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    The Arrival

    Massive Hall.png
    It was a truly massive hall, split into a hundred 100 m² zones colored blue, orange, green or black. All around the place various creatures, mostly humanoid, were present. In the distance some half way up the 100 m tall walls of the place a large terrace, was present, and filled with mostly humans and some small levitating creatures that were to far away to recognize. From the large doors in the back of the terrace large robotic drones exited constantly and flew around the hall. The columns which supported this massive installation were 5 meters in radius and around them a complex magical flux flew from the top of the installation down into the floor. Still it remained a mystery; how and why have you been transported to this place.
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  2. Jinx was sitting reading a book, while her sister Jax was shadow boxing. "Jinx, Why are we here?" Jinx slammed her book closed "I already answered this Jax. I-Do-Not-Know." Jax bowed in apology. Jinx raised her hand keeping the pinky and thumb inwards signaling she forgave her. "But, I'm getting tired of sitting around it doesn't feel right." Jax looked at her sister. "I Know." whatever memory they had left was of them fighting. Jax looked around for a suitable competitor. "Sis, How do you piss someone off?" Jinx sighed knowing what her sister was about to do. "Certain things that annoy them. Constant questions. Physical touching. Blood. Eating with your mouth open." "I see." Jax sat next to her sister and took a nap. "I'll deal with it later."
  3. A man who is face down on his stomach wakes up in the middle of the hall. He groans and turns onto his back. The first thing he see's droids flying through the air, he was fascinated by it and he stayed there watching it for a while. He knew that they were called droids and started to remember what simple things were like floor, walls etc.... He knew his name was Scrubz but then he drew blanks.

    He sat up suddenly with his hands on his head "remember.....please remember" but he couldn't then he realized his surroundings other creatures and humanoid's are staring at him as they pass. He quickly found out why, he wasn't wearing any clothes apart from a pair of boxers "Oh for f" he stopped mid-sentence and took a deep breath, his eyes dotting around the floor trying to work something out.

    Scrubz didn't know what to do but he needed clothes any clothes. He looked up and down the hall, nothing made sense. He thought he chance it and run down the hall till he found something. He climbed up on to his feet and about to take a step to run when it looked like he disappeared.

    Scrubz was already at the end of the long hall, he ran straight into the wall and he fell onto his back "Ow" was the only words which came out of his mouth
  4. Norah
    Norah had no idea where she was, but this sure as hell was not her room where she fell asleep yesterday. Around her were a lot of other people who seemed equally, if not more confused then her.
    Its not like she didn't hear of this, people with teleportation powers sometimes activated their abilities while asleep and sent someone across the globe, stuff like that happened now and then. However she was sure she would know of a building that looks like... this.
    There were robotic drones flying around the place, and she was certain the columns were held up by some sort of ability. She would inquiry with some of the other people in the... room, but she was not sure some of these were even Human.

    Being a Shinigami was generally a depressive and repetitive job. Go there, kill that person, go to the other place, kill that guy too. However it had its days. And this seemed like one of those days. Luna was just on her well deserved 5-minute-break-nap when she appeared at this place. She knew Humans were sometimes spirited away, but for a Shinigami to be spirited away was pretty weird. Moreover around here were a lot of ... people. Some were Human, but some almost looked like Youkai. She gets off of the floor and looks around, these strange metallic things were flying around and looking to the distance she could see a terrace. Maybe there were some answers there? She was certain she could move there, but she decided to wait, since her break was over the Yamas will come looking for her soon anyway.

    Inazuma was just resting after a sortie when it happened.
    She wasn't sure what exactly happened, but when she woke up she was not in the naval yards anymore, and not to mention around her were a lot of unknown people, and creatures. Luckily it would seem she was near the wall of the ... room. So she did not draw that much attention, well as much as a girl armed with cannons could avoid attention.
    Her eyes darted around the room, the area was large, she was often in the naval yards and saw the drydocks where the battleships were produced, but this building easily outsized them. The columns alone were massive. With all of these people she could only wonder why was she here, but she couldn't immediately spot any other members of the Combined Fleet.
  5. Jax's eyes darted open. "Who the hell? More people Jinx." Jinx looked up. "A few yes." Jinx looked back at her sister. "Is such vulgarity needed Jax?" Jax shrugged and got to her feet. "Well, I'm bored so I'm gonna start something!" Jinx narrowed her eyes at Jax, but before she could say anything Jax was in the middle of a crowd of large men. They must have come from a planet where the gravity was low, because they towered above Jax. Jinx watched from a distance as Jax had already started the fight. "What am I going to do with you?" Jinx sighed and read her book listening to the firing and sounds of metal clashing. She looked up for a second to notice A blade coming at Jax. She wouldn't have enough time to react. Jinx shot up and stopped the blade shattering it. "Glad you could join." Jinx scoffed "Shut up and grab that gun." Jax grabbed the giant rifle swinging it around her body like a hula-hoop. The two siblings moved around gracefully. Jinx used the broken shards and disabled their limbs while Jax shot their knee caps. Almost everyone in the building was staring at them. Jinx's eyes began to turn yellow. "Sis, Calm down." Jinx came back to reality. She attempted to pummel Jax, but she just kept catching her blows. When Jinx had burnt her energy she picke up her book and jumped onto the edge of a terrace. Jax returned to shadow boxing.
  6. But the jumping humanoid encountered a force field enough powerful to stop a super massive black hole moving at the speed of light. The result was ...

