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I know I haven't been active here, but I've been very, very busy. Still, I'm going to give this a shot.

This isn't precisely an OOC/sign up. More like "Someone please help me plan and run a Transformers roleplay because I'm too busy to do it by myself but I really really really want to roleplay it".

Okay, so I have the planning part down, but I'm open to ideas, because my plot is a bit... shallow and overrated. I wanted to involve more Humans in the Transformers roleplay, so I decided to have several discover Allspark shards and have them... er... take up residence in the people's hearts, where their sparks would be if they weren't Human. The Humans would have the ability to revive dead Cybertronians, so they would be a valuable addition to either faction. It's your average cliche and overused stuff... the autobots race to find them and convince them before the decepticons do... maybe one or even two of these people choose to side with the decepticons. Maybe one of one or two people do it because they're absolutely insane and think the Human race should die. These are just vague thoughts.

It's probably been done a million times over. >_> Anyway, I wanted to see who was interested and what ideas and suggestions y'all might have. I didn't seen an "interest check" thread anywhere.
N.E.S.T. would be after them too.

Mayhaps even a terrorist organization.

Whoever can bring a Cybertronian back to life is certainly a powerful weapon to have.
Good thinking. I naturally included NEST in with the Autobots, but maybe members of the nest who are naturally more loyal to the Government would want them for themselves. The Government could use them as leverage against the Autobots, since they'd be citizens of America. Maybe they can have the power to make new Cybertronians from Earth technology as well, and the terrorist organization would want that to build their own army.
We need Psychosis in here. She's just as hard core with Transformers as I am and I know she'd want to give her input.

Any who, it could be a splinter group within the Department of Defense or a NATO ally. Perhaps even one of the top Defense Contractors, like General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems, Raytheon, etc.
Random question. How could these humans with All Spark Shards in their hearts theoretically be able to bring non-sentient machines to life? Since according to the movie premise, all modern machines have a basis in Cybertronian technology, thanks to Sector Seven and Megatron, it'd be reasonably possible... Like, for example, if one such person with an All-Spark shard happened to work really closely with cars and/or motorcycles, it stands to reason that they could bring them to life....

In either case however, there should be something to cause the All-Spark shard inside of them to activate. I mean, it should take more than just being able to touch a dead Cybertronian and go "Voila! YOU ARE HEALED!" Perhaps some kind of electrical jolt could activate it? The All-Spark shard could keep said jolt from harming the human absorbing it immediately into itself, before releasing it as Spark Energy into the offlined Cybertronian, reviving them... And if that's the case, that could also be the method by which machines that were never living to begin with are turned into Transformers... summary: WE MUST DO THIS.
That we must...

Now we need to figure out a plot.
What, the three-way struggle between the Autobots, the human government, and the Decepticons, to try and claim these All-Spark touched people, isn't enough?
It'd be a four way battle if an NGO is involved.
I'd love to be in this.

Tell me how to elp.
That's very reasonable, Psychosis, but what are the odds of the characters realizing this? The human would touch the autobot (or decepticon, whatever) and when nothing happened, they would assume that there's nothing there power-wise and the allspark shard is just a nuisance. Unless, by some miracle, the person happened to get electrocuted as they were touching the autobot. Not impossible, but it seems kind of... specific. Wait! There IS an explanation. Maybe the allspark senses the residual energy left over by the autobot/decepticon's spark, and it activates the allspark's power to bring the cybertronian back to life.

As for creating new life... maybe there has to be more than one allspark shard in order to do this, depending on the size of the machine they are trying bring to life. Or maybe we can just scrap this idea, and say the terrorist organization simply wants them to harness the power of the allspark itself and recreate it to create their own army. >_>

It seems like we already have a plot, now, but maybe we should think up something to include Sam and Mikaela? The decepticons are still around, after all, and Sam can't just go back home when they can track him down just like that. Neither can Mikaela or his parents. So maybe they have to live on the military base (i have no idea where it's located) with the autobots until the decepticon threat is gone. And maybe, in order to renew Sam's place in the plot, the allspark'd humans trigger some kind of reaction... my thoughts are blank beyond this.

I was thinking the autobots could realize that the allspark didn't melt completely, but some of the shards were scattered all over mission city, so they go out to search for them and stumble upon teh first human (whoever that may be). The second one can be found by both the autobots and decepticons, and they can have a battle over it. I was thinking for the other two, that we could simply let it play out. Oh yeah, I was thinking to start out with four allspark'd humans. That sound right? Not sure how many people will be in the roleplay... not expecting many.

