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    Johann Sebastian Takahashi. If being named after the world's greatest classical composer didn't sum up his parents' zeal for classical music, the school uniform did. Impeccable white button up shirt, pressed and starched black slacks, shined and unscuffed dress shoes, and black blazer with the elite private school emblem upon the heart just screamed future fine arts professional. This niche is where he'd been the last 16 years of his life, 17 if you want to get technical and include the nine months of Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart played entirely for his improvement while still in the womb. And with regular school, practicing and tutoring harder than almost anyone he knew - even among the incredibly dedicated - he had mastered more about music theory and high culture than most other students learned of all their subjects put together.

    The problem was, all that high culture and dedication meant an extraordinary load of pressure to "get ahead in life, because any hour wasted is an hour someone catches up with you - and God forbid, surpasses you!" The penalty for skipping a tutoring session was severe. He had no idea what it was specifically, because what he was currently doing was so unthinkable it had never happened before, but based on the discipline for tardiness or sin of imperfections within the lesson, a no-show for the entire period was a blasphemy. The improvements he would have gained, the money spent on his future, the reputation in the community, wasted.

    And today, Johann sat on the sidewalk curb, doing nothing. Not even relaxing in a coffee shop and making the most of the stolen time. Just, nothing. Johann was ready to split into pieces.

    Annoliese Thorn. The once angelic top soprano at Highland Academy, and perfect daughter with top marks, had finally reached her tipping point. She refused to be pushed around and told what to do by her commanding and annoying parents. She had been little miss perfect for much too long. Now living with her boyfriend, Austin ( Also a runaway),and his roommate, Will. They certianly did not live in the luxury they were used to, but they got along just fine.
    Annoliese was walking to her best friend's house when she saw a dark figure sitting on the street curb. When she got closer she saw it was a very cute boy around her age. He looked sad and lonely. When she was almost to beside him she yelled " Hey kid!" She was wearing a old black Polo Ralph Lauren v-neck with skinny jeans and grey calf high boots. She stood there looking down at him. His dark black hair shining in the sunlight.
  3. It took a minute for Johann to look up. No one addressed him as "kid". Always "Mr. Takahashi," as both the respect and the maturity were ground in for many years - adult title for adult responsibility and expectations. And then Annoliese's cry steeped in like tea leaves and bubbled to the surface of awareness. "Wha?" he looked up with a jerk. No one he knew would be out here, everyone he knew would be where they belonged in their different tutoring locations or cultural events.

    Wow... an amazingly pretty girl was looking down at him from not so far away. One who was dressed like public school riff raff which meant she probably had no future. What a pity, that one so beautiful should be essentially worthless. Johann rubbed eyes gone itchy and red from stress and not tears. "May I help you, Miss?" the expected polite reply came out from deeply ingrained grooming.
  4. She sits beside him with her hands holding her ipod, and replies" I just thought you looked lonely. So I have taken it upon myself to see why."
    She twirls a strand of her honey bonde hair around her thin tan finger. She looks over at him. His eyes were red and bloodshot. "Are you ok?" she asks.
    Annoliese had never seen this boy before. He looked like one of the wealthy brats that used to go to her school. He seemed polite enough though.
  5. And an AMAZINGLY beautiful voice to match, he thought, now that the mystery girl spoke more. She could be doing recordings for opera, spoken lesson plans, voice-overs for new CD releases and cultural events publicity at the very least, he marveled. Johann swallowed. "Very well, thank you. I'm only taking a breather during my afternoon walk. It's important to keep body refreshed as well as well circulated in addition to mental discipline." Though earnest and in his mind making perfectly normal conversation, the teen sounded like an android with a microchip or two missing. His voice hung in the air, along with his eyes reaching out like a drowning man to a liferope.

    "...NO. I'm not. I just can't do this any more, I just can't... Every time I'm good enough and reach the level they want me to be in, there's another level. I... I feel like I've fallen for a trick all these years, to keep reaching higher, and now it's like, if I can't ever reach "IT", why am I pushing myself through this regime!" He caught his breath, stilled the gestures that had grown desperate.