    Without any trace of worry one of the persons on the terrace said something that was on a unknown language while glancing at the jumping humanoid.

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  7. Green had just been on his bike, pedaling down the city streets with the intent of heading to the next city over for some of their world-famous pizza, when he found himself somewhere else entirely.

    The sensation of suddenly coming to a complete stop made him dizzy. He tugged his headphones down to rest around his neck, pressing a button on the side to stop the music at the same time, and stared open-mouthed at his new surroundings. What the hell? Where was he? Had someone teleported him here? He'd certainly seen some intense feats of Space magic, but these surroundings were entirely unfamiliar to him. Green didn't know much about the other worlds in his home universe, but he felt he could safely say he was nowhere near home, at any rate. Seeing some of the others in the room only made him more nervous; not all of them looked like any Zetans he'd ever seen. Was he even in the same universe? What was going on?

    Juke, on the other hand, was pulled from one of his daily walks. The half-robot tripped and fell flat on his face the instant he was teleported, the metal of his body making quite the sound. The music that was playing through his shoulder speakers was quickly cut off when the pause button on his chest was pressed from the fall. Green's stare now turned to his younger brother. Oh no. Not him, of all people. Was this really the person he'd have for company? Not even Red, or Rahja, or any number of his fans?

    "Damn, that smarts!" Juke laughed, getting to his feet and smoothing his spiked hair into place. The first thing he saw was Green. "Oh, hey bro!" he said with one of his typical boisterous grins. "Didn't think I'd run into you here." Green gestured around at their surroundings. Juke followed Green's gaze, the realization that he was no longer in Tengoku City dawning on him as well. "Oh, uh..." Juke said. "Where are we, exactly?" Green's response was a hopeless shrug.

  8. Iä found herself in a massive hall, bigger then almost any settlement on her world. She just stood in awe of the sight for a few short moments before snapping back into reality. Quickly she checked if her trusty knife was still in it's spot and then glanced around for any evil maiden-kidnapping mages that cloud explain her presence here but realized that the only thing with any serious magical power in the room was the magical flow around the each column which obviously, even to an non-magical expert to her, was at the same power level as the whole magical capacity of Hirra's civilization. "I think that we are in for some serious stuff, my dear Iä," she muttered to herself while observing the people near her.
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  9. Hela "Inferno" Warshot / Magni "Heaven" Warshot

    Hela and Magni were at their laboratory, well, Hela's laboratory. Magni was only doing to the heavy job as always, carrying the equipments that Hela wasn't able to.

    "Where do you want me to put this?" The blond asked his sister, with a menacing looking machine on his arms.

    "There. Shit! Be careful, you dumbass! If this shit explodes it would bury this whole bloody lab! With us!"

    "Geez. Sorry. Wait! Why the heck do you have something like this with us? You want to- Oh shit. You're crazy! I'm taking this back right n-" Suddenly, their mind started to go nuts. Everything was twisting and weird and- oh god, they puked- and then, everything went black.

    Magni was the first one to wake up, he was at some weird big hall. Well, he didn't know and, honestly, he just wanted this horrible headache to go away. Once his vision cleared up, he started to panic. Where was Hela? Was she still at the lab? Shit. He dropped the machine. Was she dead?

    "Hela! Hela! Shit! Where are you?" And then, his eyes landed on a pink haired figure laying down on the floor. He ran as fast as he could, almost tripping. Kneeling down beside the body, his hands grabbed Hela's head, trying to wake her up. "Hela! HELA! Come on! Wake up! Hela! Please, don't do this to me! Hela... I'm sorry.... I'm sorry about your mother... About what we made you go through... I never wanted that.... I... I'm sorry For being the worst brother ever..."

