brighter. Clothing wise she prefers to dress not only for aesthetics but also comfort so is normally found wearing, a white, plain jumper, black vest tops and red jeans.
    Personality: Amanda is found to be cunning, sharp, a little mad but can come across completely normal. No one really fully understands her
    History: Amanda hates her mom as she's a drink and drug abuser. Her mum is the one who also called her Mandy and is why she hates the name. As a child she lived in England until she was about 4. She never knew or even met her dad as her mum had gotten pregnant with her after a one night stand. In fact, she used to live with her mum until she was about 9. Then when social services found out what was happening they moved her to an orphanage then to Coates when she became too much to handle.
  13. [​IMG]

    Name: Ella ‘Georgina’ Jones
    Nickname: El or Ellie
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 23, March
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Vargas, Nevada
    Ability: to spontaneously regenerate
    School: none
    Appearance: Ella has short, brown hair which is generally very messy. She has sharp, green eyes and a sort of beauty spot beneath her right eye. She usually wears a jumper with either a comic book character; her favourite being captain America, or some Disney quote.
    Personality: Ella is generally fun to be around with her 'quirky' style and sense of humour but after turning 12 she changed a little and started dating the wrong guy who she ended up stealing liquor from her parents for.
    History: sort of already explained but basically, she was caught with the bottle and was shipped off to live with her uncle in Perdido Beach for a time.
  14. [​IMG]

    Name: Wade ‘Harrison’ Newby
    Nickname: Wing
    Age: 14
    Birthday: 21 November
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Perdido beach, California
    Ability: telekinesis
    School: Coates
    Appearance: Wade has longish black hair, the front of which is usually styled up into a quiff. He has blue eyes which, although alluring, have an almost unsettling feel to them. He has quite pale skin and often wears a white shirt and black jeans.
    Personality: Wade is very possessive, controlling and a bit of a power freak. He likes to keep everything ordered and likes to have a hold over everything. He has a very childish view; effectively being king.
    History: Wade grew up with adoptive parents in California. As he grew older his parents began to become unsettled by his behavior and as he dipped in and out of different schools for one appalling reason to another they decided it'd be best to send him to Coates academy before someone got really hurt.
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  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Rosamund Heather Jones
    Nicknames: Rose, Rosie
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: 23 March
    Origin: Vargas, Nevada

    Appearance: Rosie is a petite, pale girl with black hair that makes her skin even lighter in contrast. Her eyes are brown with flecks of green and she usually enhances them with some sort of dramatic eye makeup.

    Personality: Rosie is a little distant and usually daydreaming, humming along to songs and sometimes even miming the piano keys she'd be pressing. With her obsession for music and all things Disney, she's a little quirky.

    History: Rosie had an ordinary childhood but was recently senta way from home with her sister to visit an uncle and erase 'bad habits'.
  16. [​IMG]

    Name James: Kenny Anderson
    Nickname: doesn't really have one
    Age: 13
    Birthday: 23 September
    Nationality: American
    Origin: Brazil
    Ability: to imitate another person’s power when around them
    School: Coates
    Appearance: dirty, curly blonde hair, which is slightly on the long side. He has soft, brown, oaken, eyes which come across as being very inviting and warm. He generally likes to wear, checked shirts and jeans, paired up with a hoodie.
    Personality: James comes across as a nice guy and, for the most part, he is but there’s a little more to him than meets the eye. James has a darker side, one that he doesn’t let out much but that boy has one hell of a rage on him when he gets angry. It’s best to keep out of his way. After all, he does attend Coates academy
    History: James grew up in his parents’ house until they divorced. He then moved with his mother to Perdido Beach at the age of 8. At first, he attended the public school but after getting angry at a kid for stealing his fork at dinner, he had an anger outbreak and began punching the guy. The school told his mum he could no longer attend there and she sent him off to Coates’s Academy.
  17. [​IMG]

    Name Robbie Thomas Jephardson
    Nickname Rob, Robbin
    Age 14
    Birthday 2 July
    Nationality American
    Origin Perdido Beach, California
    Ability teleportation
    School Coates
    Appearance: Robbin has messy, blonde hair which is on the long side. He has blue eyes and a strong jaw. He is generally found wearing rather plain clothes such as a plain black T and grey, baggy trousers.
    Personality: Robbie is smart, a little cocky and can be rather sarcastic.
    History: Not much is really known about Robbie, just that he got into a lot of trouble stealing as a kid but wasn’t caught until about the age of 12 when a CCTV camera caught him in the act.
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  18. Coates Academy

    Kathy tapped her pencil against her desk repeatedly, keeping in time with the ticks of the clock on the wall. The task was mundane, but more exciting than listening to the steady drone of the history teacher; he was totally botching the story, too, it was supposed to be awesome and gory. Bored, she closed her eyes for just a moment longer than a blink, opened them, and...
    He was gone. The drone has stopped. And there was nobody stood pointing to the map on the board.
    "This just became worth my attention." She remarked.

    Alexa was in class when it happened. She was sat daydreaming about how when she got home she'd be able to start painting again and was fantasising about how it would look. Of course, it never turned out the way she wanted but it was fun the think that one day it might.
    "Lex." Alexa suddenly snapped out of her daydream and turned her attention to the front of the class and the voice that had called to her. But, of course, it hadn't been Mr Sissons, when had Mr Sissons ever called her Lex?
    "Huh?" Alexa replied, sounding almost half asleep. Blake Grey, Alexa's one and possibly only friend sat beside her. She was the one who'd called her Lex.
    "Lex, you saw that, right?" she asked worriedly. Saw what? Alexa asked herself although she'd meant to say it out loud. Then she suddenly realised that there was no Mr Sissons talking morbidly at the front of the class.
    "Where'd Mr Sissons go?" she asked What she didn't realise was that was the question on everyone's lips.
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  20. Ella was sat by the window of the truck. It was rolled down the full way, wind gushing in through the gap it left empty. She didn't see why they had to come all the way out here. She remembered living here as a little child and also remembered how boring it was without TV or anything remotely technological.
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