Transhuman Blues: The TFOS-Verse adventure world of Feiss

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    • First of All, Though this is not meant strictly as a Libertine RP, Libertine topics MAY be addressed here and explicitly, so this is limited to Adult Members only.

      If interested, PM @Michale CS , don't post here please.

      What is TFOS?

      TFOS, or Teenagers From Outer Space, is a title borrowed from an Anime RPG. Under my GMing and many others of a group that still has some hangers-on, we made it into a cross-franchise bit of mayhem, going from serious to outright goofy at times.

      Essentially, this is simulating Anime and/or Manga, so some genre-specific stuff will be allowed here, as long as it isn't consistently over the top.

      A bit about the TFOS Universe, from a previous RP...

      "There was a being, simply known as... Him. Who had collected objects of supreme power. Rather than bend reality itself to his will with this power, he simply appeared simultaneously in every ruler's presence and gave them a simple demand. Work together, or he would tear all of reality apart and rebuild it himself.

      Of course he was challenged. After about a week of proving to the strongest and most malevolent empires across reality that he was simply unassailable, they all agreed to sit down and work out the Galactic Treaty. Of course Him was there, to make sure that the process went well. And, every species or empire that signed the Treaty, was bound by Him to work within its boundaries.

      Minor infractions would be policed by the rest of them members of the Treaty. If the members could not police themselves... Him would simply step in, and remove, utterly that member empire from reality. Entirely. I know it is hard to comprehend but the power of Him and his artifacts is effectively infinite. Power over space, time, reality and more... all at his beck and call. Needless to say, the members of the Treaty would rather Arbitrate or handle infractions rather than risk all of reality being altered by Him as he watches from some place outside space and time..."

      And he would sit there quietly listening, his eyes focused on the teacher. To keep that focus Dameon would raise his hand, "This being simply known as "Him" were there any rumors of proposals that he was the supreme being that many religions on our world and others worship?" he would ask his face showing genuine curiosity while inside he was pushing an equation regarding a CO2 mixture to the back of his head.

      "Good question Mister Thomson. On the contrary, no. He did not want to be worshiped. His stated desires were simply for there to be as much peace as possible in reality. No one knows where or when Him is, only that he is watching, and anything that we cannot work out among ourselves, He would resolve. No empire wants to be stripped from existence and memory. He proved that he could do that, against any force the Galaxy had to offer against Him. He simply... watches, from somewhere in Infinity. Any other questions or should I move on to how the Arbitration works?"

      **As Mason begins speaking, he'd start writing the information down, making sure he didn't miss anything as he also listens to the speech that was being given by the teacher, before he'd raise his hand as well** How could such items be survivors of a previous galaxy? Wouldn't they have been wiped out also as a part of it being destroyed along with everything else if that was the case?

      "How indeed, Mister Dorian? No one knows, but they have been scanned and their age is several times longer than our best estimates at the age of our reality, so while it is impossible that they exist, it is also impossible that they do not. To fully explain, you would have to speak with someone highly knowledgeable about physics such as our Professors Stark and Stern, and maybe sit down for a nice Zen talk with our Mister Himura, and then perhaps you may grasp how the impossible is also the mandatory."

      About this RP:

      The world is not Earth, but a colony begun by Terrans a mere two decades ago. The designated system is labled FY3S, but the designation quickly evolved into the name "Feiss".

      Feiss was a planet that, until the Terrans arrived, had only just begun to develop avian and mammalian life. The Terrans brought animals from Earth to use for livestock... and other reasons.

      The Terrans who colonized this world shared a genuine love of animals, and a desire to elevate them to a higher state of being - for many reasons. Some wanted to see if uplifting animals to sentience would work for scientific reasons. Some just fell in love with the idea of anthropomorphic animals, and some, well... let's just call them by their self-described designation.

      Some of them were Furries.

      Now, the uplifted animals of Feiss on an official level don't have any disadvantages compared to humans and other sentient beings there, but the treatment of them varies vastly, even on this world that mainly looked forward to such beings existing.

