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This was a personal project undertaken by me when I noticed the 'Bayformers' toy for the Autobot Warpath was a jeep instead of a tank. There are just some things you don't change.

To that end, I ,using a 1986 series Warpath toy, have sought to take the Decepticon Tankor, which is pretty much just a redeco of Brawl, and repaint him in Warpath's colors.

Warpath (left) next to Tankor (right) before the repaint

The paints

Warpath standing next to Tankor.

Tankor/Warpath's legs. I had to take them apart with a phillip's head electronics screwdriver to do a good job.

Tankor/Warpath's arms. Two coats were applied. The first was the base color, red. The second were minor details on the missiles, the guns on the secondary turret, and the muzzle brake and bore evacuator on the main cannon.

Two part of a whole. As the paint wasn't completely dry I had to pry the halves apart.

Tankor/Warpath's head and the upper part of his torso. I'm probably going to rip the Autobot shield from the 1986 Warpath and slap it on Tankor/Warpath.

The entire assembly of Tankor/Warpath's upper body. I had to go over the tracks with black paint as I missed a few times with red.

Fully assembled and towering over the original Warpath.

Two Warpaths side by side.

At this point the project is not yet complete. I still have to apply a second coat of paint in order to even consider it finished. Detail work and cleaning up the overall detail.

I may have to see if I can scrounge up some unit decals. Otherwise I'll just paint them on myself.


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