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  1. Basic Premise

    Suddenly and without any warning you have found yourself transported into a hall full of many people. You might have been a hero, a villan, a background character, you cloud have been anyone. But now you have been...

    Transported to the IDS

    Now as the characters which have been transported are nearing the exit or have exited the laboratory IDS characters are available for creation.

    The IDS characters CS (open)

    Appearance: (Image preferred but a detailed text will do)

    Nationality: (Current citizenship(s) of the character)
    Race: (ex. Homo Sapiens)
    Ethnicity: (ex. German)


    Any sort of character is OK! Be creative or use one from a famous work/setting. Go ballistic with firepower and abilities. As long as you character can follow the IDS laws you can make anything. Also write a adequately long history for IDS characters! As for the rest of you feel free to update your sheets to this standard if you feel like it!

    The IDS country sheet (open)
    For all those which wish to create their own country!

    *-Optional Entries
    ²-Optional but if possible should be added
    ³-See Notes

    Coat 'd Arms*:

    Current Leader²:
    Before IDS:



    In the IDS size of each country is noted in the following ways:
    Massive - Countries which control over 1,000,000 Dimensions
    Major - Countries which control over 1,000 Dimensions
    Large - Countries which control over 100 Dimensions
    Medium - Countries which control more then twelve Dimensions
    Small - Countries which control at least two Dimension
    Micro - Countries which control between one galaxy and one Dimension
    Nano - Countries which control less then one galaxy


    The average population per planet is 1.674*10^12. Average planet per galaxy number is 1.312*10^12.
    Calculation. Average population per galaxy is 2.196*10^24.
    Mean number of galaxies per Dimensions is 5.145*10^11.
    Calculation. Average population of each Dimension is 1.13*10^36.

    Race Sheet (open)

    For making your own race.

    *-See notes

    Physical appearance & traits*:
    Common psychological traits:
    Shared magical traits*:


    You need to put a good description or picture for the physical appearance. Physical traits are how the body works, which organs it has or has not and so on.
    Not all creatures in IDS have special magical traits.

    Basic IDS Information (open)

    This is the basic information that you need about the IDS for creating a IDS character. It is as well the basic information about the IDS that all the characters up to this point received about the IDS trough the device in the third area of The Arrival.

    The IDS Laws simplified
    1. The IDS is infinite.
    2. The IDS is made out of Dimensionally Defined Unique Probabilities AKA Universes, Realities, Dimensions.

    3. Nothing inside the IDS is infinite.
    Laws after this are actually legislative laws made by the IDS Court of Justice, a international judicial body similar to the UN's International Court of Justice (ICJ).

    Basic information of IDS stuff

    Except for what would you except in terms of explaining Science Fiction Technology and Magic it also involves some particular info:

    Unique IDS terms


    Freaks are the all those which have a specific power that or breaks physical/magical laws of this IDS or have non-magic powers that their species shouldn't have. An example is a human with the ability to turn anything sharp into a blade that can cut trough anything. For now there is not explanation why and how do they appear.

    Yellow beings

    Trough unexplainable just like Freaks, Yellow-class beings all carry the same unique ability: to eat anything of any size. Named after the first of their kind a being called Yellow they are not rare but not many are part of the IDS.

    Magically Enhanced Technology/Technologically Improved Magic

    Both are called Magiech for simplicity's sake and such cooperation of IDS Technology and Magic is the most powerful card that the IDS has. It is everywhere. From the femtobots which run on magic to special technological devices which allow spells which would require three hours of chanting to be cast in mere minutes.

    IDS Holing Devices

    Utilizing an unique set of MagiTech the IDS Holing Devices, usually bombs, missiles or starship torpedoes, those are special weapons which can create a hole into the fabric of the IDS itself. Reserved as last solution weapons.