      Many of the scientists are called "Moreaus" by the uplifted and other more tolerant or sympathetic sentients. These Moreaus simply want to keep experimenting, seeing how far they can cross human and animal. Sure, they succeeded at making animals sentient, but can they make other sentient beings animalistic?

      And, sadly some of the Furries willingly undergo experimentation, with widely mixed results.

      The Furries, of course treat the uplifted with the utmost respect, and have even married into the race, although, no uplifted animal as of yet has proven fertile with a pure human.

      Others, who arrived afterward, have indifferent to amused to disgusted reactions to the uplifted.

      It's up to the players what role they take - are they an uplifted? A Furry sympathizer? A Moreau? Or just a total outsider trying to make sense of this world made up of half human and other sentients, and half uplifted animals.

    • PM @MichaleCS with any character ideas. Once a Character is approved, you may post it here and then post your intro.

      A fairly detailed bio will be required.

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  1. Excerpt from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy entry (currently in a provisional form) on FY-3S

    Planet FY-3S, or Feiss as the locals call it, is on the face of things, what most sentients term a "novelty planet". That is, a planet colonized by people with a niche interest. Most times, these novelty planets are for cults, religions and other specialized belief systems. One such novelty planet, Gargan VI, was founded by people who believe that the universe has ended quite some time ago and that all of reality is simply a fever dream of their god Gargan, who hasn't quite awakened from a nap during which he rolled over and crushed the universe under his weight. Consequently, it is quite an anarchic planet and I don't recommend going there unless you're very fond of there being no rules at all.

    This particular novelty planet was founded by people from Earth, or Terra (depending on which residents of the planet you ask, you'll get both answers, but we'll use Terra here for clarity.) who were quite fond of animals.

    Quite. Fond.

    Some wanted animals to walk and talk and do other sentient like things just to see if they could get them to do it. Others did so because they really loved animals and wanted them to have a better life - as they envisioned growing up, working, paying taxes, and worrying about things like am I getting grey hair or is that spot on my face something I should have a doctor look at was a better life than the simple, eat, sleep, mate life of animals.

    Others simply really, really loved animals. In every sense of the word decent and indecent.


    "Bah! I can't think of anything else to put down yet! Something interesting must be happening on this planet somewhere. Let's check the spaceport arrivals and departures again..." She mused aloud and to the AI in her media rig.

    "Ah... that's interesting. Why would a Space Ranger ship be landing here? I've simply got to get there. There has to be a story in that..." Acura Galaxy got up from where she had been enjoying a beverage that was almost, but not entirely, unlike tea in a sidewalk cafe, and hopped on her hoverbike, heading for the spaceport...

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  2. [​IMG]

    He left his armor retracted- He much preferred walking free as he was. At his belt hung the sword he gained a reputation, on earth and off at this point that was his only open weapon and two baton sticks, retracted and in special sheaths of their own. Time and puberty had been kind to the Damphir youth, whose training in the Space Ranger Corps and galactic experience gave him more of the old campaigner feel he had cultivated back in high school. He was less inclined to speak nowadays....He rarely smiled as he did in the past and opened up to few people, if any.

    Save for a few exceptions you could count on one hand, one of which was walking with him as his partner.

    "Luggage first, and then a motel. I'd rather not have the workers touch them personally, considering our flashy entrance here."

    One of the downsides of an official spacecraft. You might as well have hung a target saying 'here I am, right here!'

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  3. [​IMG]

    She didn't look much different from her days in NTHS with Lucifer. Aside from, well, looking more Adult than she did then. An upgrade structure, she had been progressing through with the help of Nutechyo Corps. More advanced systems in her chassis, the bigger she needed to be, which suited her just fine, considering it more like an androids puberty than anything else really.

    Personalitywize though, she had changed, just as much as her partner it would seem. The harsh realities of the universe dampening the cheerful (and sometimes naive) optimism she had once jubilantly expressed. It was only to those she was familiar with she opened up to like old times.

