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  1. In the final days of Cybertron, a few of the remaining Cybertronians came together despite their factions in order to escape the planet on a ship simply known as the Carrier. The ship has landed on a simple, life-bearing planet known as Earth, and the bots and cons on board are having difficulty contacting their respective groups. The ship's communications system was damaged in the rough landing. The refugees have also discovered that they can transform into a third mode, an animal found on Earth.

    Will these refugees be able to survive eachother and the challenges of a new planet?

  2. Diamond sat in silence on a rock just outside the cavern in which the Carrier was hidden in. She wore a troubled frown on her face as she attempted to use her navigation system. Nothing except for black and white static appeared on the panel on her forearm. Go figure, she can fix just about anything except for her own navigation system.

    She had been the last Cybertronian to board the Carrier when they were fleeing the dying planet. And she made sure that no insecticons could prevent them from getting off the ill-fated planet. Of course, this left her with more than her fair share of injuries, most of which she had managed to patch up. A few scratches here and there were the only obvious signs of struggle that remained on the decepticon. Her com link was gone after she took a heavy blow to the head, and she was willing to bet that her navigation system got fried when she blocked a second heavy blow with her forearm. This left her without any way to find or even get in touch with her allies. She knew she had to find the decepticons and quickly, before they deemed her a deserter or a traitor.

    Her situation as a whole had her more than a little on edge. She was stranded on a foreign planet, without any way to get help, and her company would be more than likely to frag her if given the chance.
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  3. Hotrun stepped out of the cave. He saw that Diamond was there but made no attempt to converse at first. He looked out at the landscape. A human highway glowed in the distance. "I wonder if the locals would accept the existence of another sentient species on their planet." He, for one, rather liked the past few days they had spent on Earth. It was no pre-war cybertron, but he did like it.
  4. "I'm not entirely sure, but I wouldn't count on it." Diamond spoke crisply, her sharp red gaze flicking up to look at Hotrun. She gave up on her damaged system for the moment, the little screen going black once more. "If it's a human kid, we might be accepted, but who in their right mind would accept the idea of something out there being so much bigger than them." She added logically.
    She wore a small scowl on her face as her mind wandered over her to do list. Her demeanor was surprisingly calm and relaxed despite her situation. She was curious about the humans, but she wasn't going to get lost in an attempt to study them.
  5. Nightcharge stared down at the control panel on the Carrier's bridge. The screen showed a chart of their current position on this planet and its surrounding system with several large bodies orbiting a single yellow sun. It was completely unfamiliar to him, and no matter how much he searched the surrounding regions of space he could not find anything giving him an idea of their bearings in relation to Cybertron. They were lost and stranded, and they would most likely be staying that way for the foreseeable future with the Carrier's systems as damaged as they were.

    He turned and exited the bridge, walking down the Carrier's extended ramp and emerging into the cool night air outside the cave. His pale blue optics scanned the dark sky above, taking in the numerous stars lighting the firmament. Out there somewhere was their home, but they had no way of knowing how and when they would return, or even if there was anything left to go back to. It was a terribly frustrating if not hopeless situation to be in, but the Autobot was determined not to let it defeat him.

    Approaching Diamond and Hotrun, Nightcharge looked out over the alien landscape they were focused on. "The humans may not accept us to start with, but we can't afford to upset the balance of this world. We've all seen what war can do, and if we don't stay united we won't stand a chance here."
  6. Hotrun nodded at what they both had to say. He looked up at the sky. His targeting HUD picked up nothing. On Cybertron it would have picked up 5-10 hostile craft at any moment. He turned to Nightcharge. "How soon can we get the ship fixed? That's assuming we still want to go back." He, for one, didn't want to go back. Cybertron was near death. There was no hope there.
  7. Equinox awoke from his unwanted sleep after currently being k.o by depree from the Carrier as it crashed onto earth and all its inhabitents so he thought. With a yawn the black and yellow clad bot arose and streched only to feel a bit of some slight pain coming from his forarm. With wicked laughter from the sudden pain he shook it off and ventured out of the way to the outdoors kicking and causing a comotion till his golden optics set sight to other bots outside on the forgien land. " Hey... now what the hell just happend, that nap i just woke from is keeping me behind so speak up on and all~ hahaha~ " his odd optimism shined though his odd apperance as he made it and stood behind they three bots looking like a bunch of lumps on a beam. " Heh... beam... "
  8. Diamond stood up from her rock when the autobot came out. She listened carefully to what everyone had to say, and a smirk crossed her face when Equinox made his way out of the Carrier. Everyone loves a bubbly lunatic. Her gaze was thoughtful as she stared off at nothing in particular. She snapped back into focus once her thoughts were organized. "Well, even if we plan on staying or going, we'll need energon. Ain't no way that we'll make it on, or off, this rock without it." She spoke crisply, resting a hand on her hip. "The real question is whether or not the ship's ground bridge and energon sensors still work. And whether or not there's energon on this planet at all." Her gaze rested evenly on Nightcharge, as he had just been in the bridge. Surely he'd know if the systems were operational if he'd been doing something productive in there all day. But, seeing that he was a bot, the con naturally assumed less.
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  9. IBIS The tall slender bot was sitting down ontop of the cave entrance on the edge,One of her 4 Optics were offline and sparks coming out,she was Injured so geting that eye back operational would not be so easy,alteast she still had 3 lefts,Apart from the bents and scraches she was fine,and atleast alive with some other Bots that manage to escape.

