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    Dominica Montclaire sat in her wheeled computer chair serfing through eBay. It was another lonely Saturday night. She had just moved to New York about a month ago. She really wasn't too keen on socializing at first because she wanted to focus on school. Now that summer was coming up, that decision was really starting to bite her in the ass.
    Half way through random pages and strange knicknacks, Dominica found a pair of glasses. Now they were broken and a little wonky yes but if she could repair them, they would be totally kick ass for a steam punk outfit she was working on. Either that or she could resell them on some lie about being made of crystal or some crap. Spin a good story and you could sell anything.
    Clicking on the message icon by the name, Dominica sent a message to the owner. She didn't even want to comment on his screen name. Surprisingly she got an answer within the hour and by ten o'clock, the glasses were hers, being shipped off through fedex. "Sweeeet."
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    It was the beginning of summer and Damon Well had decided to start his summer by begin on the computer. He had nothing better to really do. He was looking to see who else was on. There wasn't really any of his friends on but one and he noticed that they just sold there gramp's glasses to someone with the user name DixieDreamer5678. He asked his friend what he was going to do. And he had replied that he needed some to send it to the address. "Well as the delivery boy in the town I probable could." He quickly got a reply "Thanks man I'll give it to you as soon as I can." He sent one saying okay. And he then began to play on one of his fantasy RP games where he could interact with other players and there avatars. He wasn't sure who he would get in his party for he was still a newbie trying to get the sword of power.
  3. The rest of the night was spent looking up different cosplay, lolita, and steam punk items. Dominica loved all of that stuff but the way her bank account looked, she wasn't getting much other than these glasses.
    She finally called it a night around one a.m. Her glasses were supposed to be here either tomorrow night or the next morning. This Sam Witwicky guy had shipped them first class.

    When Dominica woke up the next day it was around noon. Her chocolate brown hair, normally straight and flowing over her tan shoulders, was frizzy and a mess sticking out everywhere. Her crystal blue eyes were fogged with sleep and let's not even begin to speak about her pajamas. After one long, hot shower, Dominica was wide awake. Her hair was pulled into a messy bun as she redressed in a loose tshirt and loose fitting shorts.
  4. Damon went to bed at about two in the morning he. Because he would have to still get up early even if it was going to be Sunday. He would have to deliver the papers and then latter the mail. He made sure his computer was off and then he was asleep in no time.

    Damon woke up at six and quickly got ready because he would have to be out by seven with the papers. He got dressed, comb his hair and on his way out grabbed a piece of toast. He went to his car to head for work and would deliver the papers as fast as he could so he could meet his friend Sam and personally deliver the glasses to the luck winner.
  5. Dominica sighed as she looked around her house. God, it was filthy. She set in cleaning and vacuuming and scrubbing. This. Sucked. Ass.
    Finally she finished and decided to shower. After scrubbing down a two floor apartment complex, you tended to get a little (a lot) sweaty.
    Stepping into the shower the olive skinned girl sighed in content. She stayed like that just basking in the warmth of the shower before actually getting down to business. She shaved and washed her body, finishing with shampoo and conditioner. Just as Dominica stepped out of the shower the door bell rang. "Shit. Coming!!" Dominica scrambled for a towel, quickly wrapping it around her frame and running (tripping) down the stairs. She threw open her front door to find a boy she had never met before. "Uh.....hello.."
  6. Damon had finished his giving out the papers and some mail early so he went to Sam's and got the glasses for the personal delivery. He arrived at a house that had the address and walked up to the door and rang the bell. A girl he didn't really recognize but figured they went to the same school answered. "Hello, Miss I have a delivery for you."
  7. "Oh sweet!" Dominica grabbed the box and wasted no time in tearing the box open and hacking out the glasses. "These things rock!" She beamed showing off straight white teeth before throwing her arms around the delivery boy. "Thanks!" She thought nothing of the fact she was in nothing but and towel as she hugged a stranger.
  8. Damon was used to many strangers he delivered to hug him but not in only a towel. This made his face red a little for it was a girl hugging him and he defiantly wasn't use to that. "Umm...Glad your excited. My friend will be glad to know."
  9. Dominica let go and held up the glasses. She held them up to the sun and was sure she saw the faint traces if symbols within the glass. Perhaps it was the light playing tricks on her mind, she would investigate later.
