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  1. A little note: Transformers was a little too multimedia so I just put the category I had in mind. Also, this is its own continuity, and does not share timelines with the movie. Although, this might lean towards branches of the Transformers Prime continuity to some extent, since the concepts used in this Roleplay will mostly be those of Transformers Prime.

    A long time ago, there was a great war on the planet Cybertron between two factions - the Autobots and the Decepticons. During the grand battles, Cybertron was reduced to a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland, forcing the Autobots, lead by Optimus Prime, and the Decepticons, lead by Megatron, to both flee the planet in search of a new place to call home.


    • The Thirteen Primes - all of them except Optimus Prime - are believed to have fallen in defeat. Now, Optimus Prime, the last of the Primes, as well as his fellow Autobots, ride on the Ark, the Autobot ship, in search of a new home. They soon find themselves crashing onto an odd world - Arcadia. This planet is inhabited by a variety of sentient species, most dominantly the beings known as 'humans'. Arcadia appears to have certain concepts that are not common in Cybertron, especially the concept of 'magic'.

      Now, the Autobots make their home in an cave, with all equipment set up and functional as a new headquarters. There is, however, one thing they do not know...
    • Megatron and his fellow Decepticons now seek a fabled planet that is rumoured to hold... something important. Still bent on completing this unfinished war, they attempt to locate this planet, successfully finding the location through old coordinates. This world - Arcadia. Filled with many different sentient races. Arcadia emits an odd power, perfect for living.

      The Decepticons settle in the sky with their warship, the Nemesis, cloaked.
    • The inhabitants of the world of Arcadia were shocked to hear of the incident of 'meteorite' a few days ago. Being curious, certain beings chose to investigate the situation. Others chose to remain in their territories.

    Rules and Notes:
    1. The World of Arcadia is your typical fantasy setting. The region in which the Autobots are settled in is the Westros Region, which is more based on European and English myths. There is Orient, the region which is more based on Asian myths. Oh and don't forget the moon.
    2. Both Autobots and Decepticons take the form of mythical creatures as opposed to vehicles. In their beast modes, they can use the magic-based capabilities of the creatures.
    3. Both canon and custom Cybertronian characters are allowed.
    4. Human allies, or in this case, organic allies, are allowed superhuman capabilities and magic, which could potentially allow them to fight on par with Cybetronians. Try not to go too far, though. We can't have anyone solo-ing the big bosses or sub-bosses.
    5. While I will probably explain the technology available over the course of the RP, I will say this now - both sides have access to a Groundbridge, which is basically a Spacebridge that is limited to one planet(and its moons).
    6. Maximum 5 characters per player. Also, I will not allow other Primes. And being faction leader does not count towards character count. Familiars of magic-based humans are also not counted towards this 5.
    7. Have fun.

    Cybertronian Application (open)
    Character Type: Cybertronian
    Affiliation: Autobot, Decepticon or Rogue?
    Position in team: What is your position/role in the faction?
    Robot Mode Appearance: Pictures are allowed, but go ahead and go descriptive.
    Beast Mode Appearance: Pictures are allowed, and go ahead and go descriptive
    Beast Mode Species: What is the race of your beast mode?
    Weaponry: What kind of weaponry do you wield
    Basic Skills and Abilities:
    Beast Mode Abilities: What kind of odd powers are you granted while in your Beast Mode? If flight is included, do include it.
    Other Information: Things that do not fit up there.
    Arcadia Inhabitant Application (open)
    Character Type: What is your role in the roleplay?
    Species: What is your species? You are allowed practically any kind of mythical beast.
    Weaponry and Equipment:
    Skills and Abilities:
    Other Information:

    Reserved Spots
    Crow - Optimus Prime - Autobot - Leader
  2. Post Reserved for Information.
  3. Name: Optimus Prime
    Gender: Male
    Character Type: Cybertronian
    Affiliation: Autobot
    Position in team: Leader
    Robot Mode Appearance: Pictures are allowed, but go ahead and go descriptive.
    Beast Mode Appearance: Pictures are allowed, and go ahead and go descriptive
    Beast Mode Species: Phoenix
    Weaponry: What kind of weaponry do you wield
    Basic Skills and Abilities:
    Beast Mode Abilities: Optimus is granted the ability of flight while in the form of a Phoenix. This grand bird has access to three kinds of magic-based flames - Blaze, basic flames, Frostfire, flames that seem to freeze instead of burn, and Flamebolt, lightning-like flames that shock.
    Personality: Optimus Prime comes off as stoic and lacking in emotion, which is due to all the hardships he had seen during the war. He never smiles or cries. Of course, this is a mere exterior. While he may seem like this, he is actually a caring person towards his fellow Autobots. He believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and thus is actually more merciful than he looks, sometimes sparing certain Decepticons.
    Other Information: Things that do not fit up there.
  4. Name: Scalecase
    Gender: Male
    Character Type: Cybertronian
    Affiliation: Decepticon
    Position in team: Researcher [Oh would you look at that, another Shockwave]
    Robot Mode Appearance: A very large/tall, slender robot form. With long, thick legs and thin arms. His paint job is dark grey and red. His eyes are hidden by a visor that covers the larger portion of his face. His head having hair-like metal spines that run back similar to human hair that has been slicked back. Each arm has a hand whose fingers are pointed and thin.
    Beast Mode Appearance: A large bodied creature possessing 5 heads, each snaking out of the main body, which is supported by one pair of four-clawed legs. Behind this form is a long tail ending in a bladed tail. Each head has long, powerful jaws and large metal teeth.
    Basically (open)

