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    • After finding 'Pokeformers' a pretty cheesy name and making portmanteaus or portmanteaus, I thought I'd just use that as an honest, simple title.

      Also, if you claim that this is an almost-identical copy of an RP off-site - that's me.

      Cybertronian Point of View (open)
      The Great War
      A long, long, time ago, there was a planet known as Cybertron. Cybertronians were the mechanical organisms who inhabited this planet. These sentient beings were peaceful-loving and this planet was a utopia. However, all changed when an evil Warlord named Megatron rose and created the faction known as The Decepticons. However, the brave and valiant Autobots rose, initially led by Sentinel Prime, before being passed on to the next Prime after he died, Optimus Prime, the last of the Primes. In the end, it was a tie, a tie where neither sides lost, but something precious was lost.

      Cybertron itself.

      Many a Cybertronian did not survive, however, some managed to survive and evacuate to a 'nearby' planet known as 'Earth', an organic planet inhabited by humans and mystical creatures known as Pokemon. The Cybertronians, Autobot and Decepticon alike, have utilised the art of 'transformations' to acquire 'Pokemon modes', in order to take the disguise of Pokemon. There, they continued Generations to regenerate the Cybertronian population, in hopes to revive Cybertron one day.

      Today, on Earth
      The Autobots and Decepticons still continue to feud after eons. The Decepticons are doing more than just fighting now, they are attempting to build something, something so sinister and evil that it bends time and space itself. But, what is it? Who will stop them?

      The madness doesn't end with the Decepticons, especially in the world of Pokemon. While this world has many evil organisation to steal Pokemon for one reason or another...

      Human Perspective (open)
      There have been recent reports of 'giant titans' thriving among us, believed to be extraterrestrials. Some say that these titans are capable of shapeshifting into many different Pokemon to blend in, thus dubbing them 'robots in disguise'. Others have simply intepreted them as new Pokemon. Upon hearing these rumours, travellers and researchers alike have went to these areas to learn the truth. Many researchers have attempted to discover and find out about their existence. Many have failed upon returning, few even went missing.

      What will you do?

    • Musts I want for this RP:

      Megatron must be a Zekrom, while I will make Optimus Reshiram.
      Please avoid making any Cybertronians a timespace-level Pokemon. No Dialga-Palkia, no Arceus, no Hoopa. Giratina's OK though. I just don't want any timey-wimey dimensio plot devices.
      Characters based off canon characters from throughout the series. Also, if you want to play such characters, at least make them close to their core concepts. For example, Ratchet is meant to be smart, don't make him a complete idiot. Bulkhead's intelligence varies from continuity from continuity, go ahead and be flexible!
      Try to make sense of canon character Pokemodes. I don't want to see Prowl as a turtle or Bulkhead as a cat.
      I promote the usage of characters based off canon ones. In fact, I need someone to play Megatron.


      Basic Rules. Need I say them one by one?
      Usual 'No Legendaries' for humans.
      I don't prohibit Legendaries as Pokemodes, but we're supposed to be in disguise, so you're not really going to blend in too well. I mean, I understand if you're Ultra Magnus or Starscream, high-rankers and all...

      Applications for Cybertronians:

      (Insert Picture Here)

      (Yes, canonical Cybertronians/Transformers are allowed, such as Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Arcee, etc.)

      Supposed Gender:
      (Do you talk/act/look/etc feminine or masculine?)

      Cybertronian Appearance:
      (How does he look like when he's not in disguise. Word-based description.)

      Pokemon mode:
      (What Pokemon does he take the form of while blending in? Of course, you can add a few details that differentiate him from a regular specimen of that Pokemon, such as the location of his Autobot/Decepticon emblem. You are also allowed to acquire it later.)


      (How did you live while on Cybertron? What was your job? When did you join your cause to battle? How did you gain your Pokemode?)

      (Laser guns? Handblades? Katanas? Of course, you can try to be unique, like having a flamethrower.)

      Pokemon mode moves:
      (What moves can you use in your Pokemon mode? Max. 4)

      Pokemon mode ability:
      (Duh. Activated only in Pokemon mode. Dream World ability allowed)

      (Autobot or Decepticon? Neutrals are allowed.)

      Rank/Duties in faction:
      (What do you do?)


      Application for Humans:

      Weaponry: (if any. Preferably only if you're 16 or beyond)
      Pokemon Team: (Please put these in spoilers)
      Pokemon nickname: (optional)
      Pokemon species:
      Moves: (max. four)
      Ability: (duh. Dream World ability allowed)
      Others: (What else? E.g. something that makes it different from the rest of its species)
      Others: (What else)

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  1. Two enquiries:

    1. Should I include a specified 'evil team'?
    2. Should I make Legendary Pokemon seperate playable characters that can help or hinder the Cybertronians?
  2. (Placeholder Picture)
    "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings..."

    Optimus Prime
    Supposed Gender:​

    Cybertronian Appearance:

    Optimus Prime is 8 metres tall as opposed to his Pokemode's 3.2 metres. Imagine the above stated appearance without the mufflers, wheels and all that, but retaining the red and blue glory.
    This incarnation of Optimus wears a white cape that will morph into a pair of wings during Pokemode. The upper-part of Reshiram's head lies on Optimus' chest area with the Autobot emblem between the nose area and eye area.
    Optimus's arms appear to be covered in white fur, that end with regular, silvery robo-fists. These limbs will become Reshiram's legs.
    His thighs each have what appear to be halves of Reshiram's tail.
    Pokemon mode:​

    While on this planet, Optimus takes the form of the white dragon of legend - Reshiram. According to tales, Reshiram and Zekrom were once part of a powerful, original dragon that was possessed by a pair of kings.

    This incarnation of Optimus takes more inspiration from his Transformers Prime counterpart as opposed to any other counterpart. Especially Bayformers.
    Much like the source of his Pokemode, Optimus prefers truths and answers, as opposed to ideals. However, it is extremely untrue to say that he is blocked from the concept of ideals, as he will pursue them as long as they are plausible.

    (How did you live while on Cybertron? What was your job? When did you join your cause to battle? How did you gain your Pokemode?)

    (Laser guns? Handblades? Katanas? Of course, you can try to be unique, like having a flamethrower.)

    Pokemon mode moves:
    Blue Flare | Fusion Flare | Extrasensory | Dragon Pulse
    Pokemon mode ability:​



    Rank/Duties in faction:

  3. Yet another fruitless bump. Is it the Pokemon or the Transformers?
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