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    "It is the year 2023. The war against the Autobots and Decepticons have reached a turning point: Optimus Prime and Megatron are dead. But how? and who is taking charge? The answer is simple. Galvatron, a Cybertronian thought dead, had arrived on Earth, with a leigon of Sweeps, and Vehicons. (Not the ones from TFP, but Beast Machines.) Along with him, are 10 Metrotitans, that are under Galvatron's control. The Autobots and Decepticons both briefly teamed up to stop Galvatron, but they lost. They also lost planet Earth, being reduced into a wasteland, and the Matrix of Leadership missing, and humanity has become extinct. Although the Decepticons have joined Galvatron, the Autobots still swear to protect Cybertron and any other species. The Autobots have chosen a new leader, a member of the high council named Star Saber. Can he lead the Autobots into glory as Optimus had?"

    -Minimum OOC talk here, so it won't interrupt the roleplay. You can talk OOC all you want in the OOC page as linked above.

    -Good grammar. No one is perfect, but make your posts as neatly as possible.

    -You can create up to 5 skellys. But make track of them, and keep your characters active. You can kill off one of your characters if you want a fresh start.

    -Keep the factions even (Important!)

    -Don't interrupt or suddenly interfere in others posts, as long as the other person allows it.

    -No one liners. Make your posts as long as 4 sentences or over. Don't make them too long.

    -No god modding. However, TFs can survive being blown apart, decapitated and still survive. Make an explanation for their survival. (Spark intact, Brain molecule not crushed.)

    -No Gary stus/Mary Sues, no one wants a perfect character.

    -As cheesy as this sounds, have fun. ^_^
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  2. Megalvatron was on the move, choosing his m1a1 Abrams form over travelling on foot. With Primus as my witness i will not be late for another meeting!" He grumbled, unaware that the communication channel was open "why did star saber leave me behind again? He knows my stance on being there to protect him. I don't want to fail him like i did Optimus and Rodimus."
  3. Soundwave:

    "I understand. Soundwave out." The wrist communicator turned off as Soundwave placed it back in its compartment. He went outside, and found a perfect spot for a ground bridge. He pressed the keys for the coordinates, and the portal opened. Before he left, he made sure no one followed him. Once he got a clear, he ejected his cassettes, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. They entered the portal, while Soundwave was the last, and closed it.
  4. Star Saber:

    Nebulos. One of the last safe areas for the Autobots. He could be wrong, the Decepticons have been driven out of this planet ago, and the threat is still looming out there. Most of the Decepticons went to populate the Titans on Earth, the double agent told him a few weeks ago. Star Saber was grateful that Ultra Magnus lead the surviving Earth team back to this planet. It had enough energy for the Autobots to feed off from, and it was safe. He watched as Prowl and Kup took their seats in the room. "Council meeting in session." said Thunderclash.
  5. "What is it that we need to discuss?" asked Ultra Magnus. Prowl stood up and cleared his throat. "We've got a report from Ironhide on Cybertron requesting for more troops, as they are out numbered. Also, plus, that Decepticons have been attacking Autobot Energon mining outposts in Messatine, and holding hostages for the past few weeks." Siren spoke up. "Don't they have the Technobots over there? They can form Computron, and take back those hostages-" Prowl stopped him. "He also has a list for the hostages. Two of the Technobots are listed." Kup said, "Could we just send the Arielbots there? I mean, as Superion, they really pack a punch." Star Saber Saber finally spoke up. "We can't just go down to Earth, not yet at least. That place is the most dangerous planet anyone could come across. Besides, this isn't the right time to attack." Prowl asked, "Then what do you think we should do? Let them die?" Star Saber replied, "I have a double agent down there, currently do two tasks. Find the hostages, and lower their defenses."
  6. Megalvatron finally arrived and ran as fast as he could to the meeting. "My apologies, everyone.The trip is murder on the treads and i keep getting left behind when i need to be kept close at hand." The autobot said with the deep rumbling voice of Galvatron, a tactical choice that was made in order to confuse the enemy. Unfortunately, it also confused his allies when they didn't know he was around. His appearance didn't help either in spite of the difference in color he had from the two leaders of the decepticons. Among other things.
  7. Bluestreak wasn't overly fond of meetings, but they were a welcome reprieve from the perpetual conflict. He tuned in to the conversation among the remaining Autobot leaders. While he certainly didn't wish to return to Earth any time soon, there didn't seem to be many volunteers to take his place should he be called.

