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  1. Looking back on it now, it was quite fast. When you think about the end of the world, you expect it to be something that takes a while and involves giant meteorites, super volcanoes, kilometer wide abysses. Well, ok, there was super volcanoes.

    You woke up that day like you would any other saturday. Around 10 you got out of bed, had some breakfast, maybe you checked your emails or your texts. You went out into town around 12, with or without another person. At some point while you were out, the ground shook a little. You didn't find this particularly unusual - they happened every so often. You were on your way back to your home when the earth shook some more, around 5 in the afternoon. This one was stronger, and a few windows rattled, a couple of motorists stopped their vehicles to inspect. You turn around to where the people are looking. A column of glowing black clouds rose for miles into the air before you. The volcano which you thought was extinct now blazed with light. Plumes of ash and smoke were rapidly advancing on your position. You turned and ran. You looked over your shoulder briefly and saw the neué ardenté was now rushing down the street behind you, melting cars and disintegrating life. You continued running - your body wouldn't let you do anything else - there was a brief flash of blue light and the next thing you knew, you were unconscious.

    You wake up. You cannot see anything, so you feel your way around and it seems that you are in a perfect sphere shaped hollow. If you scratch at the walls, you can feel something run down like a mini scree slope, and you realise the terrain is made of ash. You dig your way upwards, gasping for air, not noticing that your body is not needing it. Your hand breaks the surface, and quickly the rest of you follows, and you stand up. In front of you, the volcano has stopped glowing - you must have been out for a while - and a halo of crimson cloud rings the top. The most unusual thing you notice is that the entire city you lived in seems to have disappeared. In it's place is a flat plane of grey dirt that floats up when a breeze arrives. Around you, other people are doing the same. They are pushign themselves up, looking around in wonder. You turn 360 degrees, and up to the horizon you can see only a flatland of ash. Even the sea that should have been visible from here is just a continuation of the dark rock.

    Unable to think of anything else to do, and seeing no other landscape, you slowly step towards the mountain, your movements that of a zombie from the films you used to watch. The others are doing the same. After a painfully long period of time, you converge at the foot of the volcano, and just as you begin to climb it, a bright light appears. It is the same as the one that you saw just before the pyroclastic flow covered you. It lingers, and a voice echoes across the land. It tells you that you have been chosen to survive the apocalypse over everyone else because you possess some sort of special skill that is rare and valuable. Many of you do not yet know what that skill is. He refers to the group of you as "Transcendants" and he tells you that you have been fused with an otherworldly essence which stops the necessity for you to eat, drink, sleep or even breath, though you will probably continue doing so for some time out of habit. He tells you that he thinks something is wrong. The apocalypse was not meant to be for another ten thousand years. He tells you that the Deity, as he is referred to, has been possessed, and that it is up to you to work together and right the wrong that has been done. Do that, and he will grant you 3 wishes. He makes a bitter comment about genies, which you ignore. Having nothing better to do, and feeling your strength return to you, you head off to where the light gestured, along with the others.
    1. You must be a transcendant. Nothing else is still alive.
    2. No godmodding
    3. No complaining unnecessarily.
    4. No guns. Transcendants don't approve of them because they view them as making a fight unfair.
    5. There may come a point in which things get strange. I assure you this is a natural occurrence with transcendants and no panic is necessary.
    Name: (Given only 3-8 people are left alive, and they're transcendant, last names can be ignored.)
    Age: (before transcendence)
    Gender: (before final transcendence)
    Appearance: (before final transcendence)
    Unique Skill: (Check what's already been taken. I don't want two people who are masters at pointing out the obvious, for example.)
    Brief Backstory: (need only be explanations for anything unusual in skill, personality or appearance.)

    If anyone wants me to go into more detail as to what transcendence and final transcendence is, then ask.
  2. I'm interested, but I have a question: what are some examples of skills that would be considered good enough to qualify?
  3. Well, ultimately, its going to involve a lot of slaying and crawling of dungeon-like things, so anything to do with logic, perhaps you're particularly skilled at solving puzzles, or combat based, perhaps you're the best archer in the country. I plan on adding adaptations to transcendence as it goes along, which will enhance skills and abilities with celestial energy.
  4. Name: Lyra Amoro

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Lyra looks like a stiff wind could knock her right over. She is tall and skinny, and her face has a very mousy look to it, with small, soft gray eyes, thin eyebrows, and a small, round nose. Her jaw is narrow and bony, and her lips are fuller than average. Her hair is a frizzy, wavy mop, colored solid black, dark enough to have a bluish luster in the right light. It tends to cover parts of her face, especially when she draws into herself, as she is liable to do.

    Personality: Lyra is quiet, anxious, and cripplingly shy. She only speaks when spoken to most of the time and avoids conflict like the plague. As a result she has a hard time saying no or otherwise standing up for herself, instead choosing either to just put up with hardships or to quietly run from people she doesn't like so she doesn't have to face them. She prefers the peace and quiet of small towns to the hustle and bustle of urban cities, and enjoys walks through the forest or the beach in the middle of the night, when all is still.

    Unique Skill: Lyra has an uncanny knack for calming others down, be they human or animal. Something about her innocent appearance and small voice makes it difficult for others to attack her, if given the chance. She isn't really aware of this ability, since she usually runs before it has a chance to shine.

    Brief Backstory: When Lyra was born, she was thrust into the care of her older brother by eighteen years, Silex, who was overprotective and gradually made her uncomfortable around him. Instead of confronting him on the issue, of course, she simply ran away from home without a word, living in a small village miles away. Silex never heard from her again, all the way up until the day of the apocalypse. He presumed her dead, and while the guilt still weighs on her somewhat, at least she's free now, right?
  5. Looks good. Though, for now every one is confused and only one or two will have dinishwd comprehending what the light had to say. Just point that out because I forgot to do so before. Accepted!
  6. Well I mean, if everything is a wasteland, it'd be pretty easy to jump to the conclusion that everyone's dead...XD
  7. Oh yeah, thats not what I was talking about. I was just pointing out that most people'd still be in massive shock - all their friends and family have died and they have nothing but some stupid thing that a floating light that may well be a hallucination has told them.
  8. Ahh, okay. Yeah, that is true, haha.
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