Transformers: Ascent of Vos



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After years of fighting and many lost lives, a group of Autobots and Decepticons reluctantly return to Cybertron together. With enough energon supply, they begin to rebuild the lost city of Vos. Tensions run high as both Cybertronian races are still wary of each other... Can they put their differences aside and learn to work side by side, or will they perish? Survival of their two species depends on how they choose to move forward.

The rules are simple!

1. Respect your fellow players, regardless of writing ability and ideas.
2. No trolls.
3. Romantic relationships between characters are permitted!
3. Have fun. :bouncy:


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Begin by creating your characters

Age: Sparkling, Teen, Young Adult, Adult, Elder
Faction: Autobot or Decepticon
Vehicle Form:
Basic appearance description:
Personality basics:

For mine -

Name: Vespa
Gender: Femme
Age: Young Adult
Faction: Decepticon
Vehicle Form: gtr.jpg Black and purple 2015 Track edition Nissan GTR
Basic appearance description: Small femme, stands about 16 ft tall. She is mainly black and purple with silver faceplates and servos. Vespa has two antennea-like receivers on the top of her helm and her vehicle form doors appear as false wings on her back.
Personality basics: Vespa is quick and calculating, but has a soft spot for Sparklings of all races. She has a hard time opening up to others and has a dry sarcastic sense of humor. She is having a difficult time getting used to being around Autobots, as her Carrier and Sire have filled her head with lies of their cruelty.