    "Well, that I can't disagree." Suddenly, Hela was embraced by a very excited and surprised Magni. She tried to ignore the blush that painted her cheeks at that moment."Geez. You're suffocating me, you freak. Get off my face." And Magni did what he was told to do. Never embrace a confused and mad Hela. No, better, never ever embrace Hela. Just a reminder.

    "Where are we, anyway?"

    "I don't know. But I don't like this. I would bet in teleportation, I think we were teleported here. But it's just a theory. Why though, I don't have a clue. And it looks like we're not the only ones." She said nodding towards the others in the Hall. Suddenly, Hela remembered something, something big. So she just clutched her nose, and said in a very calm and controlled voice. "Magni. The box. You... Dropped it. Right?" He nodded. "Oh. My. God. My lab. It's... Gone." And so, Hela did something that was very mature, she lay on her back. And napped. Trying not to murder anyone, especially his stupid adopted brother. While Magni was trying not to upset his adopted sister even more. Grand day.
  10. Suddenly in front of each of the sentient beings in the room the a holographic projection appears. Except for a bunch of symbols of some unknown operating system a short message reads:

    "Now broadcasting. Please read the following message."

    As the message says it doesn't take long for the holo-projection to show the following message:

    "Good day. You will now be shortly explained where you are and why have you have been brought here.

    Currently you are located in Facility Seven of the International Research Complex, Sacramento, Californian Republic, Earth, Human Alliance. Like many other countries the Human Alliance is a part of a society capable of traveling trough different Dimensionally Defined Unique Probability, short: Dimensions; AKA: Universes, Realities, Alternative Universes. The unity of all those Dimensions is called Inter-Dimensional Space or IDS and is the infinite, never-ending space which contains any imaginable or unimaginable thing or creature.

    The society of the countries which spread trough this IDS and have ability to travel trough it with technology or magic is know as the Post-Dimensional Society.

    Now why are you here you might ask yourselves. Let us clarify that.

    It's not rare that the Post-Dimensional Society encounters worlds which are far from being advanced enough, at least by the current opinion, to be ready to enter the Post-Dimensional Society. But this inability to enter can sometime live valuable cultures, races, resources and so on, from being persevered from self-destruction, destruction or other ways of disappearing from history.

    Now many of the Post-Dimensional countries started to wonder is a society that is even just beginning it's civilization is really that unready for joining the IDS. To test that over ten thousand countries from the IDS as well as numerous corporations have decided to conduct a series of long term tests to determined if and which civilization level is the minimal one required for a civilization to enter the IDS.

    The project would requite four phases:
    1. Bringing, integrating and observing random individuals.

    2. Bringing, integrating and observing individual random settlements.
    3. Bringing, integrating and observing individual random planets or countries.
    4. Bringing, integrating and observing whole, randomly chosen, civilizations.

    As part of the first phase of the project you have been chosen to participate as the first pioneers from outside Post-Dimensional Society that will try to adapt to the Post-Dimensional Society.

    Except for all the things that you have on yourself currently for the first year of adaptation you will receive the following:
    500,000 Credits for the first month, 50,000 credits for the other eleven months on a private bank account.
    1 government flat/house in any of the countries that are part of this experiment. This is not obligatory and if you don't want to you don't have to take it.
    1 citizenship in any of the countries that are part of this experiment. Obligatory.
    Free education and scholarship in any of the schools which participate in this experiment or are owned by a participant of this experiment. This is not obligatory and if you don't want to you don't need to go to school.

    Your duties:
    Become an part of the Post-Dimensional Society. Report each two months in one of the institutions which are part of this experiments.

    A few advices:
    Don't break laws. Don't piss of the wrong kind of people. If you are human avoid Youkai. Watch out for randomly spawning stuff and creatures. Good luck!

    Do you accept this task?
    If You DO, then please proceed to the gates which are marked with the words and number on the bottom of this message.
    If You do NOT, then please wait until a hour or so for the sound signal, memory deletion and your return to the place you came form."


    On the end messages of all of our characters "Green 414" reads. This must be the words and numbers that were mentioned. In the walls now gates, of various sizes, open up and words and numbers like "Blue 291", "Orange 1902" and so on start to appear above them followed by the rush of many towards different gates.


    All agents/representative of death, like Death Angels, Reapers, Shinigami and so on are also see two invisible-for-ordinary-human-eyes messages:

    "From now on you are under my jurisdiction.
    Death, overseer of all deaths in the IDS."
    "If you get the chance visit me in Death Valley and I will explain/help you as much as I can.
    Death's North America branch leader, James Dead."

