Translation Party Undoing

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Okay, I found this website:
What it does is translate the entered phrase from Japanese to English until either it starts getting the same result over and over, or until a certain number is reached. So, here's the game I came up with for it!

Pick a random quote--something famous or relatively well-known. It can be lyrics of a song, something some famous person said anytime in history, etc. Must be in English. Run it through translation party and then paste the final result here. The next poster must guess what the original quote was and then make a new one!

Here's the first one, hopefully not too hard:
Mary my mother, I have a problem with words of wisdom: to find ourselves,
My guess would be that it was from a Catholic prayer.

Seven years ago, our ancestors, freedom, four continents, all propositions of the present invention, created as a new country brings.
Gettysburg address

Arrow keys, they are your spiritual wealth, in the arms hang problem: you silly sea TIS, I doubt that your mind is closed.
That one has me stumped, it looks like it must include the word "tis" somewhere in the original text though.

My first one was part of the lyrics to the Beatles song "let it be". So...another, perhaps easy one:

"It is said that she"
All I can think of is "That's what she said!"

"Oh, for example, we please the light of dawn and dusk. Gleaming, your pride, please me. For more information, please please please do something. Hail'd? Whose broad stripes and bright stars, the walls are faced with many dangers in our fight against the stream watch'd? Fried red rockets, bombs in the air, gave evidence yesterday Basutofuragusurotto we still there. O still, it has the American flag waves in the face of free land and houses?"

(I don't know what Basutofuragusurotto is supposed to be..but it made me laugh)