Transformers: Power Struggle

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  1. Clans, from my knowledge, are the iwaku equivalent of figment groups. They can be down however you wish them to be done.

    Okay, so any ideas?
  2. Ray

    "Just leave it to me." He went upstairs and got the alarm clock. "I'll let you know." He put it in his bag and took a bite of his bagel.


    He jumped from rooftop to rooftop looking for any sign of trouble.
  3. Jason

    "Nope, that was Theta. I set up multiple hideouts throughout the city. Even I don't remember all of their exact locations." He put the orb in his backpack.
  4. Jason: "Well, I needed to stay mobile. So I set up a bunch so I could just randomly move through the city. Each one isn't much, and it took a lot of work to turn each into a livable space, but they work." He kissed her and slung his backpack on. He held her hand