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  1. Shined on by the hot summer Sun, the house sat alone atop the a hill, the easternmost one of the hills across witch a small town was scattered. Most of the hill top was covered by a lush meadow with only a small garden spread around the hilltop house with parts of the garden shaded by three large trees; a cherry, an apple and an old olive. A small vineyard stretched south of this garden, guarded by olive trees. Bypassing the grapevines an asphalt road, originating from a shed covering an area for parking west from the house, followed the natural slope of the hill until it reached a street that was located some half way down the hill. Except for the usual sounds of crickets and birds, far or near the house, everything looked perfectly peaceful and normal. Nothing pointed to the fact that the building on the top of this peaceful hill was the Trans-Dimensional House (of Random Weirdness)...
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  2. Syinearya, or Syn how everyone called her for sake of simplicity, was siting on a couch in the living room of the first (ground) floor of the Trans-Dimensional House (also know simply as The House or TDH). Her scythe was leaned on the back side of the couch only a feet away from her. Eating some instant noodles and listening to random music on the radio. She was here to watch the front doors, to make sure to welcome any new arrivals in The House as well as to explain them their situation. Still as she finished the noodles she couldn't help but think about how boring this task was. Well nothing to but to read a book, listen to music and wait wondering if today someone new will enter The House...
  3. Isaac was as happy as could be! He ran around the house in a full circle until he stopped to bug the waiting Syn. He suddenly stopped as he feet skid on the floor. His blonde hair was as fluffy as ever, and his cyan eyes were practically sparkling with energy. Today he had a shark tooth necklace around his ankle and he had camouflage shorts on. Though... He was running around the house shirtless for no good reason. "Syn, you should know that Instant Noodles isn't that good for you. If you had asked I would've made something for you." He commented this as he sat beside her.
    "Would you like me to whip up something right now?! I mean I could if you'd like me to." Isaac smiled at her, he was currently in a good mood.

    Today he had slept and woken on the right side of the bed.
    Well, at least he put some pants on. She could have not heard him,
    Isaac wouldn't have cared.

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  4. Nicole peered through the door curiously. There was some sort of racket that sounded like large, slapping footfall. Her ears flicking, Nicole stepped all the way through the door, the thing slamming behind her. She stood slightly shorter than the average human, her fluffy and pawed legs starting to slide along the floor. "What on terra...." She mumbled to herself, trying to take a step forwards. Her paws, however, were not meant for hard wood. Slipping, Nicole tried to balance herself, suddenly fascinated with the floor. Sniffing it gently, her ears perked up, just to have a man run straight past her with his large foot. Yipping, as most foxes did, Nicole scrambled backwards, her back hitting the wall as she looked around.

    There was so much noise from just the one human. The enclosed space didn't help. She felt tiny. And also super fluffy. Sitting on her rump, Nicole flicked her tail around her and flattened them against her head. "Where am I?" She asked the woman on the couch. "What is this place? How did I get here? Is this even Terra? I don't recall any structures ever looking like this."
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  5. Syinearya glanced at Issac for a moment before uttering a quick answer to the energetic youth: "I am not hungry anymore Romeo. But thank you for the offer." The reason for quick response was for the arrival of a new tenant of The House, which, due to the arrival of two new people in the living room, decided that it was to small and it immediately adjusted in size and furnishing, gaining some two more meters in width, another sofa, enlarging the TV and gaining a extra potted plant.

    "Good day miss, I am Syinearya, but you can call me Syn like everyone else does. I will explain the situation to you, but I suggest you take a seat first," Syn said to the new arrival pointing to the freshly appeared sofa and then gave a few words to Issac to: "Oh Romeo, you don't mind making some tea for her, right? A calming one okay?"

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  6. Nicole looked up at the woman, and she flicked her ears back. "Why am I here?" she asked angrily, glaring at her. She looked from her to the boy next to her, her lips pulling back to reveal her teeth. She saw the room change and she yelped again, lowering herself lower to the floor. Her necklaces brushed the floor. Her belly almost touched the ground with each breath.

    Slowly raising herself off the ground, Nicole flipped out a large hunting knife made from tooth, and embellished with green ropes and white stones. "I do not sit. You tell me now." She demanded, her ears flattening . She was starting to get angry again. She did not want to be here. She wanted to go home. She no longer wanted to explore. She wanted to go back to her den and curl up with a nice roasted deer leg.
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  7. Isaac sighed. He did mind, seriously. He really reallly- Isaac. Remember. This is for adorable Syn.
    Then the fox lady thing went all rebellious. Isaac couldn't remember the first day he turned up at the house.
    Wasn't he perfectly calm and tried to go home...?
    The house had a way of drawing the people to itself. Isaac sighed once again.
    Come on Isaac, ladies are ladies. Even if they act like men.

    Then the lady pulled out a knife. That was it.
    Isaac snorted, "Syn give me the word and I'll turn this puppy into a icepupsicle."
    His hand started to become colder as mist was coming from his hands, he glared
    at the fox daring her to attack. "I know you're a bit confused but I don't want a bloody fight to happen, but if you do anything..."
    Isaac's eyes became a dark blue as he eyed the fox lady. He knew that he actually wouldn't fight a lady,
    but the fox didn't know that.
  8. Nicole flattened her ears again as the man snapped at her. Hissing violently, she brought the knife up close to her face. "If you hurt me I will turn you and this whole room into a pile of ash!" She snapped, her eyes glowing for a moment as she growled. Turning around, Nicole reached for the door and flung it open, expecting to see the waterfall. Instead she was meet with some other sort of room with hard flooring. Slamming it shut, Nicole turned around to the boy and walked closer to him. She let her knife be shoved back into her bag as she reached forwards to grab the man's collar.

    "I ask again. Why did you bring me here. I want to go home, where there is no strange smells, or strange ground. Take me back." She hissed
  9. Syn let out a slight sound of annoyance out of her mouth and said: "Firstly me, or Romeo here, didn't bring you here. Second even if by some weird way I or anyone else in here brought you here, why would we go to the trouble of taking you out of your realm just to kill you? Wouldn't it be simple for one with such power to kill without a need to go to the hassle of getting you here? So calm down and let me explain the situation before this turns into a mess. Naturally if you want we can also do this by force, but I wish to avoid that if possible. So cloud you at least put the knife away?" She also added a quick remark to Issac: "If you don't want the taste of the blunt parts of Iashyno, drop the hostility now Issac Romeo."

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  10. Nicole looked at the woman and she stood up a little straighter. This one seemed to be less aggressive, more stern. Nodding her head, Nicole looked at the man, Issac Romeo, and glared before looking back at the woman. "Ok." She agreed reluctantly, walking over to the fluffy things and sitting on one of them. She pulled up her feet off the slippy floor, and settled into the couch. "Let me hear whatever it is you have to say." She said, looking around. "This, fluffy thing is strange." Nicole mumbled, pushing the couch.
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  11. Syn started the long explanation, guessing that Issac got the idea and shut the hell up: "Let me give you the shortest explanation possible, this building is called the Trans-Dimensional House, but most of us just call it The House. It has mysterious space-time bending and universe connecting powers that allow it to forcefully bring people inside of it. No one has ever had a decent idea why does it bring people inside. Simply everyone in this house is currently just forced to be in here - escape is impossible as The House will know if you try to escape and simply bring you back. What we could guess is that everyone here has to meet a certain condition before that person can leave the house. It can be anything from drinking a certain amount of water at once to playing a certain number of table tennis games blindfolded. After one meets the conditions they disappear from The House, but we were able to confirm that they were released thanks to a certain function of The House. Did you get all of that? Any questions?"

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