    "We could always send in a distraction, everyone hates distractions--" Bluestreak paused momentarily to gather his thoughts before continuing on in his babbling chitter. "The aerialbots, they're good at that, right? They can handle that one their own, I'm sure of it. Assemble a team - Jazz would know who - and go in on the dark side, take them by their blind spot while the aerialbots drag their sentries through the dirt. Just a suggestion, really, or you can just... not..."
  8. "Remember, Galvatron is crazy. He'll go as far as commanding his Titan to transform into it's robot mode and kill everyone." said Ultra Magnus. "Magnus, we don't even know which Titan has the prisoners." said Prowl. "Is that a good thing?" asked Star Saber. "Yes, and no. If it's not Galvatron's Titan, than it most certainly could be random. All we know that each Titan is commanded by one member of the higher Decepticons such as Bludgeon, and Sixshot. They each have their own ways of defence." said Prowl. "All we can do is wait for our spy. Actually, I forgot to mention that I've deployed 9 other spy to each Titan." said Star Saber. "Won't 9 spy's arriving at the same time be suspicious to them?" asked. "I'm way ahead of you, they all were deployed at separate times. The last guy left 4 days ago." said Star Saber. "Until then I hear from one of them, we'll hold another meeting. Dismissed."
  9. Road Rage: Deftwing handed Road Rage the datapad. "Another awesome day of the Human culture class." he said. "Yeppers. And I've decided the topic of the next class! Old timey movies! I'm going to show them King Kong! And maybe Nosferatu. I don't know." Road Rage said cheerfully. She packed up the data pads while Deftwing turn off the translators. Road Rage's buzzer went off. "Hold up, got a call." She picked it up and answered it. "Hello?" "Hi, it's Jackpot. Magnus wants you and your buddy Deftwing up back at the ship for something. About 16 others are also being called in." "Sure. We'll be there in a jift." said Road Rage. "We have to leave, Jackie told us that Mags wants us back at H.Q for something. She reverted into her alt mode, and opened up her door. "Put the translators in here, and you take the-" "Yeah yeah, I get it." said Deftwing tossing the datapad box up in the air, and catching it through his cockpit in his jet mode. They departed the hillside, and ride down to the ship down the hill.
  10. "Star saber, why do you always leave me behind?" Megalvatron asked point blank "by Primus you know my personal mission and it doesn't matter if we are currently in a safe place. Danger can be anywhere. Even in places we think we're safe."
  11. Galvatron: Meanwhile at Earth, Galvatron sat in his throne room, with Pounce and Wingspan standing guard. The two twins communicated through their wrist pads, typing back at each other complaining about their job, and couldn't wait to leave. "You two, leave. I'm expecting a private call shortly." Galvatron grumbled. Pounce and Wingspan nodded and bowed, both so happy to leave early. After a few minutes, Galvatron said via voice command: "Bring up the main computer." The floor reverted into a medium sized dome-like shape. It started buzzing. "Answer." Galvatron said. 9 holograms popped up. They were Bludgeon, Zarak, Sixshot, Onslaught, Ratbat, Slipstream, Shockwave, Black Shadow and Chop Shop. "Good of you all to join me tonight." said Galvatron, smiling.
  12. "Leave you behind?" said Star Saber. What you need is a faster alt mode. And besides, we cannot alert any Autobots about any danger right now. Some of them are traumatized after what happened on Earth. This is the first time in a long time that they have a chance to relax." said Star Saber. "And you haven't?" asked Megalvatron. "No- it's just- agh! Just leave me be." said Star Saber harshly, as he leaves the room.
  13. Galvatron: "So, Ratbat. You have intercepted the prisoners. And the Autobots are fully aware?" Galvatron asked. "That his correct my lord. Smokejumper and Dreadwing lead the assault on them. About 10 of them survived." said Ratbat. "But don't recall if they know that they're in my Titan." "Not your titan Ratbat. Mine. You are there to simply command your forces over there. Understand that next time or I'll make short work of you." said Galvatron. "Y-yes, my lord." said Ratbat, feeling intimidated.