    "Welp thanks for the delivery." Dominica smiled and retreated into her home to inspect her new little treasure.
    "What are you?" She whispered holding up the glasses. Something told her these weren't your every day pair of spectacles.
  10. "Well have fun. I think there pretty great but I couldn't afford them. I'm glad some like you got them instead of me." He watched her enter the house. 'Why don't I recognize her I deliver on the this street all the time. Unless she just moved that must be it. Well if so we'll be seeing a lot of each other I bet. Thanks to my job maybe begin the delivery boy will start to get better.' He began to walk back to his car so he cold make sure there was nothing else he would have to take care of.
  11. Dominica slipped into faded shorts and a shirt that she had on the floor. It didn't smell so she deemed it clean enough. It wasn't like she was going anywhere. Taking a seat at her desk, Dominica flicked on her desk lamp and let the light shine through the glasses and there it was! If she shifted the frames one way or another little foreign shapes would appear, like holographic cards.
    "What the hell did I just buy?" She whispered to herself. She pulled out her laptop and decided to do some research. 'That guy did say he was going to buy them. Maybe he would know something about this.' Dominica tucked the spectacles away, hidden, in her desk drawer for tomorrow.
  12. 'Well work says they don't need me any more today. And I've already texted Sam. I wonder if she noticed the things on the glass when there in the light a particular way. Or I could be wrong Sam did always say I was crazy and seeing things on them. I guess back home it is. I clean some and then get on the computer for my game.' He drove off and went back to his house. Which was a small two story home. He went in and began to do some chores while he waited for his computer to load.
  13. On the floor of Damon's floor lay a watch. Quietly the small gears and bolts began to shift and move to form a small little robotic creature. It scampered across the room, searching. Soft little ticks and rocks echoing out of it's voice box as it skittered here in there.
    The glasses. It was looking for the glasses. Now where were they! He couldn't return empty handed! Boss would terminate him. The small little bot skittered up the pole to Damon's desk. It slipped into drawers and rummaged around. Nothing.
    Finally, he gave up. It was time to confront the human. It slithered out of the drawer and over Damon's hand. It popped up in front of the screen of the computer. "Where is it! Where are the glasses!" It's voice was a high pitched animatronic screech as it's golden optics glared at the human.
  14. "Aka!" Damon intermediately swatted at the strange robot. Then he got up and bent down to look at it."What are you? And glasses I don't own any glasses."
  15. "Hey watch it kid!" The robot screeched out dodging the hand that came crashing around him. He fixed his metallic glowing stare on the human. "The glasses! You were the one LadiesMan217 gave the glasses to for transport!" The little robot skittered forward. "Where are they lowly human!"
  16. He looked at the robot closely. "Now how would you know something like that? And I don't have them." He went to try and pick up the robot so it couldn't make an escape if it tried.
  17. The little robot chomped down on Damon's finger. "Do not touch me!" It staggered out of the humans hold. "I have my ways." It sneered. "Who has them now then messenger boy? Don't make me use force! Megatron ordered any means necessary."
  18. "Ow hey watch it." Damon began to examine his hand for any blood. "How about we make a deal. You tell me who Magnetron is and why he wants these glasses and I might tell you there location. How does that sound?" He slowly began to look for something that might help him catch the robot for he felt things were about to get strange than his normal day.
  19. "Hmm..." The little bot eye the human warily. "I suppose this shall work. I demand the location directly after the file sharing is finished!" The little robot took a seat on Damon's keyboard. "Megatron is the supreme leader of the Decepticons. We come from Cybertron. Bunch a years ago the stupid little Autobots got all self righteous when Megatron wanted to expand our reach. Anywho, big civil war broke out over the AllSpark. It can change any electronic into one of us ya see? Well during this war it got lost. Megatron sent all of us with him ta find it at any cost. Years ago he went off line. Some human found him named Witwicky and rumor has it the location of the AllSpark is embedded in the glasses. So there ya are. Where's my coordinates?"
  20. "Ah I got it." He said hiding a glass jar behind his back. "Okay as promised the coordinates." He slowly began to pull out the jar at the robot but keep talking to keep it a little distracted. "It's a girl I delivered to. Her username was DixieDreamer5678. She lives just a few blocks from here. At..." Damon acted like he was going for some papers that said the location, when bamb. He Put the jar on the robot and keep it held tight. "Gotta ya. I'm taking you with me. on a little ride. Okay?"
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