    Statis Shield

    Short from STrategic AbsoulTe InSolation Spherical Shield. This system does just like it says, provides absolute defiance to all matters of penetration from inside and outside. The only known way to penetrate it, and only from inside, is a creation of a new dimension but only a few members of the Post-Dimensional Society are able to do that. Otherwise you have to destroy or the generator or the power source of the shield to bring it down.

    SPARROW System

    A combination of MagiTech at it's best. Navigated with powerful nanocomputers and guidance systems, equipped with extremely powerful drills and critical point sensoring and analysis systems, hardened against active missile counter measures, updated regularly for bait and general evasion software and propelled forward with the engines at least one power grade above it this missile systems was build for UC but it quickly became a popular weapon all over the IDS. Except that it can be made into any desired missile diameter and size it is hard to shot down, accurate, powerful but most important it targets the weakest point in enemy armor.

    SPARROW System is compatible with all missile systems like this GAW atmospheric missile.


    A variety of robots exits in the IDS. Most military ones are semi-automated, depending on a AI or living operator for tactical and strategic instructions. The most famous are the bot series of the UC (Spiderbot, Speedbot, Mechabot...).

    The Mechabot series of UC robots is a military robotic series which fills in the role of MBTs with increased mobility but decreased armor.


    A race of small creatures. Their high intelligence, motivation and non-affection by time makes them the favorite workers in the fields of research. They are also the main non-combat work force of UC. Their only disadvantage is that more then work they like to party.

    The Djinn are an idea introduced into the IDS by my brother, who here goes as @Nocturnia. He has the right to voice and GM anything related to them.

    The Djinn. Aren't they cute? The most party-loving creatures in the IDS.


    Dudecs a race of humanoids of incredibly small intelligence. Unfortunately in the IDS stupidity is power sometimes and dudecs are impervious to most IDS weapons. Thankfully they are easily bribed by zucchini/courgette their favorite meal. They are run by the small naturally occurring highly intelligent elite. Their stupidity allows them to enter and survive a trip trough random IDS portals of any size thous making them a common creature spawning from such portals.

    Death and her underlings/agents

    Death is a serious person and matter in the IDS. With a few googolplex of deaths in the known IDS every day and infinite number of those in the rest of the infinity called IDS it is no surprise that an extremely large organization for overseeing death exists in the IDS. Not to mention that those which wish to mess with the natural order of life and death, be by killing other sooner than they are supposed to die or extending their own lives unnaturally. For that Death's agents are untouchable by any weapon made by mortals and are given weapons which cuts a mortal's life short with one strike. They are also expected to posses some bureaucratic skills while also specializing in combat or bureaucracy for the needs of Death's organization.

    Basic information about the greatest powers of the IDS

    Great Allied Worlds (GAW)

    A military and economical cooperation of the Allied Worlds and Human Alliance. It currently has the largest military and spreads across the largest total volume of space. Earth is a part of the Human Allied Worlds (Human Alliance) and therefore a part of GAW

    United Corporation (UC)

    UC is the largest IDS corporation, attributing to 2/3 of all goods and trades in the free trade areas Post-Dimensional Society. Trough it's military is not as large as some other it possesses powerful weapons and advanced technologies that no one else has operated by the best crews that money can buy and supported by a large amount of Freeks. It also has a private ownership of the second largest volume of space in it's numerous client or non-client states.

    UC is 66% owned by it's founder the mysterious Traveler. 27% is owned by various descendants of Traveler. The rest if free market stocks.


    Cats are a communist-like country living in almost complete self-isolation from the rest of the IDS. Their technology and number are the only real counter part to UC. Oh a typical cat looks just like your everyday cat but lives really long and is as smart as a genious.

    The Cats are an idea introduced into the IDS by my brother, who here goes as @Nocturnia. He has the right to voice and GM anything related to them.


    The Zeroes are those which have no magic in their bodies except for their souls. They are a wast and different community which lives of selling mass goods, technology and storage space.

    The Zeroes are an idea introduced into the IDS by my brother, who here goes as @Nocturnia. He has the right to voice and GM anything related to them.