I chose the heart so that people would be least likely to try to surgically remove the allspark. It's dangerous to do surgery on the heart, especially if nothing's wrong with it. Does that sound reasonable?

While we continue to discuss this, I'll work up an official OOC post to throw up here, along with character sheets.

By the way... I feel really stupid... but I have no idea what most of those groups are. They're Government, right?
They're defense contractors.

That means they build the equipment used by the United States Armed Forces.

You'll learn a lot about the workings of the military if you stick with me.

Also, why use established characters? Why not use original characters instead?
If you think original characters will work better, then I'll trust your advice. xD I didn't even consider it.
A fic I'm working on uses the bare minimum of established characters. I'm relying more on original characters for that work.
Ugh, it won't let me edit my post.

I think we DO need a Sam Witwicky... not the canon, just an original character with a different name, background, and etc that can take his place. I feel that the Autobots need to have formed some bond with at least one Human... also, honestly, it'd prevent me from having to recap the plot of both movies in my own version.

We can change it up a little so that the Sam-OC has more of a place in this plot. When he touches the allspark in the first movie and handles it as it half melts, half shatters when in contact with Megatron's spark, he begins to show the side effects present in the second movie. He can find the allspark shard in the second movie, except this time it has no effect on him, because the allspark has already done that in the first movie, by my words. The rest of the movie happens like it actually happened, and now we cut to the current plot.

The Autobots have been stationed on a military base used primarily by NEST and are building parts of it up so they can have their own offices and quarters and etc. Sam-OC, his parents, and Mikaela-OC (IF there is one, it's optional) are also stationed there, unable to return to their normal lives because the Decepticons are still at large. They're only safe with the Autobots... who knows how long it'll last.

Prime-OC realizes that although only a couple allspark shards have been found so far, there MUST be more out there that are smaller, with less of an energy signal, most likely scattered all over a majority of Mission City. The Autobots begin to look for them and stumble upon a Human with an allspark embedded in their hearts (where they can't be reached... or maybe their brains. What do you think?) and have no choice but to bring the Human to the base, whether he or she likes it or not. Otherwise, that Human will be screwed when the Decepticons find him/her. Speaking of satans spawn...

The Decepticons have come to the same conclusion that Prime-OC has and have begun looking for allspark shards as well, although they have no idea that some Humans, by fate alone, have somehow absorbed the alien matter and are having odd side effects from it. The Autobots and the Decepticons clash over the second Human, and from there, we see what happens. Maybe (have I already said this? I think I have) one of the Humans decides to side with the Decepticons, for whatever reason.

As you guys have said, other organizations are after these Humans as well. Maybe one of them goes to the hospital when they absorb the allspark shard and reveals it to everyone, and the Government hear about it too late to stop the media (vicious dogs) from blurting it to the whole world, literally, in an attempt to prove that the aliens exist. Naturally, other countries would take interest, and of course, certain terrorist groups who want their own robot army. We can't have TOO many people after them, however, because it would complicate the plot beyond necessary.

Any suggestions as to what groups will specifically make attempts to find and/or kidnap the humans? The US Government will definitely clash with the Autobots over it, although they won't be literally battling them for the Humans or trying to kidnap them or anything. Just political arguments about how they're US Citizens (which the Autobots can counter with their technology is involved and for the sake of the Humans in question, they must remain with the Autobots) I think I'd rather have the terrorist group be American and against the Government. Maybe the leader is an alien fanatic/major Government hater who thinks the Government are keeping all kinds of secrets from the rest of the world and are slowly taking over everyone's mind using subliminal messages. Or something.

I'll finalize the plot once we've revised it.
For me a senior member of a Defense Contractor makes more sense being an antagonist.
why not the international consorium of obsenely rich people, (ALA majestic 12 in the novel Scarecrow) as the antagonists?
their motives are simple, they are the 12 richest individuals on the planet by means of industry and other such professions, they own multiple companies worth billions and see to have their earnings multiply with the possibilities for technological advancement posed by the 'All spark carriers' (IE they want to controll all the ones they can, and disect and study all the ones they cant control, or something to taht effect)

if you go the scarecrow route, then they could even be like "the patriots" or whatever their name is in the Metal Gear series, a group of people that control nations from behinfd the scenes.
The La-Li-Lu-Lei-Lo?!

Yes, the Patriots. That actually sounds feasible. Definitely doable.
la li lu lei lo, yeah. thats the name i was trying to remember
I just got through watching a Metal Gear Solid 4 playthrough so it's pretty fresh in my mind.
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