    Way more subdued, he turned again to the girl as if she were a fellow stranger on the street and not some magical Care Bear. "...Sorry. Please excuse my rude manners and poor hospitality. I forget myself."
  6. She starts to repsond, then silences her words and widens her eyes as this peculiar boys spat out what sounded like a shortned version of his life story. She blinked and then slightly shoke her head saying."Woah! Woah! Slow down !". She looked into his dark black eyes. "I couldn't understand half of what you just said. Take a deep breath and start again, if you will."
    She pulled out her phone to check the time and saw she had an hour and a half before she had to be at work. She worked at the county library in her spare time. Books were her one refuge.
  7. His heart broke a little when the beautiful young miss turned away to take out her phone. Inexcusably rude during a tutoring session or meeting, having one unsilenced let alone OUT in your hands was the ultimate sign of disrespect, that anything else was more important than the priority in front of you. But she sounded so interested... Johann tried again. He held out his hands. "I can play piano, violin, and cello at the top of my class and always have... have more than five symphonies memorized with no sheets necessary... but every time I'm proud of myself for jumping through more hoops, that level is never good enough compared to what they want me to become AFTER. There... there is no being good ENOUGH."
  8. She sat there and listened to the kind voice speak.'Classical music type.' She thought. She looks him in the eyes her dark emerald orbs locking with his. " I know how it is, I'm afraid." She wraps her arms around her legs and continues," I used to go to Highland Academy. I was the top female student, and highest soprano. I could memorize a song, hymm,and basicly any sheet music within five mintues. I went to choral competitions around the country always bringing home trohpies and medals, and plaques. But none of that ever gave me satisfaction. It only subdued my parents. They always wanted to make it into this prestigious chorus, but I just didn't want to." She sighs and looks up"I ran away from home. I haven't seen my parents since graduation."
  9. Jowahh Sebastian's eyes grow to full moons at that story. "Miss Thorn!? And your first name is, is... Anna? Of course I remember you from the academy, how could I NOT remember such a prestigious vocal star..." His voice was raised enough to grab the attention of passers-by to turn their heads at the pair of them as they kept walking past. "Johann Sebastian Takahashi, instrument division." He held out his hand for a shake, as expected of him.

    "Of all people to run away from home... how could you do that?" Despite understanding every word she'd said and how closely her story matched his, this was so impossible.
  10. She glanced up and noticed his eyes were as big as saucers. He called her by her last name which no one had done in so long. " Ann, Please, call me Ann.'' She said and shook his extended hand which was fairly warm. She continued saying " I was tired of the pressure of being a vocal "super star", and being pushed into an, Of all things logical, an arranged marriage!" She shook her head shaking away the terrible memories of when her mother made the annoncement. " You shall marry whom I tell you to, or be on your own." she could hear her mother's voice as if it was yesterday. She could still remember the day she packed up her things and left.
  11. "Arranged marriage?" the boy exclaimed. "I've heard of partnerships with other musicians set up, producer arrangements, press announcements, and all kinds of marketing... Why do you think my two famous parents gave me this name, to launch my career from the start - their genetics, their heritage and secondhand fame, their connections with the industry and media. But what in the world did yours hope to gain by arranging a MARRIAGE and we're not even through with school yet?" he breathed, astonished.
  12. "They wanted to be assured that I didn't ruin the family's reputation by marrying my current boyfriend, Austin Hanover. You remember him? He was a football player?" she shivered slightly the cool breeze shaking her to the core. She remembered the first night they ranaway they slept over at Will's apartment. That night had been very "eventful".

    She couldn't help but feel alittle sad, about leaving the academy. Leaving behind friends she had known since she was in diapers. But it gave her relief to know no one was expecting anything higher of her.
  13. "Oh." If the name struck a bell, it was for a round of congratulations in the local newspapers for Austin's success on the playing field. But, HER, a treasure like that with a football player? If Austin had had any real worth, he wouldn't be doing something that required brute strength and jeopardized his safety. But still. The teen's brown eyes hardened and he gestured animatedly.