    Now what will you do?
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  11. Jax stood reading the message as her sister had already finished and was standing beside her. "So the next stop is one of these gates, but which one?" Jinx looked around. "It seems that they're organized by cultural, behavioral, and physical traits. We most likely go into the research type area." Jax stared blankly. "The door where a bunch of people with weapons and tools are walking through." "I knew that." Jinx and Jax looked around and then focused their attention on "Green 414" "Maybe that's it." The siblings began following the crowd through the large gate. "Well, then see ya on the other side Jax." Jax smiled in agreement.
  12. Norah
    This was most certainly one of the more far fetched anime scenarios she saw. Okay maybe not but it was still hardly credible. Multidimensional travel using magic? If such a thing existed it sure sounded convenient. But being used in an experiment sure sounded somehow rude. They didn't even ask them for permission. However there was that mention of super-advanced technology, she would most certainly like to see this super-advanced technology. She shrugged and looked over to this gate, it was kinda far to walk, I mean it wasn't that far, but Norah was most certainly lazy when it came to walking. She focuses and next to her appears an US WW2 standard issue Jeep, if she had to travel, she'll travel in style.
    She drives up to the gate and parks there, the crowd kinda didn't let her get through just yet. Looking around she can't spot anything particularly interesting, besides that one white-dressed shinigami looking person with a scythe.

    Honestly all she could do was stare at the words, long complicated words. Dimensions? IDS? It was all far too technical for her, it was only the last message that caught her attention. Was this just an ordinary shift of job placement? She heard of Shinigami being exchanged with reapers now and then and vice-versa. However where was "Death valley"?
    Since she had no idea where to go, she decided she might as well go over to the gate for now, she teleported there, walking amongst the crowd towards it.

    Inazuma had many thoughts regarding the message, but some of them went like this:
    Eeeeh? Sacramento? USN?
    Human Alliance?
    Dimensional travel?

    You get the point. The message left Inazuma completely confused as to where she was, well she was in California apparently, but why exactly was she here was still an unknown, well it did say that she was here for some experiment. She had to integrate with society, was this something like being dismissed from the navy? Was her last sortie that bad they dismissed her? Or maybe this was some sort of shore leave? Shaking her head to clear her thoughts she decides to head to this gate, there certainly had to be some personnel there, USN or otherwise, who could answer her questions.
    It takes her a minute or so to get there, still standing back from most of the crowd, she was easily noticeable anyway, no need to push it even further.
  13. Of those which we follow the twins were the first to enter the gate, at which numerous humanoids already gathered, to end up ...


    ... in some sort of large medical facility of which they first saw this part. Except for a few humans here and there it looked like the main personnel where ...


    ... this kind of creatures, floating around and operating equipment, talking on some unknown language and moving items around all without any hands or mouths. It takes just moment that one of the creatures float towards the twins, stands in front of them and speaks to them: "Hello there Jax and Jinx! I am your guide trough this facility. My name is Mercury Four-Six-Nine, but you can call me with my nickname "Gumo". Now do you have any questions before we proceed to the standard nanobot insertion?"

    On the other hand the next two of the character which are the point of focus of this story - the Shinigami and vehicle summoner each were greeted with one of the creatures the Shinigami's guide being Mercury One-Zero-Six-Two "Al'Hosa" and the tanks summoner's was Mercury One-One-Seven "Chief". Both greet them in the same way as they did Jax and Jinx, introduced themselves and asked if they had any questions before proceeding to the nanobot insertion.
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  14. Jinx looked around. "The message mentioned don't break any laws. Are these standard "don't steal and kill laws" or are they more complex?" Jax stood next to her sister annoyed that she had to sit for this convo. "She was kidding. Please continue with your tour or whatever." Jinx was gonna deny her sisters response until she saw Jax's face. It was a simple question Jax... "She's right I'll do my research later Gumo. So what are we supposed to do now the message said something about integrating us?" Jax nodded in agreement.
  15. Gumo answered to both questions: "The laws depend on the country that you are in but there is almost no area where stealing and killing are not outlawed. As for integration, in the meaning to bring, people or groups with particular characteristics or needs, into equal participation in or membership of a social group or institution. Or to say in simpler terms we want you to become active members of the Post-Dimensional Society. If most of you succeed that would pave the first step in bringing less developed civilizations into the Post-Dimensional Society. Now if you don't have any more questions please lay on one of the nearby beds and wait a bit. I need to scan your biological, quantum and magical structure and run a program to adjust two shots of standard medical nanobots for you two."
  16. The twins did so. "Do we need to undress?" Jax raised her hand asking with a mono tone. "Jax?!" Jax looked at her sister and smirked evilly "What, afraid I have a better body?" Jinx stared blankly. "We're twins." Jax straight faced and they both layed back down waiting for Gumo to attend to them.
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  17. At the mention of the planet Earth, Green and Juke shared a look of astonishment. Earth? As in, the mythical planet where the Creator dwelled? Oh yes, they were definitely very far from home. What if She was a part of this "IDS"? Were all the people here gods and goddesses like her? And were Green and Juke destined to join their ranks?

