Transgenders and bathrooms

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  1. States like Mississippi and North Carolina are trying to pass laws requiring transgender people to use bathrooms for the gender they were born as and as expected, people are pissed.

    I don't really know much about transgender people (only experience I have is one of my friends being transgendered. Female to male) so I can't express a complete thought on this without being incorrect.

    But I do think this is coming from a very bigoted standpoint. One of the main arguments I keep hearing supporting this law is, "Think of the kids!"

    Apparently they don't know the difference between a cross-dresser and a transgendered person -_- Even I'm smart enough to know the difference!

    Personally I think this law is stupid and I'd rather have gender-neutral bathrooms instead.
  2. Women don't like gender neutral bathrooms because there's the chance of men being in there.

    Men just groan and roll their eyes because we've got other things to worry about than who's pissing in a closed stall behind us. We're adaptable. We pee on anything if the need arises.

    Otherwise.. Whatever. Probably just means I've got to clean more bathrooms or something in the future. Make everyone use the same fucking room for all I care. The difference between men and women's restrooms are negligible at best.
  3. Haha, you expect puritan America to accept the idea of unigendered washrooms. That's adorable.

    I mean, don't get me wrong, we should probably just do away with gendered washrooms because there is literally no purpose to them anymore. Their entire function is to give people a polite location from which to dispose of their excrement and then wash their hands afterward. Children everywhere have to deal with gym class shenanigans which includes seeing dozens of themselves nekkid and crowded in a sweaty, smelly room. Adults have to deal with it whenever they want to go to the public pool, where inevitably, there's some old asshole dragging his 60 year old shriveled up dick across the floor. At least in washrooms, everyone gets their own bloody stall, so you have all the privacy you could want to do whatever it is you need to do.

    And don't fucking tell me that the picture of a dress on a door is going to stop a rabid pedophile or rapist. Like just "oh I was going to violently molest someone today, but I guess I can't, because that would be impolite." You're fucking kidding, right? People seriously believe this works? Oh god.

    Come on. We live in the era of the Internet. Kids see their first pair of 1080P Tits by the time they reach the age of 12 and see an ad flashing in the corner of the screen saying "hot local singles in your area." There's no "purity" to preserve here. If your kid is older than 15, somebody needs to break it to you that they wank off to whatever they can get their dirty fucking hands on. Even if it's in Japanese and features a far greater level of hot dogs to buns ratio. Oh, and don't think if your kid happens to be a girl that she's not wanking off to something. She is. Most people do. Especially when they're filled with raging hormones that are screaming at them day in and day out to fuck everywhere and everything they possibly can in order to propagate four billion years of successful evolution. Those poor 15 year old bastards don't stand a chance.

    The same kinds of people that are uncomfortable with transgenders going into whatever washroom they please (or, hell, anyone going into whatever washroom they please) are the same kinds of people who break out in hives at the mere suggestion of a naked man and naked woman standing in the same room together. It's the same kind of "cover up your nudity because it's impure and unclean sin" mentality that is not at all derived from any sort of logical position: It's purely emotional. "It makes me feel uncomfortable." "We must spare the children the sight of the naked human body, for it is impure."

    You're not going to convince these people through logic and reason. They abandoned it a long time ago to hold this position in the first place.
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  4. Sarcasm so hurtful :(

    I really hate Freedom of Speech sometimes -_-
  5. [​IMG]

    Boom. Crisis over.
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  6. Don't know about you. But standing while shitting isn't comfortable.
  7. Poppa squat, chum.
  8. Excuse me, but I poo in the loo, not in the street.
  9. Use 'for those that sit' just for that moment?
  10. I would. Was just being facetious.
  11. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction. All actions have consequences. To live free means to live with those who piss you off on a regular basis. The only other alternative is silence all voices and institute a singular authority which dictates what truth is.

    Order, or chaos? Safety, or liberty? Dictatorship, or Democracy?

    Here. Let me teach you a piece of wisdom about yourself with situations like this, since you keep posting threads like this. It might make you feel better... Especially with the rash of celebrity deaths lately.