    "So they picked somebody for you instead. See, that's what I'm talking about. You and I have all this training, we're supposed to be responsible enough to take on the cutthroat competition and fickle media like the world is our bon bon, and the first time you exercise your judgment you might as well be a child in elementary school who cannot dress herself, for all the respect they give you." The well-dressed music student got to his feet. "Let's do something. Boyfriend, I know, but you've made up my mind for me - if I'm going to pay dearly for disrespecting my training schedule today, I'm not going to waste it on the sidewalk. Come along?"
  14. The blonde couldn't believe the handsome and talented young man actually wanted to be with her. She.stood and nodded. "Well what would you like to do? I have an hour before I need to be at the library." She straightened her sweater and shivered feeling the cold wind more than before.'It wasn't this cold earlier' She thought.
  15. "I... I have no idea," the student laughed with an almost hysterical edge, the first crack appearing to the jawbreaker-thick shell of stress built around him. "Even free time is supposed to be used on something cultural rather than frivolous. Was it that way with you, after school, at home?" Johann Sebastian rubbed a hand through his hair in abject perdition. "How about something completely pointless. What do you know that's fun? Let's make a deal - you lead the way, I loan you this if you promise not to rob me of my academy uniform," he winked, rising from the sidewalk and stripping off the dark woolen jacket leaving only the white buttoned top beneath. The thin boy started rubbing his free hand over the outstretched arm almost immediately, goosebumps rising unseen beneath the cloth.
    "Don't worry about me, I'm too hyped up to feel a thing," he lied flatly with teeth clamped down so they wouldn't chatter during his smile.
  16. She takes the jacket and slips on. "I promise I won't" she winks back. "Lets go to this cafe in town. Its called Blondie's snack shop." She lightly grasped his hand. "Then maybe we can hang out at the library. I work there, so once everyone is gone we could-" she remembered he was a gentleman and.forgot.the frivolous thought "nevermind"
  17. The student actually looked down at their connection when Ann grasped his hand. Why did this feel so much better than a customary shake he always gives? The fact that they're on an adventure? Had to be.
    "We could...?" Johann caught on to those words if not the intent. "Shelve some psychology books in the sociology section and vice versa? Use the computers and printer, and paste fake pages of ourselves into the world leader books?" he teased, giving a smile that was charming exactly because it wasn't trying to be, for this girl who he might be lucky enough to have as a friend. "The cafe sounds great and even though I spend plenty of time in a library thanks to the general ed subjects, it could be nice keeping you company."
  18. She smiles and says "Well then! Let's go!" Shd tugged on his hand then not realizing she intertwined her fingers with his she started walking in the direction of the small cafè. 'His hand is so warm ' she thought. She quickly stole a peak at his handsome face as they walked. She felt something, strange feeling when she held his hand. ' What is this feeling?' she thought. She ignored it and noticed they had reached the cafe. She starts to reach for the door when she meets his hand halfway there. " Oh, I'm sorry." she said. " Gentlemen actually open the door for ladies.... When was the last time Austin ever did that?' she thought. She couldn't remember the last time he had. She stepped aside and let him open the door for her, she stepped in the warm cafe. She removed his jacket can laid it on the back of one of the empty love seats. "So! What are you hungry for? They have a lot to choose from." She said smiling up at him, He had to be at least a head taller than she was.
  19. Johann Sebastian took his cue from the fellow ex-academy student and settled into his half of the love seat beside her... settled against the far end to be polite and respectful rather than crowd the kind and beautiful miss. Heads turned at their arrival by reflex at the sound of the door chime, but gazes had lingered because of the blonde. "I don't remember ever seeing a restaurant or coffee shop set up so closely like someone's house before," he remarked, pleased. "Oh my word," he exclaimed after looking over the menu from the table before them. "Do you remember the black tie events we had to attend - congratulations on your acceptance for admission, awards ceremony at the end of the year, did you make it to those? The types of haute cuisine and culinary art like ice sculpture swans... nothing looked as good as this does right here." Johann met Annoliese's eyes over the laminated sheet and turned it over for her to see, pointing.

    Cherries had been dipped in chocolate, some white, others regular, a few dark, to become round mice bodies with the stems for tails. Hershey's kisses made their cute pointed faces, and almond slivers gave them large perky ears, with handdrawn dots for the eyes and noses. "Aren't they ridiculous? Who thinks of these things?" the rigid, disciplined one beamed a humongous smile rather than criticized. "That and the angel food cake 'cat', I can't decide. I'd never dream of suggesting something revolting like sharing half-eaten food but if I call for both may I offer to divide up some of some of it for you?"

    (( I watched Corpse Bride this week, and these two remind me of the awkward break-the-ice piano playing in the beginning between the living Victoria and Victor. "Pardon me, miss, but may I ask, where is your chaperone?" <3 ))
  20. "Oh, yes I do remember those. The hassel I had to go through to get ready and the schooling to know which fork was the dessert fork and which fork was the salad fork. The corsets I had to be forced into. God. How everything has changed since I left." She said then feeling the pang of hunger in her stomach she says " Let's split the Angel food cat, its large enough for both of us" She motioned for the waitress coming around for orders to come their way.
    (( Aww. Thats sweet <3))