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  1. "What do you mean you're a boy?" His mother yelled at him in public.
    She seemed like she wanted to argue but then she stopped.

    "Just go to school," she scoffed as Charles hopped out of the car.

    He began to run through the hallway,converse stomping on the tiled floor.

    "Sorry! I know I'm late!" He shrikes as he got back to his seat.
  2. The bell for class rung and everyone began taking their seats while stragglers ran in late. Evan found this to be one of the most amusing perks to actually making the effort of waking up early and getting to class on time. This far into the school year people either got comfortable coming in late or still freaked out over it or there were the mornings that people came in in some surprising display. Today was no exception.

    A boy came in right as the teacher started her lesson, shrieking his words, making the whole class look at him. Evan raised an eyebrow as the boy just went to his seat, diagonal to Evan's.

    The teacher gave the boy a look of discontent, "Come in quieter next time or I'll give you detention for being late and disrupting the class. Are we clear?" She turned back to the board and continued with her lesson.

    Evan rolled his eyes and tossed a folded note to the late boy while the teacher's back was turned. Then went back to daydreaming and watching the birds outside.
  3. Charles raised an eyebrow,quietly taking the note.
    He gave him a look before opening it.
  4. The note read "Great performance coming in. Took about 10 excruciating minutes off the lesson form Mrs. Talks-a-lot. I'll bail you out of detention if you get it next time."
  5. Emily sat a little towards the back of class. She was a rather petite girl with short brown hair that she wore in tiny pig tails today and black rectangular glasses and, honestly, slightly boyish looking. She was overall a rather... Plain girl. She wasn't one who stood out or drew attention. On top of that, she usually wore gray or black clothes. Today she picked the oh-so-exciting outfit or a gray sweater that was a little too big and black pants.

    When the teacher teaches she was gazing blankly ahead, thinking about a book she had read some time back and was wondering if she should read it again or not when a kid bursts in and loudly disrupts her thinking. Emily frowns and looks towards the boy. She's seen him, obviously, but couldn't think of his name. Chance..? Charlie...? Chad...? It was something with a 'Ch-' she knew that.

    Emily rolled her eyes a little and finally paid attention to what the teacher was writing. She didn't bother copying it in her notes. She had a rather photographic memory and was pretty smart. Her problem was she hated work and hardly did it making her barely pass her classes. Emily yawns tiredly and read her hand, which was mostly covered by the sleeve of her sweater, in her hand.
  6. Charles brought out his note book and began to scribble some words and notes about whatever he was talking about.

    He looked at the girl, a little bit annoyed by her presence.
  7. Emily didn't bother to make eye contact with Chester or whatever his name was. In fact, she didn't look at anyone, just straight ahead at the board. Her gaze was rather dull, looking uninterested in whatever subject this was. Once she memorized what was written, she turns her head away and looks out the window.
  8. "I forgot to take roll call..." The teacher mumbled to herself.
    She brought out the clipboard and started to call names.

    "It's charles..."
    "But you're a girl." The teacher scoffed and signed the clip board.
  9. Emily blinks as glances to Carly/Charles. She knew it was something with a "Ch-" but she didn't know he was a girl. She squint and Charles, moving her glasses up as away from her eyes than back onto her nose. She could see some feminine aspects of his face but he hid them well. She shrugs, figuring it wasn't a big deal.
  10. Charles found the class staring at him,some with disgusted face other with anger.
    He began to fiddle with his pencil.
  11. She tilts her head at how nervous he seemed and slowly raises her hand. "Excuse me? I don't believe gender defines how someone wishes to be viewed by the public. And besides, with modern technology a gender is no more than a suggestion now since it can easily be changed. If someone wishes to be called and viewed as something other than how they are labeled, than it is not up to us to try and judge them for there decision. Now, may I use the bathroom pass?"

    Once the teacher nodded she stood and walked to the front, taking the pass off the teachers desk and leaves the class room.
  12. The students laughed.
    They could care less.

    Charles looked down at his paper again.
    Soon,the class bell rang and he began to head out.
    Next was lunch.
  13. Emily headed to her locker, opening it and grabbing a bagged lunch. She then made her way to the cafeteria and and headed to the doors to eat outside. She reaches in her school bag and grabs an overused book. She say on a step and opened the book, taking out a sandwich and began eating while she read. She didn't bother talking to the other students since, frankly, most the kids in the school annoyed the crap out of her.
  14. Charles couldn't find a place to sit so he headed outside.
    There was many seats but none of the people looked welcoming.

    "Thanks for standing up for me," he smiled as he sat down.
  15. Emily looks up at Charles, then looks around and back at him. "Yeah, well, it doesn't make much of a difference. The people here still only see things as black and white. But, you're welcome I suppose." She said and looks back down at her sandwich, taking another bite.
  16. Charles sighed.
    " don't really do much don't you?" He asked.
  17. She glances to him, putting the rest of the sandwich away. "I.. Guess not. There's not much for me to do. Besides, what should I do?" She marks her place in her book and puts it away.
  18. "Tch i don't know. You're going to be out of school in a few months. An adult." He mumbled.
  19. She turns to him. "So are you. And, no offence, but you'll get a lot more nasty looks once your an adult about your decision. I don't have a problem with it, though." She pauses and sighs a little. "But on the bright side, the adult world can also be more accepting. Find the right people and it won't be as judge mental as this school." She said, trying to soften the blow of what she said.
  20. "Do you think I don't know that?" He scoffed.