    "Got it Lucifer." she said with a flash of a grin as she hefted their large duffel bags and picked up the equipment cases. Looking all the more like a small lady carrying far too much for her own good.
  4. [​IMG]

    Acura pulled her hoverbike up to a stop, getting off and heading toward the bay where the Space Ranger craft had landed.

    What she saw, was a blast from the past, almost literally.

    "Lucifer? Lucifer Anghelscu? Is that you? And... I know I've seen you before too but I can't place the name." Acura blurted out, as she closed with the pair quickly. "Small universe, eh?"

    Her nature hadn't changed since Lucifer had first met her years ago in his youth. Acura's race was naturally long lived - four to five hundred Standard years wasn't even close to the oldest of her race. It's why she was chosen as a Guide employee, partially. Retirement benefits didn't start for at least a century of work with the company, as it was all relative to life expectancy. A good business move for the publication and no protests from employees that were still in the peak of youth after that hundred years service besides.

    She paused a few steps away, hands on her hips, beaming at the pair. "So, you've just got to tell me why you're here. Off the record, of course."

    I'll just convince him later that it'll be a good PR move to release the info after he completes whatever investigation he's doing here, Acura thought, that smile unwavering.

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  5. Despite her strength which he had seen multiple times, Lucifer still reached for his own bag(he packed light) and took his share of their equipment if she let him. Some things never changed at least and in regards to the fairer sex, elders and children, Lucifer remained much the same gentleman he strove to be all his life. Some things never changed. Coincidentally, though oblivious to it personally? Between his mannerisms and looks, he ended up creating a following similar to his school days, especially where women where concerned though he never took advantage of it. He just thought they were keen to pick up pointers in melee, as most of the wider galaxy were mostly proficient in ranged weaponry, more effective then primitive blades....Unless you were really skilled.

    Why they kept insisting on hand to hand was a mystery to him, but he saw it as a way to improve himself in turn. Blissfully ignorant and unaware all the while.

    Some things never changed.

    At any rate, he maintained a professional conduct. He had taken to a quasi-military life with an intensity borne of frustration and natural talent. Out in the black, among the stars he had expected himself to grow and forget. The growth was a surety...He had sprouted like a weed and was filled out to match it, his current clothing emphasizing that much and made for flexibility which his combat method preferred. He had simply yet to forget, though his poker face more than made up for such. For Acura, he stared at her for a moment before nodding in her direction.

    "Miss Acura. I remember you. Unfortunately, its nothing as wild as you might imagine. Its just a routine check, while we wait for our ship to be fixed and we get an impromptu vacation in the meanwhile. Still, I'm glad you remembered my partner."

    He glanced at her, a passing, lazy flick that outwardly would mean nothing. To his partner, it was a simple signal borne from working with her to play along with his white lie. It was partly true. Just....Not all of it.

    He didn't used to be such a good liar.

    He wasn't sure if he was glad about that yet.

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  6. There was no physical reason for her to yield the bags up to Lucifer. She could hold them over her head for years straight, until her fuel cells ran dry. But there were protocols to follow, behavioral and learned. Even if she didn't understand it, she knew that Lucifer would wish to carry his own weight, and then some if he could help it. So she gave up the bags, but only after a quick calculation that it would be safe to handle that much weight. Considering Lucifers heritage, it was a fast calc that had him holding his own bags without a second thought.

    As Acura came along however, he picked up on the que Lucifer gave her, internally frowning as she quashed a minor ethics subroutine that was trying to kick in and counter the lie. She set those cycles on rebalancing the load after Lucifer took his gear off her.

    "Ah, Miss Acura, I am Libra. It is a pleasure to meet you." she said with a simple greeting smile to the reporter. They hadn't met in person, she had only been a little android back in the day, still a metal body, none of this fancy synth-skin she was equipped with now.
  7. Acura looked disappointed for a moment, then just shook her head. "You could have just said it was classified."

