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  1. When Cybertron was destroyed and abandoned during the war, a few bots remained. They adapted to survive, gaining a third form- an animal form - and becoming what is known as a Primal. During the last days of Cybertron, autobots, decepticons, and rogues alike managed to escape the dying planet and travel to Earth on a ship called the Shadow Moon. The ship crashed on Earth, and the Primals are unsure of where to go now.


    Side: Autobot/Decepticon/Rouge
    Vehicle Mode:
    Animal Mode:
  2. Name: Diamond
    Gender: Female
    Side: Decepticon
    Appearance: Diamond is a sleek and agile bot, primarily white in color with black and grey flecking her lithe frame. Small, sharp pieces of metal poke from her frame, resembling feathers. These "feathers" come together and resemble wings on her back. They also poke out from her forearms and legs, though most of them on her left arm had been snapped off through unspoken events.
    Vehicle Mode: SUHOI PAK-FA T-50
    Animal Mode: Snowy Owl
    Weapons: Her feathers often double as knives for her, though she is armed with missiles and two small energon blasters.
    Themesong: Disappear by Evanescene
  3. Name: Nightcharge

    Gender: Male

    Side: Autobot

    Appearance: Nightcharge is a bot built for speed first and foremost, his design consisting of aerodynamic curves and flowing lines with silver and grey accents. His optics glow a pale blue and a retractable plate protects the lower half of his face during battle. Two thin spikes adorn the side of his head as if to suggest canine ears. His legs end in clawed feet while his hands are more dexterous and human-looking.

    Vehicle Mode: Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Roadster

    Animal Mode: Wolf

    Weapons: Rifle capable of firing disrupting bolts of electricity. He also relies on his clawed feet while in animal mode as well as a spring-loaded blade on his right forearm for melee use in robot mode.


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  4. ((Accepted))
  5. ((Can you please give more description for his appearance, and what kind of raptor is he?))
  6. ((I still don't know what kind of raptor he is. You do realize that I mean animals that aren't extinct when I say animal mode, right?))
  7. name: Nightdeath Prime

    gender: female

    side: Decepticon

    animal description : Nightdeath is a fast and very muscular bot. She isn't very fast but what she lacks in speed she makes up in strength. She's jet black with red and gold accents. She has crimson optics and has four concealed spikes on each of her legs; one on each of the four. She is a wolf.

    appearance: Nightdeath is a tall muscular femme. She has broad shoulders that end in spikes that somewhat resembles Megatron's. Shes jet black with red and gold accents on her arms and chest. She sometimes wears a visor that's similar to Soundwave's. She also has door wings jutting from her back.

    vehicle mode: a 2010 Chevy Camaro that is jet black eith red and gold decals

    weapons: two dual blasters and spikes that's concealed on her body

    themesong: Awake and Alive by Skillet

    other: her father is optimus and her uncle is megatron . she joined the decepticons once she couldn't find her father
  8. I'm sorry, but not accepted. I'm not looking for relations with cannon characters.
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