  14. "All I'm trying to do is ensure you stay functional. Can't help it If i am on edge. If you don't like it, send me to the front line. Hate standing around when there are decepticons to take down. Probably could convert some to our side in order to take that maniac Galvatron down." Megalvatron said in a huff. "And my alt form is just fine. I'm built for battle not running. I'm starting to think Ironhide had the right idea. We should finish this battle as quickly as possible. Fly into Galvatron's fortress and extinguish his spark. The universewould be better off with him off line and the decepticons would be too busy fighting over who should lead them to worry about us."
  15. "My liege," said Shockwave. "The space bridge is almost complete. I've made contact with Deathasaurus on Cybertron, he and the Autobots are neck on neck there. We'll be importing a few hundred Tankor, Thrust, and Obseidien drones from each titan in exchange for lots of Energon." "Excellent Shockwave." said Galvatron. "Onslaught, are the Constructicons able transfer back to my Titan?" "Of course. They'll get there through the groundbridge in mere minutes." "Good, good." said Galvatron. "Now all of you except Bludgeon sign off. I need to discuss important matters with him." The Cons bowed and signed off. "Now Bludgeon, I'm going to talk to you in person."
  16. "Finish it?! Do you realize that half of the Autobot army isn't even near us? They probably quitted after the hearing Prime has been killed! And we barely have an army here! And the Autobots back on Cybertron are in a worse position! We need time to heal, recover and think through! The Cons have early warning system satellites in orbit! You think that with an offensive attack would end the war? Hell, talking to them is barely an option! You are the most ignorant Cybertronion besides Dai Atlas and his stupid cult! Star Saber punched the wall. "Better?" asked Kup, who startled him. "Y-yes, and I didn't know you were still here. I'm sorry you had to see that. Sorry for insulting you Megalvatron." Kup patted Star Saber's hand. "Now, We're all in a bad spot lad. You should recharge for a while, clear your head." Star Saber stood up straight, and said, "I guess so. See you later." as he left for his quarters.
  17. Lazack: Lyzack put her sword away after battling the training bot. She was the last one to leave, as usual. After a day of either scouting or researching about space bridges, she liked to spar with her comrades and the training bit to go loose. Lyzack spotted Pounce and Wingspan chatting in the clear hallway. "We gotta pick up the pace. Soundwave is expecting us. We don't another fragging lecture about being late again." said Pounce, as he reverted to his puma form. Wingspan reverted to his winged creature mode and they left. Lyzack, curious and suspicious realized that since she's arrived, those two would go through that same conversation every night. She decided to follow them.
  18. "It was Prime's idea to make me Sounds like our enemy." Megalvatron pointed out, opting to overlook star saber's insult "and i never said i was going in without a plan. If you think i can't cut it on earth, send me to Cybertron to back them up. Could bring them together and reclaim our old home. And l let's not forget that the decepticons are not following Galvatron out of loyalty, but fear. They want him out of the picture as much as we do if not more. And i know the right overly ambitious decepticon to use as a distraction and jet fire knows him all too well. And last i heard, he's still on Cybertron."
  19. Kup looked at Megalvatron. "You wanna go back to Cybertron? If so, you can't go alone. I'll like to go, but Star Saber wants to keep me around to back him up. But Magnus told me he's gathering a team down at hanger 8 for reinforcements on Cybertron. This is your chance lad."
  20. "Thanks, Cup. I'll bring you a little war trophy when i get back. Maybe a few fresh faces that want to overthrow Galvatron. There are two decepticons that might change sides if only temporarily. One is star scream and the other is shockwave. Do you think i can change their minds and lead a bit of a rebellion in their ranks?" Megalvatron replied to the older autobot.
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