    Independent Human Fleet

    The IHF or Independent Human Fleet is a rather unique fraction which has it's whole population living on spaceship although it does have a considerable territory. Many of the worlds they control a popular retreats for IDS criminals or scientists which break conventions or laws due to the IHF being a country which is not a signer of any criminal introduction treaty, convention or having a law preventing certain types of research or cargo.

    The IHF is an idea introduced into the IDS by my brother, who here goes as @Nocturnia. He has the right to voice and GM anything related to them.

    Names to be careful around:
    Any S class Freak or Mage. Those have a power to easily destroy stars. Usually with such power comes a certain level of mental, character or other issues.
    Pretty much any Youkai.
    Any Touhou character. If you do not know who they are spend some time on this wiki.
    High-ranked Martial Artist.
    Anyone else I forgot to mention but with the power to destroy a star.

    The Characters So Far!
    Player Characters (open)

    Max characters per each player is 7.
    There are currently 6 players in the RP.

    Captain Scrubz (open)

    Captain Scrubz has 1 character.
    Captain Scrubz
    Empty Character Slot*6

    ShiroKiyoshi (open)

    ShiroKiyoshi has 2 characters.
    Jinx Code
    Jax Code

    Empty Character Slot*5

    GreatWest (open)

    Moogle-Girl (open)

    Moogle-Girl has 2 characters.
    Green Peridoe
    Jake Peridoe

    Empty Character Slot*5

    Gamer5 (open)

    Nocturnia (open)

    Lejionion (open)

    Leijonion has 1 character.
    Dylan Flynn
    Empty Character Slot*6

    Sol-Et-Luna (open)

    Sol-Et-Luna has 0 characters. This is space in case that this player decides to return to his RP.
    Empty Character Slot*7

    Cam3l3an (open)

    cam3l3an has 1 character.
    Empty Character Slot*6

    For easier tracking of NPC characters here is a list of the ones our players encounter until no and the link to the post of their first appearance.
    NPCs (open)

    Human Scientists (Earth) (open)

    AIs (open)

    Current version of the first OOC post is 2.75
    Updated: 31 August 2014 2:42 Central European Time (GTM+1)
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  2. Hm, sounds interesting. Are we allowed to have multiple characters?
  3. Up to three. Four if you can handle that much at the same time without confusing yourself out.
  4. Anyone else in for this?
  5. Sweet! I'll put a couple character sheets up if and when someone else comes around.
  6. So any hope of character sheets appearing here soon? I need at least one CS from four roleplayers (excluding me) to start.
  7. Name: Scrubz

    Surname: N/A

    Age: 20

    Appearance: profile picture

    History: Unknown since turning up to the IDS

    Abilities: Super 说说


  8. Name: Scrubz

    Surname: N/A

    Age: 20

    Appearance: 4869.jpg

    History: He has lost his memory since turning up to the IDS, the transfer to the hall damaged his memories to the history. At the start Scrubz will be trying to work things out as he goes along.

    Abilities: Super speed, change hair colour in seconds

    Skills: Stealth, pickpocketing

    It’s so basic my character sheet but he’ll have no memory what’s so ever of his past.
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  9. Well I didn't ask for to much detail! At least one CS is up! If you can spare a few moments then:
    1. Copy the link of your avatar (profile picture) to the CS. Just in case you change it.
    2. Add that the transfer to the hall damaged his memories to the history.
  10. And now we wait and pray for people to show up.
  11. May I reserve a spot? I'm at school right now and don't have time to write a CS.
  12. No problem as long as you put one as soon as you get the time to do it!
  13. {Why the heck not. i'll submit two twins.}

    Names: Jinx Code (White) and Jax Code (Black)
    Ages: 19
    History: Jinx and Jax were born in a dimension where combat was necessary in survival. The IDS transfer left their memories almost completely wiped. They only knew their names and abilities. Jinx's Brainiac mind is the only thing that allowed them to know they were siblings.

