Transformers Roleplay idea?

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  1. Howdy. I can bet my life that most people here aren't Transformers fans, probably only seen the movies, liked it, or did,'t like them. Or they've seen the cartoons, or read the comics, and bought the toys. Anyways, I wanna see how many people here are familiar with the franchise, and have an interest with forming a Transformers Roleplay. The basic setting for this roleplay would be heavily on Cybertron, and a destroyed Earth. The deal, is that Galvatron has been able to control several Metrotitans and use them to ravage Earth, killing everyone on it. The titans would be put into several major locations on the planet (Washington, Ottawa, etc.) in their city mode, all containing hundreds of Decepticons guarding them, and the planet. The Autobots would have retreated to Cybertron, while half of the planet is under Deceptitcon control. But the Autobots have also colonized other alien worlds, giving them an advantage. Optimus Prime and Megatron are also missing, so there's new leaders of both sides. Star Saber leads the Autobots on Cybertron, while Galvatron leads the Decepticons on Earth.

    So, if you're interested, please post a comment, or send me a message. Thanks. :)
  2. Don't know why no one's poked around in here, I'm interested. Haven't seen a good TF roleplay in... years, actually. I'd be interested.
  3. Thank you! Sorry it took a while to reply, I'd thought noone would see this. Now if more people were interested, that'll be swell. :D
  4. I am curious about a new TF roleplay.

    Will we go with the old vehicle motif?
  5. It's all G1 style. No movie elements. With some elements from the IDW Transformers comics.
  6. Sounds awesome to me. I could use a good G1 rp - everyone now seems to be interested only in the movies or modern cartoons. I need the gold old stuff, y'know? Hopefully more people would be willing to pick this up.
  7. Transformers Prime was great, and the show's sequel looks more family friendly than TFP. But it still looks good.
  8. Note: Some of the rules I would've thought of is that you can go all out with violence, and characters from Beast wars (no Optimus Primal or BW Megatron) would be allowed.
  9. Still care, been a bit busy with stuff. I'll head over soon.
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