    She stepped up and by now her AI had updated her HUD with the information she needed, both about Libra and about the status of the Space Ranger ship. Nothing came up when she accessed the scheduled departure list, which really didn't mean anything yet, since it could be that there was no particular turn around time, or the information was being kept classified. She'd have to do some data mining later. "Ah, I remember now. You've grown up, haven't you?"

    "Well, since you're just here for repairs and maintenance, why don't we spend some of that time catching up? I can recommend a good hotel that you'd find reminiscent of your time at NTHS if you're interested. I'm staying at Hotel Nikko myself. Polite staff, and varied. Over half of the staff including the owner of the hotel are Uplifted. Have you heard of them, Rangers?" She watched Lucifer carefully, both with her own observations and her biometrics sensors - to see if anything she said might have hit some point of recognition or avoidance.


    Of course Libra's own senses might be aware of the extra 'eyes' she was putting on Lucifer, but she could just explain it away as part of her reporter HUD and turn it off at that point.

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  8. "I hate to disappoint, but not every ranger corps partnership is under secret orders."

    He said with a shrug towards the classified comment. More to the point, he added.

    "Have things truly been so dull as to wish for trouble? Regardless, we'd be grateful. What little I know is limited to what the Guide currently says, our own records...And my infinitely smarter partner."

    There was an advantage to an android companion, though he never saw her as simply such in his whole life to be perfectly frank. As it was, she had been a good influence...Far away, from everything he had called meaningful, she had been an anchor.

    As to Acura and her scan, it revealed him to be....Nearly dead. Physically, his blood appeared to be slow, similar to variations of reptilian races in the galaxy. But the obvious mammalian traits conflicted and overall, unless she had extensive physical knowledge of Damphirs which were rare enough, she'd have to mostly guess and look for facial and body cues over her instruments.

    A little trait Lucifer had discovered and took full advantage of, his first physical in the Corps.

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  9. A trait she couldn't have helped but pick up was to smile at the compliment Lucifer gave her. She wouldn't call herself infinity smarter, just more in touch with the net, and faster at processing information than organics.

    That said, she wasn't smart enough to keep her mouth shut on this particular comment "Yes, if there were trouble, then we would be in the right place at the right time, would we not?"

    Another advantage to her being an android was... she could Think at Lucifers "Shoulder Angel" the nickname he gave to his embedded cybernetic telecommunication device. Just give him a heads up that Acura was checking his vitals... Encrypted of course, and at the same time she engaged the reporter in conversation to tax her focus on picking the signal up.

    "Yes, catching up would be nice. We had not booked reservations as yet considering the sudden maintenance requirement of our vessel. I would very much like to talk with you about the populous of this planet, it interests me."

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  10. Ah, Androids. Acura thought. Unless you programmed them to lie specifically, they generally had a hard time doing it. Something was up, and she was going to find out. But this wasn't an up and coming NTHS Arbitration participant now, but a full on Space Ranger. There was a fine line here between investigative reporting and breach of security, and that line wasn't one she was willing to cross. She'd just have to pal around with them - if they were telling the whole truth, she'd have a good visit and some company as she dug up more info on the planet for the new entry to the Guide. If there was some sort of investigation, they'd eventually have to make their excuses and she'd just have to find a way to tag along or follow them to see what was up.

    "I wish I could offer you a ride, but I just brought my hoverbike. I could extend the sidecar, but then one of you would have to ride behind me and that's hardly acceptable transportation for Space Rangers, eh?" She lifted her right arm, and popped up a holomap of the area. "Here's the hotel. There's plenty of shuttlecars you can take there, or I can call the courtesy shuttle from the hotel and just ride with you there, and send my bike on back on her own."

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  11. "So long as it works, though we'd hate to inconvenience you in anyway. As it is, we've some last minute business here at the spaceport. Ship registration, rental deposits to pay out and the like. If you could give my partner a copy of the map though, we'd be happy to meet- Whats the local time?"

