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  1. Black, luscious hair, striking blue eyes. A face to die for. Lean yet toned body. Vivianne was the kind of girl to trump even the boys at highschool. Her position as the captain of the state dodgeball team was something of a miracle, though she had only been here for around a year. She originated from Sweden, and her parents forced her to come to the US. It was a rather tragic circumstance, losing both her birth home and first boyfriend in as many days.

    Even so, she remained adamant that she would proceed to learn great things and become what she always wanted to be - a sports physician. The dream began some time ago, but now she could truly get it underway.

    Striding through the school hallways during lunch break, she turned a corner and was suddenly bumped into by another female, and Vivianne was the one who took the fall. "Ah!" She cried, her accent evident but refined. "I'm so sorry!"
  2. Lunch was one of the few times that Ray, Andrea formally or at home, could relax. She had to be a model student as a senior playing sports all year around, and at 5'8" with auburn hair that had a little more of a reddish tint she was easy to spot. But at lunch time, she could afford to goof off a little since there wasn't a teacher lecturing that she needed to pay attention to or a class she had to hurry off to. One of her friends was telling her about something her brothers did the night before as they stood right at a corner. When the story was nearly finished, they stepped away from the corner only for someone to bump into her, jostling her into her friend a little and knocking the other person down.

    "Jeez, I'm sorry about that," she apologized, offering a hand to help the girl up. "You're that, uh, that foreign student person, right? I am so sorry for knocking you down. I mean, that was... I totally should've paid more attention since we were at a corner in the hall."
  3. "Oh, dear, yes, that's me." Vivianne confirmed as she took the girl's hand, hauling herself up while she felt a jagged pain through her left leg, causing a subtle and subdued since. "I shouldn't have been hurrying along, so it is both of our faults. Though, I guess I am a little light..."

    Her voice trailed off as she let go of Ray's hand, pushing some of the shiny strands of black hair behind her ear. The Swedish girl paused for a moment, before she extended her hand. "I am Vivianne, but please call me Vivi, it's easier to articulate." A modest smile formed on her lips, before she cleared her throat. "Do you and your friend mind an extra? It seems my friends are away on that damned field trip, I knew they would go but they knew I had some study to finish."

    Vivi seemed to slump a little, showing both her disappointment and loneliness. Perhaps a bit of pain that afternoon was okay, if it meant she could make a friend or two.
  4. Ray looked over her shoulder in question and got a nod. "Yeah, we're cool with an extra. I'm Andrea, but please call me Ray. Only teachers who don't know me and my parents call me by my full name. And this is Hannah, my best friend." She grinned and showed her hands into her cargo jeans. "You are pretty light but I'm also built like a tank, or so the coaches tell me. You didn't get hurt or anything right?" Ray motioned for Hannah to go ahead and get a table, so the girl shrugged and went on ahead.
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  5. "Oh, I'm not delicate if that's what you think. I'm the captain of the dodgeball team!" The way she spoke would have seemed rather odd to anyone who knew what their fellow American sounded like, though it was amusing. "Though, I think I might have something to walk off." With a curt smile, the girl soon began to walk along, where Hannah had proceeded to seat herself.
    "I must ask, though, why do you call yourself Ray?"
  6. "Glad you didn't take too hard of a fall then. If you need a shoulder, though, don't hesitate." She walked right next to Vivi at her pace, smiling a little. The girl had a nice accent for someone not from around here. It was cool to hear, and interesting compared to the usual. "I don't mind my name, but it's just so... Normal and long. I started using Ray when I was... About ten maybe? My parents refuse to change to suit me but my coaches are cool with it. Easier to yell at the sidelines." As they approached the louder cafeteria, Ray cleared her throat to get one more question in before they would have to stand closer to be heard. "Do where did you come from? Like, country or whatever?"
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  7. "Duly noted." The girl nodded, before she heard the other's story, to do with her name. She smiled a little when asked about her country of origin. "I'm from Sweden, moved here late last year. A lot has changed for me, in all honesty, but I am content." She seemed to relax a little, before she seated herself down across from Hannah, waving to her as she did.
    "So, what do you have next period? I have phys ed next, I'm rather excited!"
  8. Ray sat down as well and looked around as Vivi asked about their next class. Hannah answered, "I've got English Lit next. It is horribly boring, if I'm totally honest." Ray laughed and nodded. "Yeah, I have that last today, different teacher though. My next class is gonna be gym too, actually. I usually have a free period but I convinced the teacher to let me come by the gym and goof off there." She pointed at the lines for the food. "You hungry? I can go get us something. Looks like... Choice between spaghetti or... A burger? Seems good though."
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  9. Vivi raised an eyebrow at the choices, obviously used to greater foods which gave better nutrients, but with a huff she cleared her throat. "A burger will be fine, I think. Hopefully it does not make me sick, considering I don't eat those often." With her answer, she smiled lightly and stood up. "Well, I suppose it should be fine, I am a tough warrior after all." A giggle ensued, as Vivi poked her tongue out.
  10. Ray rose a brow but shrugged. "Yeah, school's here don't typically have the best of foods, so I'll apologize for that," she commented with a grin. "I'll be back with some grub!" Hannah called for spaghetti as Ray walked off, and then she looked at Vivi for a moment. She didn't seem interested in her, but was trying to be polite and not say anything about it since Ray had decided to talk to the transfer student. After a few minutes, Ray returned with three trays precariously held on her arms. "One of the other students in line was nice enough to help me out," she explained as Hannah took trays and handed them out. "Nice of them, yeah?"
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