    Beast Mode Species: Hydra
    Weaponry: The most basic weapons belonging to Scalecase is his pair of toxic gas "guns" which are similar to flamethrowers. These guns spray a toxic gas that causes circuits and energon to flow improperly, causing paralysis. While not permanent like the Immobilizer, it lasts long enough he can finish you off. Unfortunately for Scalecase's allies, he is the only among them immune to this toxin, so he often ends up paralyzing his allies [usually Vehicons] in his attack. His secondary weapon are simply his claws, which are all hardened and sharp. He is very adept at this form of combat, not relying much on anything but these claws.
    Basic Skills and Abilities: Scalecase is able to easily climb on walls and ceilings. Along with this, he holds a pair of small drones in his shoulders, when they detach, they become like small spiders and allow Scalecase to see what they see. Each drone has what Scalecase calls a "Circuit-blower" whose function is self-explanatory. These Circuit Blowers can make any Cybertronian to temporarily lose consciousness, though not inflicting much damage besides this.
    Beast Mode Abilities: In his beast form, Scalecase can perform multiple things, the most impressive of them being his head's regeneration. If a head is severed or destroyed, it can fully regenerate into a new head. He is also capable of spewing his toxic gas as well as igniting the gas and creating napalm-like fire.
    Personality: Scalecase is a very....special, individual. He takes death very lightly and enjoys watching battlefields as both enemy and even their own troops fall. His one goal is to one day capture Optimus Prime and dissect him in every way possible, killing him in the process. As a beast however, Scalecase appears to lose much control, even though he truly is. His attacks are sudden and immense, charging through everything with a sort of one-mindedness you would see in a real beast.
    History: [Not sure what to put here yet]
  5. I'm iffy about the abilities but they seem to have hidden drawbacks.

    I suppose I should get on my app to give a clear understanding on the Great War in this continuity.
  6. To point out something, notice that it's his heads that regenerate, JUST his heads. As for that toxic gas, well, the Megatron here may not always allow him to use it [freezing allies and such] but also, being a researcher, he won't even be on the battlefield all that often anyway.
  7. Do cybertronians have to be beasts? Or can they transform into vehicles?
  8. Well, Transformers are supposed to be Robots in Disguise, and this world... lacks vehicles, save for some animal-powered carriages.

    So yes, you have to be a mythical creature.
  9. Name: Grimlock
    Gender: Male
    Character Type: Cybertronian
    Affiliation: Autobot, though he doesn't always agree with Optimus, and has considered forming a rougue faction.
    Position in team: Bruiser, big gun.
    Robot Mode Appearance: In robot mode, Grimlock is a towering beast that could pick up and throw most other cybertronians with ease. At least, he is now...Long ago, Grimlock was a great scientist, working to better his kin; however, his laboratory was destroyed in a decepticon raid, and the materials and chemicals within mutated him into the hulking monster he is today, at the expense of his previous intellect.

    Beast Mode: You know mecha-Godzilla? Yeah, that.
    Beast Mode Species: Tarrasque.
    Weaponry: Grimlock wields no weaponry in his robot form, aside from his incredible physical strength. He once had a sword, but he lost it in the crash.
    Basic Skills and Abilities: Smashing. Grimlock no longer possesses the mental faculties to do anything much more complex than enter in a four digit code. He is however, very good at smashing.
    Beast Mode Abilities: Grimlock's beast form is as strong as his robotic form, but considerably scarier to behold. He also posseses a breath weapon of deadly plasma, but lacks the intelligence required for using this for anything more than melting off faces at mid to close range.
    Personality: Grimlock, in his present state, is stupid. Long gone is the cunning intellectual that resided within, now there is only a creature barely capable of speaking properly. However, in his own words, "Me Grimlock strongest! Strongest make win! Most win should be leader!" From this attitude stems his disagreement with the tactically adept Prime. However, somewhere within him is the knowledge that Optimus is the leader of the autobots for a reason, and that Grimlock, for all his strength, may not triumph over a more skilled and versatile opponent. Prime has Grimlock's loyalty, and the monstrous robot will follow him to hell and back.
    History: Years ago, Grimlock was one of the greatest scientists Cybertron had ever seen, but things changed for him once the war started. With the government either defeated or otherwise occupied, Grimlock lost his funding, and was unable to keep the lights on in his normally secure and well defended lab. The decepticon army used this, and kidnapped him in an attempt to force him to make weapons. He refused, and they locked him inside has lab to starve. On the edge of his life, Grimlock would have died if it hadn't been for the decepticon bombing run that flew over his area. His lab exploded, and from the explosion emerged the monster that Grimlock is today.
    Other Information: Grimlock really is an idiot, and will do anything if he thinks it will show off how strong he is. He's been tricked into attacking his allies before, and could easily be again.[/IMGA]
  10. this still a thing?
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