    He asked, reaching into his pocket to reveal a silver, antique pocketwatch as it flicked open...And revealed what looked like a miniature replica of the planets in motion.

    Besides actually having to do that tedious bit of work, he did want to go over their mission objectives without Acura just yet.

    Their immediate superior would be waiting for their contact.

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  12. Inside her head, she had already written up and filled out the necessary documents for registration with the space port authority, rental forms, and was even set to dial up Hotel Nikko. She only didn't as she had long ago come to the understanding that sometimes, organics wanted to do things themselves, at their own pace... And that sometimes, busywork such as this may be just an excuse for some other purpose that a third party wouldn't join them in.

    As for the map, she had limited access to the planets basic satellites overhead thanks to her space rangers authority. But for a planet freshly colonized like this, the detail she could get with them wasn't nearly as good as the more developed systems. At least she could see streets and get a decent layout of their surroundings, even if it was a little fuzzy. It would be good to have a real map to overlay with it, at least then she could get street names for reference.

    "Opening port two, nine, nine, zero, one, ready for transfer of a map copy Miss Acura." she said with a smile.
  13. "Ah, you see, that's why I'm so sure that I'm being given the brush off. You have a very efficient partner, Lucifer. You could have all of that taken care of in the time our conversation has taken so far." She transferred the data from her HUD's AI to Libra with a thought. One odd bit of information that leaked across during the transfer is that Acura's AI thought of Acura as a sister, which spoke to Acura's treatment of AI and androids by extension.

    "Two hours. Then I'm taking you to dinner at the hotel's restaurant. I hear they have great hamburgers there." Acura pointed at Lucifer and gave him a wink, before nodding in thanks to Libra and heading back to her hoverbike.

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  14. Once she was gone, Lucifer led the way to arrange transport, sliding in their luggage into place before doing his customary car bomb check and getting in the drivers seat. Ever since a field operation prior, he always made sure either he or someone else he trusted drove.

    One of his new changes as he headed for their location and as he did, he activated the comm to Star Commands local intelligence on encrypted channels. Time for a debriefing as he said aloud the names given.

    "Oz, this is Scarecrow and Tin Man. What do you got for us?"

    @Rookry @Michale CS
  15. Of course she isolated and examined every packet of code that came over before allowing it fully into her system. Just standard procedure for an AI, which a virus could cripple just as fast as they could in their organic counterparts. It was nice however when she learned that another organic and AI had bonded as well as she had with her friends and, what she had come to call family.

    She set to work immediately though on overlaying the map with her limited sat scans of the surrounding areas. Found a few trap streets, which she highlighted as points of possible interest. Then scheduled the dinner in her and Lucifers day planner app as he went over the vehicle inspection. She was fairly sure he would find nothing, given her scans didn't pick anything up, but you could trick scanners and eyes, just not both at the same time with any accuracy.

    As Lucifer contacted Local Intelligence, she listened in... still unsure why she had been given the code name Tinman. She was made of neither Tin, nor identified as Masculine, let alone looked it. She suspected it was either an odd organic naming habit, a red herring for anyone eavesdropping on them, or possibly a joke at her expense...

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  16. "Don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain." The Space Ranger on the other end of the line replied, before continuing.

    "We've got over a dozen possible violators, but we think they are affiliated in some sort of organization, so we're going to list three of the most visible of the Moreaus for you... stand by for case files..."

    Name: Reya Harmond
    Age: 26 Standard
    Height: 160 CM
    Weight: Undisclosed
    Eyes: Heterochromia - One blue one hazel
    Hair: Has Cyberhair, can change color at will

    Graduated from Nagasaki Excellence Academy at age of 18
    PhD in Genetics, Master's Degree in Bionics
    Estimated IQ: 180

    Why she is a suspect:
    Was prevented from carrying out extended experiments on
    primates and felines at NEA as they violated NEA's ethics
    code. We suspect not all of her current patients are willing to
    have the procedures performed on them that they have had
    done, despite no charges being filed.