    Her 3 Optics look around as she turn her head here and there seem to keeping watch,looking down at the Group,she could hear them as she was not that far,she heard about the energon and would say,her voice slightly static and well...glitchy "E-E-Even if we *Static* Finde energon dont think the L-Locals would be to Friendly with us just T-Taki-*Static*-ng it"she said from were she was sitting ontop of the cave with her Glitchy Voice
  10. Equinox looked over to IBIS and snickered like a lunatic. "Man your jacked up... and I thought I had it bad. Ah hahaha! " exclaimed the over peppy yet mean bot as he turned his attention eles where. "To bad we cant go incognito on them allzof!" Was exclaimed as he held a fist in the air with all excitement as he started to move over to get a betterview of things outside.
  11. "Sh-*static*-ut Up Equinox...At-t-Least i can F-F-fix Miself"she said as she could....only if she had the needed a new Voice Module,the eye could be fix up but would take somtimes,her voice was what gona need a New part,Tssk wow Equin right here was really anoying..well as it look like,sitting on the edge she look around poking her Damaged Optic only to make it fall off from her face and hit the ground "You got to-*Static followd by electric Crackle noises* Kidding me"she said to herself as she needed a new one...great
  12. Nightcharge did not let Diamond's gaze unsettle him in the slightest. It was no secret she resented him as an Autobot, an attitude that was not uncommon among both his faction and that of the Decepticons. He bore her no ill will because of it, although he wished she could look past the conflict between their respective groups now that they were no longer on Cybertron and needed each other in order to survive on this planet.

    "The long range sensors are still operational, although judging by the readings we're getting they've been slightly damaged. There's definitely energon on this planet, but it's hard to determine at the moment where we can find a deposit large enough to meet our needs." Turning back to the shadowed bulk of the Carrier within the cave, he surveyed the damage to its hull with a weary expression. They would be needing quite a lot of energon to get it back in full working order. The repairs they could make until they found all the energon they needed would be barely enough to keep the Carrier's systems online. "The ground bridge, however, is no longer working, I'm afraid. Without replacement parts it won't be any use to us. We'll have to rely on our alternate forms to get around this planet."

    Turning back to look at IBIS, Nightcharge considered her question for a moment before answering. "It's seems unlikely given what we know of the current level of Earth technology that the humans even know about energon. And even if they did, there's no reason to believe they've developed a use for it. We should be able to get what we need so long as we remain inconspicuous."

    Nightcharge paused, carefully choosing his next few words. Their motley company was only loosely organized at this point. There was still no clear leader, and given what he knew about how Diamond and some of the other Decepticons felt it would be a tough sell to get all of the them to cooperate. He would have to tread lightly in trying to direct their efforts and organize them into a working team.

    "Now, I believe it would be a good idea if we did some reconnaissance of the area to get our bearings. Maybe get some leads on where we could find some energon. What do all of you think?"
  13. The small decepticon looked up at her only ally with a mildly concerned expression as she heard her voice and saw her optic fall to the ground. "Joy." Diamond sighed, the sarcasm being strong with her. Her sharp gaze flicked back to Nightcharge when he spoke about the ground bridge not working. That was a serious problem, for her at least. The joys of being stuck on a strange planet without any kind of navigation system available to her. She was hesitant to go too far from the Carrier because of her little problem. She shrugged in response to his suggestion, careful not to show her hesitation. She would not let herself show weakness to an autobot.
  14. Metalback stood atop of the cliff that the cave where the carrier had landed resided. He looked down at all the other members of the carrier and frowned. He didn't quite trust the ones that hadn't chosen a side but he trusted the Decepticons even less. He had been lucky and had received very little damage in the crash his damage only consisted of a few dents and a an easily fixable system malfunction that he had already repaired by going into a recharge state. As he watched them he only grew more irritated. He resented the Decepticons for what they had done. Yes the Autobots had also been a contributing factor to the dying state of Cybertron. But none of it would have been necessary if the Decepticons hadn't betrayed them. He had seen too many of his friends cut down by them to forgive them any time soon and he was only going to work with these two out of necessity but he was always ready for that knife in the back that came when trusting a Decepticon. He looked down at Nightcharge and shook his head. Nightcharge might be willing to trust them so easily but he was not. He quickly jumped down from the ledge he was sitting upon and in a cloud of dust landed behind the others "if we're going on recon we need to make it quick and with little exposure to the humans as possible..Who knows what they'll do when they find out about us"
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