Transformers Prime: Primal Directive

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  1. (Note: it would help for anyone joining to know about the show Transformers Prime, or else the 2007-2009-2011-[soon-to-be]2014 live-action films)
    Character sheet:
    Appearance (Vehicular/beast form included [pictures welcome]):
    Special (Rank, Anomalous powers, Guns/Blades, etc...):
    It has been 5 megacycles since the War ended. The former groups known as Autobots and Decepticons have long since disbanded, some remaining loyal to the causes regardless. Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, teamed up and sacrificed their Sparks to save the planet Earth from the Dark God of Chaos: Unicron. Now, a small group of Earth-born Cybertronians constructed a project to return to the home-world of their ancestors. Unfortunately, Cybertron isn't the thriving mecha-planet they expected, instead they find it crawling with reanimated corpses known as Terrorcons, insane cutthroat scavengers ready to scrap anyone they find for parts, and a malevolent force threatening to rip Cybertron apart, a force known simply as the Darkness.
    This is my first RPG on this website, so... Constructive criticism is welcome!:writing:
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  2. Ths sonds very cool, I'm in! ^^

    Name: Audi
    Appearance: Saab Jas 39 Gripen Figter Jet
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Audi is a very laidback femme, who would much rather spend her days chilling to some great tunes then fight a bunch of Terrorcons. Truth be told, she probably would've been just fine hanging out on Earth and listening to their crazy music. But since they're all back on Cybertron and the place is covered with the creepy crawlers, she doesn't get much choice. Audi specializes in the field of Reconnaissance, collecting whatever info she can on the bad guys and hightailing it back to base before she's detected. However, if she is detected, she's got enough firepower to help her get out of most fights without taking on too much damage. When things are tight and everyone has to work double time, she can also work as a Communications Officer if the need arises.

    Special: Audi's rank is a Scout, and her primary weapon is a Sonic Boom Rifle mounted onto her left forearm. The weapon's versatile settings have helped her out of many tight jams. Her secondary weapon is a Energon Blaster, a semi automatic pistol that's pretty good at putting holes in Terrorcons.
  3. Name: Sharpshot
    Appearance: [​IMG] upload_2014-3-29_13-12-50.jpeg
    Personality: Sometimes too serious for his own good, Sharpshot likes making sure things are going according to plan. He is very patient and calm, and few 'bots can ever recall hearing Sharpshot lose his patience or his calm over anything. If he does find himself in a situation where plans start falling apart, he can still think his way out of a situation. One trait that he shares with his ancestor, Prowl, aside from his model, is his sense of deduction. Sharpshot can sniff out a false lead and determine a suspect's motives within nanocycles. He has a fascination with nature on Earth and other planets. He says that he is most at peace when the only sounds he hears are natural sounds and the only things he sees are natural sights. Cybertron to him is the one thing that causes his patience and calm demeanour to wear thin as he dislikes seeing absolute disorder, especially on Cybertron. When it came to his role as a patrol officer, his logic was "If a target must be killed, it should be interrogated first."
    Special: Aside from his two shoulder-mounted missile launchers, Sharpshot also carries with him an Energon Pistol, a Star Saber, Skyboom Shield, and for extreme cases, a Neutron Longshot Rifle. All of his weapons have the addition of a stasis module to slow down his targets by generating a temporary field of slowed time. He also carries a pair of specialized handcuffs at all times that induce sleep-mode on a target until removed. He has the unique ability to turn invisible and blend in with the environment via microscopic mirrors all over his outer shell. When active, he becomes virtually undetectable. In his vehicular form, he has the power and speed to ram a semi-truck off the road in one hit as his armor is made from a mix of the strongest, lightweight materials on Cybertron.
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