Transgender Day of Remembrance

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  1. Today is the day to remember those who are the 'T's in GLBTQ who have been lost today. Whether it is directly murder or not so indirectly suicide due to hate, bigotry and sheer ignorance, today we take the time to reflect.

    So my question is, how do you think we can stop this? By educating as many people as possible or taking a lighter side to this and doing all we can to help show others how to love?

    Do you have anybody who you've lost that you remember today? I have a friend, Titania, who was murdered when someone backed their car up when she was crossing. She was an amazing person; she and I went to high school together. She was a transgender male to female, but our principal at the time was very transaphobic and told her that she couldn't wear her pink frilly dress to school. But this is where Tia had the most fun with this; during a con the next day, she went streaking through the gym, leaving a bewildered Ms. M***rs mouth open and pale faced. Tia never returned to school but I always saw her after school with Faith and Tina.

    And just had a stroke of genius; post a picture of a candle in memory of those who have died.

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  2. October lost someone close who died from heroin cause they were too scared to be themselves. It was close minded thinking, by myself and others, that made them want to turn to drugs. Where we grew up it was NOT ok to be gay or even different, had I been brave I might have not acted like a sheep and this whole thing would not have had to happen.

    It was a terrible thing, but it woke me up. I vocally support acceptance of gay peeps and transgendered, as a straight man, who works in construction. If people wanna judge me they can, it doesn't bother me.

    I can relate to the fear that perpetuates homophobic and bigoted mindedness and sometimes I have more pity for them than I do the ones who have suffered from it.
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