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  1. This is the Out of Character Thread for my Transformers roleplay! Welcome! (Link to the RP page)

    Here, you can sign up for this roleplay, and chat with each other. You can sign up for the roleplay here also. You have to wait for me to accept it, so you can join.

    To sign up, you must pick a character from transformers G1. No movieverse, no TFP. They can be well known, like Ironhide, or very obscure like Slugfest. Beast wars and Beast Machines characters are all acceptable. No Optimus Prime or Megatron. They are not present during this roleplay at all, only mentioned. OCs are also acceptable.

    -Profanity is acceptable
    -No drama

    Faction: Autobot, Decepticon, Neutral
    Picture of character: (Can describe them or post link)
    Alt Mode: (Can post link or describe it)
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  2. No template? I'm guessing we make our own

    I'll work on it soon then.
  3. The Roleplaying page will be made soon.
  4. I'm in a bit of a tough spot. My character is an original idea that looks like a mix of Megatron and Galvatron. Except he's an autobot. Unfortunately, there aren't any pictures of him and i am unable to draw him. T.T
  5. It's ok! You can describe his appearence. (Plus, I take dibs on Galvatron. :p)
  6. Excellent. Painting mental pictures is more in my field than visual ones. Lol
    (You Do know Galvatron is Megatron right?)
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  7. Name: Megalvatron
    Faction: Autobot
    Picture of character: Megalvatron has the mixed body of Megatron and Galvaron. with Megatron's canon on his Left arm and Galvatron's on his right. He has a red and black color scheme and the autobot symbol is on his chest. His head is a combination of both Megatron and Galvatron with almost a crown like appearance and blue eyes.
    Personality: a natural warrior that is honor bound to the higher ups. Protective of his friends and comrades, he would do what he could to protect them.
    Bio as a triple changer, Megalvatron has always been seen by their leader's side. He can change into a tank and a twin barrel side by side shotgun. On cybertron, he was much like warpath. Another tank ready, as ironhide would put it, to bust some deceptichops. Though he doesn't like to fight, he put those thoughts aside till all are one and fights to end the war.
  8. In some universes and continuities yes, they are the same. But here, Galvatron and Megatron are seperate characters: Galvs is a ancient Cybertronion.
  9. fair enough. lol
  10. Just like how in continuities I am familiar with, Star Saber is not a man, but an artifact.

    I'll take a while to think of a vehicle mode.
  11. You're gonna go with Star Saber? Guy from TF Victory? Fine with that.
  12. Although I won't post these later, I'm gonna choose three of these guys: Galvatron, Deftwing, Soundwave, Shockwave, Jackpot, Swoop and Clipper. Maybe Ultra Magnus and Ravage.
  14. Never heard of star saber before.
  15. Nah, I'm not going to use Star Saber. I'd personally prefer him to be a weapon.

    I'm going all original. Maybe I'll base him/her off one of my concepts of 'Transformers Mythicus'. Vehicles and animals are alright, so how about mythical beasts?
  16. In some continuities, Star Saber is a Cybetronian. In others, it is the name of a powerful weapon.
  17. He's the Autobot leader in the show, Transformers Victory, way back in the late 1980s
  18. Sure! Go ahead.
  19. Accepted!
  20. Name: Galvatron

    Faction: Decepticon

    Picture of character:

    Alt Mode:

    Personality: Galvatron is the new Decepticon leader. He is arrogant, cold-hearted and ruthless. Galvatron even attacks his own allies, but they fear Galvatron too much to stand up to him. He is unpredictable, and is insane. He shows a lot of pride towards himself, and shows no compassion to lose who are smaller, and weaker.

    Bio: Galvatron became active millions of years before the war began. He was the right-hand man of Nova Prime, but as Nova abused his power over Cybertron, Galvatron killed him. Promising a new Golden age for their planet, Galvatron murdered several Primes because his lust for power grew, and had lead a cult for counterpart of Primus, Unicron. Galvatron claimed to have spoken with him, and went on a quest to search for Dark Energon, believed to be Unicron's source. Galvatron went out of his way and infused it, driving him insane, and went rampant until Nexus Prime defeated him in battle. Placed in a coffin by his followers, a coverup story claimed that he was incinerated. This was believed for a long time until it was revealed that his coffin was discovered deep in Cybertron's 2nd moon. To prevent from being captured, a group of Cybertronians sent it through a malfunctioning space bridge, but sending him far into the future where he was recovered by a group of Decepticons. Back online, Galvatron took control of the Decepticons and they traveled deep in space to find Dark Energon. To his surprise, he discovered 10 Metrotitans in a deserted planet. He resurrected them and took control of them, ravaging many planets for energy. This got the attention of both Autobots and Decepticons, and both Megatron and Optimus lead their armies to defeat Galvatron. The battle was lost, and both Optimus and Megatron died in the hands of Galvatron. With both sides leaderless, Galvatron admired the two factions, and offered to lead both sides, uniting them. While the Autobots refused Galvatron's offer, the Decepticons accepted. After being told that Earth had plenty of energy sources, Galvatron and his new found Decepticons had an all-out assault on the planet, bringing extinction to the human race. Now, he sits in his throne room in one of the Titans awaiting for the Autobots to strike back.
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