    "Eh, I dunno," Juke said with a shrug, "this seems a little big for me. I'm just a humble music-lover like bro here--" He was cut off when Green grabbed his shoulder on the way to the gate, staring at him with a pleading look. "Oh, you want me to come with you?" Juke asked. Green nodded vigorously. The older of the two was honored to be selected for an experiment like this. He'd always wondered about what lay just beyond the horizon of his humble universe, what sort of lives the humans of other worlds lived. When Green was little, it was his dream to cross the border and meet with the otherworlders of legend. And now that he had the chance, there was no way in hell he'd be going it alone. He needed an anchor, for comfort, and if Juke was the only one he could choose from, so be it.

    "Haha, alright," Juke laughed. "I'll do it for you, bro. But you owe me big time!" Green grinned a little and headed through the gate with his brother in tow.
  18. After typing a few orders in a holo-keyboard Gumo quickly procured two small syringe-like objects filled with a grayish liquid from a nearby device of some sort. "Allow me to explain what I am injecting you with," he started talking while approaching Jax and quickly finding a spot of bare skin. He went on with his talk: "This are extremely advanced machines roughly the size of an atomic core. They will allow you to be untouchable by ninety percent of the diseases known to us. They will boost regeneration and max out your natural strength. As an added bonus they clean up pretty much any trash substance from your body, be it poison, drugs or alcohol." Then Gumo slowly pressed the tip of one of the syringe-like objects on Jax's skin and waited for a few moments. As soon as that was done the creature levitated over to Jinx, found a spot and while keeping the tip on the skin added: "Oh. They also allow to use you scanner-reconstruction stations. This stations cooperate with the machines that I just injected you to create a complete data imprint of you. For a small fee then Death gives you additional time before you have to die and your body is reconstructed at the last safe scanner-reconstruction stations and your soul is jacked right back in your body and hurray you live again." As he finished he headed off to one of the screens and said: "Yes, alright looks like the two of you are not one of the rare one in a googol case of those naturally femtobot rejecting people." He levitated his way to one of the many doors leading out of the room while saying: "Follow me!"
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  19. Green and Juke made their way through the gate and found themselves in a very technologically advanced-looking room. Though the previous area's intense color scheme had been pretty par for the course for Tengoku City residents like them, this new one was very monochrome in comparison. A little unsettling, even, but nothing they hadn't seen before. Green was especially used to surroundings like this, having made regular commutes to one of his world's most advanced technological cities to purchase new equipment.

    The Peridoe brothers were approached by one of the creatures, same as everyone else, and asked if they had any questions. Green had a million of them, but being who he was elected to simply shake his head so he could streamline the process. Juke, on the other hand, spoke up quite loudly. "Yeah, I got a question. See this?" He banged his fist against his chest, creating a distinct metal clang. "Yeah, nanobots don't work too hot with me. You got any software I can download?"
  20. Basil awoke in a large hallway, sitting against the wall her eyes slowly opened. She fixed her hat which was slightly leaning, nearly falling off her head.
    "Where...where am I?" She groaned, rubbing her head, which held a mind-splitting headache.

    She pushed herself off the ground and stumbled a bit, mind still hazy, vision still slightly blurred. She stood there for a moment as she awaited her head to clear, allowing her missing balance to return. "Or, more like..who am I?" She questioned herself.

    'Remember...' She told herself as she straightened her clothes out, dusting herself off. 'You are...'
    She tried to think more, but her head hurt too much. "Come on brain, think!"
    And then it came to her.
    'Well that's straightened out...thanks brain.'

    Creatures of all kinds, mostly humans but she noticed something different so often, hurried by in the halls. She furrowed her eyebrows slightly, looking both ways she began walking. She didn't know why she was here, or how she got here, but there must have been a reason. And she was going to find out why.
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