    When she arrived on Feiss:
    18 Standard Months ago.

    Current occupation: Uplift Technical Supervisor at
    Feiss Central Hospital. Also has private practice.
    Practice takes patients who wish to have bio-transformations,
    adding animal traits.{/td}
    Name: Ari Bogasian
    Age: 46 Standard (has had rejuvenation proceedure)
    Height: 186 cm
    Weight: 130 kg (with cyberware)
    Eyes: Hazel
    Hair: Black

    Lead scientist on Uplift Project
    Master's Degrees in Cybernetics and Bioengineering from

    Utopia Planitia University (Mars Orbit) 2110
    Graduated top 5% of class Space Ranger Academy, 2112
    Served 4 years in Tech Corps, final Rank E5-Specialist.
    IQ Tested at 164 in Space Ranger Academy

    Why we believe he is a suspect:
    In the past, Ari has shown a propensity for sacrificing ethics
    for scientific discovery. Multiple reprimands in his service with
    the Space Rangers for overstepping the bounds of the ethical
    code. Each time he expressed contrition, and corrected his ways,
    only to repeat the same overreach a few months later.
    There are currently unfounded reports of him offering to sell to
    various races, cybernetically and biologically enhanced Uplifted
    animals as mercenaries.
    The exact quote - "Dr. Bog. It's him, man. He's beind those cyber-apes
    you saw out on Rydek II. I recognize his work. I used to work for him,
    as an assistant. I got out when I saw how bad he was treating the Uplifted.
    I'm not into animal cruelty and I sure am not into sentient cruelty!"
    The unnamed source was verified as a former employee of Dr. Bogasian, who has since entered the WitSec program.

    When he arrived on Feiss: Early 2117 (best estimate)

    Current Occupation: Lead Consultant Scientist for the Uplift Program on Feiss.
    {td=left|top} [​IMG] {/td}
    Name: Fiona Jaye
    Age: 124 Standard (three rejuvenations)
    Race: Originally Arcturan, spliced Terran Felis Catus
    Height: 140 cm

    Weight: 49 kg
    Eyes: Grey
    Hair: Fawn

    Originator of the Uplift Project on Feiss
    Claims degrees in various fields but has had many aliases and no confirmed claims. Certainly she is capable of advanced feats of bioegineering, Uplift, and the controversial Downfall program (a now banned Arcturan punishment procedure in which a criminal was 'devolved' into an animal.)
    IQ: Unknown, certainly genius level.

    Why we believe she is a suspect: Has never shown any moral or ethical compunctions regarding the use of either Uplift or Downfall, shows all signs of typical sociopathic behavior. Her current religious beliefs are also very solipsistic, in which she believes that each person is the god of their own reality and "...none of this is truly real, we will find the answers beyond."

    When she arrived on Feiss: With the initial landing party in 2100.

    Current Occupation: High Director of Uplift Project.{/td}

    "And that's your info. If you need more data, I'll send that along but the Emerald City would prefer you work these three before tackling any secondary suspects."

    @Saint Guillotine , @Rookry
  17. Lucifer frowned as he adjusted for traffic, listening carefully despite it before stopping at a traffic light. As he did, he took the opportunity to question.

    "To what end would they be possibly after? Making higher life forms is already a scientific possibility. For an organization to express interest, there has to be some form of catch. Something to justify funding illegal experimentation and prison, if not worse."

    The light flashed a color and Lucifer moved forward, heading for the hotel as he tried to settle it all in his head.

    "What kind of information do we have on their workplace? They all in the same building?"

    @Michale CS @Rookry
  18. "Doctor Harmond works at Feiss Central Hospital, and the other two are at the Uplift building. Though, due to her work sometimes Uplift patients come to her after or during their procedures at the Uplift building, and conversely, she has been seen at the Uplift building as well, though she does not work there." The Ranger at the other end of the line clarified.

    "Any other questions?"

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  19. "Do we have a name, or a suspicion regarding the organization pulling their strings?"

    He asked, quizzically.

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