    You have absolutely no control over what happens to you, or to the world in which you live. You have only one choice: How you react to it. The man who screams at transgenders and calls them filthy parasites cannot be stopped from holding this position or from spewing his hateful mind... But in the same way that you cannot control his mind, he cannot control yours. You can choose how you react to him. With tolerance, or hatred, or forgiveness. By interacting with him, or ignoring him.

    As much fun as I have in these threads for instance, at the end of the day, if I start to get too agitated, or angry, or upset, I walk away. I go back to my life. I play video games, or watch movies, or write in my role plays.

    There are only the following universal truths.
    • You will pay taxes.
    • You will fail at things.
    • People will hate you.
    • You will die.
    Not necessarily in that order.

    So knowing this, understand that everything which is, will one day not be. All things are finite. That same man who rants about "derm evul gayz" will one day die. You, will one day die. The transgenders that you side with on this issue, will one day die. The washrooms they wish to enter, will one day be torn down, or decay and fall apart. All that which is material, will fade.

    You stand upon the precipice every day you live. Every breath you take could be your last. Every step you take could be the one that leads you inexorably to your death with the very next step.

    So, knowing this, don't let the hatred of other people run your life. Run your own life. Think for yourself. Don't focus on the man who hates the transgenders, let him go. Let him be the ranting, fearful, irrational twat that he is... Focus on the people he's throwing his hatred toward. Focus on them. Talk to them. Get to know them. Befriend them. Make them know that they are not alone. Don't just let them be a statistical minority group you want to help: Actually talk to them and get to know them. Ask them questions, and include them in your activities, and build things. You'll find yourself far happier if you support the notion of building unigendered bathrooms arm in arm with others who feel the same way than to be anti-anti-transgenders. Let the people who live in hate isolate themselves from it. Stand above it.

    You control your own reaction.

    Wield it not to destroy, but to create. Not to feel anger and hatred, but forgiveness and curiosity. Be above these people of hatred, don't mirror them.
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  12. Well I always believed, that everyone has the right to be offended, just as everyone has the right to same something offensive. To the free speech comment.

    Onto what I was going to say. Personally, since I have a transgender friend who is FTM. He says its very uncomfortable being in the womans restroom. Not because he is in the wrong gendered bathroom. But because he feels disrespectful to the real woman in the bathroom. So there's a concept people need to consider. That maybe it isn't always about being in the wrong body. But simply wanting to respect the opposite gender.

    All though that goes into a wall of muddy gray, as you ask yourself, is it really the opposite gender. But that's another question for another time, anywhere.
  13. What's the point of these everyone-agrees-except-for-this-one-weird-dude-who'll-get-flamed-to-death threads?
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  14. [​IMG]

    If I could, I would tell your friend there is nothing more real about those woman than about himself, and there is no disrespect on his part if he is literally legally barred from using the male washroom. He has no choice in this matter, and shouldn't feel guilty for the actions of others who wish to impose their moral values on him.

    And then I'd give him a hug I guess. Sounds like he needs one.
  15. I'm guessing because they want to talk about it. No different from the celebrity death threads.
  16. I am not sure I understand the context specificities of what you're trying to say here.
  17. That they're no more or less "real" in the sense of what they are than he is. He is who he is. They are who they are.

    He needs to use the bathroom. The moral authorities force him to use the female washroom. He has as much of a right to be there as the women do, because he can't choose otherwise. He is no more or less entitled than the "real" women. It's not like he's a fake woman, he's a man. He says he's a man.

    No need to feel fake compared to the "real" people. They're no more or less real. Circumstances just force him and them to use the same bathroom, that's all.


    Basically, just concerned that he thinks of himself as "lesser than" in this circumstance from the wording. I recognize this as something which is generally bad.
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  18. Ah gotch makes sense now. I concur.
  19. [​IMG]
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  20. Yeah sure? What does it matter to me?

    Why do I care what restroom they go into?
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