    (Jinx) Abilities: Super smart.
    (Jax) Abilities: Super Strong.
    (Jinx) Skills: Knowledge of Blades
    (Jax) Skills: Knowledge of Guns
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  14. Interested! Expect my cs up soon!
  15. [​IMG]
    Name: Basil Anania
    Age: 18
    History: Being transferred to the IDS had wiped all memory from her mind. All but her name. However as she continued in she remembered a few skills she had. Now she's just trying to figure out what to do.
    Abilities: Her right eye, the amber one, gives her the ability of minor telekinesis. She hasn't used it much, but she has the basic power of moving things with her mind. She has the ability to make her power stronger but as of now, she can only lift and move small things(probably nothing bigger then a VCR). Her eye glows amber when she uses the power.
    Skills: specially skilled in swords, as well as both book and street smarts
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  16. Name: Hela "Inferno"
    Surname: Warshot (adopted family) / Stagsnarl (biological family)
    Age: 235, appears 24
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Her right eye is blind, so she designed a spectacles that allows her the heat vision.
    History: Hela came from a planet called V.A.L (Verden Av Ledninger), that means World of Wires. Everything in V.A.L works with the energy, Livsenergi, that pulses from inside the planet itself, including the creatures living in it. And then the Valesian found a way to live eternally, they created wires that connected the Livsenergi directly to their body, thus constantly "charging" themselves. The only thing they didn't know is that the energy of life, Livsenergi, isn't eternal. So once it's over, they all shall die along the planet.

    Hela was adopted by the Warshot family after her biological mother, Nalyr Stagsnarl, quit from taking care of her. She was just a baby at the time. She grew up believing that Irir and Morur were her real parents, and Magni her real brother. Only to find out later at the age of 198 that her entire life was a lie. She understood then why she was seen as the black sheep of the family, as the failed daughter, as the inferior sibling. Hela didn't really mind about the whole adoption thing, what hurt her was that she was constantly ignored, she lived in the shadows. She became distant, cold towards the family, especially her brother, who didn't realize that his greatness is what caused her to be like this. Up to today, she still hates them all, even with Magni constantly trying to gain her trust and love once again. Perhaps, the Transportation will make that possible.

    Abilities: Hela is a genius of technology. She can create, modify, upgrade, do anything as long as technology is involved.
    Skills: Hela has a great maneuver of guns, being able to shoot a coin while in midair. She is also a great liar.

    - - - - - - - - -
    Name: Magni "Heaven"
    Surname: Warshot
    Age: 279, appears 25

    History: He's from the same planet as his adopted sister. Unlike his sister, Magni is not adopted, he is genuinely a Warshot. Since Hela was brought home, it was easy to see who was the prodigy son. Magni was always at the center of the attention, everybody praised him and his abnormal strength. Unfortunately, he did not notice how this all affected his baby sister, he had always thought that she was just quiet because that's her way. He couldn't see the hurt, jealously, hate flooding her eyes. And when he did notice, it was too late. Since then, he had been trying his best to gain her love once again, he couldn't bear the thought of Hela hating him eternally. But they always end up fighting, and as the time goes, it keeps getting worse. Perhaps, the Transportation will make them get closer, but who knows. Life was a box full of surprises.
    Abilities: Magni has super strength, and he uses it to try and reconcile with his adopted sister once more. Sometimes, some equipments are too heavy for Hela to carry them, so he does the heavy job.
    Skills: He is an excellent fighter and doesn't do well with guns. He can make the perfect puppy look, and that is one of the greatest skills one could have. To master the perfect puppy face.

  17. Nice! I shall give some time to those which still didn't put up a CS to make one as well as for Sol-Et-Luna to finish his. Oh all completed character sheets until now are good to go!

    As for those which made the character sheets! Do note that the memory wipe out is not necessary!
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